Friday, August 28, 2009

My Name’s Mark

My Name's Mark

My Name's Mark

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!1!

  2. Ouch. Either Mark is a total douchebag or his friends are.

  3. Hi, my name is Mark and all of my friends are azzholes.

  4. I’m kind of confused….

  5. I’m with Julie.

  6. There must have been a caption that ignited the sarcasm!
    Other than that, I don’t get it….

  7. “I type with my left hand…” LOL
    Chris FTW!

  8. Oh hi Mark

  9. This was hilarious but I am a little confused as to whether Mark is a douche, or his friends are–or if they just deserve each other.

    Maybe he had a huge, goofy grin in the shot of Ground Zero…?

  10. “Hi, my name’s Thom, and I was totally shocked by the world-changing events of 10/11.”

  11. Hi, I’m Mark. Society doesn’t want me to have holes in my jeans, but I’ll have none of it.

  12. In other news, what happened to the “bestie poop” entry? Has that been deleted as well?

  13. I love Mark and his friends. And ‘fterklang.

  14. “Hi, my name is Mark and I’m just now figuring out that most of my friends took my Ex-girlfriend’s side in the break up.”

  15. …October 11th?


  16. Utterly souldestroying :) .

  17. This isn’t lame, this is awesome.

  18. Brilliant.

  19. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    This picture screams Ashton Kutcher.

  20. Wow, that guy is a fuckin idiot

    “October 11th”

    How FUCKING dumb do you have to be to not know it was September 11th…that is maybe the worst fail I’ve seen in a while.

  21. Wow. Mark’s friends are really mean.

  22. I think Thom (nice “h”, dude) used October to suggest that *Mark* was so dumb that he didn’t know the right date. He (like everyone else in this snide friend pile-on) was speaking in Mark’s voice.

  23. I like how, after it is pointed out that it is ground zero to Chris, he refers to the construction workers as “life-saving”.

  24. Hi, my name’s Mark. I like pandas, jeans with holes in them, the Toronto Blue Jays, taking photos of me where tragedies happen, and long walks on the beach.

  25. He may very well have done. It’s hard to credit any of these people with subtlety though when the way they indicate they’re making fun of Mark is by saying “Hi, I’m Mark…”

  26. That comment was aimed @ Bri Bri btw.

  27. My birthday is 10/11 so it is pretty epic…..but someone needs to know their history.

  28. my birthday is 10/16 !!!

  29. lol i type with my left hand and i dont masturbate… too much

  30. It totally looks like a car is being robbed in the background…

  31. Oh hi Mark.
    I see there are other Room fans in here.


  33. My name is Jonas

  34. October 11th? Really?

  35. I’m totally confused….what was his name again??

  36. Jonas! That was awesome.

  37. mark is a great person. i submitted this because every time i look at it makes me laugh. everyone was busting his balls for fun as we usually do and anyone who is upset or think thom was serious about the october 11th comment you should get a sense of humor.

    glad to see people enjoying this as much as i do.


    hey johnny, what’s up? you hit lisa?

    NO IT’S NAHT TRUE, DON’T EVEN ASK! anyway, what’s new with you?

    oh, i’ve just been out here (at ground zero with torn up jeans) thinkin, you know?

  39. Mark: How was work today?
    Johnny: Oh pretty good. We got a new client… at the bank. We make a lot of money.
    Mark: What client?
    Johnny: I can not tell you, its confidential.
    Mark: Oh come on. Why not?
    Johnny: No I can’t. Anyway, how is your sex life?

  40. I know the dude who submitted this and Mark. I can vouch for the whole gang as heartless, half vampire, asexual douchebags. Oh, and if you think that September 11 actually happened on September 11 and not on October 11 then you are sadly mistaken.

  41. Servicey post @everyone who has not yet seen “The Room,” aka the greatest film in the history of mankind!

    Here’s the iconic “Hi Mark!” scene some commenters have been riffing on above:

  42. I think girl’s comment is lamer – wtf is epic about your birthday?? Ironic maybe. Guess they both end in ic…

  43. “hi my name’s mark and now i’m lonely”
    that cracked me up

  44. i like green apples and i eat small children.maybe cardboard too.

