Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OK, I’m Done, Later Planet

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  1. Yeah, and if J and E put both their brains together they would still be as thick as pig shit.

  2. Derp.

  3. I’m guessing Herp(es), comment #1, is more than familiar with the relative density of pig shit…

  4. I can only be thankful that I will be dead before these ignorant, illiterate morons will be in control of anything more than tv programming and the latest fads.

  5. Yes Anne, though only the metaphorical kind of course.

  6. ^oh, I know. you’ve produced little else since you got here.

    the cloud of flies around you is becoming unbearable.

  7. oh, and teeko? your selfish, myopic fucking generation is responsible for the current shitfight the world is in, so you can just shut right the fuck up and all.

  8. Oh I seem to have misjudged you Anne, I thought you would have appreciated my humour. Did I use a word you haven’t been taught yet?

  9. ^I’ll let you know how much I appreciate your ‘humour’ when I see some.

  10. Yes MsAnne. My generation filled the dump with disposable everything, drove everywhere, never learned to walk, eats out every night, has no idea how to grow or cook a vegetable, salivates over the latest technology and stands in line waiting for it, pays as much for a pair of jeans as some people pay for a mortgage payment, throws out more than an older generation ever owned and is in debt up to their teeth.
    Oh wait…
    That’s YOU. haha
    I love how you believe I am old. And a woman. Terribly gullible.

  11. Anyway I’m off to a grad party tonight so I won’t be checking here until probably Monday so have at it oldie.

  12. you’re definitely an old woman, teeko.
    enjoy your super-fun ‘party’ (hysterectomy, I’m guessing).

  13. ^ oh you so silly. And gullible. I’ll be back tomorrow to see if you found some different words to use. It would be so funny if one day you used one that I had to look up in the dictionary.

  14. I’m impressed that J actually owns (and knows how to use) a BlackBerry.

  15. Damn Anne grow a clue and flick your dick, this pissing contest is over. Find something better to do.

  16. I’m impressed that Anne, who is nearly 50, owns and knows how to use a computer :-)

  17. heh. NateK is pretty fucking sure of itself for a someone with the personality of a cancerous testicle…

    and herp is pretty fucking fucking sure of itself for reasons that continue to fucking mystify everybody.

    stay tuned and let’s see just how much I can manage to upset the poor little bitches. If i don’t get (*at least*) a 12 paragraph rant ala SLUG, then i reserve the right to call you second-rate wannabe trolls.

  18. Anne, I worry that you upset yourself far more than others. I’m sure nobody wants to see an old bag like you having a public breakdown, why not join a local book group? I’m sure some real social interaction will alleviate your obvious dissatisfaction with your lonely and sad existence. You might even get laid!

  19. you really have no fucking clue at all, do you?

  20. Whistle. Yellow Card. Teeko. On a previous post you wrote ‘I don’t have the parts so couldn’t say if it would give me an erection or not’ yet above you think it’s funny that MsAnne thinks you’re a woman.

  21. @Anne: That’s a slightly ambiguous question wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps you would if your IQ had a few more digits. Easy on the anger though, we don’t want to make a scene!

  22. If it had a mesurable I.Q. wouldnt be having this conversation lol

  23. Msannefake, you are fake. Bitch.

  24. Thanks, rightbrain3, you saved me the trouble of rechecking my facts. teeko, tell us about these missing male parts of yours…

  25. this isn’t a conversation, nate, this is just you looking exceptionally fucking amazing.

    mesurable I.Q.

    well…I never.

  26. herpes, do you know what an intelligence quotient even is? seeing as you so ironically bought it up, and all.

  27. This fighting is funny to me

  28. Yeh I duz well knowz wat won entellyjens cwoshunt iz yhe itz lyk dis numbre yhe an it lyk sez yurr amuont of cleverz lyk a big numbre meenz yuur well clever init!!!!!!

  29. ^not exactly.

  30. Oh darn and blast. If only, Anne, I could someday be as spectacularly wise as you…

  31. ^ you can’t.
    so die in a fucking fire already, asshole.

  32. No? Well surely give me a chance! I’d really rather not die or be in a fire, if it’s all the same with you.

  33. ^it’s not just about you, you selfish sack of shit.
    think about the rest of the species.

  34. Oh are we still doing irony? Because a misanthrope calling someone selfish is a bit,..well,.. ironic! Also, I shall have my species’ best interests at heart when I begin reproducing don’t worry.

  35. Are you fucking joking Herp? You’re going to try to fuckin’ reproduce? What the HELL are you thinking?..that’s a horrible fucking idea!

  36. Does it strike anyone else that suddenly the OP’s (remember them waaaay up there) suddenly don’t seem so ignorant or idiotic at all?
    /feels sick at the irony

  37. After months and months of comment lurking and seeing every god damn post having some bullshit comments with the same illogical argument in it, I think its safe to say that MsAnne needs some dick. There, I said it. So I’m going to get a good nights sleep tonight after getting that shit off my chest since the day Ive been on lamebook. Night.

  38. Hello MsAnne, how was your day ?

  39. Wow what an original and very funny retort you’ve presented me with Capn. Let me ease your fears by ensuring you that, unlike your ancestors, I shall be reproducing with another human being, and unlike your parents, that human being is not a relative.

