Thursday, September 3, 2009

O No Joe


O No Joe


I think it sucks you found out you’re going to have another kid via an America Online product. Now I think it’s only a matter of time until one of our Lamebookers makes a “You’ve Got Kids”  .wav file.

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  1. “I’m not ready for another baby…”

    O Joe, I see this has happened before.

  2. o joe. oooooooooo joe. haha

  3. He didn’t come but still thinks it might be his!!!!!!!

    Immaculate conception but he’ll pay for it?

  4. Why any woman with an ounce of self-respect would want a male friend with this mindset is beyond me. Nevermind his issues, they’re pretty apparent.

  5. I like how his friend chris offers
    moral support… And is this bitch he scrumped out one of his facebook friends? Why else would he put that shit on his update?

  6. To think, if only there were cheap way to reduce the chance of pregnancy, this might of never happened.

  7. There’s class written all over that!

    Why would he want the world to know this? And why is he allowed to reproduce?

  8. i told him to stop messing with those bitches and to get on over to my uncles house for some hot steamy bro sex love

  9. None of us is a virgin coz life’s always screwing us. But in Joe’s case, he just got done in the rear….twice!!

  10. scrumped out? haha

  11. im having your baby

    Statistics show that 67% of women that will post a hateful comment on this message board, will simultaneously be attracted to Joe and want to mother his next child.
    coincidentally this one makes me want to change my lb name.

  12. Someone should teach Joe about these little things called condoms. Best invention ever.

  13. @12 – Probably not best invention ever but pretty good one though!

    Did I hear neuter, anyone?

  14. I think people have become so custom to facebook that instead letting everyone know what they’re doing on their updates, they’re actually expressing their thoughts that NO ONE cares or needs to know about.

    I worry about the future.

  15. Hey Joe

    Where do you think you’re going with that gun in your hand?

  16. He told me he was going to shoot his old lady.

    And Rachel,

    1. it’s accustomed
    2. I think people care about this update. I don’t know who this doucher is and I want to find out more. wedlock pregnancies bring strangers together.

  17. Maybe he means she didn’t cum and he is just woefully ignorant of the mechanics of reproduction.
    She is probably just as ignorant as Joe is, in which case, I would be willing to pay for the abortion.

  18. Thanx for all the wonderful comments :) at least im man enough to pay for an abortion for the whore….

  19. Yes Joe. That makes you a *real* man.

  20. It woulda been a diferent story if i wanted to be with her, but i dont at all, wtf do they make abortions for anyways? if im a scum cuz id pay for it… i have 1 kid and thats good im fucking 23 wat is wrong with ppl… and as for the condom thing i did use one…

  21. I think we all have a public duty to chip in for the abortion.

  22. So let me get this straight Joe. She’s a whore, why? Because YOU slept with her and possibly knocked her up? You sound like a douchebag and if she had any sense she’d either have the abortion or have the baby and run far far away from you.

  23. Let’s see…you say she’s a whore…yet you fucked her…you think this makes you better than her in some way?
    …and if you used a condom, and “didnt even cum”, WTF are you worried about? Didn’t your mommy ever explain to you where babies come from?

  24. no shes a whore cuz she sleeps around… and actually im a pretty good guy i just know damn well at 23 years old ppl shouldnt be having 1 baby let alone 2… ALL IM SAYING is im not ready to have a second kid at all… unless im married have a house and a good job.. i learned at 18 that when u have a child u should have all those things… i learned by not having them, i love my son more than anything in this world, but im not rdy for another till im at least 30 and have the above things…. AND most of all i think she is lieing just to get me to talk to her again because it was 2 months since i talked to her and she tried everyday and i ignored…

  25. there was a few issues i was with her for over 6 hours… never got off once… first used a condom, then throughout the entire thing i wasnt rly sure what the hell was going on cuz i was rly rly rly messed up…. AND i never said i didnt like to FUCK… and i know all about the sex talk tyvm, i wouldnt worry if there wasnt a real chance that it happend…

  26. Actually, a woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid, so even if he didn’t cum…

    That’s why the “I’ll just pull out” method doesn’t really work, and you should wrap that wrascal before anything comes in contact.

    Oh, and Joe is a fucktard.

  27. Joe,

    You should have put it in her butt. This could have been avoided.

  28. believe me it was in her butt many times that night… but she put it in herself not I…

  29. Admin, can Joe be our lamester for the day? Either that, or we need a douchebag of the day too…

  30. maybe it wasnt his penis that he stuck in her?

  31. i wish!!!! ^^^

  32. What a catch.Hold me back.
    @ Good Idea,this is all I thought of with your post-

  33. Joe is obviously our dooshbag of the day. Anal is the best contraceptive.

  34. BTW Joe, I should’ve mentioned this before…you can’t find out whether or not the kid’s yours until after she has him/her…they could potentially do an amnio to find out while she’s still pregnant, but A) it would be too late for her to terminate the pregnancy, and B) most doctors won’t do it unnecessarily unless there’s reason to suspect a birth defect that requires an amnio to verify.
    Sorry pal. Keep your dick in your pants and you won’t have to worry about being a father again.

