Monday, January 23, 2012

No Period 2011

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  1. Sad.

  2. Fake AND gay?

  3. it would be cool if they all got impregnated by the same loser douche but don’t know it yet, and then when they find out they get in a fight at school and get expelled and the sperm donor bolts outta state.

  4. Real best friends get pregnant together? Maybe so, but usually not by the same guy!

  5. Alright, let’s do this.


    Would help if I could see their eyes.

  6. Please tell me that these real best friends found basketballs together to troll us all.

  7. agreed christopher

  8. 1 and 3 aren’t pregnant. They’re not wearing maternity jeans- now #2 and those stretch pants might be.

  9. I’m guessing same dude, same time, same position.

  10. I think/hope they’re trolling…

  11. I think only one is preggo and the other two are hiding basketballs in there somewhere

  12. UncleSpud,

    Belly Bands allow you to wear your non-maternity jeans/pants.

  13. I’d slap Juno upside the head if I got a fucking chance.

  14. Codename Dutchess

    “Real friends are stupid sluts, together.”

    That’s how I chose to read it anyway. I highly doubt the dude(s), assuming they exist, agreed to this pregnancy pact.

  15. Real friends get abortions together!

  16. I think all of them have their shirts stuffed with a basketball.

  17. mad2, yes!

  18. mad2 & bacchante – what the hell are you two morally corrupt monsters talking about!? There are nowhere near enough humans on this planet and our resources are INFINITE. Why would you advocate for the murder of these BABIES (who totally have souls)?

    too obvious?

  19. Those are pregnancy stomachs. Our high school parenting class gave girls extra credit for wearing them all day so they could see what a drag it is being pregnant.

  20. Is if getting pregnant is the worst thing that can happen when having too much unprotected sex.

  21. Those are for sure “empathy suits” when I was in highschool we had to wear them for home ec, family dynamic, etc. They’re definitely just being funny

  22. #18 gracefaceee, did they also give them something to make them feeling like spewing ’til noon? punch them in the boobs ’til they were so sore and swollen that any movement was agony? Did they give them haemorrhoids, or pre-eclampsia, so they could see what a real drag being pregnant is?
    If your so-called ‘teachers’ did not so much as give them an emergency caesarean-section in the cafeteria using only a can opener and a spork, then they are totally full of shit and have no business being educators.

  23. Why would you need a suit to know that getting pregnant would be unpleasant? That seems obvious to me.
    ‘This is the width of your vagina: (). This is the width of what will come through your vagina: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Any questions?’
    Like Dave Barry said, birth, as a strictly physical phenomenon, is the equivalent of driving a parcel truck through an inner tube. Not to mention that you will swell up like a hippopotamous with a glandular problem and probably have permanent stretch marks. And even after that, then you are stuck taking care of a screaming brat.

  24. Strange, everyone makes being pregnant sound like hell. Sure, it is, but they forget the painfully obvious fact that if it was so terribly bad, nobody would do it, and we’d all be dead. Hoorah!

    If you say “most don’t expect it,” then you’re stupid. Congratulations.

  25. I don’t think it is that it isn’t so terribly bad. It is that the instinct to reproduce makes people ignore the negative consequences.
    And we wouldn’t be DEAD. We’d never have been alive.

  26. I don’t think these girls have been through a period in awhile, much less 2.

  27. This has to be fake. Look at #2′s belly; the angles on the underbelly make it look like she’s smuggling a pie tin, not harboring a crotchfruit.

  28. *sniffs* I smell skanks. Bet they all have the same baby daddy.

  29. At least 2 of these are not pregnant. They’re wearing those stupid bodysuits sexual education classes give out to simulate pregnancy. Or they have a pillow stuffed up there.

