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    They’re talking like its a hot new band.

  2. What is lame about this?

  3. Lamest ever. Nickelback is the fucking worst! There’s a girl at my job that likes them, and that immediately changed the way I viewed her. I’d rather date a girl that liked country music than one that liked Nickelback. Actually, the only band she could have said that would have been worse would have been Creed.

  4. Nickelback? NICKELBACK?!?!

  5. … I’m not a fan of Nickelback and couldn’t name a single song they sing, but I still don’t see how this is lame.

  6. Dear Caroline and Arlene,

    watch that and go fuck yourself.

  7. LAMEBOOK ORGASM ALERT: Schoolyard fight currently taking place at the “Jason Monster Fail” post! Hurry before they run out of words to misspell!

  8. I just Googled Nickleback… They’re Canadian??? Now I have to be embarrassed about them and Celine Dion.

    Maybe she’ll be the opening act.

  9. …There are a few Super Terrors in this world
    1. Nickelback
    2. Creed
    3. Celine Dion
    4. Barbera Streisand

    We need to “take care” of these before they become out of control!

  10. Oh ya, if you guys just don’t like Nickelback then you don’t understand how fucking lame this is. They are not “heavy”, they are not “killer”…infact i’d love to kill them with something heavy. Take note to my prior comment above!

  11. This is KILLER!

  12. The problem with this entry is that it’s clearly a matter of taste rather than people blatantly saying or doing stuff that’s disgusting or stupid. Judging people on their behaviour is one thing: judging them on their taste in music is quite another.

    That said, there really is no excuse for Nickelback.

  13. @ The Kid … thanks for that alert, wouldn’t have missed it for the world! I won’t be surprised if it results in a new Lamebook category.

  14. Nickelback in a nutshell: “I look at this photograph , everytime I do… it makes me laugh. . . I want a quesadilla”

  15. I am having a difficult time coming up with a band lamer than Nickleback… and yes, sadly they are Canadian which means they are on the radio FAR too often since the stations here are forced to play a certain amt of Canadian content. Listening to their shit makes me wish I were deaf.

  16. the fact that everyone is finding this hard to call lame just shows how lame you really all are. nickelback sucks.. the lead singer looks like hilary clinton with a beard.. bunch of sell outs

  17. Nickelback?

  18. Rusty Shackleford

    Red Green’s suspenders have more talent than Nickelhack.

  19. @taco bell – why would you tell my to fuck myself because I don’t see anything lame about someone expressing their enthusiasm about a band – any band. I don’t know anything about Nickelback, but even if I hated them, I wouldn’t find this posting lame.

    What up w/the hostility? To each his own.

  20. Not lame….just because u dont like what I like doesn’t make me/you lame….
    Admin Total Fail, I’m sure there’s tons of better lamesters out there

  21. “Do you guys wanna hear some rock n roll or do you wanna go home?!” Umm…if that’s “rock n roll” I’ll go home. thankyouverymuch.

  22. Nickelback is about as “heavy” as a cloud of cotton candy. Oh, and they objectively and conclusively suck. That being said, Janet and Kim sound like nice girls, I’d love to make them a mix tape and turn them onto better stuff.

  23. Arf The Crime Dog

    “Dark Horse” is now a term me and my sister uses to call an album where a hard(?) band goes soft for no reason.

  24. hey flip, it’s not 2001 anymore

  25. But what has this got to do with the Beatles?

  26. nickelback is the carlos mencia of the music world.

  27. This is possibly one of the best lamebooks ever. Nickleback really is one of the biggest punchline bands of all time. They arrived on the scene 20 years too late to ever be cool.

  28. If you listen to “How You Remind Me”, it’s actually “Smells Like Teen Spirit” backwards and in a different key. Even the middle eight.

  29. Even though I’m not the biggest fan either and I too think this is lame, I don’t really see how this is *lamebook-worthy*. Because if you think this is, then there’s gotta be like a thousand Jonas Brothers updates and posts out there ripe for the picking.

  30. Nickelback is basically just the band that people with no independent thought (the majority of the regular users of the internet) *have* to hate, for no reason than the fact that *everyone* hates them. I could pull out tons of videos of bands being dicks on stage: Guns N Roses, U2, Dragonforce. Get your head out of your ass and pick on another band, such as one that actually sucks (see: Jonas Brothers)

  31. Many thanks to That Kid (#7) for the Jason Monster Fail alert. Highly entertaining!

  32. Nicklebacks shit but this isn’t as lame as what’s usually posted on here, otherwise we’d have hundreds of screenshots of every retarded teen looking forward to the next Greenday or My Chemical Romance gig.

  33. Yup, you’re just assuming that we all hate them for the reason that they’re the ones to hate. I hate them b.c they’re lyrics are bullshit and all the same. THEY REPEAT THEMSELVES. IDC if they’re sell outs, I know plenty of musicians i like that sold out long time ago. They’ve been quoted many times talking shit about their fans and the lead singer has a HUGE ego. I don’t dislike shit b.c other people do it. I dislike shit b.c I don’t like it.

    So blow it outta your raggidy dick hole.

  34. Is Nickelback horrible? Yes, they’re pretty bad. It’s the most soulless kind of generic pop music ever produced. There are hundreds of bands that sound exactly the same and I refer to them all as “Nickelback”.

