Friday, September 11, 2009

National Tragedy, 2009








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  1. Wow. I’ve never seen such a compilation of lameness. Shit.

  2. my brain just exploded.

  3. IDIOT

  4. wow…a collection of idiots, good one admin! sadly enough, 9-11 isn’t a day I wanna make fun of. RIP to the lost ones. Eernal rest grant to them oh heavenly maker. Yeah Flip has a heart

  5. Holy shit, quite a bunch of douches! not even I can make fun of 9/11…

  6. That sucks. On a related note, this is also pretty bad (it’s two years old, but same subject):

  7. I feel sorry for the girl who was talking about her flights. Bad timing.

  8. It really bothers me to see all the OMG DON’T FORGET statuses on Facebook. Sorry. It’s such vapid sentimentalism and irritating patriotism and the like. Call me a bad person, but it simply bothers me.

  9. I blame the parents. All fourteen of them.

  10. We dont go on about 7/07 London bombings so why do people feel the need to go on about 9/11? I’m sorry but terrible things happen ALL the time.

  11. @Qball8600

    You insensitive turd.

  12. @ 10 – how many people lost their lives on 7/07?

  13. People use events like 9/11 as a way to show off their compassion in their facebook status, while simultaneously trying to direct all attention on themselves, for status comments.

  14. @12 – Still enough to cause an effect of peoples lives like 9/11 did.

  15. @14 52 people died in 7/07. Tragic, no question about that. Around 3000 died in 9/11. Show some respect. It was not a ‘terrible thing that happens all the time’. It doesn’t even come close to that. I find impossible to comprehend even one person being stuck in one of those towers as it collapsed, let alone that many. I’m British, btw.

  16. @15 – But both were still caused by the same thing – Terrorism.

  17. @16 – Why shouldn’t people go on about it at the anniversary? Your first comment was that ‘we’ don’t go on about 7/07 ‘all the time’ – I think we should!



  19. looove the sarah one. just priceless. 2003? maybe an anniversary of her own i guess. idk people are crazy

  20. @Sixkiller I respect the man you’ve become

  21. Everyone knows terrorism never exsited anywhere in the known universe until 9/11.

  22. Sarah’s made me laugh harder than I ever have reading this site. Perfection.

  23. Compare the 3000+ deaths on 9/11 to the 4000+ US soldiers killed in Iraq, 30,000+ soldiers wounded and the ONE MILLION+ Iraqis killed.

    Make a facebook status about that.

    @Krystyna, perhaps the mention of 2003 is in reference to the US invasion of Iraq??

  24. @10/14/16 – I know what you mean, but there are more tactful ways of saying it. Such a loss of life is tragic and worth remembering at least once per year, be it your fb status (which may seem like attention seeking, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the type of people who do that simply don’t realise that that is how it appears), or as private thoughts, or whatever.

    Ok I just left the room for like 10 minutes and completely forgot what point I was going to make. Lame, I know.

  25. I feel bad, I’m in Canada and no one I know has posted anything about 9/11, I haven’t either it was tragic don’t wrong and i feel for the families of the victims that have this day as a reminder of what happened, maybe I view it as a reminder of how our lives can be taken away in a split second, and to live our lives to the fullest.
    Just my thoughts, maybe why I didn’t post anything up on my site, as well as avoided the whole Micheal Jackson shebazzz.

  26. Way to Go Qball8600! You turned Laura into her own little version of LameBook.

    You rock.

  27. Most of us are remembering, and, if you weren’t personally impacted by this tragedy, I don’t think using a Facebook status to commemorate it seems all that genuine. A lot of my friends made similarly idiotic remarks in their Facebook statuses today, and I think it’s pretty easy to offend and upset people by accident when dealing with something like this in a very public and seemingly halfhearted manner.

  28. @Bucky

    “have you seen the film ‘lose change’”

    “um..I’ve seen a little bit of change but everything’s kinda back to normal now”


  29. For Christ sakes. I wish people would stop bringing it up. I know people who lost family members in that event and all they want is for people to stop going on about it so they can try to move on with their lives, but is that ever going to happen? No, because self-righteous asshats like this don’t even give two seconds to consider how those who ACTUALLY suffered grievous personal loss might feel about it.

  30. *loose

    please don’t attack me spelling nazis

  31. What does Michael Jordan have to do with anything?!

  32. omg this is priceless.

