Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh No PhoDohs!

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  1. Mohay is the baby. His last status was:

    Mohay is laaaaiiiid back, with his mind on his mommy and his mommy on his mind. Oh, and a booby in his mouth.

    The 2nd and 3rd pictures aren’t lame at all. They’re a bit stupid, but an upside down diploma and a woman getting a pedicure? What’s funny about those?

  2. laressa is an ass

  3. I thought the lame thing about the second one was the guy on the right hand side of the photo with a boner?

  4. christopherlovet

    The first pic alone deserves the thumbs up.

  5. oh, and BEN!

  6. mc look at the chick working her feet she is disgusted plus the caption “bitch u better work”

    As for number 2, I agree nothing lame or funny about it. It happens when your told to hold something up and you’re not paying attention.

  7. Damn it. you’re*

  8. I don’t see what’s lame about the first one. So there’s a car with hydraulics in front of a Planned Parenthood. Congratulations.

  9. Yeah I don’t get the first one either.

  10. Is the first one lame because people with hydraulic cars plan pregnancies? Maybe it’s not cool to be a parent and have that car?…
    umm.. I’m coming up with nothing.

  11. Anyone with a car that awful should be required to go to Planned Parenthood/be neutered.

  12. doods mayb im an idiot bu i reccon that car looks well gd, lyke rlly kwl

  13. To me the first one looks photoshopped. There is something not quite right about the back wheel arch…but I still don’t get it.

  14. Meh.

  15. Larresa is such a bitch because her name has too many “r” and not enough “s”. I’d be bitter too. Though, I’d still tip the manicurist, and you know with an attitude like that Larresa stiffed the poor lady.

    As for the boob pic, I’m a huge proponent of breast feeding and public acceptance of such, but I fucking HATE all that in your face bullshit. Kindly keep whatever insecurities you have about your choices in life out of my face, thanks. We all know you’re overcompensating. This also applies to the placenta munchers.

  16. That looks like the exact same Planned Parenthood that’s in the movie Saved!, how hilarious.

  17. I love boobies, but none of these pics made my laugh or cringe or get any reaction at all. This was a mighty weak crop.

  18. I don’t think the picture of the baby eating is lame at all.

  19. I don’t think the picture of the baby eating is lame either. I do think the fact that he seems to have a FB profile is very lame indeed.

    FB profiles should not be allowed for anyone who is at the age where it is still considered cute to vomit all over people.

  20. Those photos may not have made me laugh but Nicoretta you did :) Also I agree FB should not let parents make an account for “anyone who is at the age where it it still considered cute to vomit all over people.” That is all.

  21. @Nicoretta The wheel and the shadows look off. I’m betting it was photoshopped too.

    None of these are even remotely funny or interesting though.

  22. @Nicoretta
    I agree…why do people make FB profiles for their babies?? LAME.

  23. Why do women these days make profiles for their newborns? Like really. My friend is having a baby and she named a photo album after her baby & has pictures of the ultrasound. Why isn’t that enough for these women? NO COMPRENDO.

  24. And also, the name Mohay. I have never heard such a name. What is this world coming to?

  25. These aren’t quite up to par, although I’ve no idea why anyone would post a close-up of breastfeeding for the world to see.

  26. Lamebook… whaaat? Come on guys, if a young girl holding an elemmentary (American equivalent of primary?) certificate upside down and a car outside a Planned Pregnancy (I assume that it’s a common-ish American… clinic-y/advice place?) is the best you can do, just don’t do an update.

  27. @ ramen yes, it’s absolutely incomphrehensible that everyone in the whole world doesn’t choose anglo-american names for their children.

  28. @jasminium , sorry I fail at teh life.

  29. None of these photos were even remotely lame or funny. What a waste.

  30. Her feet probably stink really bad and that poor woman is doing all she can not to throw up everywhere. Poor thing, what a trooper. If only the feet girl knew how hard the other one was working not to puke…

  31. Did anyone else notice that the feet lady’s face isn’t blurred?

  32. The first one is lame because they can’t afford to buy condoms, but they can afford those rims. Granted, they might be going there for an STD checkup (which may or may not be the result of condom use) or for just a well woman/man check up. People forget that Planned Parenthood also does that.

    Second one is really not funny. It’s an upside-down piece of paper. Man, you know that paper is so hilarious!

    As for the third – Larresa, just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to be a bitch. And by the look on that poor lady’s face, you got some nasty ass feet. And your name sucks.

    Finally, why do new parents/idiotic family members feel that it is cool to take pictures of their kid/relative feeding? Cool, you breastfeed. Don’t take pictures and post them on Facebook. Your time might be better spent, ya know, raising that baby you just popped out.

  33. @ MsBuzzKill: Maybe its not stinky feet but stinky crotch, or the bitch is not wearing underwear. Poor woman looks like she’s about to dry heave.

  34. Fuck Larissa. Bitch.

  35. krasivaya_devushka

    lol@ ramencatholic user name! :D

  36. You couldn’t pay me enough to do pedicures. I’d be making that face, too. Most people’s feet are disgusting. Give me any other body part. ANY other.

