Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Never Gets Old

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  1. First so frigg off haters

  2. Incorrect. You are fake cornboy.

  3. I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle

  4. Are jokes about Michael Jackson molesting kids just made up or did he actually do so? I mean he did seem really creepy, but it just seems like he would have been in prison if he had actually done so.

  5. You forgot to say please.

  6. @Evilcow Yes, there was a debate, but he was found not guilty. I have always personally believed he was not guilty.

  7. ^’debate’.
    The there was a fucking trial, you stupid, fat sow.

    I have always personally not given a shit about what you ‘believed’ on the matter.

  8. Syndilouise… your “life” is calling, when will you ever give up this website you spend minutes on everyday, to satisfy the other obligations of your awesome life.

  9. I’m not fat. And I apologize for using the wrong word? And I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to Evilcow, so pay no mind to my opinion please :] Thank youuu :]

  10. no. you weren’t talking to the naughty heifer, you were spewing your retarded ‘opinion’ on a public forum.
    and you ARE fat.

  11. @Evilcow, I wish I had your faith in the justice system, I’m not saying MJ was guilty or not, just that people often get away with shit, especially in abuse/rape cases.

    Anyway, the original post doesn’t make much sense, it kind of implies he killed kids.

  12. It’s suppose to imply that as the years went on, the age of his different victims never changed.

  13. ‘alleged victims’

  14. @smimp I don’t think he was charged with murder… just molestation.

  15. ^uh, yeah I know. Thats why I was saying the OP didn’t make sense? :/

  16. I getcha. No, victim doesn’t always mean they were murders, just that a crime was committed against them

  17. Are some of you posters like 6 or 7 or something??

  18. A crime doesn’t have to be committed to have a victim. How do esplain a girl who spends too much time on her knees and gets blasted in the eye with otherwise cunt worthy spermlets?

  19. ^ your comments are a crime.

    Actually, they’re mostly fucking retarded.

  20. slicingupeyeballs

    That’s a crime if she’s like 6 or 7 or something…

  21. ….I was just trying to clarify. No need to “esplain” anything.

  22. Put out or get out mass! Next time you step out and it feels like it’s raining, it’s not, it’s me, pissing off the balcony! and #20, I can’t argue with that. You’re right, but when I said girl, I meant woman, next time I’ll just fucking say woman! :D

  23. ^like a goat chained to a stake in a clearing in the jungle…

  24. well, i meant sydni – but this should work, too.

  25. Are you suggesting that this Captain is a goat, Ms., or that I am going to get eaten by a dinosaur?

  26. shhh.
    I’m waiting for the bloodbath to begin.

  27. oh sydnilouise93? sweetheart, will you be joining us for the weekend?♡

  28. What do I get out of this?

  29. *facepalm* What I meant was, saying his victims never got older implies they died. You know ‘They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old, Age shall not weary them’ and all that?

    Phew. Lamebook is hard work.

  30. ^ it really is! i put a lot of effort in, anyway!

  31. i don’t even, like, try.

    [/hipster shrug]

  32. wow you must be wayyy cooler than me

  33. uh

  34. omg, like..dRaMuhz!

  35. Msanne. The whole trying to code an emoticon when you know damn well it won’t. Was cool back in 2002.


  36. #whywontflamesfuckingjustDIEalreadyOMG?

  37. I once killed a bunch of people but luckily as head of the debating club I managed to get a suspended sentence.

  38. ^seems legit.
    but if you are head of an online debating team, i believe you also get to level up. or something.

  39. What does that even mean?
    Generic comment about age = Michael Jackson joke

    It doesn’t even make sense. He didn’t kill them.

  40. ^no. he didn’t kill them.
    i think the reason behind those children ‘never ever getting old’ is because their lives will forever be frozen in time on a day that has been seared into their souls, a day that haunts them and stays with them…always lurking behind their drugged eyelids, just waiting for a vulnerable moment to leap out and remind them…

    …that day that they got filthy stinking rich and never ever had to work again in their lives.

  41. Let’s blame the parents. Who in their right mind, let’s their kids have a ‘sleepover’ at MJ’s house ?

  42. What if we’ve all got it wrong and these vicious kids were being sent over by their parents to rape MJ?

    Imagine him lying there, wanting to talk about fairy dust and whether or not Petey Pan could fly and all the while these kids are tugging at his unused and confused man-part…

  43. Haha @smimp Sorry, man. I guess I’m misunderstanding your comments xD
    Just trying to be helpful lol

  44. ^ no worries :)

  45. @Gonzo LOL

  46. @smimp wtf? don’t enable the idiocy.

  47. Thanks for not being a dick, smimp. So rare on here ;p

  48. ^so unfair!! i’m nice to everyone, all the time.

  49. why? they’ll hate you anyway.

  50. it’s just my way! i love people, they’re so great

  51. i sometimes wish i was stupid, too.
    they always seem so much happier.
    and then i realise that it is because of all the stupid, contented, lethargic sheeple (see comment #50) that our world is slowly drowning in a rising tide of shit.
    it’s your fault daddy drinks. it’s because you suck all the energy out of the world.

  52. don’t worry msanne, you’re sort of stupid in your own way, too.

  53. /double g&t

  54. alcohol makes the pain go away! :-)

  55. really? you’re going away?

  56. no, but if you indulge in enough substance abuse, it’ll seem like i’m not even here at all!

  57. if you would shut your retarded fucking mouth i would find it so much easier.

  58. since that isn’t going to happen, i’d suggest you follow my advice. you’re comfortable with that path anyway, msanne, why would you want to stray from it now?

  59. i’m going to have a bucket bong.

  60. be careful msanne, those things can cause parts of your lung to collapse! not to mention the seedy crap that usually lives in those buckets. eeeeuuwwww…
    i’m going to go and get high in a minute by going for a really long run through this beautiful park. i’ll work the body until its sweating hard and starts to hurt a bit, and then push even harder. the bit on the other side is quite euphoric, totally natural, and bloody good for you.
    better than bongsmoke. not that i actually have a huge problem with bongs, they’re at least better than alcohol. you can do workouts when you’re stoned and you can do one in the morning after getting stoned.
    but habitual drug use, msanne? kinda a bit….well…scummy isn’t it? tell me, do you have a bucketbong set up permanently? is your house one of those houses? euw.

  61. this officially got absurder.
    why do you keep addressing me like we’re equals?
    we’re not. i’m high and you’re a piece of shit.

  62. but i’m high too msanne!! high on life!!
    i’m just shooting the shit msanne. i don’t think you’re equal to me. i never said that! haven’t i said before that i aspire to be like you…like…you know…popular on lamebook, and so comfortable in my popularity that i can talk about my drug habit, my sexual encounters with my limp-dick man, and my drinking problem online?
    you’ve shown me so much to aspire to, msanne, that my life will never be the same again.
    thank you, msanne.
    thank you.

  63. i imagine you’ve pounded your keyboard into a pile of fucking sand by now.
    i mean, after all the bullshit you’ve spewed out the last few days.
    have i upset you, love?

    i do hope so.

  64. no my darling, you’ve not upset me. i’ve had a giggle-worthy week thanks to you. spose i should thank you really. but yeah but nah.
    sorry to dash your hopes.

  65. ^if you laugh at your own crap, you are the fucking lone ranger there.
    you just totally suck at the funny.

  66. if you believe in your own alcohol remedy, it’ll have a placebo effect!
    you just totally suck at making alcohol remedies.

  67. ^see?
    i’ve had more entertaining tax audits.

  68.’s all about the entertainment here! you’re very entertaining, have i ever told you that?

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