Monday, February 1, 2010

Not a Fan

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  1. I fucking love this site. And some people, actually. Ahaaa.

  2. *EDIT* Samantha seems like a bit of a tool though. Dick’eaddd.

  3. 3rd

  4. Ack, seeing this makes me want to beat the hell out of Samantha. Ehh, she’s probably a dyke.

  5. Kiki, you don’t belong here.

  6. What was Samantha doing, randomly searching phrases about bad boyfriends to see if there were any groups she could join? Is that how people waste time these days?

  7. @Katt – says the person sitting on a website about criticizing strangers on the internet?

  8. The Dale one made me laugh.
    and dracula’s point is quite legit.

  9. dracula is clearly a troll. He’s been on this site all day berating people for criticizing strangers on the Internet, despite the fact that that’s the entire purpose of this website.

  10. And aren’t you just doing the same Dracula? Criticising Katt for criticising a stranger? Is Katt a stranger to you?

  11. @dracula I was more pointing out the narcissism than the time-wasting. If she were mocking someone else because of their stupidity, well, then I wouldn’t have been able to say anything.

  12. I’m revising my opinion….

    Dracula = troll?
    Perchance, Ben?

  13. Strangely I’d like to meet Gabby and Christina and have a little talk with them. They seem like really nice and normal human beings. Aside from Gabby being creepy and Christina having anger issues.

  14. I miss Ben :(

  15. the only way to kill a troll is to ignore it, then it will go away

  16. What is a troll? Also, what is trolling? I feel old not knowing what this means…

  17. You’re right blondie, I’m doing it too. Doesn’t change the fact that I can point out someone else’s behavior. You’re committing some argument fallacy, can’t think of the name.

  18. I wasn’t arguing, I was just pointing out your behaviour.

  19. The difference is I was actually aware of it at the time, but whatever.

  20. @blondie1508, you know what you just called Dracula out on, then he turned around and admitted it? That is a troll. Says stuff just to get peoples backs up, keep people coming back with more, purely for their own entertainment.

  21. So it’s okay to do it, you just have to be self aware of it? Well paint me aware, move on please.

  22. SomeRandomChick Ohh I get it now thanks for explaining it!

  23. Just helping people become a little more conscious of their hypocritical behavior. Maybe along the way, a few will realize how much time they’re wasting on some petty, mean-spirited website and pick up a book or go outside or something like that. I can dream I guess.

  24. Oh, so you’re merely a good Samaritan, huh? Spreading tidings of the world outside the Internets to the poor hypocritical souls on Lamebook? Well bless your heart.

  25. I don’t like this dracula.

    dracula: You do realize you’re the one being hypocritical right? Why don’t YOU go pick up a book and stop wasting your time on this “mean-spirited website”?

    ass hat.

  26. After this, I will. Maybe some people will follow my example.

  27. I think Dracula is upset because most of his facebook posts are on this site…maybe? Yawn, boring.

  28. @dracula: OUR hypocritical behavior? I may be crazy, but I seem to remember your comments on most of the posts I have read today. So you dont actually want to take your own advice to go outside or pick up a book, instead you would rather “waste your time” being “petty and mean spirited” to the “petty and mean spirited” people on this website? you are perfect for lamebook

  29. Why citicize people for being at this site when you are here yourself?

  30. Gabby has not been having a good week

  31. some of you guys need to work on reading comprehension.

  32. Hey Dracula why don’t you coome and suuck my diick.

  33. :)

  34. Dracula, time wasting is subjective.

  35. promise not to bite.

  36. I personally would like to believe that Dracula is actually kind of like my husband. He trolls websites and acts like a supremely ironic douche bag while his code is compiling.

  37. Sadly enough, yeah. Apparently you’re already settled down, I’m mostly talking to the kids who are gonna look back on their youth and remember hours of this.

  38. That was in reference to 33.

  39. Most likely Dracula was burned by this site recently and is out to make us feel really bad about ourselves.

  40. haha dracula “but whatever” – good argument!

    I don’t get why Dale’s one is funny?