  45. @pat, this is hilarious. Definitely some original ball-busting going on … May have to rip it off

  46. “Hi my name’s Mark. Boy, does my ass hurt from all of the guys at my construction job.”

  47. I can’t believe some people on here think that Thom really thinks the terrorist attacks happened on October 11th.

    He is obviously taking a (brilliant) dig at Marks supposed ‘stupidity’. The fail is on all those who don’t see this- you don’t deserve to even be looking at lamebook.

    This deserves to be in the ‘best of Facebook’ not on Lamebook…Marks got some witty mates, I love it!

  48. What’s up with the times on this? Completely out of order.

  49. I thought it was going to be about the negotiation with the hooker happening in the background…

  50. I think this is awesome! :D

  51. Mark’s Friends are repetitive douchebags who apparently don’t know when to stop. It was funny at first but then it got stupid.

  52. hey jake, eat a dick. y’all obvy dont know how to use facebook.

  53. So it seems some of Mark’s friends have discovered lamebook in attempt to defend their lack of originality in humor.

  54. im having your baby

    @? its probably not your time zone mark.

  55. “hi, my name is mark i think im cool cuz i have a panda on my shirt.”

  56. I’m the real Thom; and I’m an informed young professional who majored in polysci +history (though I also get jokes). Clearly, I realize (and did at the time of posting my “My name’s Mark joke”) that the WTC attack occurred on the 11th day of the 9th month of the year 2001, not on the 11th day of the 10th month of that same year…

    More information for those of you who are interested: what’s going on here is a somewhat friendly competition to come up with the best version of the “My name’s at Mark and this is me looking stern at ground zero joke,” Apow + “Chris” won. You may think that makes us, “Mark’s friends”, the ass-holes in the situation, especially considering he had just broken up with his girlfriend and was feeling like crybating and listening to “Nothing Compares 2 U”, but I assure you that Mark is king prick of dickface mountain. He’s such a flagellate, Larry David, mother-fucker that he charges you two value meal items for a ride to mcdicks drive through then doesn’t even bring you all the way back to your house.

    Props to Fred for setting things straight, dude is clearly the man.

  57. @Jonas

    are your parents divorced?

  58. Once again, the lame continues outside of the frame. Thanks for showing up, Thom and Fred.

  59. hi my name is thom, and i like to give long winded explanations of my “jokes” hoping that they will some how become funny.

  60. hi my name is thom, and i was born without the h in my name but as a young professional i added it in an effort to look edgy and cool. also i get jokes

  61. @Thom: um, why are you friends with him again?

  62. hi my name is joel, i’m 24 single and looking, and always horny, i love talking dirty with girls i dont do cams just dirty naughty chat.

    if ya sexy sexy girl and want a dirty chat add me

  63. LOL!!!!!

    the above comment is directed toward joel. he’s my new favorite.

  64. “Hi, my name’s Stoolbaby, and I thought I was full of shit until I saw this thread.”

  65. Hi, my name’s here2go, and my sense of humor is so primitive that it excludes any appreciation of farce, timing, paradigm or formulaic appropriation.

  66. hysterics – ha!!!!!

  67. Marks friends are aweosome. people need to stop saying they are douchbags because they are aweosome. I laughed so hard at this.

    props to ‘fterklang – you always make me laugh

  68. Chris is a hero to all!

  69. I don’t get it. Did Mark’s GF breakup with him because he did a construction worker @ ground zero?

  70. @EIEIO No. Mark went to New York with his girlfriend. They took photos. This is one of the photos. Marks friends (who are in fact comic genious) made fun of the photo of Mark in front of ground zero. They made up the stuff about Mark getting it on with construction workers and (as pointed out by ‘fterklang) the fact that they are making fun of Mark is indicated by staring their sentences with “Hi I’m Mark”. Mark is pointing out that this isn’t the only photo they took in New York and that other photos were taken down because Mark and his girlfiend broke up, hence the photos were taken down. Hope that clears it up for you. A certain amount of huomor has just been taken out of this after explaining it to hell. Having said that, I still laugh every time i read this. That’s how funny it it.

