Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nasty Naps

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Why on earth would anyone reuse a pad? Washed or not, thats disgusting.

  3. That’s a pretty funky Jam Rag that, the last time i saw a Blood Sponge that sweet I ended up looking like i’d dipped my head into a tin of red paint for half an hour.

    That said if a leaking lady approached me dressed up in a flashy Menstrual Mop like that one, i’d fuck her no matter how much claret there was.

  4. And why is this nasty? It’s a reusable pad. There are reusable diapers, for god’s sake!

  5. That’s disgusting… almost as bad as seeing tampon commercials…


  6. Smartcookie – it is disgusting, just because it is. Not as disgusting as Imamofo though.

  7. reusable diapers are nasty anyway…

  8. lol @ Jenna- and your smug little post. lol

  9. Fuck it, if this is all that’s on offer, I’m off to rape some sheep and punch some kittens in the face, such is my anger and disgust.

  10. The average woman uses between 1-2 million personal hygiene products over the course of her menstrual life cycle. Thats a huge impact on the environment, especially considering most of this waste ends up in a landfill.

    These re-usable pads are an awesome menstrual alternative. They are usually made from recycled cotton, are washable, and reduce landfill waste.

    That being said, what kind of ass/genital area does Jenna think her baby is going to have where a square shaped diaper would suffice or be at all comfortable??

  11. Are you saying the average womans’ carbon footprint is in the shape of a cunt wrap?

  12. 1-2 million? Assuming the menstrual life cycle is 50 years (yeah, right), you are talking 20,000-40,000 products per year? Does this woman bleed an elephant every month?

  13. How did she think this was gonna fit around her kids ass???

  14. Who the fuck wears reusable pads??? Anyone okay with this idea is either a man or a nasty little hamster of a woman.

  15. Most of human history has been reusable pads, or nothing at all. Disposable products are an invention of the last century.

    I don’t use them simply because I haven’t got the time nor the inclination to do that much gross laundry. Otherwise they’d save quite a bit of money – although I think 40,000 a year is waaaay off. 400, maybe.

  16. I’m not a man or a hamster, and I use them as well as a menstrual cup, so fuck you.

  17. ….though I don’t facebook it…but people sell these on etsy all the time. So what. Not a funny post by any means, but you do have to be pretty dumb to think that’s a diaper.

  18. A cup too? Ew. Messy.

  19. The Facebook page looks like it’s basically her “fan” page for the store, just like etsy. And even if it’s her regular page, the people she friends have to know it’s what kind of stuff she makes. I hate it when people do that and then bitch that the person’s posting TMI. Why was it lame, other than the idiot not knowing what it was?

    People who think it’s gross need to lighten up and grow up.

    Lame entry.

  20. FYI, a cup’s a lot less messy than any disposable items.

  21. i just googled menstrual cups. gross.

  22. All you little boys oughta grow up and learn something about how the other half of the human race lives. Menstruation is not “gross”, any more than male sexual function. If you are a heterosexual or bisexual man, you should adopt a more thorough interest in women’s genitalia, which can be quite exciting at times. Else you’re really missing out.

  23. I’m not a boy, I don’t think menstruation is gross, but the idea of reusing a pad, or having a cup up there doesn’t do it for me.

  24. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Pretty much everything about the human body is gross.

  25. I’m a woman and I’m pretty disgusted by reusable pads. But, then again, I’m also disgusted by reusable diapers. And regular diapers. I can see the value in the menstrual cup, though. I could be persuaded to use that if it works as well as a tampon.

  26. I used cloth diapers for my youngest son, I don’t used cloth pads though. I would like to try the cup because tampons are nasty.
    I have no problem with cloth pads but I think “family cloth” (for ass wiping) is fucking disgusting.

  27. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff, your name is epic.

    @ the post, hmm. Not sure what to say, I’ll be using disposable diapers most likely on my children. That is a pretty design, however I don’t see why anyone would want some gussied up cloth diaper that will be soaked in shit and piss several times a day, rewashed, and done all over the next day.

  28. YEAH! Bleeding out our vag is totally NATURAL! So think it’s beautiful damn it. Who wants PICS!?!?!?! Because, you know…natural things aren’t gross EVER. Like shit. It’s BEAUTIFUL and natural. And childbirth. Damn that shit is almost sexy it’s so beautiful.

    Also, how heavy of a flow requires 1-2 million feminine products in a life cycle? Which by the way does not encompass the entirety of a woman’s life…Is that one of the 87% of stats that’s buuuuuullshit. Because I promise I haven’t even used 50,000 and I’ve been a bleeder for 8 years now. I think I’m fucking up my carbon footprint. Fuck.

  29. Bananzilla – Maybe think a little before you post things like “the average woman uses between 1-2 million personal hygiene products over the course of her menstrual life cycle”. You may have realized that 1 000 000 products/50 years of menstruating (which is alot)/12 months in a year = over 1500 products per cycle. If you’re using that many there’s something wrong. And while being conscious of your impact on the environment is great, there’s about a million other things you can do besides reuse your pads. If you want to, great – but don’t try to make people feel bad for not feeling comfortable with doing that kind of laundry.

