Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not Write

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  1. “born-in-bred”!!!

  2. the second one is going to give me nightmares tonight

  3. Inbreeding: It happens.

    Yeah, Nicole, adding those two extra green swirly bits fixed it real good. I’d eat it now.

  4. Funny how stupid she really is, more so than anyone thought….right?
    Overly dumb…not lame.
    Quick..someone take a pair of scissors to Cory’s balls.

  5. People can’t spell. Big fuckin deal. If I had a dollar for every not funny misspelling post that gets on this site, I’d be able to buy enough Cadbury crème eggs to make it through the entire year. So start paying up or stop putting up stupid posts.

  6. Uh oh, Kelsey is talking to the windows again.

  7. @word
    at risk of sounding juvenile….that’s what she said.

  8. The Wisoncon Bagdres are my favorite football squadron. My parents are Herb and Judy Nahasapeemipetilon from Green Bay, Wisoncon.

  9. It’s ok, sexluther. I had nothing else to say re this post other than to make a sarcastic redundant comment about Nicole’s hideous green cake.

    It’s been a slow day on LB, today.

  10. word…thanks for the info on the other thread.

    You’re very nice to acknowledge me… and I love your ‘ethic’ here on LB. I try to learn from it.

    OK enough of the love fest … what are you wearing?

  11. Omg now I want a Cadbury Crème Egg. Damn you lexluther!

  12. Wisconsin, represent.

  13. Kelsey is seeing right “threw” us! It’s the end of the world! RUN!

  14. mass, I’m not sure what “ethic” you’re referring to, but it’s ok.
    If I’m teaching you something, then my presence here is not in vain.

    As for what I’m wearing… a long-sleeve black top, blue jeans, and a red scarf. In other words, nothing special.

  15. Yes but how many times have you seen misspelling on a hideous green and yellow cake. Bonus: It’s for a crap team! LMAO!

    If it weren’t for the lovely people that post these comments, I would really fear for the world and their intellect…. Just sayin… ha ha ha

  16. Some random 7/11s are still selling the Cadbury Crème Egg… I had one yesterday.

  17. But the top is tight. Does that make it more special?

  18. word… I knew that might have sounded sketchy. I mostly meant how you don’t pick fights or take sides…but still stand up for yourself so well.

    I wish you could mail me that scarf.

  19. I knew it’d be tight .. the top too.

  20. In Soviet Russia, Steelers Pittsburgh you!

  21. I’ll mail it to you if you like. I have others. This one has the scent of my perfume on it.

  22. Just your perfume, damn… but I’ll take it. Wrap one of those Cadbury Cream eggs in it… it’s gonna get stained anyway.

  23. im having a really great lambook day and i cant want to write my coment in the box it will be one of my grate achevment

  24. I don’t eat those things, but I’ll wrap something else in it I’m sure you’d like from the land Down Under.

  25. … hey alord, took the huge dick out of my ass, thanks.

  26. thanks word .. I still have the same P.O. box. #702 Carrotfest City, Canada.

  27. My absolute pleasure, mass.

  28. mass, let’s try getting along. :-)

    and you’re welcome to tell me if i make a dick-ish comment. but it is just the internet.
    on that note – enjoy the internet, you two – be safe!

  29. I’ll try … can you mail me a scarf?

  30. i have one that i wore in my school production of tarzan in lieu of a loin cloth, but it probably doesn’t smell quite as appealing as word’s.

    let’s see, i could mail you… a scab? a…. scart? ….like…. for your megadrive or something….

    i’m not very sexy. :(

  31. If scarfs are sharing, you kids make sure and use a lint remover. Better safe than sorry, I always say.

  32. Oh, I thought you’d have several silk ones you just wore around the house.

  33. Kelsey – OWWWWWW! Not nice to throw people. >:-(

  34. I’ll leave you two lovely fellas to exchange scabs (ew) and silk scarves (nice). I have a table to set for lunch. And then one for dinner. Be nice to each other.

    Get some sleep, alord.

    mass, I’ll be mailing you.

  35. I’m glad that Kelsey warned me she was throwing idiocy around. I could of been hurt!

  36. bollywood_rocks83

    Really,epicloser and here I thought the correct usage/way was “I could’ve been hurt”. Really, you have no right to criticise.

  37. This comments section was far more interesting than the post.

    Not that that’s saying much.

  38. you people are the most boring people.

    and I can’t believe only one person acknowledged wisoncon. that was the funniest part of the entire post.

  39. Yeah, and you boring people are not nearly repetitive enough people. I want to hear about wisoncon at least 5 times because that’s what I want you boring people who are not nearly repetitive enough.

  40. MsBuzzkillington

    I don’t know why.. but it drives me INSANE when people do their smiley’s backwards. It’s :) not (:

  41. Fuck it, I’m gonna pick a fight with someone on here just to liven things up.

    Hey @38 – You suck and are not funny, who gives a flying fart about smilies?
    Hey @37 – Fuck you and your false hostility.
    Hey @36 – bjonca, what kind of fucking retarted name is that, you call people boring? Irony-meter on the blink again?

    Pricks. Entertain me, godammit.

  42. Oh thank you Bollywood! I’m glad the grammar police showed up so I know how NOT to make a fool of myself. The next time I want to do that I can correct somebody about their grammar whilst making mistakes myself. I will make sure to proof read everything I type next time so your frangible mind won’t have to work so hard to keep up.

  43. YES! @MsBuzz – the damned backwards smileys also drive me crazy. I think it must be some crazy teenage rebellion thing. “Let’s rotate our emoticons 180 degrees! That will drive the old people off the internet for sure!”

  44. And once again, I’m using an unrelated message board to hijack it for my own purposes… trying to promote a vulgar and twisted, yet true story of life, as the Bard put it: “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” slcrook.blogspot.com

  45. @paranoid android

    It’s spelt retarded, not retarted.

  46. @RImau

    It’s spelled ‘spelled’, not ‘spelt’. Spelt is a kind of wheat.

  47. Oh, PA, you stopped a comment short of me. Am I not worth your anger? :(

  48. @43 – Bahahahaha (you suck)
    @BH – ‘cos you are a fellow Brit, we rule in cynicism and irony.

  49. mmmm… Cadbury Creme Eggs!

  50. @raves. look “spelt” up in the oxford english dictionary. Yes it is a type of wheat as well.

  51. @raves “Spelt” is the most commonly used form in British English. Nothing wrong there.

  52. Finally made it onto Lamebook! Cory is my cousin, and this is probably his most understandable status yet!

  53. @39 Did whatever is shitting next to you poop their pants?

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