  33. I remember where I was when 9/11 happened. Ironically, I was listening to my father recall where he was when JFK got shot.

    Also, the government of Chile was overthrown by CIA-backed right-wing fascists in 1973, killing about 3,000 people in the process. On September 11th, 1973, to be more accurate.

    Hm. Something to think about.

  34. But who gives a shit about 3,000 Chileans?

  35. Good call Boz, I suspect that when you compare the number and scale of deaths and attrocities perpetrated abroad, the twin towers begins to look a lot less significant. Not that I’m trivialising death, but it sure does happen a lot.

  36. in reference to the 8th anniversary one, saying its innapropriate to celebrate! Excuse me but sept 11 is my birthday! I cannpot help my birthday coincides with a tragedy! And it isn’t just an American tradegy, there were other nationalities on those planes.

  37. I bet she’s so used to the phone she mistakes the 3 for a 1 on her keyboard

  38. haha this shit is hilarious. 3k deaths, psh. 3k people died this second starving, getting shot, aids, drugs, natural disaster. Building people got squashed and died fast, they were the lucky ones. How many innocents did the US kill in Iraq and Afghanistan, how many wars did they fund to merk some backwoods guerilla fighters in areas they have no business being. Stop with the self righteousness

  39. ^ douchebag

  40. drforrester is a retard, grow up fag

  41. @Raab

    Who cares about 3,000 Americans?


  42. @ISIS: This card is for you:
    Happy belated birthday!

    @Jeff: If that was the case, she would have typed a 7 instead of a 1. 1 is always on the left and 3 always on the right, no matter which keyboard she’s used to.

  43. hello people… how about the black death? largest death toll, ever…nearly 100 million killed. Why no annual weep fest for this one?

  44. LMFAO Thank you Strangequark. Thats just delightful. I love it! :)
    I cant say I have ever received such a unique happy birthday message.

  45. at awwwshit: I guess no one annualing weeps for it, as we had only ourselves to blame for been so filthy and living in our own filth, dam the terrorist fleas on rats getting into our garbage and feaces and infecting us. Lol.

  46. @Boz

    That is interesting. I didn’t know that.

  47. @thisiswhy:

    Agreed, but the deaths of all those other people was not the fault of those that died in 9/11. What pisses me off about all this “never forget” bullshit is the millions of people who sling 9/11 around when they were in no way involved in it. They don’t really care about the people that died, they just care that their country was caught with it’s pants down. So to most it’s not about mourning as much as revenge.

    The worst though, is when my fellow Canadians throw that shit around like they’re not cursing the States every chance they get.

    To it was a horrible event that didn’t need to happen, which set in motion even worse events that REALLY didn’t need to happen… but I’m not going to pretend to mourn the deaths of people I didn’t know just to seem like a good person.

  48. Matter of interest: Can the depth of a tragedy really be defined by simply how many died?

  49. I’m with Trillian @23


    S’all I’m saying.

  51. Serious talk is serious, and the exact point of lamebook.

    Shut up people, you’re killing my buzz.

  52. No one seems to have touched the real issue here. Whitney is a bitch.

  53. Yan walks away with the Lamebook trophy, even though he has serious competition in this 9/11 commemorative batch.

    Not only is he an insensitive ass, but he’s spending a fortune on college textbooks and still can’t tell the difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and which one was was responsible for 9/11.

  54. do you think it is comparable to ho many people who died in iraq?
    americans … always ..

  55. @ISIS The point is millions of people died. should there not be a “memorium” regardless of who/what caused it? Everyone wants to “remember” all the people who died no matter what the cause, yet Americans choose these small death tolls (like airplanes and car crashes) without looking at the bigger numbers like AIDS, cancer, diabetes that are killing many more people WORLDWIDE every year. why not focus on the big ones?

  56. @55 – Because death and disease has been claiming lives since the beginning of times. While each case on a micro level is tragic, overall it’s not shocking and as a result, not as memorable. You know what is shocking and memorable? Crashing f*cking planes into f*cking skyscrapers! Also, it happened on American soil. People are always impacted more by things that hit closer to home.

  57. @Nole

    Thanks for mentioning that. 140,000 dead in Hiroshima and 80,000 dead in Nagasaki. Whole cities of people wiped out.

    Who are the real terrorists?

