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Mrs. Oh! Connor


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  1. how i wish mrs. o came back with “*you’re”.

  2. Darrin clearly has some unresolved issues about his middle/high school experience, but the more troubling thing is that Michelle can’t even spell the name of one of her “fav” teachers.

  3. hahaha, that’s funny!

  4. “You’re still a bitch, Mrs. O” would make a great title for a rock song.

  5. I know Darrin is probably a dick, but it’s still such a win for him. Imagine getting the opportunity to finally say that to someone you hate!

  6. So many years and you still can’t spell…

  7. @AlexXII

    Yes I’m sure to Darrin it is a win… Carrying a petty grudge for years and finally get to tell someone off that didnt really do anything to you… I bet its also a win for darrin when he manages to masterbate without staining his pants

  8. Antarctic Circle

    Mrs O’Connor should have listened when she presented the “Quit while you’re ahead” lesson.

  9. Chunky O’Connor does sound like a bit of a bitch.

  10. I would love to have the chance to tell my French teacher she was a bitch. Also, it is funny that Michelle didn’t remember Amy.

  11. Yeah. Bitch for sure. Definitely a win for Darrin.

  12. Mrs. O’Connor wins, since although it’s been so many years since he was in her class, Darrin’s still a stupid tool.

  13. @ohcool: my thoughts exactly but she was a geometry teacher so it would probably go more along the lines of finding the square route of her foot up his ass.

  14. It would have been a win for Darrin if not for the moronic spelling mistake. I always overlook a typo but not when you don’t know the difference between you’re and your. Especially when you are attacking a teacher and you make that mistake, I think it just makes him look like a jackass.

  15. @5:

    How? How is that even in the general vicinity of a win?

  16. Darrin wins for knowing how condoms work and passing on that knowledge. How many Lamebook entries would we have missed if more kids had been on that trip?

  17. When I started reading I thought one of the male students was going to boast about how he’d nailed Mrs O’Connor in the store cupboard, just before she put in an appearance. Alas, I was quickly disappointed.

  18. @16:

    No, having only little kids listen to you about condoms isn’t a win. Not even slightly. Unless you mean winning a place on the sex offenders register.

    In which case, yes! He’s an epic win!

  19. @16:

    Chill your bush woman

  20. @Tim you’re a doosh. ;)

  21. @Marc:

    So, from Alabama by any chance?

    Child Abuse is :
    - Fat Southern Moms on Toddlers & Tiaras
    - Telling children about an invisible man that small-minded adults believe in (aka. God) – and that if they don’t, too, they will go to hell. Throw in some Catholic shame and you’re there.
    - Not talking about sex because *oooooh* – that’s dirty and naughty and people should be ashamed of sexuality.

    Child Abuse is not:
    - Telling small children what a condom is.

  22. I first learned what condom was in 2nd grade. The school taught us what they were in 4th grade. I wish they’d told all the white trash fuck ups more about condoms in 4th grade. Maybe then there might be less stupid white trash. Although it was a mission trip so in there religion they don’t condone sex until marriage or even contraception. I fear the birth rates of intelligent people is eclipsed by those of par-tard religious nut jobs. And this trend will continue the degradation of our society until it’s imminent collapse.

    For the record: mrs. O wins.

  23. @21:

    Child abuse?

    I think you’re a little confused…

  24. @CK:

    For one, there really was absolutely no reason for you to attempt to turn this into a religious debate. Secondly, you implying that anyone who believes in a God is small-minded makes you sound like a close-minded douche. Also, before you start in on my religious view, I am an Atheist. Just so you know.

  25. There was no reason to start blabbering on about child abuse either… Methinks he just wanted any vague excuse to rant about people not drumming his own religious views into their heads.

    By the way CK, if you think NOT talking about sex is child abuse then you must have had a very interesting childhood. Also, please learn what ‘sexuality’ means.

  26. @Rick:

    I agree with CK that teaching a child about God is definitely not good for children (maybe not necessarily abuse, but shouldn’t be allowed I think). It would be like telling them that Santa is real and they will go to hell for not believing in him… for their entire lives.

    That being said, I agree that this is not the place to debate this.

  27. @Chip:

    I would tend to agree that children should only believe in something if they actually know what they are believing in. I just think that anyone who calls someone small-minded just because their opinions differ is, in fact, small minded. There again, just my opinion haha.

  28. This thread is a load of crap

  29. It’s Darrin’s parents’ fault that he’s stupid because they named him Darrin (oooh, spelling Darren with an ‘i’ makes it soooooooOOooo original). Now that’s child abuse.

