Monday, September 14, 2009

My Oh My!


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  1. WTF?! Gross!

  2. That’s a bit rubbish :(

  3. there’s nothing wrong with this. it’s just stupid teenage humor… I just hope Alyssa’s a teen, otherwise that’s excessively immature… I find this picture funny nonetheless.

  4. What kind of fannies have they been looking at? Christ.

  5. Gawd

  6. @ STC – Jou ma se ?

  7. All right then.

  8. Alyssa is such an idiot. Someone keeps leaking her idiotic post every now and then. No complains there!

  9. A whole album dedicated to vagina pie? Impressive.

  10. She’s obviously been looking at her nan’s clopper, because this is the most dried up vag I’ve ever seen.

  11. Lmao @ Clopper.

  12. God I want to punch this person in the face.

  13. She could have chosen to look at the pie from another angle and it would have looked like an ugly face. Tilt your head to the left.

  14. this is ‘absurd’ defined.

  15. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    cunt pie

  16. @14

    You’re a bit late to that party.

  17. haha clopper

  18. See, I saw an angry cat, lying on its side, liking its lip…

  19. *licking its lip… apparently I don’t have a dirty mind, nor do I edit before I hit send

  20. @14

    Die, spammer.

  21. This doesn’t look familiar to me at all.

  22. The first thing I thought of was a cat’s face just after it wakes up, turned to a 93 degree angle.

  23. The most disturbing thing about this is the fact she has 15 photos in this album. Unnessesary?

  24. Ok, how can there be an entire album of 15 pictures of this “vagina pie”?

  25. American Pie!!

  26. Dammit, #14, I’d have come to your site under different circumstances, but now I’m boycotting it on principle because I hate spammers.

  27. it looks like a peach stone :)

  28. Om nom nom

  29. I don’t see there being anything that lame about a Brian Eno album cover.

  30. @’fterklang

    Obscure reference FTW.

  31. She spotted a vagina-like opening on piecrust. Hilarious!

  32. It’s not just the album that’s half-baked – even without the vagina, it’s a horrid looking pie!

  33. @jax it does look like a face form that angle, haha

  34. the best part is the rhyming caption that was eloquently thought of and obviously she took her time on it … “yum yum get me sum”… the awesome spelling of “some” as “sum” has just caused me to send this picture to my phone so i will never be without it again.

  35. If you turn the photo 45 degrees clockwise it looks more like an angry face with a fucked-up nose.

  36. Aahaha, I love NiceGram. You are my new favorite Lamebook commenter.

  37. Crusty vag! Surely everyones favorite?

  38. I’ve shagged worse.

  39. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey


  40. Wait, which of the four “slits” is the vagina?

  41. I wonder what it would look like with some tomato sauce added?

  42. Actually, this reminds be a bit of that Bernie Mac routine about a woman asking him if pussy tastes like pumpkin pie: “Don’t ask me no damn question like that, I never had no pumpkin pie!”

  43. @ Morph : Baked red wings.

  44. lol Jax. Was thinking that Alyssa needs to change her mirror…

    Is it my imagination or are there a lot of Alyssas (or variations on that name)that are lame?

  45. I think I’d rather have a badly packed kebab.

  46. Apple Pie!

  47. I thought it was a dead cat lying on its side. :o

  48. Or a dead something. They really do look like eyes.

  49. Moot as!

  50. I think he means ‘vulva’ not ‘vagina’

  51. OH GOD! The vagina has eyes!

  52. I would really like to know why there are EYES. Please, please tell me. EYES!

  53. Shh… not in front of the vagina pie!

  54. LOL I thought it was a cat!

  55. ^I did too! XD

  56. Hahaha funny, yet gross!

  57. I just burped a little in my mouth.

  58. id hit that

  59. Yeah this totally reminds me of Jim fucking that pie in American Pie.

  60. Looks like a grumpy face to me.

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