  41. dracula = Edward from Twilight

  42. Melons, be careful, you might cause middle-aged-mommy-panty down-pour.

  43. Ben is funny. I miss him.

  44. All of you are noobs. I miss Boz, Zombie Kid, and Mr. Haiku so he can make fun of all of you.

  45. JESUS HERBERT CHRIST I hate going to websites just to see people bitch and moan about the loss of the “good ol’ days”…get over it already. You sound like a douche bag.

  46. I never knew the H stood for Herbert…you learn something new everyday.

  47. HAHAHAHA! So many fan pages, so little time!

  48. @Penny Lane

    I bet people never used to complain like that back in your day huh?

  49. wow… I think you guys like attacking people… poor Dracula’s been torn to bits… lay off the haterade my peeps.

    and sensible madness, your bible summary site is mucho entertaining =)

  50. I’m 31…do I have a “my day” yet?

  51. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Is this the same Gabby from earlier? Some faithful lamebook poster is really stalking her.

  52. dropping the kids off at the pool = taking a shit…

    You can be a fan of that, really…?


    “dracula = Edward from Twilight” made me laugh, the worst thing you can call someone in my books at the moment…

    Dracula has a condition with their eyesight, it’s a form of shortsightedness where dicks appear as ready-to-be-sucked-necks. It can get a vampire into a lot of trouble…

  53. @Kiwigirl bran flakes=good poops, and “dropping the kids off at the pool” means to go poop. Dale is a fan of bowel movements, and he wants everybody to know it.

  54. So, basically, when in doubt it’s about shit or sex. Got it.

  55. oh the contradictions

  56. Fuck every last fucking one of you assheads, m’kay? I come to this website to read sarcastic, realistic, and hilarious comments other people have made; instead, I log on and find that everyone’s picking on dracula for being a troll [which (s)he is] when there’s amazing material for fodder on the upper part of the page.

    I already know everyone’ll tear me up for my opinion, so go ahead, I don’t care.

  57. Hey Meyanna,

    FUCK UP!

    that is all.

  58. *SHUT THE fuck up, perchance?

  59. na – just a fuck up will should suffice.

  60. LMFAO@Gripper

  61. Ah… “Touche”? Eh.

  62. It would seem that every random thought eventually becomes a Group or a Fan page on Facebook.

    See, even what I just wrote could be one.

  63. Look, I think we all learned something from this discussion:
    =Penny Lane is an old lady
    =Dracula is a stupid troll (or vampire from Twilight)
    =People are still talking about Ben whom I haven’t seen post for some time
    =It is much more entertaining to argue with each other than to actually comment about how lame the post is

    And remember, Knowing is Half the Battle!

  64. @Dracula: “hypocritical behavior” sounds familiar to me… Are u Ben? ARE YOU????????????????????’

  65. Is 31 an old lady?

  66. @Penny Lane: Definitely not, that would make me old too, and I’ll not have non of that!

  67. how ironic

  68. So I guess what we really learned…is that Mikey’sRight is kind of a douche??

  69. oh my mistake…mikeysright

  70. Penny Lane, my friend tried to convince me that at 26, I was “cougar age”. :(

    And MikeysRight is a douche.
    And a Frodo. And he doesn’t have a pool.

  71. I can’t believe it took 68 more comments after mine until someone was called Frodo! And it wasn’t Dracula, which I’m surprised at. Cos he’s a fucking tool.
    The ‘Frodo’ post really went down in Lamebook history, huh. :P

  72. Two things:

    1. Is this the same Gabby as dumbed-braces-Gabby from the other post?

    2. Dracula’s Frodo.

    3 (shut up). I dunno why people go on about the old days being soo much better. yeah, Boz, and Mr Haiku was awesome, but Lamebook comments aren’t just filled with retards like me now, people like Sensible Madness and Penny Lane are just as awesome. I prefer the comments pages to the actual posts now.

  73. *dumped.

  74. Thanks for that BritishHobo, needed someone to say it. ;)

  75. a toast to BritishHobo for saying what needed to be said. But you forgot about a couple of my favorite commentors – Mcowles and yourself.

  76. Oh aye, I love mcowles also. That BritishHobo guy’s a total knob, though.

  77. Haha – Dale… that friggin cracked me up!

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