Thursday, May 19, 2011

OK, You Win

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  1. I know people like Samantha… facebook activists, while still full of hate.. Kayla had that coming, can’t say I feel sorry for her, she practically asked for her bf to break up with her. The third was blah

  2. and also first

  3. Speaking as someone who had a Pakistani roommate for my first few months in a new city, there was certainly a lack of variety in his diet. I don’t know about curry, but stink he did, despite two showers a day…

    Negative points to Samantha for reposting though. Silly twat.

  4. First one was brilliant. Samantha probably didn’t even read the whole thing before she copied and pasted.

  5. LOLOLOL! Yazz is awesome

  6. Hmm.. 15-1=14, She got preggo a year after she got raped. Did the rape turn her into a slut, cuz then.. she’s still a slut..

  7. @Marissa. Gestation. 1 year old children do not spontaneously spring from a vagina. That stuff you swallow all the time mixes with a woman’s egg and it takes 9 months until a baby is born

  8. @ijklomarissa

    You know babies stay in the womb for 9 months after a girl gets pregnant, right? And it’s possible the girl had her 14th birthday while pregnant?


  9. @ ijklomarissa. You’re still a moron for not counting the 9 months before that when she was pregnant.

    15-1-9 mos. = about 14.


  10. Ahhh thank you Manda, Sarah, and slmo for pointing out that Marissa is an IDIOT. I actually registered for a lamebook account just so that I could comment on how stupid she was, but in the time it took me to register you all beat me to it. I feel better now.

  11. ijklomorissa: Why do you even care, smart ass? You just make yourself look stupid.

    Firstly: 1 year old son doesn’t mean he’s exactly 12 month old, more like somewhere in the range of 10-20 month.

    Secondly: Point of rape + 9 month of pregnancy = Date of birth

    Thirdly: Hypothetically speaking, if she was raped in the night before her 14th birthday, she turns 15 one year and one day later.

    Finally: It’s just used as a metaphor against stereotyping, so gfy

  12. woah nice troll lmao

  13. she probably wanted it

  14. Some of you twats think too far into this shit. :P

  15. Fatties need motivation to lose weight and no one’s ever gotten fat from a disease.

    Diseases make you lose weight, silly.

  16. Hey Pep – please don’t post things you obviously know nothing about. Some people do have diseases that cause them to be overweight. I have no tolerance for idiots.

  17. I logged on & got activated JUST so I could tell you Pep how stupid you look right now. No one’s ever gotten fat from a disease? Your a complete & utter moron. I agree with Yconform. Don’t post things you know nothing about. Thanx.

  18. ^^^ Is that the disease that makes salads taste bad and cake taste soooooo good?

  19. ijkl0marissa – Your math was wrong, but your comment still made me lol. Wish everyone else would lighten up.

  20. Being greedy isn’t a disease.

  21. Fucking slutty teens deserve to be impregnated. Full fat cheese eating cum troughs deserve to be ridiculed in public about their wobbly flabby bingo wings. Old pervy men with a face like a bucket of boiling shit deserve to be told to creep off and die. Re-post this if you think that Political correctness is just cowardice and hypocrisy wrapped in a thick soulless veneer of blandness.

    The Garden of Edam awaits us all.

  22. why didn’t the girl get an abortion after she got raped at 13? sounds like she was a lazy slut who couldn’t be bothered going to the clinic. also, she almost definitely looked older. that doesn’t make it completely ok, but it does excuse the rapist to a point. if it was a really bad rape, then she would have definitely got an abortion. right?

    also, the people who think being fat is caused by a disease are just fat people looking for excuses. being fat is an abdication of personal and moral responsibility, in the same way that claiming to be ‘clinically depressed’ is.

    just to clarify: you’re fat because you’re eat too much, and you’re sad because you’re fat. it’s not your thyroid, it’s a patent lack of self-restraint.

  23. @Pep – idgaf and yconform are right, there are illnesses that cause fatness, there are medicines that make you put on weight; most of the times that isn’t the case (and I’m all against fatness), but people have to be aware that sometimes it is a medical problem.

