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  1. Ben.

  2. Natasha and Fabio = Lame.

  3. vomit.
    wtf karina. you can’t be away from hiiimmmmm for more than 5 minutes without freaking out. if i were grace i would tell her to stfu and then defriend her.
    i think natasha is talking about their sexual encounter. his dick was short and he only lasted 10 seconds. not really sure why she would want to see him again.

  4. The first one is the only one I consider lame… although it’s lame enough to make up for the other two.

    The Fazoli’s post looks like something I would do, haha.

    “mcowles turned the channel to the x-men christmas special and from the kitchen his girl yelled ‘hey, the x-men christmas special is about to start.’ We were made for each other.”

    And then I’d take a dump in a shoe… or something.

  5. First

  6. wait wut?

  7. I feel unimaginably sorry for anyone with so little balls as to let their girlfriend call them ‘Leify’.

  8. ‘Leify’ went to a Bret Michaels concert, and there’s no evidence that he was kidnapped and taken there against his will. Given this, we can conclude he does not have very good judgment. Having a psychopath for a girlfriend is therefore no big surprise.

    Also, Abbie and Evan ordering anything at all at Fazzoli’s just shows that they’re both destined to spend quality time with a stomach pump in the near future.

  9. Now Abbie & Evan will know they are meant for each other if they go to the Cheesecake Factory and order the same thing off that menu of like 500 things LOL.

  10. @Cajun: Love it!

  11. Toadette is the winner

    I just puked in my mouth.

  12. Wait? Her boyfriend went to a Bret Michaels concert? Yeah, I’m not even going to go there.

    mcowles, what is it with you a defecation? That topic always seems to be mixed in there somehow. Weird, but still humorous.

  13. BLEH!

  14. when she said bret michaels i got an instant picture of some wannabe look-alike and a skankosaurus crazy bitch who looks like one of those whores on the VH1 reality show.

  15. Wow, people get creepier every day, don’t they?

  16. @mcowles: is it sad that immediately i thought of the xmen cartoon christmas special where jubilee and wolverine bring christmas to the morlocks after reading ur comment? yes…yes it is…

    the chick in first one has some co dependency issues that will eventually lead to a horrible break-up in which she will cut herself and cry a lot.

  17. Wow, this is really pathetic. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind getting wrestled by a girl in heels right now…

  18. @virgo79- exactly!! Bret Michaels, puke!

  19. Yeah, first is creepy and bokey. If I had a friend like Karina, I’d definately not be as polite as Gracey. I’m also not understanding why Gracey is mixing more than signs in with her exclamation marks, they’re nowhere near each other!

    The last two aren’t really that bad. Apart from Natasha’s “I’ll get on my heels and wrestle you” which takes it from kinda cute to fetishy in one fell swoop.


  20. I want to kill Natasha and Fabio.

  21. If I were Karina’s friend I would have told her that a concert generally only lasts about 45 minutes, and that she should immediately go look for Liefy because he’s probably lying in a ditch somewhere. With his dick in another girl.

  22. WhyNotTheWhales

    I don’t think Abbie and Evan come across as “throw up-ie” as the other two. Seems more like a joke.

  23. I don’t understand what the problem is with the last one. It just seemed like they were fooling around to me.
    I’m not the same Natasha from the post but I wouldn’t be ashamed to be at least she wasn’t taking pictures of her baby eating it’s own shit.

  24. Aw I think the second one is kinda cute!

  25. Karina’s behavior is unacceptable.

  26. MsBuzzkillington

    Gracey has enough sense to know that Bret Michaels sucks… she should have enough sense to tell her friend to chill out.

    Just reading that post gives me the shivers. Do neither of them go to school? work? live at home with parents? I mean there has to be some point in time where they are away from each other for more than 2 hours.

  27. Leify will dump Karina, come home, and find his pet boiling in a pot.

  28. Everyone featured in this Lamebook post: Fuck you.

    Except Gracey.

  29. A Bret Michels concert vs wearing shoes filled with shit?…

    Shit filled shoes any day.

  30. I’ll second that word!

  31. ee, the Hobo of late is sounding like he needs a hug, we should give him one.

