Thursday, April 19, 2012

Naziing the Issue

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  2. come with me if you want to live.

  3. Well anyone knows he was a genius, but he was still an idiot.

  4. Stever, I tell you what dude… I rarely come to this shit site anymore but the random times I do you make it so much better. What the fuck do you do with your life that you can comment on every post almost first every time? Dedication, I tell ya.

    Now a post LB really should put on here is the one I submitted arguing with this crust-punk Jesus freak pseudo-hippie on how he wants to bring the swastika back to its original meaning of peace and love. He even has a couple tattoos. That’s right, Ryan, I’m talking to you, you fucking idiot. It’s like in Clerks 2 when he tries to bring back “porch monkey”. Ya can’t bring it back so shut the fuck up.

  5. Steeeever cock is similar to a sparrows. Thats why he’s always first

  6. WTF. Is this real? Someone should try and find this guys account if it is.

  7. Stop being so saccarstic now.

  8. Evilcow, it is fake. No need to worry.

  9. Ah. I am just gullible. Though it does seem better done than most fakes.

  10. Theyre getting smarter.

  11. Thanks Lulz! Admitting what most members are thinking :)
    I work a full time job, but just am super awesome I guess.

  12. WTF body part is that? A leg??

  13. It’s her right ankle. Her foot is pointed, you can see her heel.

  14. Lulz is a total fucking small-minded cretin.
    Get the fuck over the western narrative of history (because it is full of lies and ulterior motives) and look to the future and maybe even try and live in the present.
    World war 2 is OVER. move the fuck on, already.
    Why shouldn’t people want to reclaim an ancient symbol? The symbol didn’t kill anyone. Sitting around fearfully and being told how to think and feel may sound like a lot of fun to idiots like you, Lulz – but you can go and anally fuck a chainsaw.
    I don’t want to bring back ‘Porch monkey’ – but I’m sick of crying little bitches getting upset over mere words and symbols.
    There are REAL problems in the world, and you fat little girls are crying over a fucking geometric design.
    I’m glad you rarely come here, Lulz. You should ramp it up to ‘never come back here’.

  15. She should realize that the swastika draws MORE attention to her cankles, not less…

  16. What an idiot…

  17. You guys know Hitler was an avid Darwinist

  18. Tell us how you really feel Ms Anne

  19. ^#18. why why i even fucking bother?
    you’re such a pathetic cretin you think repeatedly typing an elongated version of your stupid fucking name is the height of wit and hilarity.
    I ask you; where, in the name of living fuck, would I even begin to tell you anything of how i feel? you’re clearly still struggling with the more pressing issues in your daily life.

  20. Lol, if happy Stever has a bad life, I’d hate to see what MsAnneThrope’s life is like.

  21. ^you actually would.
    your jealousy would make you hate me even more.

  22. Anne, if they wanted to bring back the symbol, they’d use the original one.

    I assume you’ve never seen that one, so I forgive you. Use Google, it was invented in 1998 for a lovely reason.

  23. Suck a fart!

  24. sure, mariolizard.
    people are too stupid to notice which fucking direction it faces.
    actually, your clumsy attempt at a google reference (and 8 out 10 of your comments) tells me that you are one of the fucks who wouldn’t notice – or care. just join the blind chorus of bitching-about-bullshit-to-fit-in-with-the-herd.
    fuck you.

  25. Lol something tells me if you had a good life you wouldn’t be such an angry and hostile person that spends a majority of their time commenting on the internet.

  26. what’s your lotto dream?

  27. Sorry AssThrob I couldn’t understand what you were trying to convey through your overly-consistent use of swear words. Translate?

    I’m also contemplating changing my name to MarioLizard, all credit will go to you of course. In fact, I’m making the account right now.

  28. Oh that’s better. Alright, enough of the mad.

  29. MarioDragon, I claimed you were an idiot.

  30. Either way (whether people know which direction it faces), I think the person with the tattoo wouldn’t even notice. But that’s ok… The tattoo is probably the only thing (s)he has to be proud of.

  31. also. it’s hitler’s birthday, so show some fucking respect.

  32. How does one anally fuck a chainsaw? It doesn’t have an anus.

    Hitler had a small penis. He was able to screw an entire country with few people even noticing.

    I want to make a new peace swastika. All of the arms will point up.

  33. beat, your missus said you anally fuck her rolling pin on a semi-regular basis.
    that’s where I got the reference, actually.

  34. Bad day at the office anne?

  35. ^for serious? I’m living the fucking dream here.