  35. @ Chip-I respectfully disagree.I think this chap’s only good option is his hand.

  36. @Umm…Yeah: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  37. im having your baby

    HEY JOE,
    How about you get the fuck off lamebook and get a fucking job, its goddamn thursday afternoon and you have a kid to pay for. And stop banging any desperate slut that lets you, you have a fucking kid and your still sleeping around? Don’t even talk about what morals you think you learned as a kid because you obviously didn’t learn shit. We’re all on this website to laugh at funny shit, not actually feel bad for children with fucked up parents.

  38. In case we’re keeping count, Joe is an idiot. Child services should come and take his first baby, then remove his penis. He doesn’t deserve it.

  39. I have a full time job u moron… but i got in a car accident and cant work atm… and i sleep around so wat? i was with my babys mom for 4 years lol and my ex for 3, not like ive always beeen a whore. and my babies mom is married and has another baby tyvm :D

  40. I’ll answer your earlier question about what they make abortions for [sic]. They make them to stop idiots like you from existing. Now go grow up, get a job, and take care of your current child. And since you don’t understand how babies are made, get married before having sex with anyone else. “baby’s mom”, how disturbing. You didn’t care about your child enough to marry it’s mom? You disgust me.

    Thank you very little, well not at all actually.

  41. ur a dumb shit that dont know what the fuck u r talking about.. and to tell me to get a job u fucking fat lazy peice of shit, u go get a job and stop fucking worring about other fucking peoples lives because urs is so fucking sad, that u have to make urself feel better by posting on complete strangers posts… when in reality it has nothing to do with any of u fuck heads….

  42. @stfu: As much as I hate to do this, I have to take Joe’s side on your line, “You didn’t care about your child enough to marry it’s mom?”

    I would think that marrying someone you didn’t love just because they got pregnant would be the exact opposite of what you should do if you cared for your child. A child growing up in a loveless home is much more traumatizing than a child growing up with separated parents that made a mature decision to raise the child together but not stay together. Marriage is an institution pressed upon us by ridiculous religions and is not necessary in today’s society to raise a child properly.

  43. As a matter of a fact she was and still is the love of my life… i was engaged to be married, and she left me for my friend… if u knew that have of it u could try to judge me…. but all u know is that i had a one night stand and dont want to have the baby…

  44. You’re a dumb shit who doesn’t know what the fuck you are talking about, and you tell me to get a job you fucking fat lazy piece of shit? You go get a job and stop fucking worrying about other fucking people’s lives because yours is so fucking sad that you have to make yourself feel better by posting on complete stranger’s posts when in reality it has nothing to do with any of you fuck heads.

    Okay Joe what I’d like you to do is read the above paragraph and realize how even though you’re a total idiot, proper grammar makes even you sound/ look a little bit smarter. If you need anymore help figuring out how to form basic sentences let me know and I’ll be happy to a assign a 14 year old tutor for you.

  45. This is all very reminiscent of “Jason’s Monster Fail.” Not as funny, but has potential…keep talking guys. :-)

  46. Joe
    1.) Go back to school and learn how to spell.
    2.) Just because it CAN be used as almost every word in a sentence, doesn’t mean “fuck” SHOULD be every word in a sentence. It only makes you look like more of an idiot. Pick up a dictionary and learn some other words.

  47. thankx Guy. but im pretty good how i am atm, im in school i dont need other ppls help, and proper grammar is hard to come by when u are venting ur words very fast into a keyboard. But rly i dunno why every1 is so hyped about this.

  48. ahahahahah, she dumped you for your friend. Way to pick ‘em joe. Yes, if I only knew that have of it….

    “but all u know is that i had a one night stand and dont want to have the baby…” – I thought you said you were a real man, thanks for clarifying. Now go get a job.

  49. brick to the stomach, son!

  50. no that its any of ur concern but like i said i have a full time job, but from an accident i cant work… SO U GO GET A JOB or is this ur job?

  51. Joe, typing too quickly is no excuse for poor grammar and even shittier spelling. Try again.

  52. I know I have a hard time with spelling and proper grammar when I’m venting my words very fast into a keyboard.

  53. im actually laughing IRL at how sad it is that u people care so much…

  54. Goddamit Joe, fuck off. If you were stupid enough to sleep with a “whore” and a “bitch”, what does that make YOU, exactly? I love how you mention that you had anal with her, but SHE “put it in.” Is this supposed to be more evidence of how slutty and eeevil she is? I love guys like you–you hate women and yet you’re simultaneously incapable of going twenty seconds without trying to fuck one.

    By the way, I find it amazingly depressing that you managed to reach the age of 23 without realizing that a woman can get pregnant from PRE-EJACULATORY FLUID. Meaning you don’t HAVE to come.

  55. …and we’re laughing IRL at what a goddamn moron you are.

  56. Its not me that didnt know about the pre cum its theses morons. And im more of a one grl type of guy, but she wasnt that type of grl, and the others i been wit aint either, so ill sleep around if i want to, i dont care if the chick is a whore slut whatever, but when she lies to make it look like i got her prego, and says have fun in court in 7 months, thats a greedy selfish bitch.

