Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Much Too Much


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  1. Shane go drown yourself…With that intelligence you are going to have problems in your life.

    “P8o o8P __ ,oooooooooooop
    8b ]8[ ,8PPP8o._ _,d8P8o. Yb’
    d8′ ]8[ YP’ ‘Y8PP”‘ `P’ ]8[ _
    d8P’ ]8[ d8 ]88PP8oo8
    d8′ Y8 `8L ]8[
    d8 Y8 d8 ]8[
    `Y8o.odPPPY8o._d8P ,o. d8′ `8o
    `88” `'”””‘ Y8o8P ,o._d8’

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