    Move along, nothing to see here…

  30. Holy fuck. Yes, we know they’re fake. Don’t need 25 of you ^^^ assholes to point out the obvious. Jesus.

  31. Damn freddy. You impress me, son.

  32. Condescension from italicized bitch. My lucky day.

  33. awww. it’s so cute when their balls drop =)

  34. David Kimball said that in 1982 when he was president of the LA golf association. Poor guy killed himself.

  35. ^cool story, bro.
    Is there a point to that you?

  36. I’m not implying that you’d kill yourself. God, no! Then who’d I have to stalk? JennySlade? Fuck no.

  37. Somebody should tell the one on the left that you can’t get pregnant by letting the History teacher throw a goo grenade on your legs.

    The cheeky chunky monkey in the middle needs to sort out her fucking camel skin moccasins or nobody will ever throw a spunk sack up it.

  38. @cheesuschrist you need to grow up and get out of high school. Being critical of the girls wardrobe doesn’t prove a point.

  39. yeah right freddy, what makes you specialler than my other half-dozen stalkers?

  40. ^Oh, sweetheart i know you love me the most.

  41. just because you scream the most for attention don’t mean shit.

  42. Keep telling yourself that, hon.

  43. ^way to carry it too far there, fucktard.

  44. Crap, you win this one.

    Although, you did use my line. But hey, what’s mine is yours.

  45. @ lamerfan Fuck you Gok Wan… She’s wearing cheap trousers too…whatchagonnado?

  46. And the quest for the biggest lametard continues…

  47. vaginalroundhouse

    All black people are on welfare.

  48. ^We both know that dawg.

  49. Roundhouse you cunt, they’re not all on welfare, some live in Africa and don’t have welfare to claim.

  50. #14, I agree. Why do teenagers continue with a pregnancy when they don’t have to. These ones are obviously too happy to really be pregnant, although number 2′s ugly flat shoes and spandex jeans could suggest otherwise

  51. For the benefits. Having a kid is the quick fix solution to getting a nice house (compared to the council estates they’e used to) and plenty of money. Plus, a child gives the dads something else to beat other than their girlfriend, if they stick around.

  52. This post has caught the attention of a scrapbooking message board. They’re all really, really offended. This “shitty” joke was in “VERY poor taste.” They’re ashamed to find it on a humor site.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  53. Link us, Daanibee. Or at least give us more details so we can find it.

  54. Come on daanibee. Don’t be a hold-out.

    I want to troll some scrapbookers. They didn’t realise that the internet is public.

  55. I like #2′s shoes…

  56. Hmmm. The link keeps coming up all funky.

    The website is called Two Peas in A Bucket and it’s on the NSBR board, on page 2. “Didn’t you hear? Real best friends get pregnant together!”

  57. Thanks, mercurysgirlx! After I’ve trolled THAT thread, I’m going to have fun with: “if an 11 yo girl puts ‘dry humper’ as her ‘job’ on FB…”

  58. How would having a kid get them a better house or more money? It sure as hell wouldn’t in the States.

  59. Bacchante, you can’t possibly troll that thread. I fell asleep before I got halfway through it. Who would have thought that scrapbookers could be so cunting dull?

  60. Yeah, I soon realised that I couldn’t live up to my claim. I knew they were gonna be dull, but I was looking for some real emotion on there, not just mild disapproval and Christian judgement. Fuck.

  61. still;- “clutchable pearl necklace” written, coincidentally by daanibee.
    Do you think she was trying to fill her own forum up with trolls?

  62. Highly likely. She’s obviously bored there.

  63. This is dumb, I guess they think its funny? I don’t think its real, based off how they’re holding their stomachs awkwardly, and the fact that they all have hoodies on, probably to make it look more real, the only funny thing is if it isn’t real that it will be a reality before they even graduate

  64. I porked all three of them a while back. I like underaged chicks with bellies.

  65. I know there is such a thing as classes in some high schools where the kids wear pregnancy bellies and take home fake babies to try to discourage teen pregnancy. I’m just going to sit here and pray that this is what this is.

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