  57. Venting ur words very fast into a keyboard?
    That’s the dumbest excuse ever for bad grammar. Joe, just promise all of us that you will never try to teach your child anything. The kid already has enough problems without being learning anything from an idiot like you!

  58. In this case, Joe, I agree, if she’s lying to try and scare you into not requesting a paternity test, then yes, she is indeed a greedy, selfish bitch. However if she takes you to court, and you’re contesting paternity, you’ll have to submit to a test…if you’re not the child’s father, then she’ll look like an idiot and you can post THAT all over your FB status.

  59. thankx princess, but really i know how to raise my kid, i have been doing it for 5 years, you dont know me u just read this status and felt offended in some way and felt need to post, but in all reality im a good guy and this status on my facebook was last week, and i was drunk when i said it, but i still dont change my view i would pay for an abortion for a child that would likely turn up more fucked up than me, atleast with my babys mom we were together for 4 years. Sometimes theres things in life we can not control, I am only human and I a man, im not scared to speak my mind at all.

  60. Yes joe is a “good guy” who gets drunk and post stupid shit on facebook, gets drunk and fucks “whores”, says things like “so ill sleep around if i want to”, and obviously lies much too often. With good guys like that, who needs jerks. A man you are not!

  61. Or maybe so much shit has been going on lately that im in more a FUCK it kind of state of mind.

  62. Should lamesters be allowed to post here and thereby intrude on our laughing at them?

    This does have a Jason Monster Fail feel to it.

  63. @Jax, it does have a JMF feel…but Joe’s not quite angry enough. We need to get him a little more agitated.

  64. this seems to be more of an issue than a lame post, since i posted ive been giving u all more stuff to laugh at me for… so i think ur point is invalid.

  65. Oh you need me to act out more? And here i was trying to make you all more agitated. :D

  66. you guys should back off….you dont know anything about this guy or his life or his child. Not being married to the mother doesnt make him a bad parent he could be an amazing dad….and im sure if it comes to it and the kid is his then he will at least pay if not be a part of its life…if the girl was so prepared to sleep with him on a one night stand then the chances are she has with others. you are all very very agressive and im sure you love the smell of your own farts and have never made any mistakes?
    Good luck joe you are clearly some kind of new hitler in lamebooks eyes but im sure you wont loose too much sleep over it!

  67. This guy is far more likable than Jason.

  68. Thank You electro girl well put.

  69. I’m with Chip here…Joe shows way too many glimmers of likability that Jason never would have.

  70. Yea sorry I’m not a complete scumbag… lmao @ Good luck joe you are clearly some kind of new hitler in lamebooks eyes but im sure you wont loose too much sleep over it! Ur right electro girl prolly not

  71. no problem….people are very quick to judge on here…it’s just supposed to be a funny site isn’t it?

    I hope my spelling and grammar was ok there I couldn’t handle the wrath of the grammar fairy

  72. Dude, abortions are for women who for whatever reason, decide they cannot go through with a pregnancy. They’re not for men who want to avoid fatherhood. Once a man has sex, the decision is out of his hands. That’s how it is. A woman has to be careful, otherwise she could end up pregnant without wanting to be (and then faced with very, very difficult choices and medical issues and body changes etc), and a man has to be careful otherwise he could have the decision to become a parent taken away from him.

    You had sex with someone you didn’t want to make a child with. So this is your problem and your fault. When you have sex, you have to accept you might create a baby.

    You don’t get to make the decision to abort. It’s not your uterus. Next time don’t have sex with women who you would never want to mother your children.

  73. Wow,this just keeps getting better and better.
    @ Electro Girl-it’s lose.Not loose.Well,on second thought….Loose does seem strangely apropos here.
    All the best to u and urs.

  74. Why is it that people who leave us with such wise comments don’t know how to use the shift key or punctuation? (see #66) I call Godwin’s Law! You hereby forfeit the debate.

    @chip: that’s not saying much.

  75. Would rather switch places with the child’s mom abort it…

  76. Why, Joe, so you don’t have to take responsibility if the child is yours?

  77. yeh and of course there is nooooo way a woman can prevent pregnancy is there? oh no wait..there is a tonne of ways (and don’t correct me on tonne please im english and that’s how we spell it here) for the record im against abortion too i just think its worng how many girls blame the guy…if you are so worried and you know you are having sex then take your own preventative steps

  78. I hope I don’t “loose” any sleep over this.

  79. I dont want it either way Mimi…

  80. if you have something constuctive to say or an actual rebuttle to my comment then go ahead…but if you can only manage spelling corrections then please dont waste the time…i know i mispelt it…and i wrote wrong wrong aswell…oh the irony


  82. I have nothing ‘constuctive’ to say…but it amuses me to point out your errors when you’re trying to be Miss High and Mighty. You’re sitting here defending Joe, telling us to back off because we don’t know his life, his story, etc., but you’re passing the same judgments on this girl, based on the fact that Joe’s saying she’s a whore. Maybe she was on the pill, or the shot, or some other kind of birth control. You can’t say she didn’t try and prevent pregnancy.
    I call bullshit. Electro girl is either Joe, one of Joe’s more intelligent friends, or Joe’s mom.