  32. I think you’re right word, he has been grouchy.

  33. An hour in the sack with you and me, and he’ll forget his woes.

  34. i like natasha! fabio? nevermind.

  35. Surly that will help!

  36. lol this is more vom inducing than the worms

  37. Malteaser, you must mean Bret Michels?

  38. malt, I gave you the big M, apologies.

  39. Evan and Abbie were cute without being disgusting. The other two: LAME!!!!
    Gracey at least has some sense though she seems to be stringing her friend along on how long concerts last. The story changes up a bit closer to the end.

  40. You two get your heels on and it’s a wrestling match :P

  41. Actually, Fabio, I rather think she was teasing you about your length.

  42. It really sickens me when people think that clinginess in a relationship is proof that “omg we must really b in luv!!” It’s not love. It’s not cute. It’s creepy and you have problems.

  43. That was in reference to Katrina, btw

  44. *Karina. Dammit!

  45. Karina seriously disturbs me….If you can’t ‘survive’ without your boyfriend for more than a couple of hours then you’re going to be in big trouble when he dumps your ass. Plus they’ve probably only been dating like a month….vom worthy

  46. Karina’s IS disturbing. Because if she isn’t putting it on, that’s unhealthy. Missing each other a lot, fine. Being sad about not having seen your love in a while, that’s normal.
    Going nuts on Facebook because your boyfriend’s been at a concert for about an hour? NOT HEALTHY.

    People, this is what the Good Book Twilight teaches us. A girl should be toally dependent on her boyfriend for everything, and the moment he leaves, should have no purpose but to pine for him. The feminists must be proud.

    I’m sorry, I’ve ruined the mood. Anyone want to have sex?

  47. Ugh someone shots Natasha and her girlfriend. *vomits*

  48. I imagine Karina is, what, maybe 14? I also don’t need to imagine that she is, in fact, pathetic.

    I’ve fallen madly in love with malteaser. No. Seriously.

  49. guys these days…don’t know what i’d do if my husband (who’s 24) ever acted like these cheesy douches on fb nowadays. if i wanted to be with a pussy i would’ve been a lesbian, hahaha :)

  50. A girl I knew (and who was trying to get on) fucked Bret Michaels when he was up here for a concert. All I could think was the next guy to fuck her is going to have to wirebrush her pussy so it doesn’t look like the underside of a ship.

    (GoogleImage “barnacles ship hull” if you need a visual)

  51. Chewbacca shagger

    I would rather stick steel guitar strings under my skin than be with someone that talks that kind of crap.

  52. Karina is the type of person who would slit their wrist once they found out that he was at Gracey’s instead of the concert.

    I had no idea that Fabio was short. Let alone straight.

  53. meh

  54. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    all of them are the definition of LAME

  55. i actually think its more lame to take peoples personal stuff off facebook and post it on lamebook, shows just how lame your life is. Grow up lame fools.

  56. @cantbelieveit

    I agree. The idea of Lamebook gets lost in the execution. Posting extravagant displays of Facebook retardation just goes against everything this place stands for.

    So, how’s your virtual farm working out for you?

  57. Karina’s slap worthy.

    Abbie/Evan, been there, said that :)

    And Natasha was putting me to sleep until she mentioned her heels.

  58. reading these comments makes me glad I’ve never heard of a Bret Michaels.

  59. The Salmon Mousse

    Karina is cling-film incarnate.

  60. Karina must die. Now.

  61. “oh my god! Look at us! We’re just soooo cute and totally doing it and aren’t you jealous” i hate couples on facebook.

  62. yourmotherfucker

    @karina hes not at a bret michaels concert….hes cheating on you with a guy…who the fuck who go to a bret michaels show?

  63. Gracey, really?! Awww?! Are kidding me?!

    I feel sorry for Leify if he ever breaks up with Karina, that girl screams CLINGY!!

  64. yuuuuuccccckkk..
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  65. .

  66. i think most of you are worse than the people in the posts. Who shows hate and talk of wanting to kill someone over harmless posts from facebook. That in itself shows you are worse than the people in the posts. Internet bullying, obviously all of you who carried on like that has more of a lame life.

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