  36. sisqi, must be that time of the month.

  37. no, for serious. i’m as happy as a pig in shit.
    how are you not getting that?

  38. Hmm, so much anger and hate… yessss… feel the hatred building inside of you…

    Incidentally, even with all the splurge and hate going on, no one has managed to top the fucking moron who posted at point 17 and then quickly left hoping no one would highlight what a stupid fucking cretin they are…

  39. theres. no. hate.

  40. I don’t give a straight fuck about the tat. I’m way, way more repulsed by her calf/cankle. Goddamnit, that ain’t pretty. But forever hopeful (and attempting to put some light into this very dark room), maybe it’s just the angle the pic was taken? Yeah, and pigs with swastikas on their trotters might fly, too.

    Ms, while you make some valid points there, don’t hate on Lulzy too much. She was once a prolific and fanbloodytastic contributor. And trust me, she’s good people.

    Lulzy, I’d love to see this submission of yours. Can you help an old friend out?

  41. no hate

  42. Happy 4/20 all!

  43. ..oh and I’m with word on this one. Way more repulsed by the ‘canvas’ than I am the ‘art’. Shitty job to boot, fuck ..

  44. This is one of the best comments sections in a long time…I am impressed.

  45. MsAnne, I must say… your trolling is at about a 7/8… considering I found you randomly on Reddit and you really seem like a lovely person. And Word… of course I’ll send it to you.

  46. Well that was refreshing :D

  47. ya think? i’m feeling a little queasy, myself…

  48. MsAnneThrope is the best troll I’ve ever seen on the internet. Bravo, bravo.

  49. aw fuck you’re gonna give her a big head now!

  50. I hate you all

  51. Oh Lulz did you have to? Just when I was getting over my stalkerish tendancies as well.

  52. I’m glad she put it on one of her Cankles…

  53. Good grief, MsAnneThrope. I can’t read one page of this website without seeing your name in the comments section. Do you have any actual friends, or do you spend your entire day commenting on sites like this? I’m sure your relevant and popular status here translates well into the real world.

  54. i’m not sure where you’re coming from? do you exist in the real world or…not?

  55. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

    More hate please…

  56. @SLG, I’m sure she’d settle for just giving her head.

    FTW! and FYMsANALThrope

  58. @53 Charlie Brown? Is that you?

  59. just to give my tuppence worth – i think ms anne thrope would be a passable (albeit somewhat unimaginative) troll, if it wasn’t for the painfully obvious subtext of insecurity and self-loathing that takes the sting out of even the wittiest remarks.

    some heartfelt advice – just because it says 50% less fat, doesn’t mean you can eat twice as much. and don’t you think four slices of cake after every meal is a tiny bit indulgent?

    i really don’t mean to undermine your harrowing online quest for approval, but it always pains me to see potential go to waste. we both know there’s no such thing as big-boned. just let me know when you’re ready to face your demons – i’ll lend you one of my workout videos.

  60. I don’t think she has cankles, I think it’s the angle of the camera. But she’s still horrible for having that tattoo…

  61. vinceeeeeeeeeeeeeent…VINCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENT….you penis you.

  62. Heads up vincent, looks like crusty wants to suck on you.

  63. Whoa. Vincent still comes here?

  64. ^yeah. i’d say he never checks back here anymore but something…something…i’m a terrible human being…butthurt somethingsomething.

  65. hey now, no one said you were a terrible human being – just overweight and unhappy. i can’t imagine anyone with a healthy BMI going to such desperate measures for a few crumbs of online validation.

    for the record, fat and aggressive: not a good look. try being jolly, it’s much more befitting for someone of your size.

  66. no. this is working for me.

  67. I know it’s most likely only a guest appearance, but it’s damn good see you again, vincent. I’ve always gotten a kick out of how eloquently you mock the chubs. Nobody does it better. But you’re way off on this one. Ms is no more a chubster than I am a 300lb male truck driver. And you know it. But it’s ok, because after all, it’s what makes you, you. Cheers, old chum.

  68. it warms my cockles to see you sticking up for your corpulent friend like that, wordpervert. it surprises me to hear that msannethrope falls in the ‘pleasantly plump’ category, given that most of his/her (it’s hard to tell when they’re that size) posts practically scream “I’M ON THE WAITING LIST FOR A GASTRIC BAND.”

    i was really getting a strong aquatic-mammal-separated-from-the-pod vibe, but i guess my instincts were wrong. maybe it was naive of me to assume that such low self-esteem can only come from being a fatty boom-boom cake lover. the only other possible explanation i can think of is some kind of traumatic childhood incest situation, which is not something i want to get into.

    anyway, enough about your buttery pal – how are you doing, word? hope the menopause isn’t getting to you too much! i would recommend hormone therapy – my aunt mabel had great results with it. apart from the fact that both her tits fell off.