  83. wtf?

  84. lol im not judging her in any way shape or form. Im just saying the blame is always down to the guy and that isn’t right.
    you can call bullshit if you like but i assure you i dont know joe in any way shape or form…I just thought someone should stand up for him against you savage lamebookers…you take it all so seriously its kinda funny
    oh..and by the way since you find it so fun to point out errors…you didnt need capitals for high and mighty! im sure that response is full of errors so have a field day on it :D

  85. “misspelt” Tee hee :-) Nice.

  86. “you are all very very agressive and im sure you love the smell of your own farts and have never made any mistakes?”

    Well, electro girl, if this is the fight you want to pick, no. I’ve never possibly gotten a girl pregnant, gotten drunk and then posted on my Facebook that if it’s mine I’ll pay for the abortion. Sure, we’ve all made mistakes. But I don’t put them in my Facebook status for the world to see.

    Any way you look at it, “if it’s mine I’ll pay for the abortion,” is an inappropriate thing to broadcast on a social networking site. Joe seems to have realized that and it seems we’re going from a “laughing at” to a “laughing with” state.

    And if we love the smell of our own farts, what does that mean for you, electro girl? You are the smarmy doosh who is putting us down for laughing about other people’s unfortunate Facebook posts and pretending like you’re somehow better than us because you said so. Oh gee, I must have forgotten that everything you type is law.


  87. Hey asshat (that’s you, electro), my use of captials on “high” and “mighty” were because they were part of a title; Miss High and Mighty. If I had said you were just being high and mighty, I would’ve left them as they are in this sentence.
    Savage lamebookers? Seriously? I think we’ve been pretty mild with our good buddy, Joe.

  88. nah my farts smell awful to be honest. I dont recall saying i was better than any of you and i dont consider myself above anyone, i just enjoy sticking up for the underdog from time to time. to be honest im just on here killing time for a while becuase it entertains me…i had fun tonight thanks guys…bye!!

  89. I can only pray that I end up on lamebook one day, so I can feel like 40 people I’ve never met give a fuck about my trivial life

  90. Yes Lou this is my life dream, to find out that I got 40 ppl bitching at me who dont know anything :D

  91. Murder aside…I like you Joe…you’re more than a lot of the commentators are here…HONEST!! Plus you didn’t have to bring your face here to a bunch of strangers and you did…takes some balls, even if they are filled up with viable seed like yours…. I commend you.
    Other than that, Murder under any other name is murder and it’s wrong.

  92. Yes, Lou this is my life dream: to find out that I have 40 people bitching at me who dont know anything.


  93. sorry,

    Yes, Lou this is my life dream: to find out that I have 40 people bitching at me who don’t know anything.

    Now it’s fixed.

  94. I see your point, Lou, but Facebook is like a giant public message board. When a grown man makes a conscient choice to broadcastevery little detail of his private business for the entire internet to see, instead of using any other form of communication available – phone, email, IM, carrier pidgeon, gossiping aunts, whatever – public scrutiny is a direct consequence.
    People start feeling entitled to express their own opinion, and all nerd hell breaks loose.

  95. I’m kind of wanting to take the side of electro girl. I by no means think Joe is an admirable guy (no offense, Joe), but I do think people are being a little too harsh on him and are acting like all of the responsibility for pregnancy-preventative steps should rest on the shoulders of the guy. From Joe’s description (which is probably slightly biased), the girl does kind of sound like a lying bitch, but I’m sure she has a side to the story too.

    That being said, I would like to laugh at the ridiculousness of the original lamebook post and say that it is a hilariously inappropriate status update.

  96. I like cake!

  97. thanks for ruining lamebook with all your political garbage.

    joe’s an idiot! Don’t let him reproduce anymore!

  98. Again, nothing kills a joke like analysing it into the ground.

    The original lamebook post is funny. Joe trying to explain it and justifying it is not. I come here for a giggle, not for sociological debate.

  99. Me too, Rachel…me too.

    Julie, I can totally see what you’re saying…but thus is the nature of Lamebook…and since Joe has made himself known here, he could easy ask to have this post removed. But he seem to be hold his own here, for the most part. I mean, he’s no Jason. :-)

  100. Hey everyone,

  101. you’d think he’d learn after the first one ..
    use protection or you’ll have the brady bunch soon bud !
    maybe 3rd times a charm ?

  102. ‘ANOTHER’ is the key word here.

    Jesus Wept.

  103. Joe makes one valid argument – there is no point bringing a baby into the world if he/she will have ‘a fucked-up life.’
    I’m sure this is exactly the kind of poor child who will be used by his/her mother as an attention-seeking device, and then we will be treated to all kinds of lame postings regarding said baby’s potty training and feeding routine while the chick complains about her crazy ex and plays the victim.
    Just saying.

