Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Baby

Oh Baby

Oh Baby

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  1. W



  2. Trailer Trash? For fuck sake they all need to grow up

  3. Sorry, Nicci got the *shits* so she’s therefore hard enough to beat up Stacey? That’s some good virus!

  4. Oh God. I’m ashamed to be from the same country as these people.

    I love how mum comes in on’d think she’d be the voice of reason!!

  5. Out. Of. Control.

    How do I even pick a portion to mock when it is all deliciously lame?

  6. OUCH, poor stacey, where were her “bikie mates” to defend her in that?

  7. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like eating a can of baked beans.

  8. “If you ate a can of baked beans you wouldn’t know what baked bean made you fart”…

    That is probably the best way of saying, “You’re a hoe” that I’ve ever heard.

    Seriously, made my day. Thanks Kathleen.

  9. They all need to die. Like yesterday.

  10. meow

    i guarantee you wont be walk out of here :@

  11. @1: My jaw won’t close now. So wow.

  12. Okay…
    All I got was that Stacey is a bitch, something about bikes, baked beans…

    The hell are they talking about?
    I actually want to know what is going on, and nobody is speaking in words.

  13. If you ate a can of baked beans you wouldn’t know which baked bean made you fart…

    Sooooo classy! LOL

  14. DONT anybody use the block option anymore? damn.

  15. Lamebook, keep the belligerent Australian posts coming! I love how this gem starts off with the usual stuff, takes a very bizarre turn, then ends with ‘lol talk to you soon.’

    ‘u sleeped with two other blokes’ – that is my favourite grammatical error ever.

  16. After reading the whole thing, all i remember is the word “sleeped.”

  17. This made me ponder the phrase “sorry excuse for a human being”. Think about it…how does that even make sense and why does anyone use that phrase as an insult?

  18. we’ve got some classy people here..
    @Chris, I agree.
    I don’t even know where to start with this one…
    they’re all completely mental.
    & I love how his mum went postal on Stacy, Lmfao.
    some mum she is, for sure.

  19. I keep trying to arrange some sort of drama like this in my circle of friends, but they’re all much classier than I am.

  20. …this argument lasted for three days. THREE DAYS!!!

  21. :lol:

    So so happy I don’t have to actually listen to this!!

  22. my favorite is the quote from Little Rascals “i hate your stinkin guts, you make me vomit. sincerely alfalfa”

    if there’a any way to show someone you’re serious, that’s it!

  23. How did having the shits make ‘this lil wog’ …’fired up and pissed’?

  24. “You won’t find him but by the Fuck I will find you.”
    This line is so good.

  25. TOGA

  26. Helicopter parenting reaches an all-time low!

  27. im confused…sorry for being dumb but which one is his mum?

  28. can somebody explain to me WHY these people don’t REMOVE their crazy ex from their “friends” list ?


  29. hmmm…,I was just about to post something similar.
    Perhaps he kept her around just long enough to finish the fight?
    I wonder how old these people are;I couldn’t imagine getting in my sons’ business like that.

  30. Disturbing and incoherent. F-.

  31. This might be my fave lamebook post of all time.

    Showstealer award – Mum Cathie (Momma don’t play!)

    “But by the fuck…” is now officially in my vocab!

  32. we can only hope that they do have a showdown and there are no survivors. absolute waste of oxygen. all of them.

  33. This is so cool! Weren’t these people from an earlier post too? Move over, True Blood, it looks like Lamebook is my new source of drama!

  34. err, isn’t this yet another version of the long, drama revealing, typo filled lamebook entry? gets quite boring after a while.

  35. @28
    because they’re Australian. Australians like to avoid passive aggression and just be aggressive. Removing crazy exes doesn’t allow for any direct confrontation, which is what it’s all about!
    (Not that arguing via social media is that direct- still…)

  36. “I met dogs with better looks and manners”, now that was quite funny

  37. I must concur,”by the Fuck” will now be part of my everyday discourse as well.
    And the baked bean analogy was priceless.This post is full of gems,by the Fuck!

  38. LOL @ chavs

  39. OMG it is like Eastenders on facebook. Actually I assumed ‘Bris’ was Bristol, but now I re-read it, they could be ‘staylians. If so, I’m feeling very patriotic today.

