Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh My Gollum

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  1. For the record, no, no one cares you sad, pathetic soul.

  2. Oh and first

  3. Lame….

  4. and second!

  5. HUH ? What is this?!

  6. damn! fourth

  7. slow day lamebook?

  8. She’s right, she IS Frodo.

    Ha, I was first to make that obvious, obvious comment :P

  9. What the hell is Macy saying here? At this rate, in about five years time, i have to unlearn everything, go back to elementary school and re-learn this new language, which i presume is English. God almighty!

  10. I couldn’t even read that. Or could I just not be bothered?

  11. Wow, lamest thing on Lamebook.

  12. Txt talk ones are wasted on me, I cant be arsed deciphering them, I have painted walls that are much more worthy of my attention

  13. If Macy was capable of grammatical construction beyond that of a sixth-grader, I might have been moved to give a crap.

  14. @AfroNinja, you lie.

  15. I just don’t understand why people bother to translate posts like this into an obscure language almost completely incomprehensible to even the most able of readers… she’s clearly literate (or close enough)

    Unless some dormant part of her brain (Gollum, shall we say) intervened to stop everyone on facebook collectively understanding what a sad, sad person Macy is.

  16. Wtf is that nonsense? She’s insulting LotR. Aaaghhh.

  17. What do you expect from someone named after an effing DEPT STORE?! God, I swear IDIOCRACY IS NOW.

    Makes you wonder how stupidly and incoherently Macy’s little brother WalMart types his status messages…

  18. Eepah,

    Are you effing serious? Macy’s was named after the founder’s surname. “Macy” has been a name (and surname) since LONG BEFORE the dep’t store ever existed.

    Despite Macy admitting that she was LIKE Frodo, it has become very clear with your post that you, in fact, ARE Frodo.

  19. @eepah
    I totally watched Idiocracy this weekend and it really reminded me of a lot of the stuff I see on here. Pretty sad actually

  20. I’m embarrassed for her….

  21. I don’t get this. Why did Macy go to all the effort of bastardising her status message if she was perfectly capable of writing “normally”, as in her comment?

  22. @Snip, not that I’m defending Macy, but there is a character limit, so maybe that’s why?

  23. @Snip; uh, i don’t know about you, but from both her comments it seems she’s entirely incapable of writing like a normal human being

  24. Ok… so she totally butchered the lyrics to a song. And then analyzed it for us, in normal speech.

    I don’t get it.
    And I don’t care either Macy. You are Frodo.

  25. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid we are looking at the future of the written english language. It hurts my brain more every time i try to read it.

    BTW I’ve never been able to figure out the Frodo comments on lamebook. Can anyone tell me where to look?

  26. There once was a long dialogue on Frodo. See this link.

    It is really quite amusing.


  27. I always thought the song was Smeagol singing to himself (or Gollum, I guess), since he refers to himself as “we” and in the movie he has a clear multiple personality split. I think it makes more sense that way.

    Either way, Macy is still Frodo.

  28. this is just as embarrassing as if she’d said “I pick my nose and eat my boogers and also I still wet the bed regularily”

  29. I think dcrearview has a crush on Ben.

  30. i miss him so….

  31. and i’m not the only one! ;-)

  32. Is it scary that I can read Macys writing as though it were normal? I can’t tell whether it is a blessing or curse…

  33. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHhahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha.

  34. Oh dc, I can tell how much you yearn for him.

    Actually he was on here the other day rambling on, you must have missed it.

  35. Does Smeagal have a pool?

  36. Ah… now it all comes together. thanks dc

  37. @Mememe: Regardless of the fact that what she has written in her comment is utter nonsense, it is still fairly comprehensible. Full stops, capital letters, quotation marks, full words — that’s a lot more than we get from most entries on Lamebook.

  38. “Where once was light
    Now darkness falls.
    Where once was love
    Love is no more.
    Don’t say goodbye
    Don’t say I didn’t try.
    These tears we cry
    Are falling rain.
    We will weep
    To be so alone.
    We are lost.
    We can never go home.
    In the end
    I’ll be what I will be.
    No loyal friend
    Was ever there for me.
    We say goodbye.
    We say you didn’t try.
    These tears you cry
    They come too late.
    Take back the lies you told us.
    The hurt.
    The blame.
    You will weep
    To face the end alone.
    You are lost.
    You can never go home.”

  39. Wow killer, I’m already depressed cos my team lost again last night, but after reading that, I REALLY want to end it.

  40. word, who is your team?

  41. Team slim baby, team slim.

  42. So, I’m quite sure that Emiliani Torinni (or the writer of the lyrics) actually wrote that song in normal standard English (I do like the song btw) and Macy has shown that she can write in normal standard English (even though she says nothing doing so), so why butcher the lyrics to that… that… abortion of letters.

  43. Wait, I didn’t actually read the status, just saw her compare herself to Frodo and leapt to the comment box to call her Frodo like the little joke-whore that I am.

    Did she really compare a past relationship to Frodo and Gollum from Lord of the Rings? That’s, uh… odd.

  44. CommentsAtLarge

    So… rather than just post the clear explanation, she took all that time to violate the song. Right then.

  45. Chewbacca shagger


  46. @Bucky Fellini– I srsly doubt that she was named after the founder of the dept store. :P

  47. I’m not even reading that. :x

  48. lol@ Englishgirl … ‘painted walls’ I love English chicks.


    Lyrics start around 1:11

  50. I think we can all agree she is retart!

  51. of all the retarded shortened textspeakisms, “1ce” may be the one that puts me over the edge. I read that as ice the first few times, then when I realized it was supposed to be ‘once’ I wanted to hunt Macy down and cunt punch the bitch. I’ve had it up to here with this nonsense. time to start cracking skulls.

  52. Ratcoon? One armed girl?

    I think that’s everything.

  53. er… lol :|

  54. Ahahahaha malteaser didn’t know what to say! Because it wasn’t really lol-worthy, just sad and weird.

  55. I love you, malteser.

    The chocolate, not the person. Heh.

  56. I think old malt is scared that I mentioned the thing we’re not supposed to mention :(

  57. She had to translate it to compact more crazy into a small space. One thing about Macy, she wont short change her reader.

  58. Facebook purgatory

  59. aw, sad..
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  60. ..

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