Monday, January 23, 2012

Occupy Blockbuster

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a place called BlockBuster Video…

  2. I’m still trying to get over the closure of The Beta-Barn.

  3. I banned Blockbuster about 15 years ago when they sent my account to a collections agency over a $2.00 late fee I never knew I had.

    Having them die a slow death is poetic justice.

  4. this is what it feels like when my mother talks about woolworth’s, I’m assuming.

  5. Buggy, I think you mean you boycotted Blockbuster. Not the same thing.

  6. Did Israel’s mother pick his name by throwing a dart at a world map?

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    I remember working at Blockbuster was the best job ever.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    Spork it could have been worse, how about a kid called Niger…?

  9. @lexxxico At least SA’s Woolworth’s is still here (’cause it’s awesome).

  10. @Matt – 1: Please tell me you’re not kidding. 2: Where’s SA? Because I will fully admit I miss Woolworth’s. I have a lot of happy memories of going there with my grandma.

  11. It’s raining in Las Vegas. That’s probably why Lamebook is so slow to update. Yeah, that’s it…

  12. First world problem. “Wah, I have to walk a longer distance to rent a movie. Or I have to get a Netflix account which I could do from home, sitting my fat ass down as I eat junk food, wahh.”


  13. @jamisings Nope, not kidding but SA is South Africa, so I’m guessing a bit of a trek for you

  14. Let’s try a 2nd world problem, shall we?

    “Wah! I have to eat lard pie instead of a nice souffle like they do in other countries. Wah, my socks don’t come in any other color but brown. Wah, I’ll never be anything more than a shoe repairman since my daddy was a shoe repairman. Wah, I can only get on the internet with a 486 and dialup, and Lamebook takes an hour per page to download.”

  15. I thought Blockbuster was already gone…

  16. Ha, still sounds like first world problems. Maybe more from the rural areas.

  17. Fine. I’ll try my hand at 3rd world problems:

    Wah! My loin cloth doesn’t match my breastplate. Wah! My water bottle, the only toy I’ve had in seven years, blew away in the last windstorm along with my loin cloth. Wah! My water supply is tainted with cholera again. Wah! WTF is a computer?

  18. can you please tell me which 3rd world country you’re talking about? because- ‘breastplate’.

  19. ‘Breastplate’ = 3rd-world name for ‘bra’

  20. All those assholes in the 3rd world are so damn entitled. They’re always whining about lacking food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. They should try being grateful that they aren’t actively on fire once in a while!

  21. Trogdor!

  22. …aren’t actively on fire in a Viet Kong Rape Camp. And the only other person there that speaks english (of a sort) is crusty. And. He. Wont. Shut. Up. (<- point emphasised)

  23. And even if the ARE in the Viet Kong rape camp, they should be grateful they haven’t been raped twice as often as they have by people with cocks twice as large.

  24. …and the cocks are on fire…and crusty is telling knock-knock jokes…

  25. In South Africa it’s pretty much middle class taxpayers whining about government wasting our money, our presidents need to have 3 jets tail his jet on his recent trip to the US, funding for his 4 wives, fraudulent tenders issued to buddies of officials etc. while the 50% who live below the poverty line bitch about lack of housing, electricity, jobs, decent schooling and the high price of food. 22 Years on and Apartheid still gets the blame…

  26. Im also South-African – Apartheid will ALWAYS get the blame, because people dont know how to MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!

  27. Matt: you forgot to mention that those who bitch and moan about housing and schooling don’t pay a cent… they breed like rabbits so obviously there’s going to be a problem with food etc. but besides for that we will always be blamed for apartheid even though they’ve turned the tables…

    But the good news…There’s a woolworths walking distance from my work… and yes, here in South Africa we still walk to the shop and we still hire movies from places like blockbuster.

    Dis maar die lewe mensies.

  28. Well I’m American. I still experience 3rd world problems.
    Holy hell, where’d all the tp go?

  29. I just ran out of pot.
    What world problem is that?

  30. MsAnne, that would be a 1st world problem that the 3rd world can fix

    Karretjie, lekker, bru!

  31. ^you win Matt. Problem sounds very American.

  32. @No 22. Sounds like your words have asthma. If i was in a Viet Kong Rape Camp, i’d be a guard, MsAnne, and you’d be my bitch, but I still wouldn’t rape you – I think you would be too “into it”. No such thing as a 3rd world country anymore. It’s China…and every fucker else.