  69. you may just possibly be on to something with that whole “traumatic childhood incest situation” theory there

  70. hells yeah. every sad, fat loser who ever read enough reader’s digests to qualify as armchair pschologist can spew old freudian stalwarts.
    trying to make it sound like some amazing breakthrough you’ve come up with on your own though, just like a bitch, is the chocolate sprinkles on your one girl/one cup plastic cup of shit.

  71. the word you’re looking for is ‘psychologist’ – just saying!

    also, when used as a noun, ‘stalwart’ refers to a person; a ‘freudian stalwart’ would be a loyal follower of sigmund freud, not one of his theories.

    some gentle advice – stick to the short, easy words and terms which you’re familiar and comfortable with. here’s a few to get you started: poo, wee, tree, cat, dog. work your way up from there.

    let me know if you have any questions about the english language, or weight loss. we both know it isn’t really a glandular problem!

  72. that was probably the most pitiful attempt at a straw-man i’ve ever seen.

    vincent; makes ridiculous assertion based on tired, old pop psychology.

    me; hey vincent. that is ridiculous assertion based on tired, old pop psychology.

    vincent; is not! you’re a poo-face. look over there! let me try and change this to something completely different because, you bitch, you totally got me.

    me; writes screenplay.

  73. more like:
    vincent: speculates as to why msanne is the way she is, also makes fat joke

    msanne: oh so you’re a pop psychologist then…woohoo…how original, makes fat joke

    vincent: provides lesson in english, makes fat joke

    msanne: attempts to summarise situation, but makes a terrible job of it which is so self-serving it’s bordering on psychotic (but manages to avoid a fat joke, this time)

    msanne: goes off in search of another drink whilst she thinks of another devastating fat joke

    what’s with all the fat jokes anyway? a guy could be forgiven for thinking that you’re all fucking guilty about not getting enough exercise, or something.

  74. Vincent is fake.

  75. i’ve really gotten to you, huh?
    are you on some sort of heroic mission to follow me about like a whipped puppy?

  76. pot. kettle. black!
    havin’ a ball here. but gettin a bit bored now. you can be queen of lamebook again.
    i’ll let ya.

  77. It may come as a shock to you, vincent, but my crimson tide still rolls in. The only hot flushes I get are during a good old sex sesh. And the only time my vag gets dry is when I think of you taking it up the arse. I must say, honey, you do sound like you’re cramping at the moment. Can I offer you a Naprogesic?

  78. msannethrope – congratulations on your progress with the english language. you got ‘psychology’ right this time! and ‘poo’! we’re all really excited for you.

    in any case, i seem to have touched a nerve with the childhood incest thing, and for that i humbly apologise. i’m sure your daddy didn’t lock you in a rape dungeon while he went on a sex holiday to thailand.

    there are clearly much more complex reasons for your desperate thirst for approval on the internet, not to mention your 52 inch waist and your poor grasp of english. it is clearly way beyond my feeble grasp of pop psychology.

    however, i’m sure you could enlighten us with your superior knowledge in the arcane field of ‘pschology’. and while you’re at it, i’d love to hear more about the “western narrative of history (because it is full of lies and ulterior motives)” – quite the intellectual, aren’t you! i really enjoy these nuggets of nuanced socio-critical analysis – more please!

    seriously though, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. you’ll have to step it up a bit, i’m getting bored already.

    word – well done on your functioning vagina! i really enjoyed hearing about it. and at your age – who’d have thought it, eh?

  79. Vincent, I have recently discovered that msanne suffers from severe constipation. Is this helpful?

  80. I just read 79 of trolling bullshit… but I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t stop I tells ya! Oh the horror!

  81. Lol what is with this site! Same ppl saying the same things. You got the guy with the robot serial code who keeps calling everything fake. You got the guy who keeps sayings he’s name over and over again just varying the length. Then you got the fat nazi chick ms Anne who keeps on hating on everyone. Then there this Vincent character who keeps trying to set everyone straight. Then if you missed anything, which I highly doubt some SLG character keeps giving a running summary of the blog.