    Following these precautions, I shall be contributing the same function that has ensured the continuation of our species over millions of years.

  40. No teeko, in fact J and E make some of the commenters here seem educated!

  41. Are you saying there’s something wrong with me fucking my sisters, Herp? How dare you! Dey haf needds to! and I lyk dem lawts!

  42. No you carry on Capn, eventually your family will die out :-)

  43. Oh, hell, fuck the whole family thing, who cares about bloodlines, really? You say sister, I say three open holes that need filling at some point. Now, you on the other hand only claim to have two, but we’ll fucking work on it…and don’t go giving me that heterosexual spew and screaming rape and all that bullshit…that’s just gonna fucking turn me on and this wooden cocks gonna push twice as hard! If it makes you feel any better I’ll let my sisters Annabelle and Trixie play with your nipples while I’m “working”…you cool with that bro?

  44. You aint ever gonna be reproducing, herpes. I can say that with a fair fucking whack of confidence, too.

  45. renketsuwarrior

    I know what J and E need: a bullet to the back of the head

  46. ^if we kill all the feeble-minded, then who will clean our free health clinics after the revolution?

  47. ^Herp’s claiming to be a breeder, Ms. I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of monkeys around to do all the “dirty” work.

  48. yeah right. herpes is claiming jack shit. does he seem like a reliable source to you?

  49. I’m glad there are dumbasses in this world to exploit.

    we all can’t be smart, it just raises the bar unnecessarily.

  50. That’s odd, the way Capn and Anne talk about reproduction is as if they think it’s rather complicated, and that it doesn’t just require sexual intercourse (rather straightforward) and a succesful birth (guatanteed with today’s healthcare).

    Perhaps their simple minds aren’t yet ready to grasp the true method of reproduction, and whoever is looking after them has dreamt up a complicated lie to deter them from ever successfully attempting it.

  51. ^ you first have to find someone who actually likes you, herpes, someone who can stand 5 minutes of your company without wanting to stab you through the fucking mouth with a star-picket. ergo – you will never breed.

  52. No, fuck that, don’t change the topic…I thought my offer was fairly reasonable…you just gonna try and play it cool and avoid my question? It’s ok, I understand, you’re playing hard to get…perhaps if I chase you around for a little while and rub it up against your leg you’ll be more comfortable with idea?

  53. Msanne, you are fake.

  54. #51: Really? Shoot, I was hoping to tie someone to a post and have my way with them. Back to the drawing board I guess!

    #52: Pardon my indifference Capn, but I’m afraid I don’t share the same enthusiasm for the casual abuse and sodomy that your family have made a living out of. Why not try your antics out on Anne here? She seems to be literally gagging for something in her throat, and I’m sure she wont complain about your unusually shaped penis.

  55. ^poor baby. it must suck to suck so fucking hard.
    you don’t honestly think you are doing well here, do you?

  56. How can you all be fighting at a time like this?! Teeko’s penis is missing!

  57. Fighting? Where? Hell, I’m just trying to talk this wanker into lettin’ me go muddin’ and maybe gimme a blowie afterwards…frankly, I demand an increase in suction…really he keeps turning me down but all I’m hearing is “harder big boy, give it to me..oooh baby I’m so wet…don’t stop daddy! Put it in my ass! I want you to cum inside me this time!” And, I’m not so sure about teeko’s penis…knowing people around here, “somebody” probably strung it up and made a necklace out of it…that’s the rumour, anyway..

  58. Do you like it, Capn… the necklace?

    And Teeko, seriously on comment #10? That can’t be blamed on the kids you fucktard, only on their parents – which IS that generation. Or the “greatest” generation – who started this fuckstorm of suck. It’s so funny to me when people blame stuff on the kids, “oh, look how lazy! they only play video games! they never go outside! they have no discipline!” Really?

    And this is coming from someone who is not a kid (have 3 awesome kids of my own). And if my kid is fucking up, and it’s not something I have already taught them about, then it’s on me.

  59. Nails, I’d like to reply to you in full but meh, you’re stupid and I don’t like you because I think you’re a hockey mom.

  60. Stop stealing my jokes, please. It shows lack of creativity.

  61. That’s cuz youz a reetard. But I don’t care. You’re falling into evilcow status now, and will be ignored. Love ya!

  62. (that was for teeko, who probably doesn’t realize that – even though beatus does)

  63. My bad I didn’t see that I had missed that ‘a’ lol

  64. P.S. ‘aint’ is just poor grammar


  65. @56 lol.

    Capn, keep me out of this. I don’t take just anyone’s penis you know. I do have standards.

  66. T1000, you clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk–the one oppoturnity to actually declare someone(Teeko)an actual fake (or dickless)and you miss it!

  67. *opportunity

  68. it’s just really good to see teeko bounce back so soon after her hysterectomy.
    I’m sure it’s just the painkillers talking all that smack, but still.

  69. I’ll try franky, but I’m not making any promises…and, hey, I’ve got standards too, they’re just abnormally low…I mean high…yeah….high :D

  70. One man’s trash is another man’s goddess.

    Congrats on your 69, btw.

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