    But I’m also annoyed at the swarms of bands that it’s socially unnacceptable to like. I like a few bands that you guys would flame me for. I’m done with college and I still listen to my Sum 41 CDs and enjoy the occasional Smash Mouth song. But I can’t tell anybody that I like these bands because they’re been blacklisted from the hipsters “cool music scene”. The music world is just too damn pretentious. Let people like whatever makes them happy. Music is a personal thing.

    Here’s a lesson for lamebook:

    telling people they suck for loving what the love = lame.

  35. That Kid: THANK YOU for news of the smackdown in the “Jason’s Monster Fail” comments section – epic

  36. … Nickelback is one of the most horrid bands ever. >.<

  37. It’s not a hipster thing to hate Nickelback. Hipsters are stupid, too.

  38. Dude… Smashmouth and Sum41 > Nickelback any day.

    “…with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead…”

    Good stuff.

  39. I would rather someone admit to liking this than Nickelback:

  40. This isn’t lame at all. Even if I think Nickleback sucks, I’m just knocking people for a difference of opinion now? That’s its own brand of lame.

  41. snicker

  42. Big deal Wilson, people are allowed to laugh at whatever they please. Doesn’t always make it right, but shit, now YOU’RE knocking other people.

  43. Holy shite- I know this person and was actually thinking how lame this was when I fist read it.

  44. Love ya, Janet!

  45. As much as i dont like nickelback, their new album is heavier. Isn’t any better though.

  46. This is not a valid Lamebook entry – people like who they like, if we don’t agree that doesn’t make it lame. NEXT

  47. @Matt – Analysing the differences between Nickelback albums would imply an interest in their work. Just saying is all.

  48. It’s not that liking Nickelback is “lamebook” caliber lame (although the band truly does suck). It’s the friend’s response that puts it over the top into true lame territory.

  49. this is just poor. lamebook = must do better

  50. Every time someone likes nickelback a puppy dies

  51. Well said, James!

  52. Some of the non singles Nickelback did actually *are* quite heavy…. and I don’t even like the band. Try ‘Burn it to the ground’

  53. I’d certainly like to burn Chad Kroeger into the ground.

  54. What’s lame is that the girls in this entry have been SOLD this rocknroll IMAGE that they’re swooning over.
    The commercial sell-out nature of Nickelback (like JB et al, more a brand than a band) is so well known that it is tough to believe that these kids genuinely enjoy the music; it is infinitely more likely that they, like millions of others, have been brainwashed into buying albums and concert tickets as a result of marketing rather than musical preference.

    Brainwash Capitalism = Lame.

  55. Hahahaha

  56. wow.. admin FAIL!

  57. They’re heavier than you expected? Give them a break, they’re on tour, eating junk food, not getting enough exercise…

  58. wow, I can’t believe anyone admits publicly to liking that aural shit factory.

  59. Mr. Lover lover, Mr. Lover lover, girl, Mr. Lover lover
    She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me in me back
    she say I’m Mr. Ro…mantic

  60. Creed! Oh god… Even God hates Creed.

  61. What the fuck is lame about this? Nickleback suck, who gives a fuck? Thousands of people like them.

  62. Unlike Disney stars, Nickelback actually writes all their crap. LOL.

  63. I don’t know about all this, but one thing is for certain, nickelback fucking sucks shit

  64. Hhahahah,I love these comments!
    They do suck,soooo badly hahahah!

  65. If you want to read something funny on why Nippleback sucks, read this:

    They were pretty brutal on The Beatles too. Not sure I agree with that one…

  66. Its lame cuz its fucking nickelback. The lamest, gayest, most generic, shitty band to ever exist.

  67. dear nickelback,
    give up.
    Love Heather

  68. who gives a fuck?

    Seriously, Nickeledeon makes better music than Nickelback.

  69. If you don’t like Nickelback, no one here really gives a shit. Your comments are a waste of space.

  70. Shut the hell up Blaire nickelback is garbage

  71. It was agreed by Historians that the Dark Ages was the most prolonged instance of human suffering in history… Until nickleback released a second album

  72. Karel: Not funny. At all.

  73. @Boz, @Karel… actually, it is kinda funny. whether you like them or not.

  74. Nickelback reminds me a lot of Limp Bizkit. Not in terms of music, but in terms of how they so rapidly conquered the world with their unabashed sucktitude.

  75. I hate Nickleback too, but this lyric cracks me up:

    Look at this photograph
    Every time I do it makes me laugh
    How did our eyes get so red
    And what the hell is on Joey’s head

  76. i dont listen to anything that rhymes with “Pickle-Sack”

  77. you people who are freaking out on other people for their posts are just as big losers as nickelback including me for taking time out of my chocolate cake-eating pregnant day. And Taco Bell only wanted you all to do what he’s found he most enjoys and is prolly the only thing he’s good at: fucking himself.

  78. @ James: I hear ya!!

  79. People who like Nickelback should make sure never to have any Gotdamn babies!

  80. Bahhaahahahhahaha @shaggity.

    this made me cry from laughing so hard!

  81. Nickelback is boring.

  82. I love that Nickelback is the lamest part about this post.

    Although, it’s not lamebook worthy.

  83. John Players Standard

    A conversation about Nickleback and heavy shouldn’t go together unless you are talking about the weight in shit they are.

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