  82. Nzl, you are fake. However you are also accurate.

  83. hey, nzl, pretty good call – except you managed to out-summarize slug.
    you cracked almost as many hilarious jokes as her, though. so thanks for that.
    lamebook; powered by whining & butthurt? is even that a legitimate alternative energy source?

  84. ^ if butthurt was an energy source, you could power the whole of america, north and south, right now

  85. sure. because you take this so seriously (boo hoo) then i must as well?
    that makes sense.
    if you’re a moron.

  86. Vincent, your name is kind of mundane and it begs the question – are you gay?

    Fat people die younger so why shouldn’t they be mocked? If they’re stupid enough to eat themselves into an early grave then they should expect a joke or two thrown their way. It’s a travesty that people allow fat people the same luxuries as normal humans. They should be A) Banned from fast food outlets, B) Forced to exercise and C) Be told what to eat.
    Failure to comply would result in jail because its a CRIME that they’re treated for free, treatment paid for by taxpayers. Some would be allowed to continue as normal though because it would also be a crime if the jokes died out.

  87. ^The most cost effective way to eliminate obesity is to terminate the obese people. I suggest massacres at fast food eating outlet.

  88. ^ You weren’t built to think – get back in your box and tell me I’m fake.

    But you do bring a fair point to the table.

  89. Crusty, you are fake.

  90. I’ve got a lot of time for comment #81.

  91. Incorrect. You have 3 hours and 14.5 minutes for it.

  92. Unbelievable.

  93. I pity you, T1000. I wish nothing but happiness for your future.

  94. Thank you.

  95. i know that you’re looking for someone to approve/pat you on the back/suck your dick, msanne, but you’re a fool if you think i take you seriously.
    with some of the utter tripe you write, it’s actually fucking hard imagining such a scenario.
    but kudos to you for giving yourself so much credit. perhaps there is a way out of this mess for your poor, battered self-esteem.

  96. ^shut up dickwad. no one cares.

  97. I like how msanne completely ignored her spelling mistake.

  98. I care.

  99. I care too, MsAnne. I care a lot!
    Well it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it…

  100. no one of any importance cares.
    just tweedledee and tweedlefuckoffanddie.

  101. Hurr hurr hurr so clever.

  102. ^best. comeback. ever.

  103. msanne, if i wanted my come back, i’d speak to your mother.

  104. ^ Ew, why would you touch the thing that brought this drunk, smoking, wrinkled fat bitch into the world? I can’t imagine it’s any lovlier.

  105. simple sydni – she sucks a mean cock.

  106. and you suck a mean cliché.
    you should question my sexuality next.
    because you two have really good material. i don’t know how you keep knocking them out like that.
    i love how i only have to type three words and you dogs start drooling.

    i don’t think what i’m doing is ethical. i wonder if i can still use the data?

  107. I already questioned your sexuality when you wanted to see my tits. Old lesbian bitch.

  108. I’m pretty sure MsAnne said she wanted to wear your tits.
    As earrings. Fabulous, dahling.

  109. i was thinking a seriously haute cravat.

    but the bitch is being coy.

  110. Oh my Christ who invited vincent back?

  111. can you imagine how excited i am that you’ve typed more than three words, thropadopolous? i’m fucking tweaking my nipples here mate…it’s hard to type!
    you’re funny. pretty much my first experience of the joys of interacting with you involved you calling me…oh…fat…and…gay.
    if its ok for you to abandon any ideas of what is funny and revert to the path of least resistance, it must be ok for everyone else, right? including me!
    so say hi to your mum for me!

  112. ^you suck at funny.

  113. ^LOL i love reading all of these play out as you get owned over and over

  114. *whispers* “i think her alcohol remedy has stopped working”

  115. *whispers* only stupid people think stupid things are remotely funny.

  116. back for more ownage, msanne? heard of teabagging?
    i invented a new form of it…called grindbagging….
    *grindbags msanne*

  117. ‘ownage’.
    because the king of dreary boredom says so?

    fuck that for a game of soldiers. i got me some gold tops.

  118. drugs, again, msanne? i suppose its a refuge for an unimaginative mind…
    i’m going to go ahead and quote someone else here, please forgive the lack of originality, the words fit so well that they really belong here -
    You stupid douchenozzle. You truly don’t fucking get it, do you? You poor motherfucker. You’re gonna miss everything cool and die angry.

  119. heh. kicked your ass, though, didn’t I?


  120. BorderlineDane

    I see how her life turns out…much like a bunker, shooting speed and taking cyanide

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