  104. OMG people stfu seriously you are as bad as joe. Your wasting your time arguing something that has nothing to do with nor concerns you, Kind of sad in my opionion. Fuck that bitch shes a sociopathic fucking skitzophrenic whore I WOULD HOPE TO GOD SHE WOULD ABORT IT….Like we need another one of her running around learn some facts before you morons feel it necessary to actually judge someone elses life, he gets to make his own mistakes and do whatever he wants because its his life not yours and honestly by what i can tell your life is pretty fucking sad to be posting stupid bullshit about someone elses what you need the entertainment to cheer up? so you dont fucking kill yourselves? Sad fucking pathetic LOSERS! Half you assholes most likely havent even been laid… tsk tsk tsk your on the wrong website kiddies go to a dating website or something for fucksake get some damn pussy and maybe you would have better things to do then harass someone for hours about aborting a mistake that should never enter this world. “MURDER” WHO GIVES A FUCK! If you got raped and got pregnant you gonna keep the kid? stupid asses so dont pass judgement because certain situations call for drastic measures and if you were in a situation you’d abort too.

  105. chris you are insane

    how is the woman a sociopath or any of the other name you have called her. You don’t know her.

    looks like you’ve gotten a few women pregnant yourself, huh, you lowlife.

  106. is chris stfu with a new name?

  107. yet again more judgement calls, actually i know joe and her u fucking idiot, do the world a favor cut ur wrists and hang yourself from your closet fag…LEARN THE FUCKING FACTS BEFORE YOU MAKE STUPIDASS COMMENTS go get laid fucknut

  108. Joe, you say you used a condom and that you didn’t cum. It seems pretty unlikely that this chick would be pregnant with your kid. If what you say is true I think you can be pretty confident that this kid (if it exists) is not yours.

    A bit of advice, stop having sex with people you aren’t willing to have a baby with!

  109. chris, explain to me how I can hang myself from my closet fag? How do I obtain this closet fag and what is the best approach for hanging from it?

    Also, where can I get this “laid fucknut” thing you speak of? Do I need to to hang myself from a closet fag?

  110. are you fucking dumb? the comment wasnt even to you… lmfao

  111. and by the way before you start correcting people learn to fucking spell faggot. ITS RACOON NOT RATCOON god stupid ass people.

  112. great guy willing to pay for abortion. hope thats not some bitch that is anti abortion and will suck out miney and life out of this guy forever. society is full of those trashbags

  113. Ratcoon, I love you.

  114. Ratcoon, please point this…ahem…gentleman in the direction in the origin of your name before he pops a vein.

  115. Joe, if you’re reading this I’d like to say I think you’ve come across pretty well here. Ignore these dooshes. Shit happens & you seem amazingly well adjusted in the face of some serious criticism.

    The original post was pretty funny, but if what you say holds up, then you at least have my support. Hope it pans out OK for all involved.

  116. Jonas #100: WTF was *that*?
    Random unrelated link: WIN!

    Is it too late into the term to abort Chris?
    (I figure the pregnancy to be around the 728 week mark)

  117. And the animal is “raccoon,” chris.

  118. @electrogirl: Why are you writing things wrong and then saying, “oh yeah and I just wrote that wrong.” Is there something wrong with your shift key, or are you just so stupid you haven’t figured out that it takes a LOT LESS TIME to spell correctly instead of correcting yourself for not correcting yourself?

    I don’t hear anybody arguing that a woman CANNOT avoid pregnancy, as you are implying. I DO hear people telling Joe to shut his face and keep it in his pants unless he wants to be a daddy again. I also hear people saying that IF he decided not to use birth control then it is his own fault, so he needs to shut up and step up and take care of his shit.

  119. To the Chris with the bad spelling since there seems to be two: Is your real name Jason the “Doosh Bag”? Because your horrendous spelling seems oddly similar to his.

    And was the debate whether or not abortion is murder even brought up? It might have been mentioned in passing once or twice, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the topic being discussed here.

    Chris (Doosh Bag), you kind of maybe need to learn how to use spellchecker, just saying.

  120. @ chunder HAHAHA HOLY SHIT. That was the funniest damn thing I’ve read all day. Thanks! :)

  121. @ Julie: Obviously because nobody has thought to bring it up, presumably because the situation isn’t serious or personal enough to do anything but rip on an idiot, or maybe because nobody here thinks it’s murder, or MAYBE because it’s irrelevant even if they DO think it’s murder, it’s an idiot on a website and people come here to laugh, not get into political debates.


    Get a sense of humor.

  122. lol. Wow, it is like Jason’s Monster Fail.

  123. @southernbelle: Ahem, I’m assuming you were ripping on me for bringing up the “debate” (unless I’m misreading your post). I wasn’t saying people should bring it up, I was explaining to Chris that no one has even mentioned it so why was he bringing it up. You know, when he said:

    “and maybe you would have better things to do then harass someone for hours about aborting a mistake that should never enter this world. “MURDER” WHO GIVES A FUCK! If you got raped and got pregnant you gonna keep the kid? stupid asses so dont pass judgement because certain situations call for drastic measures and if you were in a situation you’d abort too.”