  30. @flaps – I’m a woman and I think menstruation is pretty disgusting

    @makeme – I’d venture to guess that cups would be just as nasty as tampons

  31. I’m a girl, and I’m all for saving the environment, but I’m not prepared to go as far as using reusable pads. That’s just nasty. Yes, it does cut down on the amount of money you spend on things like that, but I’m usually at school when I’m bleeding, and (obviously) it’s inconvenient for me to be carrying a reusable pad around in my school bag, or keeping it in my locker.
    I Googled menstrual cups as well, and that’s even more disgusting then reusable pads. Actually… well, I don’t know.

  32. I have heard of the menstrual cups. I couldn’t imagine using one of those things.

    What if you take it out and it spills everywhere? I don’t know how they really work, but that’s what I picture. Dumping it out in the toilet when it’s filled. *gag*

    Could you imagine being on your period before the invented pads and tampons? That would be awful.

  33. MsBuzzkillington–they don’t dump everywhere. And they work better than tampons–no lie. You guys know what else is gross? Everything. Get over yourselves.


  35. Sorry, I have PMS.

  36. The menstrual cup intrigues me but due to a medical condition I can’t use it. What baffles me, though, is … why has it got measuring lines on it? Is that really information a woman needs?

  37. I didn’t even know that reusable pads existed,that is pretty damn gross. It’s pretty funny she thought that was a diaper though. The best part is her second comment “lol its a diaper lol.” No, no its not.

  38. If you wanna save the environment do something really worthy: don’t drive cars, have fire places, use a fridge, tickle a puppy, etc you get the point. Using recylcable stuff on your hoo-haa means more laundry… and more water. Saves one thing but not another. well done on saving the environment, freaks!

  39. oh god. this reminds me of that one site i’ve come across some time ago. women who use reusable sponges instead of tampons – because they like to feel “close” to who they are and smell the blood and whatnot. had me almost puking half way through the description of the site. and then there was this section to which they uploaded paintings… paintings painted with menstruational blood. i’m still disgusted.

  40. #37 I thought it was a dress for a new born :)

  41. ^^ don’t ask

  42. This is something you would see on Regretsy. xD

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word I was with you up until your apology.

  44. We recently went to an open home (I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called in other countries – when a house is for sale and for half an hour anyone can come and have a look through)…and anyway, there was about 20 of these out on the washing line. You would think you would not have them out for everyone to see. They were plain white btw.

  45. I’m pretty sure in olden times they just walked around naked and let it bleed. Why not, the smell of blood would probably attract dinner….sweet, sweet scavenger meat mmmm. Say Any ladies here on their period interested in making a little cash walking around my property naked?

  46. I loves bitches on they rags. First off, you know dey ain’t pregnant. Secondly, you know dey you ain’t got to use no condom cuz dey ain’t gonna get pregnant. Third thing, you ain’t gotta do no foreplay. I don’t care what the bitch use to clean that shit up. I just use toilet paper or tissue to clean the goo and blood off me then I has to have a shower so I don’t stain my underwear. Easy peasy threesy.

  47. I just knew this would happen

  48. A cup? Thank you, but no. Not to mention friggin’ ouch.

  49. Keona likes to brag that she’s a Mensa member once a month.

  50. Hey guys, FUN FACT!!!
    In the olden days, no they didn’t just let it bleed, they would actually take their skirt and tuck it between their legs. When it would soak through, they would just turn it and proceed on a clean side. These skirts were generally white linen, and therefore when girls had their periods people would say “they have the roses” as the blood prints created rose-like patterns on their skirts.


  51. @bananzilla – are you a vegetarian? You should be, the meat producing industry is ridiculously bad for the environment. 50+ posts about periods. Great.

  52. Would be better if the butterflies were pink.

  53. @Darcey…LMFAO..hahahaa!! :D

  54. @Douchetastic, agreed with the cup thing.

    @48, seriously you can’t feel them, they’re squishy silicone or rubber or plastic and they’re smaller than the average dick you’ll take.

    Also, boys, freaking out about what a girl uses on her period just insures you’re pretty terrible lays. OMG GIRLS BLEED THE HORROR!

    And the reusable pads probably get washed more often than your boxers.

  55. Here’s another fun fact: did you know that reusable diapers actually help kids get potty- trained sooner than those with disposable diapers- since they get to hobble around in cloth that is soaked with piss and shit, and get their little bums irritated?? Hahah, just a fun little fact lol- that has come from many other moms who have childrens who are my age(twenties), so yes, if you want your little offspring to beg to use the toilet at like 16 months, resort to cloth diapers, peoples LOL!


  56. @50
    does this mean you won’t be walking around my property naked? i’ve been craving raccoon meat.

  57. ‘the average dick you’ll take’ is some really classy wording. it really gives off the impression that your paycheck comes from the bunny ranch. my french fries have crawled up and lodged in my throat.

    i want to end this on a high note.

    (dedicated to wordpervert)

    dear crotch o’ mine
    you are so fine
    drenched in red
    from yo taint to yo head
    i make from thee ink
    with it’s own special stink
    i scare all the boys
    by waving bloody sex toys
    i shall buy you a pad
    it shall be so super rad
    of butterflies,
    repeat wash and dries
    so no other vagina will be
    as regally decked out as thee
    my one and only
    my fabulous bloody vagina

  58. eelappeal, Yeats, you are not, but that’s quite an entertaining little piece of poetry, nonetheless. And thank you for the thoughtful dedication. I think.

  59. no problem. i know how much you like to hear about bloody periods, etc.

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