Friday, September 3, 2010

Not Write

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  1. I’m glad these people have friends to pull them up on their spelling and grammar. Makes me feel better about the world =P

  2. oh, and BEN!

    (I’m sorry, I never got to do it before due to damn timezones. But yay to being up at 3am West Aus time)

  3. You just wasted 30 seconds of your life reading that crap. Sorry, should have read the comments first, I would have warned you.

  4. I like Lizbeth’s. I didn’t laugh out loud, but I snickered in my head. I want to add Cassie as a friend though.

  5. I would agree, had she spelt ‘grief’ right.

  6. Excuse my ignorance but ‘vac’?.

    I think Rhian did quite well in the spelling, perhaps worlds was just a typo?

    And no props to cassie for self posting.

  7. Face?

    “Whoever I thought I was stupid” So 2 typos =P


  8. “Vac” = vacation. I prefer the actual word vacation, but I’ll take vac over the unbelievably stupid “vaykay.”

    And yes, good point on “grief,” Milo.

  9. Dang, missed the self posting. That’s always a killer.

  10. Oops, I missed the superfluous ‘I’

  11. You know, the word eduaction is starting to grow on me. It sounds like very proactive education.

    And I’m still confused about self-posting. She clearly didn’t submit that, so…

  12. In her endeavour to educate Holly, poor Cassie had a brain explosion and this could possibly be the explanation behind her misspelling of the word grief.

  13. The last one had so much lame that I cannot even comprehend it.

  14. Has any parent ever referred to them as anything other than the mighty morphine power rangers?

  15. Also, could someone (would someone?) explain how you tell someone self posted? Wouldn’t Cassie’s comments include a delete line?

  16. If Cassie self-posted it would say “delete” next to “like” on her comments. Why do you think she did?

  17. I think Cassie and I could be friends.

  18. Way to pick your battles Cassie, sometimes there is just no winning.

  19. Oh good greif Cassie, I can’t believe some people out there spell words wrong sometimes. <aybe we should jump straight on them like the patronizing assbags wer are, and act ike we're so much smarter than they are because we would never… NEVEER… make a spellling/grammar mistake, would we?

  20. “Eat your worlds” good one Rhian!

  21. I’ve almost made Lizbeth’s mistake so many times that it’s become a running gag. I showed this to a colleague, and he made a remark about how I’m not alone.

    Also: Should I be worried that Jesus likes Mighty Morphine Power Rangers?

  22. @Iron E (hey, I get it) a few posters had mentioned she self-posted, but it had been called into dispute before I posted, which I missed.

  23. Funny that Cassie got everything spelling wise right, except it’s “grief” not “greif” Jeez, way to look like a smart ass and dumb ass at the same time.

    Also, Brittany trying to lose weight from her vac? Is that short for vacuum. Usually I’m good at figuring out what word they actually meant, but wtf could vac mean? I’d say that restraining order is called for. The others resulted in a smh and a chuckle.

  24. @Keona: I assumed she misspelled “vag”, but then that doesn’t make any sense either.

  25. vac, as in short for vacation

  26. Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier if she just said, “you used the wrong form of “your”. I was just correcting you. It’s supposed to say you’re my everything. You are my everything”

    I am assuming she meant vacation. Losing weight that she gained while on vacation.

  27. I must say, I far prefer the large-breasted lady from Snorgtees than these plain men and women dressed so horribly from American Apparel.

  28. BritishHobo – you seem to be quite offended by our good natured comments towards Cassie (well, I still don’t get the self posting comments =P). Is there an underlying reason, perhaps?

  29. Lizbeth’s is stolen. She didn’t write that. It’s from You can see the original here: , it’s about halfway down the page.

    Shame on you, Lizbeth, for being lame and stealing people’s stuff.

  30. Ugh these are lame.
    1. This is merely a typo, big fucking whoop!
    2. Is it meant to be the missing speech mark, or just the humour of Retards/Regards. I have heard that joke before somewhere.
    Can’t be arsed doing the rest as they suck, only to say that I have tried correcting people on the your/you’re thing before, and they’ve just said they don’t care. The thanks us grammar Nazis get.

  31. Oh no, Milo, my comment was aimed AT Cassie xD For being all ‘good greif’ at someone making a mistake in their status.

  32. Too bad “regards” is a word and not a phrase…

  33. Also too bad “that joke” is “fucking old”.

  34. At least now I know that Jesus likes the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers.

  35. My weight loss regimen consists of little girls. The tiny vaginas are low on calories. Full grown cooters are filled with triglycerides. My cock is fat enough, thank you.

  36. psh, Lizbeth’s is stolen from!! not cool…not cool at all!

  37. strangerthenfiction

    Most of the stuff lamebook puts up is funny. The fact that people occasionally make spelling mistakes, or use bad grammar isn’t funny. I’ve seen this kind of post thousands of times with education spelt a variety of ways and who really cares if he puts your or you’re. The only thing worse then a nazi is a sodding grammar nazi. Please stop putting the same boring ‘fails’ up again and again lamebook.

  38. @37 – Really? The only thing worse than people who wish to wipe out any other human being not belonging to their own race/religion/political view/social status/eye color/hair color/what frakkin’ ever, is someone wishing that people use language correctly?

    I’m aware that I’m not perfect as far as my English language skills are concerned (yes, I was born speaking the language), but saying that those who respect this language (both in its written and spoken form) are worse than soldiers wishing to obliterate entire sects of humanity, based on extremely artificial aspects, is completely idiotic.

  39. “stranger, then fiction” – you say “the only thing worse … then a nazi”.. Me und der boyz von Berlin were wondering: Then what happened?

  40. @37
    I suspect you meant “than” rather than “then” in your name. Similarly in the penultimate sentence of your post.

    You’re welcome.

  41. Grammar nazis are worse than real nazis? Really?

  42. So the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers would be made up of Charlie Parker, Bela Lugosi, Herman Goering and Thomas de Quincy

  43. #37: Nazis are worse than Grammar Nazis. I am frustrated by poor grammar, yet I have never attempted genocide or sewn a pair of identical twins together. Of course, if that would get me on your good side, maybe I’ll try. I just need a marginalized group to destroy.

    Additionally, the reason these posts are up is not because of spelling mistakes – it’s because the spelling mistakes are usually juxtaposed with a declaration that the person is smart or is not stupid, which makes it funny. Don’t be a crybaby. Crybabies are worse “then” real babies.

  44. “I” before “E”, except after “C”!

  45. I liked you cassie…until you spelt grief wrong

    nazi fail!

  46. Hey #43 perhaps the marginalised group you choose can be the ones who can’t spell, then you will kill two birds with one stone.

  47. venice is on to something…

  48. BritishHobo – My mistake. Grammar Nazi guilt, perhaps.

    Lamebook probably blurred out the first set of quotation marks. And in regards to being all “fail” at Lizbeth – I’m sure we’ve all quoted people before.

    Also, the bad spelling and grammar is all about context on Lamebook. It’s not just ‘oh, there’s a typo’. I can see this turning into the misspelt tattoos saga all over again so I’ll stop now…

  49. #46 – Good idea. Now I just need a list of names and addresses. And a Gestapo.

  50. Rhian didn’t make a typo; her only friend is actually Galactus.

  51. P.S. “Never mind” should be two words in this context. Two errors in one comment! Cassie needs to hang up her red grammar-Nazi pen.

  52. A lot of those seem more like simple typos than someone not knowing the correct spelling. “Ha ha they hit the wrong key”?

  53. I meant, typos that don’t even make a funny word in most cases.

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