Friday, November 19, 2010

Nailin’ the Palins

See the full story of the Palins on Facebook here!

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  1. Why are the blurs so dark?

  2. …Seriously? Could we at least have made it about Jesus and mentioned nailing them to a cross?

  3. lolololol

  4. I love how Willow called somebody fat. Look at your obese sister, you stupid little bitch.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    Who is almond? She is dating a nut?

  6. At least we know their mother isn’t the only retarded person in the family.


  8. Why did Lamebook blur out the Palin names?

  9. This is real? hahaha oh man, at first I was like… oh brother, someone else changing their name to make something funny.

  10. That’s what I thought, too, till I read the Huff Post article. White trash at its finest.

  11. @mass – they blurred the names so dark because they couldn’t be arsed with the photos

  12. @Inifekt It should have been obvious Bristol was retarded as soon as she had an inkling to be on DWTS. Also, helping her mommy’s campaign just by being knocked up.

  13. so lamebook are allowing people to submit their own blurred out posts if it means they can get it faster than faii book even though it specifically doesn’t show anything blocked out by anyone other than lamebook? so its all about hits, what a cool site! nice how they say fuck you to their morals when they know theres some hits involved

  14. I heard about this via Perez Hilton – it must have gone on longer because Willow Palin is in trouble for calling Tre a fagott (sp?)… I don’t really understand why their pictures aren’t blurred though – what’s the deal?

  15. This is so, so, so, so great.

  16. Just wanted to say that I went to highschool with a lot of the people on this, pretty awesome that Wasilla is getting on the map. You can view the whole thing at TMZ, etc. Good stuff!



    It’s terrible. Cannot be tolerated.

  19. Fun Fact: Nailin pailin was a highly succesful porno. I doubt these are the actual palins though…anyone know if this is legit? I doubt that they would risk any bad publicity by posting something like this on facebook…

  20. @Jonjones But they’re fucking retards. Of course they would, they don’t care or know any better. They’re just trying to defend the dysfunctional family of theirs.

  21. @Jonjones this is real. As stated before I know many of these people, and if that is not evidence enough then this should be:–bristol-palin-apologizes-for-facebook-rant

    But seriously, it’s real. It’s silly. And that family is just an eyesore to us real Alaskans.

  22. In their defense, nailin pailin’ was an awesome production.

  23. @ curlybap 11 .. I did not notice that…odd,eh.

    “Arsed” .. I swear to fuck, my buddy invented that expression. Uses it when he can’t be bothered to do something.


  24. Also, I’m pretty sure I would bang bristol. Only if she cried during sex though…as shinsplints well knows.

  25. @Mass: no, your buddy did not. I’ve heard it before, and I’m not even from an English-speaking country.

    Whoever edited this pic is a moron: display of pictures, and obscuration of the Palins’ surnames, which are the real juicy detail. Tsk.

  26. thanks shees .. I’ll let it go.

  27. *shess


  28. Yes, i do know, Jon. once again, get it while it’s hot, cause soon i’ll be too dead inside to cry anymore.

    i really wish people would just stop giving the Palins air time. if you ignore them, they’ll go away. and i’d be glad to never hear from any one of them ever again. i could go into a rant about everything i hate about them but shit… why bother. just stop caring, everyone!

  29. Mass, you’re welcome. :)

  30. Oh wow, I don’t know any of the other Palins so this entire joke just went straight over my head.

  31. Sarah Palin is absolutely the scariest politician ever. And the apple does NOT fall far from the tree. GET OVER IT, Willow. So they don’t like your show. I F#$%^ING HATE YOUR ASS! Now you have something to whine about.

  32. We need someone to blow up her little world with an ubermean comment such as above.

  33. wow her kids are brain dead. and does ANYONE in that thread know the difference between “your” and “you’re” or “families” and “family’s”? wow.

    willow needs to wake up. what an idiot

  34. I read this and thought it was fake. I thought it was cute. Then I saw that it was real and read a few other pages about it. So I read it again. That time, I thought it was fucking great.

    Sarah Palin sucks. So does her family. I did enjoy “Nailin’ Palin.”

    I would definitely fuck all the Palins. Even the boys. And the tart. Just fuck the shit out of them, “Serbian Film” style. Cum, piss, and blood everywhere. Video tape it. Give away the rights. Go to jail for life. But they would be ruined.

    I would take that hit for America.

  35. *tard


  36. *ignorant of your crazy politics*
    *does not understand*
    *don’t know why the fuck I am doing this star thing*

    Okay, so this post contains comments by Sarah Palin’s daughter? And… oh, forget it, this post is a write-off for me. Don’t explain it, I’m too lazy to read.

    All I’ll say is, whether or not Sarah Palin is a good politician, agreeing to have a reality TV show filmed about her when she is already (apparently) a big joke with (what seems like) little credebility… is a pretty stupid idea. Is this just one very long, very huge prank?

  37. Okay, so I read the full post, and… ugh…

  38. So the Palins made it into Lamebook. The only surprise here is why it took as long as it did.

  39. Where’s the part where she calls him a faggot? Must have deleted it once it made the news?

  40. Honestly, if anyone runs for a political office, a reality television show is the worst possible idea ever. Also, teenager or not, Willow should know how to behave in a public setting. If she has a problem with someone, talk it out calmly, and preferably in a message. Although, I guess if she actually though things through before she cursed out half the people in the thread, we wouldn’t have this magic to read and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the upcoming questions to Sarah about her child’s behavior.

  41. I’m so proud of the American political system. Let’s only hope that Patti Davis set the proper precedent.

  42. So many rednecks, so little time…

    I don’t follow American politics but this mad me laugh. I wonder if mama was unimpressed at her little darlings acting like fuckwits in public or whether she would have noticed any difference from the usual.

  43. *made

  44. Talk about it in bad ways, in good ways but by any means talk about it.

    That must be the Palin’s philosophy…


    ^This = everyone here. Jesus people, get a life.

  46. revvys, I don’t get it.

  47. Yeah people! JEEZ it’s obvious you have no lives since you commented on this. Here’s this link to some strange bloq that i spent hours searching for to describe all of you. you losers.

  48. It doesn’t make any sense Walter, don’t even try. It’s just some weird guy trying to make puns that only someone with an in-depth knowledge of the brain could piece together for some unfunny attempts at jokes. Wait! maybe that’s it? what a reach though…

  49. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Did someone just say reach around?

  50. Did someone say Rusty Trombone? Did someone call Hobo a douche? Did someone say ‘fuck off cuntyface’?

    To summarise:- Palin clan are a bunch of ass licking douchey hobos.

  51. What a lovely bunch, those Palins are
    And they reproduce at an alarming rate if I understand correctly

  52. I do not have a life also. I’m using my time to comment on this page with filth flarn filth.

  53. I like Michael Palin, Sarah’s second cousin on her mothers side.

    He travels the world and talks to people about dead parrots…. neither are related to the guy out of Monty Python.

  54. Bristol: “No you just run your mouth so you’ll get a reaction. You’re a typical shit talker. Talking shit cause you have nothing else going for you.”

    Look at the pot’s daughter calling the kettle black.


  55. xmakoreactantx


  56. If we know its the Palins’ why even bother censoring their last names? I feel bad for the guy who had to black out Palin 500 times in the full conversation of HuffPost.

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