Monday, January 4, 2010

Offended and Defended




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  1. Way to be a downer dirty jew mom.

  2. Wow. Yeah agree ^ LOL. People need to stop adding their parents, it just ends up being some stupid remark

  3. Reuben’s mom is a dirty jew. Get with the times and lighten up.

  4. Does anyone else find the phrase “ash heap of history”, used in a Jewish context, slightly distasteful?

  5. If I ever lose my sense of humor to the degree necessary to write the sort of thing that Helene did on my children’s Facebook updates, every one of you has permission to shoot me.

  6. I hate to say this, but KayleyMarie really needs a period or two

  7. geez natasha get over it…

  8. She’s got extra apostrophes, but no period *shakinghead*

  9. I love how the mom PUBLICLY scolded the girl for not making the joke in a private message.

  10. Hmm, interesting, that post went through okay, but if a certain deleted previous thread is referenced I get “moderated.” Me thinks someone flew to Lamebook headquarters and took over.

  11. Weeeelllll… ♫♫ Reuben’s moms a bitch, she’s a big fat bitch, she’s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She’s a mean old bitch and she has stupid hair, she’s a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. ♫♫

  12. Actually I love how of the two periods KaleyMarie used in her post, one of them was completely useless.

  13. dirty jew is lolz.

    reubens mom is a killjoy.

  14. lol@ Pikachu, I was just thinking about that song

  15. Love it, @pikachu! Kyle’s mom is Jewish, too, which makes it even more amusing!

  16. Would of been hilarious and sick if one of the dudes buddies commented on this and said “Shut it Kike”.

  17. I don’t understand the last thing kayleymarie put…
    what the hell does she mean?

  18. @ Charly: she’s asking him to IM her (instant message) because her ipod is being ‘gay’ so I guess she’d been messaging from her ipod but it wasn’t working

  19. lmao, everyone was talking about how KaleyMarie “needs a period” et cetera and I thought it was an obscure reference to her being immature or whatever, forgetting that you crazy yanks mean period as a “.” or a “full stop” which is the correct way to say it, avoiding inevitable confusion!

  20. I hate to break it to Reuben’s mom, but she didn’t coin a phrase.

  21. LOL @ Pikachu. I pictured Kyle’s mom as well.

    Being slightly offended is one thing…
    I’m German, when my highschool boyfriend found out- he called me “little Hitler” for nearly three years. It was a little hurtful, but it was also fucking funny. How can you take something so seriously, when nothing personal was meant. People really need to chill out.

  22. Now see, that is just like a dirty Jew to try and claim “the ash heap of history” as her intellectual property. I bet she works in the publishing industryyyyyyy!

  23. oh shut up, stupid fucking dirty jew bitch mom

  24. would she prefer clean jew? :P

  25. @4 – Yeah, I believe “ash heap of history” was a rather unfortunate choice of words, too…

  26. Reuben seems like a jerk. Oh no, he has to pay taxes, just like everyone else! And he broke his laptop, by somehow stepping on it! Idiot.

  27. Julia I still piss my pants when I use a microwave because of the shovel you put through my skull when we were that age.

    Just sayin.

  28. Geez Mum chillax! Dirty Jew is just my nickname!

  29. Also Mum must have hit the “read all comments” button to see that bottom one, so stop stalking your son on facebook Mum!

  30. I like the mom. For once, a parent not making an ass of herself online.

  31. I like how Erica goes from being all nice and sympathetic to ‘your laptop committed suicide because you’re a dirty jew’

  32. In all seriousness, some of the comments in this thread are pretty vile, even by Lamebook standards.

    If that idiot Erica had used any other racial slur everyone here would have been on here like a pack of hungry dogs on fresh meat.

    I guess antisemitism is funny these days.

  33. @bottlecap

    Antisemitism has always been funny. Haven’t you ever seen any Woody Allen movies?

  34. mom to the rescue

  35. So shes pissed that someone she didnt raise said, “dirty jew” but her son says his parents are liars and fuck this day and thats alright.

  36. @judgmental

    Never cared for Woody Allen so I can’t say that I am familiar with the antisemitism in his films.

    Not to mention that using Woody Allen as a moral compass is questionable at best.