  40. I like Renee the best

  41. I want a back dog..

  42. I don’t know about you, but this lil’ wog has had the shits and I’m fired up and pissed !!!

  43. Best. Ever.

  44. chill the fuck out stacey!

  45. I don’t know why my “peeps” always “gots” to be “all up in my grille” like a “motherfucker” all the time.

  46. Wow, and my mom doesn’t even know what Facebook is.

  47. I thought this was Britain too, but it’s Australia? Wow… uhh, er… kay.

  48. How did Renee get her name underlined in her second post?

    I like mom’s suggestion to Stacey to take Rispodol the best. That’s serious mood-stabilizing anti-psychotic shit.

  49. Bris could be Brisbane, Australia. I hope not….having these people in the same country as me is a scary thought. Although I do want to start incorperating “2 bit slut” into my vocab.


    I agree with everyone else who has pointed out how awesome “by the fuck” is.

  51. I have too many teeth to care about this.

  52. By the fuck….superb

  53. This is some of the most sensational reading i’ve done in about 10 years. Thankyou to all involved i’ve been lmfao for about 1/2 hr with this. SENSATIONAL!!!!!!! :D

  54. heh. Not trailer trash … they’re aussie so technically they’re “bogans”

  55. Definitely Australians. Notice the use of the word “Wog”, used to describe anyone of European appearance here in Australia. And Daniel says “the misses is well conected over aus”. These people make me so proud of my country…

  56. Further proof they’re from downunder?

    Truckies and Bikies…

    By the fuck, I would be shaking in my boots at the very mention of those hardcore members of society!! :O

  57. And I love how Pagen thinks that her Truckie mates beat Stacey’s Bikie mates, even though there has been a law recently passed in NSW outlawing Bikie gangs. There haven’t been any reports on the news (to my knowledge) of Truckie-related shootings or massive drug busts on associates of Lindsay Fox.

    All I can say is, I’m glad she didn’t have the baby

  58. @48 EIOIO – if you roll your mouse over a name it underlines it. The person who submitted it must’ve had her mouse in the wrong place when she took a screenshot lol

  59. It’s so sad & Lame that some ppl get killed because of lame ppl like these who take it too far.

  60. Holy crap! I can’t believe I’m from the same country as these people. Not one of them managed to get through a post without some horrific affront to the english language, not to mention basic decency and…well…sanity. Sigh.

  61. I have no clue what these people are going on about. Maybe if I go back and read it with an Australian accent it will make more sense.

  62. By the Fuck, that was awesome.

  63. wow. well we see where daniel gets his illiteracy…takes after good old trashy mom. not a damn one of those fools knows english. how can the english be so bad at english??

    it’s also lulz that mommy is fighting his battles. how old are these idiots?

  64. i once sleeped with 2 guys too :D

  65. @61: don’t read it in a Steve Irwin-esque Aussie stereotype, but rather imagine this girl saying it and it all makes sense

  66. Why the heck can’t people just hit the ‘delete friend’ button…?

  67. oh goodness,
    where to begin ?

    1.)in agreement with most, “by the fuck” is amazing.

    2.)i love how mama cathie is fighting baby dan’s fights.

    3.)2 bit slut = gold.

    4.)reading this in an australian accent does, indeed, help.

  68. AHaha Stacey needs to die…

  69. The mum is so full of hilarious expressions..

    “how dare you” such a mother thing to say!

    “wipe the shit away from your own front doorstep”

    “I’ll knock you into the next fucking century”

    “or else” Surely she was shaking her fist while saying this

    “be afraid be very afraid”

    “u couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag”

    …and of course the aforementioned “by the Fuck” (personally love the capitalization of the F) and the Rispodol comment was classic!

    Mum Cathie was definitely the winner of this fight, hands down!

  70. People… people… PUNCTUATION?!

    And someone named their kid Pagen? Was that supposed to be Pagan and they just spelled it wrong? By the Fuck!

  71. The Little Rascals quote! Oh wow. I’m still laughing..

  72. just speculating but how old do you think Cathie was when she had Daniel? Fourteen?

  73. Ouch. Another blow to the Department of Education in Australia. Crikey.
    I love how she refers to herself as a ‘lil wog’. So lame. So lame.

