Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Mady

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  1. Yesterday’s a dream I face the morning
    Crying on the breeze
    the pain is calling, oh Mady

    Well you came and you gave without taking
    but I sent you away, oh Mady
    well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
    And I need you today, oh Mady

  2. Actually..? Seriously…? This makes me
    shake my head. But laugh, also.

    What a moving tribute, cutting ‘Mady’
    into his arm. He’s a keeper!!


  3. if you’re gonna be emo and cut some chick’s name into your arm at least spell the name right. future girlfriends are going to wonder who the hell mady was. oh wait, he won’t have any future girlfriends. nevermind.

  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @Soup – ROFL! Barry Manilow FTW!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, this is beautiful.
    Also, Soup.. thanks. Now, I’ll have Mady/Mandy stuck in my head all day.

  6. #3,

    Perhaps a safer route would be to just carve “your name” into your arm so you can always say “I have your name permanently marked on my body”.

  7. Good one, Soup!!

  8. That is super creepy

  9. you go Soup.

    Jonathan is Frodo.

  10. What the fuck… I don’t know what weirds me out more about this. The fact that this guy is carving her name into his arm to show his love? The fact he fucking spelt it wrong? Or the fact everyone seems to be laughing it off in the comments for his photo, even Mandy herself, who has no ‘you have to stop this now, you need to get help’ reaction, just a ‘you put Mady’.

    That’s even weirder, because it’s like she’s saying ‘Mady? You can’t even spell my name… you DON’T FUCKING LOVE ME :’(‘

    What does a guy have to do?

  11. Obviously, he’s a keeper, just look at his pajamas. Any mature adult would own a pair of those bad boys.

  12. Not only is he a loser douche who is acting out for attention (oh woe is me…), but he’s also a loser douche who can’t even spell his girlfriend’s name. Jeez. What girl could resist that?

    And “be happy he did it”? WTF is wrong with Gaige (besides their parents being on crack when they names them)?

  13. CommentsAtLarge

    Jonathan sees your misspelled tattoo and raises you.

  14. Nice going, Soup.

  15. SarcasticVoyage

    Who’s that Maaaadyyyy? Who’s that May-day? Sexy Madyyyyyyyy….

  16. Jonathon’s next career is as a tattoo artist. he will be supplying us with more Lamebook posts via mis-spelled tattoos. Welcome to Lamebook Jonathon, you are home.

  17. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this pic was the episode on Married With Children when Jefferson wanted Marcy’s name tattooed on his butt and the tattoo artist didn’t know how to make a “C” and put “Marty” instead.

  18. fkn mady the grammar nazi

  19. lol

  20. im going to demand all my future boyfriends carve my name in their arm. otherwise its not true love. how else will i know if they’re serious about loving me unless my name is carved on their body!?!

  21. This guy is going to end up camping on Mandy’s front lawn for three days until she finally relents and takes him back. Three weeks later they’ll find her decapitated body blocking up a drainage pipe in the woods outside of town. Her head will be in Jonathon’s freezer.

  22. @ohsnap

    Do we have to spell your name correctly?

  23. @slimjayz

    You wouldn’t want to go around with “oh nap” carved in your arm would you?

  24. nice family guy sheets.

  25. Sheesh… This is not only lame, it’s so very narcissistic!

    Look, I hurt MYSELF to show how much I love you. And I posted it on Facebook so everyone I know could fuss over me, and see how I hurt myself to show you how much I love me. I mean you.


  26. Mario and Dreddy

    All I need to do now is find a girl named SLYAER.

  27. awwww! true love at it’s finest!

  28. Soup honey, singing it with Mady instead of Mandy sounds so much better (I’m sitting here doing it as I write).

    I wonder if Barry ever visits lamebook, he couldn’t fail to be impressed with your version.

  29. well duh, obviously true love doesnt care about grammer! i dont care how you spell my name, just as long as you hurt yourself doing it so i know you love me. thats all i ask!

  30. @ohsnap85

    That’s spelling, not grammar. Also, you misspelled grammar.


  31. i seriously thought it was his dick shaft at first…

  32. awwkitten, I had another look, I concur.

