Monday, September 27, 2010

Not My Type

More classic typos here!

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  1. I tink i fohgawt ow 2 tipe. i pheel sco toopid aftur reedin dis. fuck..

  2. OK we’ve only seen the “fuckin a” thing like three times this month. Please give us more ’cause it’s just so funny. Seriously.

  3. I wish someone would find Anton on facebook, I’m sure he has some more in him.

  4. Looks like Holly’s fighting a losing battle here. She should quit while she has her sanity.

  5. Haha #1, at first I was like wow another fucking a man post? Boo. But the coma/comma thing totally redeemed it.

  6. Jayne, I agree. The comma thing made me laugh.

  7. I just realized, a comma sort of looks like a fetal position…all curled up. It *could* be used as a reference for a medical thing.

  8. yours*

  9. Oh wow, it says hore when it’s completely fucking obvious he means horse. Fucking A, guys. Fucking A.

  10. Wut thee hell iz rong wit sum pepl???

  11. I’m fuckin A man…… and a hore…… and a horse. Good times, good times indeed.

  12. @BritishHobo

    fucking a what?

  13. Writtens? Really? That’s going to bug me all day, even while I’m fuckin a hore in the hospitel.

    Dana, you hate the school for trying to help you bee all you can bee with Grammar and intelligence? Just wait until you become accustomed to the net. Nazis for that all over the place. You’ll end up hating the world.

  14. I think you missed the point of Dana’s comment, Keona.

  15. Ah terrible, there are idiots everywhere! There’s no hope for humanity (or something like that ).

  16. No, I’m also aware that Dana meant she hated the school because Megan misspelled some words and used poor Grammar, and even misspelled while she corrected Dana and still used poor Grammar. But, if I still missed it, please help me out. It wouldn’t be the first time I pointed out this and that and STILL ended up missing something major.

    I just couldn’t think of a witty retort for the ^

    I admit I suck at jokes, but I try.

  17. Ok, can somebody please explain what “fucking a man” is suppsoed to mean, even WITH a comma?
    Fucking a, man…
    Fucking, a man…

  18. Tis American slang, km31. Fuckin A=Holy Shit=WTF=etc

  19. For example, fuckin A that guy is retarded.

  20. Keona – never mind, it happens to all of us. See if you enjoy one of The Smiths’ finest:

  21. I seeee, I have never heard anybody say that before..surprising considering how much ammerican tv I watch.
    Well those posts make a little more sense now, no less stupid though, argh

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Actually, It means “Fucking awesome, man”. That douche up there was using it sarcastically. E.g.

    “Hey check out my new ride.”
    “Fucken A, Man.”

  23. Uhh, no. I’ve never heard it used in place of “Fucking Awesome.” It’s always had negative connotations.

  24. Holly was funny xD

  25. @passerino I thoroughly enjoyed that song. It gave me a laugh also with a nice voice to go along with the video.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    God knows if Scarab83 has never heard of something then it must not exist.

    Just off the top of my head, I remember fucken A being used in Eurotrip (Awesome movie)

  27. Damn.. I was hoping to see Crystal get pwned by Holly.

  28. Did I just get called a douche?

  29. Is it a bit creepy how Holly corrects his spelling within one minute of him posting every time? Is this all she does?

    Also, BritishHobo just got called a douche.

  30. Keona, she was making a pun with the ‘bee’ comment. ya’ know, like a ‘spelling bee’? I got super excited when I saw a link to a Smith’s song, but I can’t see it because “my country blah blah blah copyright.” What song is it?

    …..Did Hobo just get called a douche?

  31. I think ‘that dude up there’ referred to Robby. But, if it would lead to a hilarious e-fight, then sure, BritishHobo just got called a douche ;-)

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I just spent 10 minutes reading and re reading the posts wondering “Who the fuck called Hobo a douche?”
    Lol I’m not feeling so high and mighty about how long it took me to figure out that it was me.

  33. I second comment #2

  34. Well, here ‘fuckin’ A’ .. is a positive ‘term’.

    “We get the day off tomorrow..fuckin’, A.”

    Just sayin’

  35. @ mass no need to get so high and mighty, bro. Some might see YOU as the douche.

  36. Didn’t think I was being high and mighty. Pretty high though..

  37. mass, I think shimmyshimmysock might anti-inverted commas. I hear there’s a big resistance about it in Greenland.