  71. big lulz @Carrion

  72. What up y’all this is Jamalaquay. GHETTO MODE 2.0 (ON) OFF


  73. Americans just can’t quite do sarcasm can they?

  74. *Off’s jamalquay’s ghetto mode*

    Good Ridance.

    and sarcasm requires brain power and a sense of humour which most americans are lacking

  75. @Belac

    Your girlfriend loves hamburgers and wears jeans.

  76. nothing douchey about it… just friends ribbing another friend

  77. Ahahahahaha

  78. Anyone else go huh about the october 11th comment?

  79. Haha this dude is from toronto.
    How do i know? NOBODY WEARS BLUE JAYS HATS UNLESS THEYRE FROM HERE. and id they do… lol

  80. Erorr I did…..glad I’m not the only one….i think they were drinking.

  81. Absolutely hilarious. I wish I could hang out with these dudes.

  82. lol @Boz

  83. JONAS FTW!!!!!!

  84. Marky you look like you could potentially be cute, pity we cant see your face lol

  85. Hello, my name is Tristan…but you can call me Rico Suave.

  86. hey, im mark, and i need new pants, and im a douchbag

  87. I love rainbow people.

  88. “hi, my name is awesome, need i say more?”

  89. Well all I can say is it’s a damned shame that Mark, Fred and Thom weren’t at ground zero on september the eleventh. God damned Fuckwits.

  90. Jesus, that is so mean. Hilarious, but mean

  91. Good one, Boz

  92. I’m with notthemessaiah (#89).

    Especially this Thom “friend”, judging by his douchy post at #56.

  93. All those douchebag friends and not one commented that he’s been giving blowjobs which blew out the knees of his jeans?

  94. Note to self, avoid this tee from threadless.

  95. Threadless ftw

  96. I want to be one of marks friend and tell him he’s a sad sad man too… Mark, wanna come and hug my grandmother at a funeral next weekend with your ex girlfriend? no but seriously, I love you fag.

  97. #15

    Thank fuck for you!

    I was getting a bit worried reading all these comments about trivial shit when the lamest thing on there was getting away with it!

    October 11th? What a moron!

  98. I want to shake Aaron’s hand… complete disregard for Mark’s breakup comment… genius

  99. Hi I’m Mark,And I would just like to thank everyone for nominating me not only for the “Biggest Douche Since Kevin Federline” But also for ” Biggest Douche At Ground Zero”

    I would also like to thank my girlfriend for dumping me and giving me a reason to cut myself again =] I also thank god for giving me my great sense of doucheyness to win these awards!


    (I had to. Because I wanted to be apart of the fun =3)

  100. Aaron blowing right by the break-up remark was good, but it was Chris for the WIN!


  102. I love this entry, thanks mark’s friends for the show ;)

  103. Hi my names mark and im incredibly tall

  104. If there’s an opportunity for guys to mercilessly rag one of their buds, they’ll jump on it likes wolves. It’s our way of keeping each other’s egos in check (not necessarily saying Mark has a big ego)

    This is just how guys rip on each other.

  105. Serial Thriller


  106. Lame, indeed!

  107. Fuckin’ hipsters!

  108. “Hi, my name’s Meyanna, and I laughed hysterically at this comment thread. That is all.”

  109. Hey so this is the real mark, although I can’t really prove that.

    This whole deal was pretty funny. One or two remarks were kinda shitty though. Thom is kindof a dick, which is ironic becase fat guys are supposed to be jolly. I wish I charged him more for that ride to richmond st. The house was 2 houses away from the corner, and it was a one way street. I would of had to go all the way around to drop him 20 meters closer- fuck that.

    Also, I was really serious in this picture. I don’t think my friends have ever seen me with a serious face. Since telling everyone I broke up with her after the trip I guess it gave new meaning to the picture cause a straight face can look extremely sad given a certain context.

    But what the fuck is one supposed to do when posing for a picture in front of ground zero? I guess the obvious choice is laugh.

  110. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    WTF!!!! that is soooooo….wrong?

  111. @ 23 – “I like how, after it is pointed out that it is ground zero to Chris, he refers to the construction workers as ‘life-saving’.”

    Uhh, that was part of the joke, I think…

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