    So, um, yes, I have a sense of humor. Although, I don’t blame you if you didn’t read Chris’ long, incoherent rant.

  124. @ Julie: Oh, damn. My bad. My apologies, no I didn’t read it, and thanks for not jumping on my ass about it. :)

  125. Haha, no harm done. I normally wouldn’t have read anything that long and poorly written, so I could see where you would’ve came to that conclusion.

  126. While reading “Jason’s Monster Fail” a couple weeks back, I was thinking to myself…. hmmm, I sure hope Jason doesn’t have a brother! I think Joe might be that brother :/

  127. Yeah I’m sure girls are so desperate to talk to you Joe that they’ll fake a pregnancy!

    This guy is a typical disgusting deadbeat.

  128. I just had to add something else when I saw Joe’s comments

    @Joe you say you’re a good guy and you love your son more than anything but then you say things like “I’d rather switch places with the mom and abort it”. You seem to have an answer for everything. I don’t believe you for a second. My ex says he loves our son more than anything too yet he doesn’t even see him and keeps trying to avoid child support. It’s not what you say that matters Joe, it’s what you do. You sleep around and make babies that you don’t want to take care of so that makes you a deadbeat.

    @Kendra well put, couldn’t have said it better myself

  129. guys its 230 am this post been getting talked on all day relax :D u all r so fun.. and im drunk so fuck off!

  130. BelladonnaAnodyne

    Well, since it got brought up earlier and not commented on, what I want to know is how Joe is too injured to work after his car accident, but not too injured to ‘fuck about’.

    I call bullshit on THAT.

  131. Hey, how come nobody has thought about how the child might feel if he/she ever reads this? This conversation would be enough to ruin its life.

  132. All of this is Lame!

    Regretting time lost to see if it actually went anywhere .

    Ya’ll need lives.

  133. Like honestly its not that much work to have a chick sit on ur dick… gah some of u r very ignorant.

  134. Cock.

  135. Well I’m glad you all had fun rippin into me for no reason all i cant hope is that none of u take anything to heart. But I must have this post removed before ppl start looking me up like yall did with that JASON kid, it was real fun… Not but still have fun bashing people for nothing at all. and woot for me on first day ever on lamebook i get over 100 comments and lamster of the day im like fucking GOD. Thank you that is all.

  136. hey joe, where you going with that dick in your hand?

    But seriously, joe, prove you’re the real joe. Post something on your fb page then upload it to some photo sharing site. I don’t think you’re the joe in the op. Come on prove it!

  137. actually I didnt post this here… some i was talking to yesterday told me hey u know ur on lamebook? i said wtf is a lame book? then came here to see it, get ur facts str8 ;)

  138. yes joe, you are our GOD. It IS true that in most religions the worshipers do tend to say bad things about their GOD. They usually do insult him and treat him like the sack of shit that he is.
    What’s this new religion called. Can I suggest that the followers of this new religion be called joeHOvawitnesses.

  139. I said to prove you’re the real joe by posting something to your facebook page, taking a screenshot, then uploading it to SOME photo sharing site (I never said lamebook you idiot). I know you didn’t post this here because I have common sense, unike you.

    But you may have proven you’re the op joe by showing, once again, just how stupid your are.

  140. OK GUYS HAVE FUN ON make sure u teach ur kids to be just like u, God forbid they post a status someday and end up on here :D

  141. @stfu alot of religions talk shit about they god and also treat him like shit, where have u been? READ I BIBLE AND U WILL SEE.

  142. Pfft.

    Joe, it’s a shame no one was around to pay for your mother’s abortion when she was pregnant with you. It would have saved everybody a lot of trouble.

    Yes, we think you’re a loser and a worthless, irresponsible fuck-up, but since we’re the ones paying for your disability and for the money to raise your children, we’re entitled to our opinions. You ought to treat us with respect, especially since the recession means we’re about to abruptly cut you off.

    Good luck in prison.

  143. lol mikey wat are u like 16? stfu i have been working since i was 16 dumb ass… one post about not wanting to bring a world into a world that is falling apart should mean anything u dumb ass moron, go get a life :D

  144. Bring a baby* into a world that is falling apart.

  145. Mikey rocks my world.

  146. I am astounded at the argument of “don’t have sex unless it’s with someone with whom you’d like to have a baby.” I don’t ever want to have kids, so should I never have sex? The hell?

  147. @mikey wtf? The insurance company of the person who crashed into him pays the disability. You are not to bright are you? Stupid ass kid. where does prison come into it? wow! you are entitled to your opinions but that doesn’t mean that u make sense and aren’t a worthless piece of shit and waste of life…..please kill yourself for the worlds sake.Ok Mikey?

  148. Dear chris,

    Stop being a doosh.

    Mikey, you still rock my world. Let’s run away together.



  150. And then Joe can pay for the abortion.

  151. No doubt…

  152. I love you Joe.

  153. Aww I love me too.

  154. Yes im the “doosh” idiot, sad sad little kid

  155. Oh please, doosh is a reference to JMF.

  156. your pretty sad is lame book your life?

