Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nananana Hey Hey Hey…. Goodbye


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  1. I like to dissect Facebook posts. Did you know I’m utterly lame?

  2. stupid likes turtles

  3. Third! Take that you stupid first persons…

  4. I wish we’d get another screen cap from a few hours later to see what all his friends had to say.

    And it’s awfully late in the year for him to piss of Santa. Not a smart kid. Nana is probably the one who buys his video games.

  5. Blurring out Nana’s default profile pic wins 2009′s Redundancy Award.

  6. Tyler FTW!

  7. It always surprises me when grandparents are on facebook. My grandparents can’t even use a mouse!

  8. I can’t help but chuckle that she signed her name at the end, like it was a little letter. Or just in case Paul was too dumb to remember his grandmother’s real name.

  9. These are my boards Patrick. You are utterly gay too.

  10. My brother is continually helping my one set of grandparents with their computer problems. One weekend when I went to my parents’ house and he was gone for the weekend so I got to fill in.

    As it turned out, my grandpa had marked the email addresses of a few of my relatives as spam (something he apparently does frequently). I recovered all the emails, removed the email addresses from the spam list, and told him to stop pushing the ‘mark as spam’ button, at which point he pulled out his pocket knife, pretended to cut the ‘mark as spam’ button off the screen, and said ‘I wish I could just get rid of that.’

  11. @10 – you like Huey Lewis & the News?

  12. Weebles
    She didn’t sign her name. She ended the message with “Nana”.

    And her name is Charlotte.

  13. What kind of grandmother tells one grandchild that he’s “her favorite Grandson”? Are the other grandchildren (and their parents) not on Facebook or is Grandma a prudey douche?

  14. She probably has no other grandkids.

  15. @ 14&15
    Looking very close, you can see she has at least two of them…

  16. tyler said wtf Nana, because he is another grandchild, and Nana called out the other one as her favorite. understand?

  17. Wow, you people are dumb. Look at Charlotte’s blurred out last name. Then look at Tyler’s. Notice that they kind of look the same? Um, Charlotte is Tyler’s Nana too, and that’s why the WTF.

    Paul, you shouldn’t swear. Shame on you.

  18. #15 – i’m pretty sure tyler is another one of her grandsons…

  19. maybe the fact that Nana/Charlotte told Paul that he was her favorite grandson triggered Tyler’s WTF response…

  20. I bet Tyler is the one teaching Paul how to swear, he seems to have mastered it with his “wtf”s. Probably why he’s not the favorite. Or his inability to grasp the fact that he just did what she said not to do.

    And by the way, does a Grandma even know what “wtf” means?

  21. I can’t believe a Grandma is on Facebook, I don’t know if I should be happy or “weirded” out.
    Also @ 21, if she’s on facebook, it’s a possibility.

  22. what a great fucking family!

  23. Toasted by nana.

  24. @ Patrick Bateman

    Sure do. What does your business card look like?

  25. Anastasia from Russia

    After thoughtful consideration, Sherlock concluded that Charlotte aka Nana was not one of the 3 persons who liked Paul’s status.

  26. @sarah

  27. Nana is a hater

  28. LOL at Charlotte, or “Nana”

  29. If Nana is anything like my grandmother she probably didn’t realize or think of the facet that Tyler could see this.. funny

  30. You all are idiots. Obviously this is fake. Hilarious, but fake.

  31. @ Bateman…

    Feed me a stray cat.

  32. @ Bateman

    Drop me down the stairwell.

  33. @ IJ

    If Nana is anything like my grandmother, she’ll come back an hour later, see his status, and post the same comment again.

  34. I have Brians

  35. lol @ Nana
    poor Tyler, finds out he’s not the favourite Grandson

  36. Jesus, Chainsaw, what does that have to do with anything?

  37. I like turtles.

  38. those bateman posts made me piss myself

    particularly the chainsaw one

  39. I have video tapes to return… brb.

  40. number 2 likes the cock

  41. Tyler is another one of Paul’s Nanas (that’s why she signs it like Charlotte) and she is cussing out Charlotte for being so uncool and un-facebook-ish.

    I spread wisdom.

  42. @TheWiseMan

    That better have been a joke… cuz you are fucking stupid otherwise…

  43. Those Bateman posts were the best.

    Do rules of attraction next.

  44. @Kaalo – of course he was joking

  45. Campaign to outlaw excessive use of "actually" and "literally"

    Nana isn’t her nickname. It’s an old pseudonym for grandmother, much like in families of German descent call the grandparents “Oma” and “Opa” for grandmother and grandfather, respectively.

  46. What obviously is going on is this: Dude’s grandmother calls him her favorite, then her other grandson sees it and says “WTF Nana”

  47. I don’t get these Bateman posts.. explain somebody?

  48. @Bateman: ):

  49. @ 47.

    They’re ‘American Psycho’ references.

  50. The American Psycho posts were better than the Lame. The book’s a billion times rougher and gorier than the movie. Tubes and gerbils and vaginas, oh my.


  52. omg that shit made me laugh…i not officially love this page

  53. now**

  54. I agree with Nana about Paul’s language; clearly English isn’t his native tongue. It’s “fuck *THE* haters”, not “fuck *tha* haters”.

  55. Lol. They’ve blurred a silhouet photo (the grandma’s)

  56. Spike, you’re an idiot

  57. Awww, poor grandma. You’ve broken her heart with those foul words, you bastard! :P

  58. lol @ lamebook…. Your tag lines get better and better. Major Kudos!!

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