  33. I liked how in Blockbusters they used to ask for a ‘P’and every fucker would fall about laughing..

    I’d like to show off my own special version of the ‘Gold Run’ too, but I’ve been told that I have to take the stunt pissing easy since I strained my Urethra.

  34. Well, there’s 1st world and 3rd world here. Plus it is a bitch when your stash runs out. Luckily the demographic with 3rd rate jobs (petrol pump attendants, nightclub car guards etc.) can normally supply the odd fix.

  35. ^way to carry it too far there, fucktard.

  36. Apartheid, a.k.a. “Racism”, gets a lot of the blame in the US, too. It’s the same problem: people refuse to move on. Oh, well.

  37. vaginalroundhouse

    All black people are on welfare.

  38. freddy2 WHAT THE FUCK was that?

  39. Your mom? Oh no wait. Your mom on MsAnne’s mom, in a threesome with me.

  40. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^^ in true 1st world countries pod is legal. No need for a stash, just walk to the nearest coffee shop and purchase some more. Eat that, fucktards.

    Oh and we should stop feeding the 3rd world, obviously their numbers are to high to sustain. Stop giving them food and the problem will solve it self. Then again, we 1st world folks need them so we can donate and feel better about ourselves.

  41. ^I’m wondering if those added empathic capabilities are actually working. I think you need to get a refund on the £3.95 you paid the small medium for your so-called capabilities, that is, if you can find her. Chances are, she took your money and ran.

  42. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Oh yes they are, I am much worse without.

  43. MsAnne doesn’t have a mum, nor does she have a dad. They left when she was born. Some say they hung themselves as they couldn’t live with the shame of giving birth to half man/half dog scrotum. I don’t believe that though, I believe they tried drowning it, but this particular little bitch was a wily fucker and held it’s breath. The parents, thinking they had done a good job in drowning the cunt, returned to a care free life selling crack and whoring. MsAnne, was taken in by a family of snakes, which incidentally explains well…everything, until the age of ten. From then on she had to raise herself, feeding on babies fresh from the earth, victims of cot death. At the age of 18 she was drafted into the military, which was a success, until it’s second tour when a Viet Kong prison guard mistook MsAnne for a dog’s testicle, a delicacy. She was imprisoned for 6 months in a Viet Kong Rape Camp, where it was continually set on fire in the attempt to dry it out. I took pity on it, and smuggled it out in a jar, gave it a laptop, and well…

  44. You sad virgin crustylovelips. I pity you.

  45. Save your pity. I’m happy enough, I picture your mom getting fisted and the world is all ok again.

  46. Stop lamenting about MsAnne, you crazy fucker. He’s not even awake yet. He’ll be here soon to appease your loneliness and patheticism.

  47. @MattP82 – Yeah, that’s a bit long. I tried to look up what Woolworth’s has online but it looks like mostly children’s party stuff. I just have happy memories of helping grandma find the rouge she wore. I’ve been trying to remember the name of it. Only sold at Woolworths it came in these little black tins with three gold flowers on it. The tins were a little bit bigger around than a quarter and about three or four quarters thick.

    Basically it comes down to missing my grandma Pavlick. She was the only grandparent I really had. Her husband, my grandpa, died five years before I was born. My paternal grandparents got really sick when I was young – grammie developed a brain tumor that started as skin cancer. Grandpa had Alzheimer’s. The strongest memory I have of him is him mistaking me for his son who died in an accident when he was 13.

    Anyway, as for the FB post – eh, Blockbuster sucks anyway. Online as well as off. The waiting list for Tod Browning’s Freaks was about two years long. With Netflix, I got it within a week of signing up. Now I’m working my way through Wonderfalls. Man, I miss that show.

  48. jamisings, this is not your blog. None of us would read your blog, as you are one boring motherfucker.

  49. Good God, comment 47, too much detail for too many things…

  50. Netflix>>>> Blockbuster

  51. Redbox.

  52. isohunt..!

  53. piratebay..!!

  54. megaupload..!

    oh, wait…fuck.

  55. Aww, poor crustylovelips pulling out the mum jokes. Seems like you’re deserving of my pity after all. Keep it up, son.

  56. I “occupied” Wendy once in a bathroom at Blockbuster.

  57. The blockbuster in my town shut down so thus creepy place called cheap video opened… I was excited because there is just something about renting from a video place. It was all porn… nothing but porn. Also they sell liquor. Awesome.

  58. ^filthy. skank.

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