  24. PS. Vincent… you’re song young darling; maybe one day you’ll grow up and realise that some people (including 13 year olds) are against murdering, even the unborn ones; and maybe one day you’ll work in Health&Care and learn bit more about various illnesses… Until then, stay ignorant.

  25. sounds like rlyeh is just another self-hating fatty.

    generally speaking, matter cannot be created from nothing. so unless you are a cutting-edge physicist in the CERN laboratories, it is highly unlikely that your excess blubber has been magically created in a particle accelerator.

    what i’m trying to tell you, dear fatties, is that even if you do have a metabolism-reducing condition, you are still eating too much cake. even if you had the single shittiest thyroid gland in the world, you wouldn’t become morbidly obese if you stuck to the vincent diet.

  26. rlyeh Flushing the old Spunk tadpoles out of your trench is not murder.

    Do not be Feta’d by outdated morals.

  27. PS rlyeh… you’re so fat, darling; maybe some day you will realise that your warped pro-rape views are appalling to decent human beings; and maybe one day you’ll accidentally step into a gym and stumble onto a treadmill. until then, stay fat and evil.

  28. @cheesuschrist – to be honest, I have no idea what I would do in such situation, but I know some people would not go to those measures

    vincent my love – you have no idea; I just happen to work in a certain area, that enables me to tell to that for a fact, that there a medicines (heavy stuff) that makes you put on weight… I myself weigh 51kg :) but then of course you wouldn’t believe any of this, would you? Vincent’s beautiful world is black and white.
    PS. Funily enough, I would say any girl above the size of 10 is fat, but that just me…

  29. rlyeh You won’t hear me complaining, half of my wretched brood wouldn’t be knocking about today if it weren’t for those squeamish god bothering victims.

    That’s why I have so many Babybels

  30. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @to all the fatties, yes certain types of medication can cause weight gain or fluid retention. Certain Steroids and anti-depression medication for example. Which leads me to conclude that all fatties are depressed or in need of hormone replacement therapy. Heavy bones is also one of the leading causes of overweight.

  31. Sorry, it’s lost on me… Babybells?

  32. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    oh and there are some illnesses that can cause weight gain, one being a slow working thyroid gland and another fast growing tumors.

  33. I know of an 18 year old girl who got pregnant as a result of a gang rape. She had the child. The child turned out to be handicapped. Then she had to endure an excruciating rape trial. The guys were put away, so that was somewhat of a victory for her, but regardless, she’s still left with a living (and abnormal) reminder of her torment. I don’t understand why she had the baby, but go figure the choices some people make. I feel for her as I would any girl in such a situation.

    But I have no sympathy for fatties. And I don’t care what “disease” they have or what meds they are on. Fat can be fixed. Most (all) fatties are just in denial.

  34. Come on, let’s be serious, how realistic is Samantha’s status?! I live in the States; 16 and pregnant and Teen Moms are what most of these young girls are looking up to. It’s quite ridiculous. If I see a 15 y/o mom, i’m gonna think she probably is a slut. A lot of people are just fat! Obesity in this country is outrageous. Not because of disease, but b/c people are just lazy, love food, or just don’t want to be small. Why must we always defend obesity?! And there’s a huge difference between ugly and deformed. The status is just ridiculousness.

  35. You guys are entertainning! Keep it up!

    I like babybels. They don’t like me back, though.

    Is that wrong?

  36. eyefuckedawhorse

    Samantha got OWNED.

  37. Yazz is probably a Paki on top of that so he kept that reference on hand close by.

    Perfect timing dude.

  38. Cushing Syndrome
    Any illness that requires steroids to cure

    All of these illnesses make you gain weight even if you don’t change your eating and exercise habits. Other drugs used to cure depression etc prevent people from losing weight as well.

  39. Yazz is my hero. About time someone did this. I wonder what samantha said

  40. Wow. I hope some of you guys are taking the piss, cos otherwise you’re uneducated and close-minded to a point beyond belief.