    And “whach out”


  74. DUDE. i understand the concept of wanting to be “aggressive” instead of “passive-aggressive”, but by the FUCK! delete that crazy ho.

    stop allowing her to interact with you your poor, unsuspecting friends. it’s the gift that keeps on giving. it really is.

  75. #73–> Haha, “Another blow to the Department of Education in Australia”, that is hilarious.

  76. Thank you Lord for giving me a Life!!!

  77. The thing i love most (may seem small to anyone else) is when Renee says “u’s”
    Can someone please explain to me how u’s works? I mean, i’m a freakin english major and i couldn’t begin to explain how u’s is used.

  78. In Oz, New Zealand and South Africa they sometimes say ‘yous’ when addressing more than 1 person.

    The English language has gone to the dogs.

  79. When I was reading this the first thing that popped into my head was “I’m so glad I don’t live in Britain”. Then I realised these scumbags are within driving distance of me, and I feel ashamed.

    As far as the “u’s” (yous) thing goes, 99% of the time it’s just a prefix for the C word. For example, walking home after a night out passing a group of young indigenous Australians: “Hey where’s yous-cunts going with ya fancy jumper and ya white sneakers, I like those shoes ya got, hey whitecunt where’s yous-cunts thinking you’re headed”.

  80. some fun facts:
    - daniel looks just like you’d imagine.
    - he is a memeber of “I Hate Men That Hit Women!” group
    - his mum is a nickelback fan.
    - stacey claims on her own profile “im a very bitchy person.”
    - stacey LOVES to get drunk, in public and by herself. either way, she will let the facebook world know when she will. often.
    - she likes using the c-bomb, and pitbulls.

    @ buddy christ (#57) unfortunately she HAS got a baby. born when she was 17. but its ok, she probably spends plenty of time with him, getting drunk
    oh, and incidentally, daniel is also going to have a kid. yep, the circle of pointless life continues.

    and yes, these are all FACTS

  81. I can’t get enough of this one. Love the enraged stream-of-consciousness insults- they’re all too livid to care about spelling.
    As an Australian, I have to say their education system is ‘spot on’- sadly, schooling doesn’t work for some people.

  82. gosh.. I’m so glad i took the time to search for this post from back in May and send it in to lame book.. Seems its entertained a few.. yes they are from Brisbane in Australia.. They are about 21 years of age.. and you will all be happy to know that Daniel and his GF Nikki are epecting their very own bundle of joy..!

  83. By the Fuck JJ that is great news

  84. Embarrassed Aussie

    Ugh. White trash.

  85. Holy run on sentences, Batman

  86. @ #79 – Bill

    Also the common phrase “yoused” by indigenous Australians seems to be
    “You fucking dog-cunt”
    as discovered by my time living in a bad neighbourhood in Woodridge, where the next door neighbour’s (and their enemies) would fortnightly alight up the street 10 strong and start throwing bricks and the aforementioned phrase at one another. Hm.

  87. lol.. Woodridge… Not quite as bad as Inala.. or maybe the same..

  88. WOAH. I just found Daniel’s page. Fugliest bogans ever. The Bra’s bogans are so much better. They have the decency to be black, heavily tattooed and/or within a healthy weight range. I am going up to franklins now to buy an eye bath & some turps.
    After that, I’ll be nominating Kathleen for Australian of the Year.

  89. I think i’ve met her before.

  90. they are all just scum. scum scum scum. lmao why wasn’t this the lamster of the day?

  91. Descendants of convicts. What do you expect?

    P.S. I’m sure I remember “youse” being used for plural “you” when I lived in Merseyside (UK). May be it originates from that area, as Liverpool was a major international dock back-in-the-day.

  92. Who new there was an arguement against the “one laptop per child” and “National Boradband Network”. Perhaps they should be recalling technology from some Australian households instead…

  93. I’ve read that a couple of times and I’m still not really sure what is going on. Should I try again after a few cans of Fosters?

  94. Nah mate it’s XXXX for the maroons all the way.
    (Translation: Actually Kindred, in that state of Australia a can of XXXX beer would be a more likely choice.)

  95. Ha! Roxy, I was going to ask about XXXX instead of Fosters, but I wasn’t sure whether it would make sense to anybody else.