  58. These comments are a perfect mix of “Americans are so arrogant to expect people to care about them. Everyone should care about US!
    ” and “Look how politically aware I am! I can google statistic numbers!”

  59. The future of is America is fucked.

  60. Jesus Christ people. The tragedy top trumps shit is in seriously bad taste. Take it to the guardian website

  61. lol, whatever. i laughed at this one.

  62. or rather, I laughed at Sarah’s.

  63. Sarah reminds me of myself.

    Thank god I’m not on Lamebook….yet.

  64. @Faux #58: Word. As if cataclysmic mad-made events are somehow in competition with each other, and every 9/11 commemorative occasion an opportunity to debate how many MORE catastrophic events occurred during the history of mankind.

  65. I don’t get why people worry so much about the ‘sensitivity’ of others. I mean, what difference will it make if someone is insensitive or feels sorry for the people affected by the incident? Feeling sorry for people won’t bring them back. Setting aside a day to be sad and dwelling on the past won’t help anything.

  66. I had rather hoped that the pain and loss felt by Americans on 9/11 would transfer through the process of empathic osmosis to provide a context for… well, I’ve already lost anyone to whom this might be directed.

  67. People are idiots if they don’t understand the reason 9/11 is remembered is because of the SCALE of the attacks. Never has a terror attack on American soil caused SO MUCH death and destruction, both on that day AND the years afterward. It was a catalyst for the way the western world is right now and completely shaped the way we view each other and the rest of the world in the new millennium.

    I agree with the rest of the commenters here that facebook status “remembrances” are just group mentality bids for attention (“look at me being DEEP by remembering like everyone else, comment me on how amazing i am”) but I have absolutely no issue with actual, real life commemorations. Just because it’s an American issue doesn’t mean people HAVE to find some way to trivialize it, compare it to another tragic event and dis “dumb” Americans in the process.

    I think the “Michael Jordan” one is a joke playing on people mistaking Jackson for Jordan…at least I hope it is…

  68. I thought the Michael Jordan one was kinda funny. And for those who are unaware, it was because he was just inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

    Most people who have a 9/11 status don’t really care about it anyway. In fact, I seriously doubt that anybody who commemorates it through facebook is even capable of feeling emotion towards a stranger.

  69. Captain Bucky O'Hare

    To the idiots who think it’s appropriate to try and outdo one another with events of terrible destruction and death – ‘ner ner, our terrorist atrocity was better than your one!’ – yeah, you’re idiots.

  70. 9/11 was mostly a safety/integrity tragedy, people are more worried now.

    The near 3000 deaths (well, above 3000 if you count the terrorists, but that’s kinda weird to do) is certainly a big tragedy, but not a huge one compared to other events.

    The biggest event in 21st century ought to be the 12/26 2004, when the tsumani hit South-East Asia and killed near 230 000 people.

  71. Holy fuck, I read a couple of the comments, and I don’t understand how everyone can misunderstand eachother. I think we can all agree that 9 / 11 was a not a national tragedy, but human tragedy. that said, 10.’s point was against the exploitation of the tragedy – be it the government, the media, or people’s facebook profiles. we also have to remember (and i’m talking to non-americans) the american culture IS very patriotic, it’s not that they don’t care about international tragedies. but this tragedy is personal to them, it was a significant attack, just as many terrorist attacks are to respective countries. and finally, it doesn’t matter about the statistics. one person dying is as much of a tragedy as 1 million people dying. i hope everyone can agree.

  72. Good lord, people. Arguing about which tragedy is worse? As if the fact that something even more terrible once happened negates any of the pain and suffering for ANY of these people?

    Have a little respect and empathy. It’s pretty easy to be so cynical and judgmental from the outside, but to anyone involved in ANY of the tragedies listed, I’m sure arguing on internet forums about whose pain is worse is probably the absolute lamest and non-productive possible task.

    Bad taste, people. Self-centered, spoiled and bad, bad taste.

  73. Let’s not talk about the over 1.000.000 dead iraqies…

  74. 911 is a joke! 9/11 isnt!

  75. I once lost a fingernail on the 9th of November (9/11). I hope you will all be thinking of that sad loss when the anniversary comes and update your fb status accordingly.

  76. Whats all the fuzz about the 9th of november indeed…

  77. These people are sooks. I thought it was funny.

  78. LOL Sarah is my Facebook friend. Wonder who sent it in.

  79. What year was the Srebrenica massacre?

  80. oh emm gee…i nearly shit myself with sarahs post. that was hilarious.