  157. Yes. It’s all I do.

  158. Smile That’s Life…

  159. Dear rdrr,


  160. The world we indeed be better.

    I’m sure there are worse ways to die. Couldn’t you think of anymore?



    Thank You

  162. mistype is that the only thing you can respond to? Yea but i want you to die doing the thing you love doing duh

  163. That’s really kind of you Chris. I knew you weren’t the doosh you were proclaiming yourself to be.

  164. rdrr= really dumb retarded redneck

  165. Oh thank goodness you posted again. I was dying over here.

  166. lol past like 30 posts has been the 2 of u! U guys should get ur own lamebook topic about being lame on the topic about me…

  167. Some things really can’t be debated.

    Is Joe a good guy? None of us can judge Joe because we don’t know him. We shouldn’t be judging anyway. It’s a root of ignorance.

    Does engaging in a cyber-argument prove that he is or isn’t a good guy? Nope. Nor does it prove any of the other ridiculous accusations.

    What it does prove is that people treat people like shit, and that’s exactly why this world is so fucked.

    The original post is funny tho – LOL! Happy Friday!

  168. I still love you Joe.

  169. i just like fucking with people get over it?

  170. I like this banter. It isn’t mean spirited. It’s anonymous and silly.

    And…it passes cubicle time.

  171. yea and rdrr likes it up the ass!

  172. touche chris. Or should I say tooshey

  173. yea thats about it…. bored zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  174. This is what is about to transpire:

  175. Same old Joe from RuneScape lol… Hf with your new baby after your last one was taken from you.

  176. For the record my baby wasnt taken from me his mother left me, and i let her take the baby so that i wouldnt cause any drama for my babys mother or my son. Thank you sir

  177. Didn’t you used to act like a girl on RS too? Heard you faked your ex’s pic’s, even her breast pics cuz you wanted attention on a game.

  178. wtf is a RS?


  180. Now your giving me death theats on IRC.. cmon Joe you can do better then that.

    (14:56:13) Featherz shut ur faggot ass mouth before i come find out where the fuck u life and cut all ur god damn fingers off u fucking peice of shit cunt like whore, get a fucking life u fucking scumbag, i hope u get hit by a god dam bus when u go to school fag, better hope i never find out where the fuck u live or ill kill u i swear to GOD!

    (14:57:52) u will be when ur in a fucking barrle choped in lil peices from a chainsaw

    (14:59:21) u know wat u did u fucking cunt
    (14:59:35) ill find u someday and break every bone in ur body
    (14:59:37) bottom line

    ICED_NUKKA is on @#merching
    ICED_NUKKA using server * (SwiftIRC network)
    ICED_NUKKA has identified for this nick
    ICED_NUKKA has been idle 4mins 17secs, signed on Fri, 4 Sep 2009 13:54:08 Pacific Standard Time
    ICED_NUKKA End of /WHOIS list.

    ICED_NUKKA = Joe
    IRC: SwiftIRC, you will find him in channel #merching or #exodus

  181. wow what an e-hard pussy bitch. threatening people like you’re some sort of tough guy. hope you get shot bitch :D

  182. All those comments were made by ICED_NUKKA, who is Joe. He can deny it all he wants on here. I know how to contact you though bro.

    Screeny of proof:

  183. LOL people r weird?

  184. ur moms weird fag

  185. Atleast shes not a botard! =o

  186. Do it Chris, I’m not fucking afraid.

  187. she gives good head tho

  188. Ya u will be scared when u see me retard

  189. All you can do is threaten me on Internet, back up your words. I told you all you need to know.

  190. Hey Joe & Chris

    Do you guys come here every 5 mintues to see if there’s another comment to respond to? I think you like the attention Joe, despite all your pleas for us to get over it and stop “rippin into you”. Yeah there’s almost 200 comments but probably half of them are from you and your buddy Chris.

    And Joe, how are you supporting the child you already have if you aren’t working? How disabled are you if you can go out partying. You seem to spend a lot of time on the computer, why not get a desk job or something?

  191. im going to school for a desk job :D and i support my kid just fine, the insurance company has to pay me until im better, and if u really concider sitting in a yard drinking a dew beers party then yea i dunno wat to tell ya..

  192. You see, Joe, 192 posts later, this is why the entry made it into lamebook. You’re addicted to drama and you can’t just fucking let something go. You have to answer EVERYTHING.

    But please, prove me wrong.

  193. @boz this coming from people who sit on lamebook and laugh at other people…

  194. hahaha Boz, he couldn’t help himself!

  195. Joe still mad that his last baby was taken from him. Joe, you were crying on IRC when you told us this. Saying how much you loved your baby and wanted it back. Kind of sad you fuck girls and don’t expect them to get preg.

  196. @kyle Just like the way u cry about u and ur sis’s gettin ur asses beat by ur dad?

  197. Who the hell is this kyle kid? I think he needs to get ass raped… Some1 shoulda paid for his abortion…

  198. Joe – it would be a good idea for you to shut up now. Some of the things you’ve said could land you in jail. However, with you’re behavior the past few days, I think you are hoping to get arrested instead of going to rehab. I’m tired of reading that you support your son. You know as well as I do who pays those bills, and it’s not you. I was impressed when you started spending more than 5 minutes a weekend with him. Pull up your big boy underoos and grow up. You would be so much happier in the long run. It’s a shame you can’t see it.