  37. I feel as though this whole post is a crack on black people.

  38. These were weak, and for a second, I thought Larresa was with a gynecologist.

  39. 2nd one isn’t even worthy of being on here. 3rd one, FUCK. Why do people do this?!?!?

  40. Oh, FFS. A baby eating qualifies as a lame photo? Really?

    Are you punking us, Lamebook?

  41. I’m sure more than a few guys here would love to take Mohay’s place.

  42. I guess some people don’t realize planned parenthood isn’t for people planning to have kids. It’s more for where ghetto people to go to get free birth control.

  43. I thought the first one as funny because (in my opinion) that’s what I’d call a pimp car..

  44. mymomruinedfacebook

    Planned Parenthood isn’t for “ghetto people” it’s to provide services for women with low incomes. This includes high school kids who want birth control and gyno check ups and stuff like that. Some Planned Parenthoods do abortions but most are like doctors offices. I got my b.c. and checkups for free until I graduated high school thanks to planned parenthood.

  45. @ mymomruinedfacebook- Typically, people with low incomes live in low income areas, which are casually referred to as “the ghetto”. Hence, ghetto people.

  46. But anyway, the point is that they apparently do not have enough money for whatever services they are receiving at PP, yet they have those big wheels.

  47. I thought the joke was the little kid in the background.

  48. It’s stereotyping. Which is lame. So, I guess it belongs here.

  49. I think the point of the last one is that their profile is set to private yet they have a pretty open display picture..?

  50. I’m going to guess that the problem with the last picture is that Mohay has listed his sex as male, but apparently he is capable of breastfeeding a child.

  51. why do people think it’s ok to have a profile for their baby?

  52. The first one isn’t shopped. Its the PP in Albany NY on lark street. I’ve seen that car in the area before.

  53. Maybe the first one is a picture that was posted by whoever owns the car to show it off… and it’s funny cause they took the picture of their car while visiting Planned Parenthood. It’s like those photos where people accidentally leave poo in the toilet or dildos in the background. Nothing wrong with pooing or having dildos or visiting Planned Parenthood, but not something you necessarily want to share with the world.

  54. For those of you completely oblivious to society, and have no idea what ‘planned parenthood’ actually is.. let me educate you. It is not where people go to plan their parenthood. Planned Parenthood is where people go to get help to be able to raise there child. You go to classes and they give you free formula, diapers, you name it. It’s not somewhere you announce you’re going. Most the people that go are ghetto and have 8675958767 kids.

    so the punchline of the picture is that they can afford that God-Awful car with the Expensive Rims, Pain Job, ect. but are going to Planned Parenthood. . . hmmm, wonder where all there money is going?

  55. @Cassidy, that’s cool that there’s internet access in your asylum. Bummer about that frontal lobotomy though.

    Planned Parenthood provides free or low-cost gyn. care to women who otherwise don’t have access to it. Being young and/or poor does not mean you are ghetto and have lots of kids. Most of the women who go to Planned Parenthood are trying to AVOID having lots of kids.

    Sigh … this whole discussion is lame. The car parked near the Planned Parenthood doesn’t even mean the owners were in the damn place.

  56. I’m a social worker who works in sexual health/safer drug use education, in what we call a community health centre in Toronto. I’ve also used services at Planned Parenthood (another CHC) while I was working towards getting my degree, because as a broke student, it made birth control accessible and made getting routine tests easy. They also let me use them as a family doctor, which is a nightmare to try and find in my city.

    Planned Parenthood is a great place that provides information around sexual health, medical procedures relating to sexual health (some do abortions, others don’t), and a number of referrals to other great services. They do not give people diapers and formula… Maybe you’re the one who is completely “oblivious to society” Cassidy.

  57. Oh, chantd, chill. It’s lamebook.

  58. Lol! The expression on thatwoman’s face is priceless. I can only imagine what state Larresa’s feet must be in.

  59. Why do you all get worked up about Planned Parenthood? The car might just be parked there by coincidence. What’s actually LAME is to put that kind of rims under that kind of car. Those rims might look good on an Escalade or some other big SUV.

  60. I’m pretty sure that the authors of “lamebook” are stereotypically racist and mistakenly thought that most of their readers were too. I enjoyed all the funny things on lamebook until I saw this and realized this site is run by some (or a bunch of) IDIOTS.

  61. frggin blax can’t do nething right

  62. sorry, that was a bit racist

  63. The car does not have hydrolics. It is called a donk, box, or bubble (plus more names I can’t remember). The purpose is to lift an old big body American car as you would a truck, and put 23″+ rims on it.

  64. jesus christ, i read through every comment just to confirm. Not a single one of you idiots noticed the joke in #2. The girl on the right looks like she’s at least 2 years older than the kid on the left. She’s graduating elementary school at what age?? 13? It’s not about race, or about an upside down paper, it’s about that. Fools.

  65. @jesuschristisgay
    You’re stupid.
    Girls grow faster than boys at that age.
    Jesus Christ, YOU’RE gay!

  66. It’s on LB because the idiot woman has the profile set to private yet is showing everyone her tit. Yay, you’re being milked. Congratulations, you’re a mammal.

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