Tuesday, July 20, 2010

None of Our Concern

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  1. ben

  2. Hahahaha, U have a nce way of bringing things, Jerome ^^

  3. nice* that is

  4. Very charming, he must’ve inherited it from his Irish descendant.

  5. What country sets its drinking age at 20? Or is Danielle just very, very bad at math?

  6. Ew, Christina, Ew.

  7. That must be it.

  8. Drinking age in holland is 16 years old..That’s till 15% alcohol. The rest is 18, throwingtofu

    But even though, I doubt they are from Holland^^

  9. I think they’re American. The kind of Americans the rest of the world makes fun of us about.

  10. Then it’s twice as lame.

  11. @8

    ik hou van je.

  12. ik hou ook van jou alord!

  13. Wow Christina. Wow.

    Jeromes comment made me laugh but I felt dirty afterwards. I hate myself.

  14. I heart Jerome I really, really do.

    @ bdie, I like to feel dirty afterwards. It is how you know it was good =)

  15. Yeah Jerome was awsome, being a prick to a complete stranger like that lol

  16. @ Scuzz that was really more of a crack at himself not Phoebe the obvious white girl of the conversation.

  17. Jerome was an absolute legend, stranger or not, that was fucking funny.

  18. @ Username_Login oh I just re-read that, and you are right!

    Still hilarious, but not as balsy

  19. What happened to Christina, happens to many. Don’t deny it, girls.
    But it sounds like she located the problem before it got ugly, and brother, it can get ugly.

  20. Oh, I don’t deny it..But its still a nasty thing to post.
    Thank god there is lamebook, to make those posts into something usefull

  21. I’m with insanity.

  22. TMI Christina! Wow!

  23. does Danielle not realize that 18 + 2 does not equal 21?

    what a dummy.

  24. Yep, the whole idea of Lamebook.

    Keep ‘em comin’, folks.

  25. But ee, we want the TMI, yeah?

    And welcome back, baby, it’s been too long.

  26. word, missed you! xo

    It’s enough to worry about my own tampon, I don’t want hers to be on my mine.

  27. crap


  28. bollywood_rocks83

    I think the USA is one of the few countries that has such a ridiculous age limit.Being that it’s election time around here, I guess the Feds did that to appease the crazy Jesus freaks. In my neighbourhood, there are these “say no to alcohol and tobacco” signs.

    Christina, really?! It wasn’t TMI for me. It was more like a learning experience. How wide does someone’s good good have to be to be able to insert two of those things in there and not feel any pain?

  29. End-to-end, not side-by-side, that’s how.

  30. Oke..I’m sorry it’s all about tampons here :P
    But it doesn’t have to go all the way inside?
    Bah, weird conversation

  31. Oke, word, im sticking to your version
    much less disguisting

  32. Um, just sayin…tampons aren’t all that wide. Or long. No matter which way you cram ‘em on up in there, they’re still gonna fit. Sideways might be a tad uncomfy, however.

  33. If we can get a penis in there, we can get a couple of tampons in there, amirite?

    And now I’m done with the tampon talk.

  34. I’ve done the 2 tampon thing before…but I was pretty drunk…and I didn’t share it with ANYONE…until now LOL

  35. I was going to try explaining to bollywood how that could happen, but I figured it’d scare off all the guys so I let it go.

  36. @#4 living up to my name, it’s ancestor, not descendant. Sorry.

  37. MsBuzzkillington

    Yeah.. math fail. He only has to wait two years to drink? Try 3.

    It was almost clever bringing up the fact that you can fight for your country but not drink, until she forgot how to count. Then she just looked stupid.

  38. how do you forget to take the old one out?
    like you know you put one in there earlier…idk,ew.
    i knew a girl who did that and left hte forgotten one up there for a couple days..ahaha,so disgusting.

  39. @ohbabybaby

    I love it when I’m performing cunnilingus on a girl and find an old tampon because:
    1. If she can’t remember how much stuff is in her snatch, there’s no way she’ll remember where I live.
    2. I don’t have to use a condom.

  40. @soup : that lady is quite unlikely to remember what it is that she is infected with either. disease is difficult to taste. naughty, naughty.

  41. @hellohello (what’s with the repeating names?)

    Disease tastes like a 9 volt battery. As long as your tongue doesn’t buzz you’re safe. Some will say it’s more like a AA battery, and the scientific community will say that it tastes like a combo of CDC. You must avoid their infectious notions and recognize that I know the truth.

  42. Soup, U make me feel dirty for laughing

  43. I’ve done the tampon thing before. I didn’t realise it until I was about to put a third one up there. I have no excuse, I was just having a dumb as rocks kind of day.

  44. @ohbabybaby: when all you feel is pain that makes you want to rip everyone’s head off, it’s difficult to think straight, especially when you’re repeating the process every few hours. Though all it takes is one time of discovering 2 in there to make you completely paranoid and it usually doesn’t happen again.

  45. um,i’m a woman,i know what a period is like and what wearing a tampon is like,never forgot about one up there.

  46. Lol @ohbabybaby. I think you’re doing it wrong, then.

  47. so i just made an account. my friend sad i ws on tis site, and well…damn.

  48. btw, keyboards a complete turd.

  49. damn,next month ill try to do it right,i haaave always wanted to know what its like to have tss.

  50. ohbabybaby, I hadn’t ever forgotten about one either until sometime last year, and I still have no idea how it happened; like I said, some girls are more unlucky than others and the pain literally is so bad you cannot think straight. That is the only explanation I have. I just know when I discovered 2 in there I thought “holy shit, what if there are MORE!” Needless to say, I freaked.

  51. I have never forgotten about a tampon before, not once, and I can’t imagine how some women can just “forget” that they have one already inside of themselves. No matter how tired or how much pain I was in, I wouldn’t blindly shove a tampon in without checking, but I don’t need to do that because I’m already aware that I have one in.

    I mean, damn… I just can’t get my mind around how some girls can forget about it.


  52. wouldn’t you have to be extremely insensitive not to feel that there is one already in there? also, can somebody explain why it would be painful to put a 2nd one in? They are not very big. Baby heads are bigger for example, albeit they push from the other direction… at least normally… unless you are really weird!!!

  53. It is not like you can feel them once they are in anyway… so it is not hard to imaging having a blonde moment and putting another in, say, while drinking or at 3 am or something. Not that I have had that experience…. but I have been known to have the occasional bone-head moment myself.

  54. haha! this last status is from a friend phoebe brown. hilarious to see someone i know on here!

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