    Kayla probably deserved it though, to be fair.

  41. I’d have to go with vincent here. yconform, idgaf, rlyeh, et al. just don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Cortisol, hormones, thyroid, these are excuses. And if you wanna point to medication, you’re really talking about unnecessary damage to your body. I work out and am healthy so therefore anybody who can’t do the same deserves my scorn.

    And depressed people should suck it up. You know, I dated a manic-depressive once – it had its ups and downs – and she kept blaming her ballooning ass on her meds. I dropped her like a hot coal. Nobody needs fatties, losers, and whiners weighing you down in life with their lard deposits.

  42. Why is Yazz’s quote in Samantha’s status dated 11/05/2011? Is it from the future? =P

  43. ninamarielouise

    that’s how we write the date in the UK … day/month/year

  44. Right… But it’s only May. How could she have posted this in November of this year? Lol

  45. Ooooh… Sorry, please disregard. I get it now. Durrrrrr…

  46. I was never overweight until I started to have trouble with my feet – I can’t keep them out of the kebab shop.

    P.S. Morons who copy & paste statuses (sometimes several times a day) should be kicked off Facebook. Or shot.

  47. comparethemeerkat

    ade79, please, for all of our sakes, go and troll yourself…. :-P

    Are we on the fat debate again? I think this a bi-weekly occurrence!

  48. comparethemeerkat

    And Yazz for Prime Minister!

  49. pandainspandex

    Why did noone jump on Vincent for the whole “if she doesn’t look like a kid, then the rapist is excused” thing? I’m not going to get involved in the fat conversation, but that comment bothered the hell out of me.

  50. Because, panda, if I jump on him he’ll do bad things to me

  51. pandainspandex

    Sound reasoning, agenda. I don’t blame you for being concerned.

  52. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @pandainspandex – Vincent’s a troll and not everybody likes feeding trolls.

    Regarding the fat thing, some people are genuinely sick. Those of you who’ve never taken care of a very sick person and haven’t been sick yourselves, you don’t know how lucky you are. Having said that, people who are otherwise healthy but ruin their health for cake and chips or whatever, making themselves fat, piss me off. So basically most fat people piss me off. I don’t understand why anybody would do that to themselves if they have a choice to look/feel good.

  53. thehungrykraken

    Regarding the rape thing – that is not a regular case with most teenage mothers. A big proportion of them are quite slutty.

    Regarding the fat thing: I am naturally skinny, yet I still can see that it IS a case of genetics as well as disease because I have friends who eat less than me and have active lifestyles (unlike me) but still it’s very hard for them to lose weight. It’s not impossible, but for a person to push themselves against what should be their natural weight (even if it’s a bit above average, I’m not talking obese here) is dangerous. I’ve seen that happen too and it becomes an obsession. I’d much rather have happy fatties than depressive/obsessed and genuinely insecure people.

    All of that said, I hate everyone equally, fatties, skinnies,pretties and uglies!

  54. How has no one else noticed that the date on the first one is 11/5/11?! I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I’m pretty sure that day is still quite a ways away….

  55. OK, nevermind. Just read someone else’s comment and it’s not from the US. It’s from the UK and it’s the date/month/year.

  56. I think I’m in love with cowgirlup714. To quote Joey from Friends,
    “She’s just the right amount of dumb”.

  57. ade and cowgirl, sadly someone explained to you a system used by THE REST OF THE WORLD. I would have just posted you a rope and a tree.

  58. @Vincent: a routine d&e can cost around $600.

  59. Yay! Weight arguments!

  60. How did anyone not notice Vincent’s comment about depression?
    They have actually found a gene that is linked to depression. It can be hereditary, and I’ve known the healthiest, nicest, prettiest, richest people to be depressed.
    I really fucking hate trolls sometimes…

  61. Actually some diseases with tumors do cause weight gain. You should do your research before you talk your crap.

  62. ^fatty.

  63. Did no one else realize that Yazz’s comment said she posted hers in the Future? Its not Nov 2011 yet.

  64. Ahh, just read the other comments… Got it.

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