  199. well well well

    Someone who actually knows Joe. What a shocker, Joe is a deadbeat dad. But that was pretty obvious if you look at how he’s talking about this new baby. He wants to dispose of it like it’s a piece of garbage because he doesn’t like responsibility. He blames everyone else but himself for the situation he is in. Grow up and be a father Joe! So sick of deadbeat liars like yourself.

  200. NO1 KNOWS ME!!!!

  201. Clearly since you posted in all caps and put several extra exclamation points after it, your statement must be true.

  202. This is incredibly hilarious and oh so sad all at the same time.

    So you stuck your dick in a “whore”, claim to have never “cum” yet you will pay for the abortion because YOU don’t want another child. Hello? Stupid ass? You just proved your a lier. If you truthfully were wearing a condom OR never came in her you wouldn’t claim the child or pay for an abortion! How you then claim someone else is a whore or a lier is mind boggling.

    YOU Joe are the whore and a lier.

    To whoever actually had the horrible luck to get pregnant by this guy: My dearest condolences to you. You could be the worst person in the world (we don’t know you) and you still don’t deserve to have to carry this man’s pathetic DNA for 9 months.

    Lastly Joe FYI: Abortions don’t exist for YOUR personal birth control. Put it back in your pants, shut the fuck up and leave the vagina’s alone. They are definitely not for you.

  203. Hi Joe!

  204. By the way, what is this Jason story that I am missing? Could somebody please fill me in or send a link?

  205. i don’t understand why people pay for paternity tests when they can just go on Maury.

  206. @Jenny: the Jason story was removed from this site because Jason was a total douchebag loser about the whole thing. you can still find it if you google “Jason’s Monster Fail”.

  207. what i wanna know, tho, is if she IS pregnant.


  208. So i stopped reading about 100 posts ago but i would like to say a couple things; first off who cares about spelling, second off no one knows joe or the chick he did or didn’t impregnate. He claims he slept with her while drunk and wrote some posts while drunk. Other than him possibly having a drinking problem I don’t know him well enough to judge if he is or isn’t an idiot and if this girl is or isn’t a whore and neither do most of the people on here. And people FYI it doesn’t take a moron to get a girl pregnant.

  209. Thank you, Guinevere! <3

  210. Samantha

    It’s not so much what he said on the facebook status anymore, it’s all the bullshit he’s said on here since.

  211. I think Joe’s classy. Really.

  212. you’re welcome, Jenny. i do what i can. ;)

  213. Trillian

    I did read everything he said but i am referring mostly to the people who judged him before he put in his two sense, but even after i think some people went way overboard.

  214. This scenerio reminds me of a poem I once wrote:

    I want my baby back.
    Baby back.
    Baby back.

    Barbeque sauce.

    The moral of the story: Come nuzzle up to a Bahama Mama Blue Ice Chiller, only $14.99 this week only. Tell ‘em the pepper sent you.


  216. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    i honestly can’t believe these cunts inhabit the same world as me

  217. “You’ve got kids .wav file” LMAO


  218. NOT Prick-less–I meant Priceless.


  219. 219 comments just a bit more than the usual posts.

  220. Post count increased!

  221. i love how everyone is like if he didnt come why would he think hes the father? umm…yeah it only takes one sperm in sum precum to knock sum1 up. altho highly unlikely its still humanly possible. i mean its very unlikely so dont go freaking out or nuthing cuz theres ph. balance issues that kill sperm plus the whole thing about oh no which ovoduct do i take to the egg and then the whole or deal of actually breaking thru the egg before dying…couple with the fact that females only ovulate 2 daysa month and it takes sperm awhile to get up there and it dies 3-7 daysafter its in there but then again there are these thngs called supersperm that can reach their destination in 30 mins and do the job (look it up) i swear thats the sperm that douchebags posses.

  222. he ll pay the abortion only if it s his`?? Well…who ll pay for the DNA test on the embryo to prove that it s his ??

  223. Well, after about five minutes of watching and reading, I ceased to care anymore. It is his right to be a douchebag and the girl to be a whore. We only judge others to seek answers within ourselves…now where is my Nobel Peace Prize?

  224. @Tristan: Sorry, you have to be president to get one of those.

  225. ever heard of condoms?

  226. Cause I mean, if you talk to them on AIM, updating your facebook status to let them know you’ll pay for the abortion is surely the best way to communicate it.. assclown.. (I think he just wanted people on facebook to know he had sex once)

  227. Oh, Joe. When will men learn that they don’t have to actually ejaculate to impregnate someone?

  228. Leave those muchacha sucias alone, Joe. When will you learn?

  229. I would love to find out how this one turned out, really. Can someone tell me when the deadbeat dad’s paternity show will be on Maury. This guy could carry the whole show!

  230. Hey moron, I got news for you; birth control!

  231. Condom. Use one.

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