  96. There seems to be a huge crowd of Lamebook readers from Australia. I just find it interesting, by the fuck.

  97. Ah, social networking..

  98. FML!!!!
    I’m debating whether Cathie is the coolest mum ever, or the crassest. Daniel on the other hand I have no doubts about; he’s clearly just a pussy momma’s boy who can’t think of anything more orignal to say other than variations along the lines of “yeah, what mum said. bitch.”
    Now if someone could just clear up for me which one is his girlfriend and which are his sisters? At the rate this lot are going I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked his girlfriend from the ranks of his siblings,
    Pure class all round.

  99. Pissin' myself laughin'

    The fight was good but thaks to all those who passed comment, I’m wipping the tears from my eyes.

  100. Hell yea. Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI!

    By the fuck, this totally makes up for the last four years of origin. I am happy to keep losing if QLD is happy to keep this family on their side of the border.

  101. tldr

  102. FWIW, Nicci, Daniel, and Stacey all have publicly accessible profiles. There’s another related tanty on Daniel’s page at the same date.

    Seems mum’s the only one smart enough to lock hers down… or perhaps she’s new to facebook.

  103. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    aussie bogan cunts

  104. 100. you’re sandwiched by them, Stacey is in Melbourne.

  105. ‘if you ate a can of beans you wouldn’t know which bean made you fart’


  106. O






  107. That took some dedication!!!

  108. It’s funny.

    I bet every australian who read that, knew they were australian straight away.

  109. fuck a duck, what’s this? bushweek?

  110. I love it how she says- well I’ll get my truckie mates… Wow this stacey seems like a deadshit- and well the others aren’t much better lol

  111. Yep, I knew Aussie straight away, but the “wog” confirmed it. Then Bris, and I knew I was home haha.

  112. Oh dear… I live in the same city as most of these people. Three cheers for QLD education!

  113. LOL! LOL!



    I can hardly talk however, with my connections to bikie gangs around NSW and VIC, although knowing them it’s hard to believe a bitch like this would know any of them.

  114. Wow, talk about dysfunctional!


  116. I’m embarrassed to be from Brisbane right now…

  117. why WAS she on his friends list?

  118. go mum go mum hehe ur dead…priceless. thatwastoocute! i so wanna watch the movie just so i can see the part where they all meet eachother on an ally and jump her.

  119. This is my favourite. I have met/known people like this. Yep, I knew they were from Aus straight away. (I am too) I laughed so fucking hard.
    Ya mole

  120. that was intense.

  121. By the Fuck, this is brilliant! I’m going to try to introduce this phrase in Scotland! I’m sitting in work trying not to laugh out loud and I’m finding it very difficult, I keep having to pretend I’m sneezing!

  122. Haha proud to be aussie! Would love to see a truckies Vs bickies war. Bring on the bogans!


  124. Im aussie. And im proud to say we arent all like this.. I swear.

  125. Im hearing banjoes playin in the background….

  126. Brissie Non-Bikie

    Wow! I had little respect for any of them – until Daniel quoted “Little Rascals” at the end!

    Hells yeah for “Alphalfa”!


  127. Oh………… My………… GAWD!!!!

  128. OMG, apologies all round, on behalf of literate, non-feral, non-bogan Australians (and particularly Brisbanites).

    I don’t think it’s been explained that “got the shits” and “having the shits” means that you’re angry… and “wog” is a term used for anyone of Italian, Lebanese, Greek or simiar descent, not all Europeans. It used to be derogatory, but is more commonly accepted amongst the general public as a accurate description of someone’s descent.

  129. If the “chk chk boom girl” taught us anything, it was that there are only 2 kinds of wogs. Fat wogs and skinny wogs. Well it seems the 2 have collaborated to breed some kind of bogan super wog. Oh dear.

  130. This post is just glorious.

  131. how do you get friends like this, can you spend farmville points on them?

  132. lmao @ 131….i wanna know what happens next, the best part is “go mum go mum GO”

  133. fuck that was heavy!!! best soap-opera plot pitch I’ve heard… Id actually watch that shit lol

  134. Hehe. Wonder if they managed to kill eachother in the end. Tell me when the movie is released. BTF!

  135. This was fucking brilliant.

  136. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    go mum go mum he he ur dead

  137. lol stacey sound like a chick on the rebound call me lol

  138. sleeped :D

  139. My favorite ever. At some point the stupidity stops getting frustrating and you just have to laugh. Amazing. I especially loved, “Go mum go mum hehe ur dead.”

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