  38. fuck you junebug, nobody was talking to you. and mass yes you were.

  39. lol junebug..

    I just want to get this marrow cooked for dinner, looks like it could take a freakin’ while.

  40. Hey shimmy go fuck your stupid user name. Asshole… suck my massive dick, too.

  41. hahah @mass, I haven’t had marrow in ages…it’s illegal here to cook Asians:D

    @shimmy, you need help.

  42. @junebug that’s what I meant about it taking a long while, she doesn’t seem into it.

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  44. check, check..

    one, two…one two

  45. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lol Mass I was checking to see if my picture loaded, looks like it worked.

  46. Dukey … damn small though, eh… ‘bummer’.. as opposed to ‘fuckin’ A’.

    When I ‘zoom’ only the text get’s bigger, could be the weed.

  47. Ooh look mine worked too! Blurry as fuck though.

  48. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If you want to see other people’s pics bigger/ clearer, you have to check your LB dashboard when the person just posted.

  49. Oh Dukey, you’re such a mine of information, and yet I’m still confused. My LB dashboard is a what now?

  50. This is extremely late, but, what the hell. I was installing Windows 7 and messing with other things.

    @junebug That bee pun went over my head. >.<

  51. Also, junebug, your picture is so cute. Dukey, you and friends look like badasses, fuckin’ A.

  52. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Junebug scroll to the comments box and click on your name where it says logged in as … it will take you to your profile. On the top left of your profile, you will see “my dashboard” click on it and it will show you a bunch of stuff including most recent comments that’s where you will see bigger pics.

  53. i’m sick of trying to get an avatar, so i just linked an image-dumped photo of myself to my profile. i would love to know what everyone on here looks like. obviously some people want to stay anonymous, but i’m not bothered.

    i don’t look like a badass. in my defence the moustache was a novelty – not a permanent fixture, but i thought cyberspace needed to see it. how long before anon graffs a dick on my head and posts a link to it…?

  54. Dukey, thanks again :) Keona, it is cute isn’t it? I’m a sucker for Princess Mononoke. alord, just for you I’ll switch to a picture of me for the rest of today, at risk of some random family member seeing and putting down a fatwa on my head :P

  55. i like princess mononoke, but these guys creep me out:


  56. Really? I find them kinda cute. Maybe cuz I’m a weirdo.

  57. Sigh…I always end up being the person confused and asking for help, but alord? Could you give me a hand figuring out how I get to your picture? I blame my lack of techno-savvy on my backward society.

  58. wow!

    we’re all real people, after all! :-)

    dukey, i can’t see what your photo’s of!
    i’m guessing cypress hill. there’re definitely not enough members for nwa….

  59. I just said techno-savvy didn’t I. Sigh. I’m sleepy. You guys know what I mean.

  60. you see where it says ‘alordslums’, and it’s in blue?

    well if you move your mouse cursor/coconut over to that bit and then click… :-)

  61. Oh ha ha alord. Yeah I got as far as the coconut on blue. But then I’m just seeing a picture of random vegetables and some writing I’m too lazy to understand.

  62. ok, i’m the dolt.

    does it ask for a pass key anywhere? if so type lame-o

  63. Yay it worked! You are a dolt, but a nice-looking dolt I must say.

  64. hardly worth the hassle for all that.

    and june, i’m only ugly on the inside.

  65. Aren’t we all?

  66. man… I’m feeling the pressure to put up my avatar.

    you guys are better looking than I imagined ;-)

  67. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I guess I should put up a better pic like Junebug. And … done.
    Loll @ Saffer.

  68. dukey – if that’s actually you i think i’m a bit gay for you (just a bit).

  69. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lol Alord now you are just inviting anonisgayisgay into this conversation.

    And yeah that’s me in the pic.

  70. well, with that jacket on Alord

  71. The first one cracked me up. Didn’t expect Robby’s reply.

  72. It’d be even funnier if Robby’s grandpa was in the hospital because of colon cancer.

  73. I love Dana. Holy god the things I would do to her if only she wasn’t in high school. But age will always be a factor. I just wish she was still in elementary school.

  74. OH WOW! I mean woah… Robbie hurts my brain

  75. I don’t think the Robby one is funny :(

    It’s probabbly beacuse it reminds me of having to watch my Gramps fucking that poor mans’ poop chute till it bled…Dad never really got over that :(

  76. I’m pretty sure Holly is my hero…

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