  81. @8

    I totally agree. I think it is ridiculous that it is taboo to say anything about 9/11. Lighten up people.

  82. Just a quick point.

    Don’t want to trivialise 9/11 at all, but if an atrocity on the scale of 9/11 happened once a day, it would take just under 11 YEARS before the death toll matched that of the Holocaust…

  83. @ 82

    You’d have a point, IF the Holocaust really happened.

  84. @Mike
    Idk where you are from, but here in Europe you’d get arrested for saying things like that…

  85. KO, no you wouldn’t.

    The holocaust was a set up by the jews so we feel bad

  86. @85
    wtf? are you serious?
    There’s a special part in hell for people like you, you know.
    I’m not a jew, or German (Belgian actually), but ehm… haven’t you ever seen proof of the holocaust? there’s bunkers all over Europe, there’s 20 in a 5mile radius around my house only, there are hundreds of camps, families that have hidden jews, there are bomb- and gunshells everywhere in the ground, bombs that never exploded and got dug in… There’s Fort Breendonk, Auschwitz… what about all the images??? the people who disappeared? or did all the jews build another world under the ground where they would hide, just to give other people a bad feeling?

    Oh, ok, that’s true, the Nazi’s built those holes in the ground, they called them Massengrab.

  87. @85

    Then why is there a law in belgium against negationism/revisionism (23 march 1995)?
    Holocaust denial is explicitly or implicitly illegal in 12 other countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland.
    So stfu neo-nazi.

  88. i feel for the 3,000+ lives lost, i really do..

    If anyone else REALLY did they would question their government as to why they let this happen..

    People should really look into the event as a whole and start questioning their government because what Bush fed you guys was pathetic..

    PS. I am NOT American.. thank god.

  89. jessica, go to hell. insulting an entire country does not make you seem superior; it makes you seem ignorant.

    also, if you’re implying that 9/11 was a conspiracy and that the american government was involved, you should be ashamed of yourself. that is disrespectful to every single person who died that day. no one liked bush. we’re all relieved and thrilled that he’s gone. but even proposing the idea that he ordered the death of thousands of americans is ridiculous and disgusting.

    you know, you’re right. thank GOD you’re not an american. we’d be ashamed if you were one of us.

  90. speak for yourself CS. Look up the Gulf of Tonkin and tell me with a straight face that our government didn’t lie about Vietnam . Better yet, go around the world and preach your pride for America. Welcome to the New American Century, where Cheney was quoted, “we need a new pearl harbor”. You might be a cool individual but your heart has been lied to.

  91. @csdweeb don’t forget Operation Northwoods. The whole world is changing in a way that is unacceptable way. The day you start letting the gov get away with False Flag terror is the day the tyrants win.

    Wake up and put your personal feelings aside and research exactly who was involved in the attacks. 2 planes hit 3 buildings collapsed in New York that day.

    Google video: Loose Change

  92. Hey 43 awwwshit, you are sawwwwwfullofshit. I think you’ll find that the entire population of Europe during the period in which bubonic and pneumonic plague was endemic, that is the 14th C did not total the number you quote of 100 million. The only number of death’s any where near that proportionsand yet still no where near was the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918-19. The estimated death toll for that was estimated by the World Health Organisation as some where between 20 and 40 million people world wide. Bear in mind this was in one year alone.
    More service men died from flu than did on the battle fields of the first world war. Also the most tragic outbreaks where among indigenous peoples such as the Innuit in Canada and Alaska and the Chukchi on the Siberian Pacific coast, there entire tribes where wiped out, not just individuals or families, or small communities but entire populations of a individual cultures.
    And I’d just like to say to Boz, right on, who gives a fuck about 3,000 Americans. The majority of Americans are the scum of the earth.

  93. Jessica don’t worry we are thanking God that your not American. What the hell does it matter that it was Americans that died that day? What does matter is that 3000+ HUMAN lives where lost that day in an act of terrorism. Every country on Earth has experienced terrorism in some form or another and each country deals with it differently. As Americans we chose to honor the people who lost their lives that day by remembering them and also by getting off our asses and try to stop the the worthless assholes who organized it from ever doing to someone else. I admit that the war isn’t going as well as we had hoped but at least Americans are trying to stop it. So I guess more Americans are willing to give up their lives so you non-Americans can carry on with your lives by bitching and moaning on the internet. Don’t worry the next time the terrorists are looking for a target we will send them your direction and see how you react when the bullseye is on your ass!