  33. Bahahahahaha! Maybe his big black emo tears were obscuring his view so he couldn’t see what he was carving.

    Mandy! Two words for you, miss: RESTRAINING ORDER!

  34. This guy is sick. Probably an abuser of some kind as well. Adrienne is the only one to call him out on it.

  35. I love that he tagged the girl in this picture.. and it’s also posted in his “me and friends” album. it’s cute.

  36. @ThatsNotPoetry

    excuse me grammar nazi! fuck off!

  37. or maybe its spelling nazi. no one cares either way.

  38. @ 35, well he can hardly go to all that effort to carve her name and then not have her see it can he?
    Course saying he has any friends is probably a mistake. He should change the name of his album.

  39. @ Bucky (#6)- I like how you think.

    As for our hopeless romantic Jonathon, you guys really need to stop being so hard on him. The spelling of his own name suggests that his impairment is genetic in origin.

  40. I don’t know what’s worse the fact that he did this, or the fact that all Mandy could see was the misspelling of her name.

  41. @SaintBowie

    Were his family guys pajamas(/possibly sheets) your first clue that he isn’t a mature adult? Because to me, the whole carving the girl’s name in your arm thing seems very 14-year-old. Also, he’s obviously severely disturbed and Mandy needs to stay the hell away from him.


    A friend of mine had an album called, get this, “rendom photos of friends”. Rendom! And to top it off, about 80% of the photos in the album were photos she had taken of herself. Sad.

  42. @EmKitteh

    I’m actually incredibly in love with the fact that he carved a girl’s name into his skin. If only I could be so lucky to have a man like that!

  43. @Awwkitten and Word, I’m with you there, I thought I was looking at a name carved into a shaft for a second, that would’ve been too horrific to comprehend.

    @Slippyslappy, he did say I’m sorry for hurting you, maybe he beats her?

  44. @SaintBowie

    I was that lucky once. He was incredibly manipulative, and in the later stages he got quite frightening. Do you want his number?

  45. @EmKitteh

    Do I even need to ask? I have a hard-on for mass murdering fuck heads.

    (On a serious note, I’m glad to hear you got out of that relationship. That takes a lot of strength. Unless this is somehow part of the banter? Hmm.)

  46. falltoillusions

    if he actually did carve this into himself and it’s not just lightly scratched on.. why isn’t it a cut? even a burn mark would leave something red behind. i doubt he would have the time to wait for that to scar in his desperation to show his never ending love for her. just saying.

  47. @SaintBowie

    Yep, out of that relationship four years ago and I’ve learned that emotional abuse is not okay. Offering you his number was part of the banter though. I don’t actually have it anymore.

  48. @BritishHobo

    I would suggest a remake, with correction this time, on the other arm… tho leg is better, more room, larger letters..

  49. guys guys guys, lets keep our focus. mandy isn’t the bad guy here. what the fuck is she supposed to say to that? her name is carved into this guy’s arm, who is probably a beater and a psychopath, AND it’s spelled wrong. what a dumbass attention whore. i mean really. i would probably say the same thing. nothing in life prepares you for a moment like this.

  50. Are those Stewie Griffin bed sheets?

    (also, I join the “does not think that ‘Mady’ was cut into arm” bandwagon.. looks like he used white eyeliner or concealer to simply draw it on)

  51. the slight redness around jonathon’s scratches suggests it may be for real.

    but seriously dude. if you’re gonna carve a chick’s name in your arm, CARVE that shit. there’s no turn off like half-assed self-mutilation.

  52. @EmKitteh

    Well that’s good! And four years is a pretty good while. Glad to hear everything is A-Ok on your end, now.

  53. Jonathon? ugh!

  54. I spent ages trying to work out if that’s his arm or his penis and I’m still confused…It looks way too small to be an arm lol

  55. i can’t see the tattoo?????

  56. As an ashamed cutter, I would never parade my disgusting, misunderstood addiction on a public forum such as Facebook. From experience, this doesn’t look like more than a scratch. I had a friend who once “cut” herself by dragging a safety pin across her forehead. It was weird and healed by the next day.

  57. awwkitten and word, that would be one hairy shaft then, wouldn’t it??

  58. Looks like a penis

  59. Wow. Thats wonderful..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  60. Yikes!

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