Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh My Frog

Oh My Frog

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  1. One day we’ll find it, the lamebo connection.

  2. …What do you call it?

    Furry? Slimy?

  3. Nice menopause haircut, Rachy Rach. You really put the Senior in Senior Pictures.

  4. I think I’ve seen this guy on the news…
    didn’t this guy get beat up by his entire school because of his gayness? Stripped naked and tied to a tree, and left to die?
    I want to destroy his ass.

    Does…does that frog have a vagina?

  5. Oh no. Why Rachel? I am afraid for her lack of foresight. To include all these stuffed animals in her pictures. For posting them. And most of all, for pointing out the spread-eagled frog legs. WHY!?

  6. My mom has that same haircut.

  7. Ahh, she’s female. That makes it less lame. And makes me lame. But nevertheless, it’s still lame.
    I want to destroy her ass.

  8. um.


  9. I kind of feel sorry for her… She thinks her family are stuffed frogs..

  10. Wait, she brought all the toys for her school photo?


  11. Yes, Madi, she is obsessed with frogs and brought them herself. These are not the only pics.

  12. And this…. this is my “special” frog.

  13. I’m sure there’s another one with Rachel wearing a Santa hat and you know that’s her Christmas Card photo. And I said her and not their because you know that crazy bitch is single.

    I wonder how high wasted her jeans are.

  14. God dammit, I’ve made it on lamebook!

    Sike, believe in Jesus kids!

    But really, No Comment.

  15. this is TOO unhealthy

  16. I like the one with a hat best.

  17. Yes, the frog has a vagina. Or is it a pie?

    To think there are 26 photos – admin, you cheated us; we really need to see them all.

  18. Did anyone else notice she’s wearing a frog shirt too? This isn’t just lame, it’s also kind of creepy.

  19. I’m quite certain all her shirts have frogs on them. Makes it easier to shop for her at Christmas. Any tacky frog shit will do. Is there any classy frog shit?

  20. You’ve got to think she was limited in how many she could use in the pictures, so I wonder how she chose between these and the ones that didn’t make the cut.

  21. LMAO @ Persistent Cat

  22. She’ll regret this in her later years.

  23. How unfortunate.

  24. And I thought my senior portrait was embarrassing…. ok it was, but at least I didn’t have stuffed frogs in it!

  25. This sort of feels like shooting fish in a barrel.



  27. I mean, out loud. And for, like, five seconds. Kudos!

  28. Spread Eagled Frog

    Am I the only one reminded of that Little Britain sketch about the old lady with the frog collection…?
    Yes? Okay then.

    She probably has a frog dildo.

  29. That one also needs to go in the awkward family photos blog.

  30. She should she really update her look, come on its 2009…She should try the Kate Gosslin

  31. The best part? It’s not like she just took these in her basement….she set up this grad photo shoot, planned out which frogs she was going to bring, figured out her sexy frog shirt the night before….and by the looks of it, probably brought them all on the school bus in the morning.

  32. Boy what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on her wall!

    Well, not a fly.

  33. She had to pick a gimmick to stand out and she chose FROGS? Really?

  34. the lamest thing about lamebook is all of the bitchy queens making caustic comments. That’s what I would send in to lamebook is a screen capture of people getting upset over stupid crap with a note saying the fucking 90s are over and your coffees ready. Every one above me is gay.

  35. the spread eagle frog is a sex toy. definitely.

  36. Ihateyou: I didn’t realize I was upset… or gay! Thanks for letting me know! =)

  37. Imagine the photographer and the photoshopper of the pictures…
    How much did they laugh at this poor weirdos expense?

  38. This is not lame. This is amaaaazing.

    I’d like to think that she dates a nice young man who likes toads, and together they recreate scenes from Frog and Toad books on dates. Or just in their prom pictures.

    Cause you know. That’s how my imagination works.

  39. What is that, SlutFrog? Nice clit it has, btw.

  40. lol @37

  41. Big ups to Bree for looking for the good. …But this is why I need to be free from paying for this couple’s children.

  42. no, paying for their… spawn. I think that’s the right word.

  43. Congratulations, Rachel. You are never going to get laid. EVER.

  44. I’d still hit it. 8~]
    The frog too

  45. Rachel mate – what were you thinking???
    We need the girl on here to explain this. Maybe it’s just part of some in-joke her and her mates have? Or she lost some drunken bet? Maybe its actually her senior year in primary school and its just that haircut that makes her look like a middle aged mum from the 80s…
    I dunno, but there must be SOME explaination. Her use of the word ‘spreadeagled’ makes me think she’s not actually a full-on geek!

  46. Brilliant. Has she paid for professional photos? Excellent. Money well spent, Rach.

  47. You know if it turns out she actually is retarded we’re all going to hell…

  48. NoMoreMisterNiceGuy

    They can’t talk back, Rachel.

  49. I don’t see what’s wrong with these. Get over yourselves guys.

  50. one big happy family.

  51. I’m pretty sure my two year old would think she was lame.

  52. So she likes frogs? Well, who the fuck *doesn’t* like frogs?!

  53. :\

  54. So what, she likes frogs, whats the problem? At least it’s an innocent hobby.. Unlike binge drinking, pot smoking, and messing around on campus.

  55. Oh Please, like nobody has ever fucked a stuffed animal before… right?

  56. @persistent cat, funniest fucking comment, arv, all those things u said sound pretty cool, and sixkillers comment also provided some laughs

  57. lol @Mikey! hahahah


  59. how do you know they were done at kmart RZ?

  60. Now, I’ve heard of crazy cat ladies, but crazy frog ladies? This world is messed up…

  61. In the second pic, if you want to break her legs, just kiss all the frogs at once.

  62. Photographer: ‘Are you sure you want all those… things, in the picture?’

    Rachel: ‘I didn’t pay you $600 for your comments. Now take the damn photo.’

  63. Miss Piggy?

  64. That frog wearing the hat is clearly organising the whole thing, probably charging too much to smuggle them across the border from Frogland. He sells them a dream of getting a big job in America, but they just end up as props in some crazy lady’s photo. Most of their earnings go back to their little villages in Frogland where, now that all the men in employable condition have left, Hat Frog has his pick of the women.

  65. @ 32, Nicely done :)

  66. @Arv. Your a fun sponge

  67. @Boz

    you made my day XD

  68. I am disturbed by the spread eagle frog. Something about that one doesn’t convey innocence to me, Arv.

  69. She’s got the Dr. Laura hair down.

  70. @Boz #64, You just made me laugh out loud.

  71. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser

  72. Sad Bastard

  73. i bet she is a furry

  74. @73

    …Frogs don’t have fur, dearie. xD

  75. this is actually so bad i feel sorry for it being on here… :(

  76. Do you think she has a frog costume at home? Does she attend the ConFurence?

    You don’t have to be furry to be a Furry.

  77. Shit, thats fucked up

  78. lol @ #3, I’ll never understand why women think it’s attractive to chop all their hair off and look like a man…

  79. Because it can be fucking hot, Shawny.

  80. the woman is crazyy

  81. what. the. eff.

  82. That’s just sick.

  83. Seriously? You’re 18 years old and you collect stuffed frogs? And it’s not even a good collection.

  84. Some day, all those stuffed frogs will be replaced with live cats.

  85. Kate before her 8 kids and Jon

  86. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

    That is all.

  87. i really hope that her family have disowned her for being a fucking nut job.

    or maybe they actually have, and that’s why she created a family of stuffed amphibians…

  88. I think she needs to have a very long underwater swim with her “family”.

  89. Guess who will die a VIRGIN!

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