  94. WTF: Just because the American government likes to go into other countries guns blazing in hopes of getting their oil, I mean, ending terrorism (hah!), does not mean that all of the other countries are lazy cowards. We have men and women overseas fighting your pointless war so that the American government doesn’t decide to invade us… We have oil too and lots of other things you ungrateful bastards need to live so maybe you should appreciate what other countries do for America, not because America is seen as worthy of this, but because they’re untrustworthy bullies with exponentially more firepower than brain power. I’m sick of seeing our fine young men die in your war. Get off your high horse America, and think about that..

  95. @ Canadian

    Pull your head out of your ass. Only someone from a country that is a inconsequential as yours you say something like that. Tell you what, when your country saves the free world TWICE (both world wars) then maybe you can sit in and talk with the big boys. Until then, put up and shut up. As for firepower, we have it because haven’t spent all our money on a socialist healthcare entitlement. Your military sucks because you can’t afford to have a decent one (not that you need one because no one gives two shits about Canada, eh.) Secondly, our brains equal our firepower. Last time I checked, we have more world renowned universities than any other country, and are competitive in technological innovation. Sure we compete with Japan and a few others, but thats not your concern because Canada has exported……FUCKO. Yes we are cocky, but when the whole world looks to us to fix their problems, whether they be economical, political, or whatever, then we have earned the right to be. You may go now.

  96. Sorry, gotta do this . . .

    Pull your head out of your ass. Only someone from a country that is a inconsequential as yours you say something like that. Tell you what, when your country saves the free world TWICE (both world wars) then maybe you can sit in and talk with the big boys.

    -Uhhh . . . you do realize that the US didn’t land on D-Day alone, right, Canadians landed with us on Juno beach . . .

    Until then, put up and shut up. As for firepower, we have it because haven’t spent all our money on a socialist healthcare entitlement.

    -No, we spent all of our money (and even some that we didn’t have, hence the deficit) on a stupid bullshit war in Iraq. Afghanistan made sense, but funny thing is, because we fucked up in Iraq now we’re losing in the “good” war too.

    Your military sucks because you can’t afford to have a decent one (not that you need one because no one gives two shits about Canada, eh.)

    -Because they don’t piss anyone off-UNLESS they try to pass off ham as “Canadian bacon.”

    Secondly, our brains equal our firepower. Last time I checked, we have more world renowned universities than any other country, and are competitive in technological innovation.

    -So last time you checked was in the ’90s?

    Sure we compete with Japan and a few others, but thats not your concern because Canada has exported……FUCKO.

    -Neither has the Vatican. YOU HATE JESUS. AHHHHHHH! Sorry. But really, how the hell can you say that we compete with Japan? Japan and China own our trailer-trash asses.

    Yes we are cocky, but when the whole world looks to us to fix their problems, whether they be economical, political, or whatever, then we have earned the right to be.

    -We haven’t earned shit, the world doesn’t want us stepping on their toes constantly while we wave our dick around and shout, “AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!” Seriously. I love my country too, but I have the right to question what the hell we’re doing.

    You may go now.

    -After you, sir.

  97. The comparison one sickens me. Stupid fucking emo kid “Oh god life’s so depressing”. Just go kill yourself already and stop saying how hard your life is.

    I mean 90%+ of the world doesn’t have Facebook consider yourself lucky.

  98. Informed Individual

    Jews did 9/11

  99. I misread “Most recent comments” as “Most retarded comments”.

    Then I read Informed Individual’s comment.

  100. If Blue Oyster Cult is to be believed, 40,000 men and women die every day.

  101. Blue Oyster Cult is ALWAYS to be believed.

  102. Dear Americans,

    Get OVER it. People around the world have died from attacks that have been equally if not more brutal and where the number of victims over a period of time have run into tens of thousands. And not suprisingly, those deaths have been caused by American foreign policy. 9/11 was a monumental tradegy no doubt, but stop fretting over it like that’s the only human tragedy ever to befall this planet. Laugh at jokes made at the expense of other nations’ tragedies on your talk shows but expect the world to pay tributes to yours’.