  37. Is Kyle’s mom also Reuben’s mom?

  38. @bottlecap

    I don’t think Woddy Allen uses Woody Allen as a moral compass.

    If anyone holds him up as a standard by which we should take account for our daily comings and goings, the world would be, in the man’s own words, “Crazy.”

    He is however funny as hell, which I think is the point here?

  39. Woody Allen movies rock!

  40. Hey, Helene !

    Check this out:

  41. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Poopaloop – the last comment is shown. She would have clicked ‘see all’ to read it in context but the last comment would have been displayed.

    @ merribell – actually, I think Mom has her priorities right. Anti-semitism is slightly more offensive than the odd expletive, in most people’s book.

    But boo to the whole lot of them – why must my first comment back after the Christmas festivities be so serious? Damn you, racism.

  42. I’m a Jew and I’d just like to register my utter fucking disgust, contempt and extreme bastard loathing of that violent teeth smashing cunt Julia.

    Stop feeding your kid so much food bitch! Kiddie feeding whore.

  43. Antarctic Circle

    Imamofo: funniest comment of 2010!

  44. Antartic Circle: But we’re only 5 days in!?

    I don’t think I can cope living under that shadow for another 360 days.

  45. God Helene just breathe.

  46. @bottlecap

    I’d like to disagree with your statement that if it was any other bigotry besides antisemitism, we’d be “all over her like a pack of wolves”.

    I bet if she said something like “your laptop committed suicide because you’re a fag.” or “your laptop committed suicide because it didn’t like how you acted black and stole stuff all the time.” or “your laptop committed suicide because you’re an inbred redneck.” or “your chinkness made your laptop commit suicide.” not many would’ve cared more.

    btw, in high school, every time our football team was told to “hit the showers”, I looked over at my Jewish friend to see if he was apprehensive about the whole situation.

  47. Who WOULDN’T be apprehensive about that? Well, I guess if you had a huge schlong.

    I’m personally glad we never had public showers.

  48. Yes, the “ash heap of history” thing being spoken by a Jewish person who was telling someone not to be anti-Semitic did get my attention.

    Just like after apologizing for asking a dude about being gay, saying they had a lot of friends who were gay, then saying “My iPod is being gay”… uh-huh.

    People just don’t seem to appreciate irony anymore. Unfortunately, most of the time I see it it was entirely unintentional, as in these instances (well, mebbe Helene did it deliberately….)

  49. haha, we all showered in our shorts/boxers/whatever. The only penises I saw while on the football team were the ONE guy on the team that showered naked (he was also a wrestler and made everyone uneasy) and the time we scrimmaged with an opposing school and shared a lockerroom. ALL of those guys showered naked. It was disturbing to hear the laughter and smacks coming from the shower room.

    I still hear it, when I close my eyes.

  50. parents need to get off facebook.

  51. dear reubens mom,
    the fact that you know your a dirty jew is all that matters,

  52. you’re*

  53. I had a mental picture of Reubens mum saying “WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!?”
    And of course the song

  54. What’s funny is how oblivious KaleyMarie is. The fact she just described her iPod as “being gay” because it’s not working, without realising she has actually just insulted him by using gay as if it were a bad thing.

  55. I’m personally not offended when people refer to things as “gay” :P I used to.

    But it still is funny that she said that right after apologizing for a question/comment that was insulting to him :P

  56. she should be in that ash heap and not because she’s a jew but because she’s an intrusive biatch thats trying to shame erica

  57. Dear Devil Jin

    Thank you so much for explaining the joke, after 53 comments discussing the joke.

  58. To Julia : I rarely find thin girls who don’t say that they’re fat. And seriously, the word “fat” shouldn’t be offensive anymore, in this internet age, with all the urbandictionary and encyclopaediadramatica and lamebook etc going around.

  59. Glad I’m not the only one who laughed at “ash heap of history.” Man, I hope someone pointed that out to her in that post.

  60. @Chinchillazilla

    I’m pretty certain that was intentional on her part. Kind of the idea, that would make a phrase worth coining.

  61. And this is why children should NEVER be friends with their parents on Facebook. Like, HELL NO.

  62. I have seen the error of my ways. No more friend requests to my son. Ever.

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