  103. Dear Boz,
    you will need a bigger stick if you expect the 800lb gorilla to consider your advice.

  104. @96 Bravo!

  105. It has been 8 years, get the fuck over it, you talk about remembrance and not letting the lives of 3000 people go to the waste, well don’t worry it didn’t, you pretty much destroyed 2 countries, caused worldwide political unrest, religious division, created a whole new breeding ground of terrorists and killed hundred of thousands of afghans, Iraqis in exchange. Hey America, is that enough yet to stop your fucking moaning or will the 1 billion population of Muslims have to be wiped out before you stop harping on about 3000 people who died nearly a decade ago.

    The sick thing is since then there has been large numbers of tragedies, including the tsunami, Madrid bombing, London bombing, Pakistan earthquakes, bush fires, Iraq war, Afghan war and yet i never see Americans putting that in their fb statuses, hell most of them don’t even know of these events because they’re mind still hasn’t gotten over the ‘horrendous, world-altering’ tragedy that fell on their country. That’s why the world hates the pissy, arrogant Americans, if you don’t cry over 9/11, they accuse you of being an Arab,a terrorist, a traitor etc and yet they don’t even acknowledge the atrocities they have committed over the last 5 years. Hell arseholes you voted bush in twice, why don’t you moan over that tragedy for the next decade.

  106. @getoverit-

    are you kidding me!? obviously you’re not an american (i’m assuming you’re from the UK by the lingo you used). And i’m guessing you’ve never visited america. you sound like the typical european that bashes america but doesn’t know anything about the people that live here. (i really dont want to say it’s a typical european thing to do. i have visited all over europe and have never experienced anything other than great hospitality from my friends families and strangers alike.)

    not all americans talk about remembering 9/11. not all americans are blind by the tragedies that are happening in other countries. nor do we want to be in iraq or afgahnastan (a great majority of us at least). i never wanted us to be over there (btw i was in the military for the past 6 years. and know most everyone in the military doesn’t want to be in these “wars”)
    it’s just the ignorant americans who are going on and on about 9/11. and unfortunately they are the ones the rest of the world sees.

  107. Actually, by you refering to the poster as a typical european, as well as your completely ignorant statements, it furthers the worlds view on the typical red neck american. Not only has america contributed to what can only be refered to as mass genicide for oil(and nothing else), but in doing so america has fucked the economy all over the world. I am not american but I live very close to the boarder and have met far more americans than I had ever wanted. Thus, I think it’s fair to say that my conclusion that most of you are inbred hicks is fairly accurate. I mean common, how else could any of you still believe the taliban had anything to do with 9/11.

  108. I couldn’t agree more with #96, and #107.

  109. only 2,973 people died on 9/11 i dunno where people are getting the 3000+ figures from and the taliban were no way involved in it whatsoever

  110. #96 Russia played the biggest role in world war, not america. if it wasnt for russia the war would of not been won.

  111. Nobody noticed that “American” trying to show how *smart* he was (on behalf of his country) said “fucko” when he meant “fuck all”?

    The US did not win either of the World Wars. They just like to take all the credit. It’s like coming on in the last 5 minutes of a football game where the score is already in favor of your team and then claiming that you single handedly achieved the victory because you scored a TD before the end.

    Nobody can deny that the US made a significant contribution but they did not “win” the war for everybody else. They *helped* to win it. Big difference there. And the main reason that the US was able to contribute so well at the *end* of WW2 was because they hadn’t lost most of their infrastructure and personnel in WW1, since they only came in at the end of that one too.

    The US even *contributed* to the war on the wrong side at the start of it. Several US companies have been caught out having traded with the Nazis even after it was made illegal to do so, but certainly before as well.

  112. HAHAH… 9/11

    [The US gov't slinks slowly into the shadows]

  113. Those statuses are awesome haha.
    I don’t know why everyone’s so sensitive about it (unless they directly lost someone in it). Because it happened on American soil? Yeah it was a major terrorist attack and a few thousand people died, but … how many people die on a daily, global basis? Not to mention all the countries out there that are in a seemingly permanent state of emergency. Hell even some of our own states here… some improvement programs and domestic aid could probably save hundreds of lives annually.


    Point being.
    Laugh it up, life’s too short. Plus it’s been eight years and a few months.

  114. WAIT.
    That person didn’t make a mistake – they are mourning John Ritter’s death.


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