  30. I agree that religion is a crutch for the weak and small minded… I also agree this isnt the place for a religious debate… So I wont talk about all the hate and wars that religion starts because people have different views than them… Which is exactly why religious people and those that defend them can lick my hairy crack


  31. @Marc:

    I’m just European. We have much less white trash and a MUCH healthier attitude towards sex (not counting the British) – in my own not-so-humble and annoyingly-smug opinion. Sorry for the harsh words but American hypocrisy pisses me off to no end. Not Americans in general, just the kind who equals teaching kids about protection to being a sexual offender.

  32. I just love how everyone agrees that this is not the place to discuss “the religion topic” but all start with their opinion on the subject..

    really? I mean…. really???

  33. Djoarhet! You said the R word! Sinner!

  34. @Marc

    Reread the following comments: 18 and 21

    To be on the sex offenders registry, you generally commit child abuse. That is why he mentioned child abuse…. It really wasn’t that hard to grasp.


    All nations have hypocritical views. Not always to the same extent or on the same subjects though. Do you have proof Marc lives in America, or do you just hate America so much that you wanted to use it as an example? (Note, you did generalize even though you claimed you didn’t the sentence right after)

    I believe almost every nation has an unhealthy view on many subjects, including sex/sexuality. No need to show your prejudices when you are trying to argue with someone else’s.

    As for the white trash part, there are plenty over there as well. I know plenty of Europeans and Europeans that now live in the US, and they all agree that anywhere you go there will be plenty of people that fall into the “white trash” lifestyle.

    Oh and @Aucella… It is Douche :P Look up Chad Bogue on Facebook, his name is an anagram for “Douche Bag”

  35. Can we get back to kids and condoms?
    I thought it was drunken uncles who were supposed to teach you about that.

  36. Hahaha Chad Bogue appears to be the opposite of a douche. Though probably incredibly annoying.

  37. @34 yes, I know how to spell douche ;) It’s the French word for shower, by the way, so I always find it a silly insult. I was making a reference to a previous lamebook entry.
    Maybe Darrin was out of line telling kids about condoms but with sex ed in the USA, more kids should know about them. More adults should know about them too…

  38. Jeeze, tell them about condoms as soon as they can WALK. While you’re at it, tell them about manners too. Condoms and manners, yes.

  39. Btw, Mrs O Connor is a priggish bitch. I’ve known too many of her kind.

  40. @ 34

    Yeah, I’m fairly certain he’s American. The use of certain words and the obsession with sex offenders hints in that direction – and of course being appalled that someone would teach children what condoms are.

    Yes, all nations have hypocritical views. Some of us are just able to laugh at ourselves, too. However, by all means, be as uptight as you like.

    And p-l-e-a-s-e spare the “do you hate America so much”. I know it’s really hard not to resort to imbecile statements like that, but this is not Fox News, you know. I don’t hate America – in fact, I love my American friends. I don’t like Americans like you, however.

  41. I hate to say it but I’m on Darrin’s side if only for the mere fact that I find it extremely inappropriate for a teacher to be on her student’s facebook telling her she loves her. Seriously, that is just strange.

    I also think it’s extremely unprofessional of her to continue on with her second comment when Darrin hadn’t even replied, exposing personal information about him to everyone. If she has no problem telling facebook about things he’s done wrong I can’t see her having a problem telling his parents.

    So in summary- Mrs O’Connor you’re a (self-righteous) bitch.

  42. whoops- *third comment

  43. Darrin FTW

  44. I’m saying Mrs. O FTW….I mean, who the hell holds a grudge from high school? Grow up Darrin.

  45. TEACHERS R PPL 2!!!!

  46. Well said, Mega.

    Such an inspirational contribution.

  47. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    Wow. This woman gives teachers like me a bad name. He’s an idiot, obviously, but she took the bait. It would have been OKAY if she would have stopped before that last comment. There’s no need to reveal personal information like that just to shame him.

    Comment snobs piss me off, btw. I hate places that you go to comment and you get shit upon for your opinion/statement/quip. This place seems full of it. I think the whole “telling kids about God = child abuse” and “Darrin telling kids about condoms = child abuse” is of about equal stupidity.

    I don’t know what parent would be happy that his/her child learned about condoms from the skeezer on the bus that had one in his wallet and decided to whip it out for shock value.
    And let’s not kid ourselves–most people who get knocked up KNOW condoms exist and how they are used…and they don’t care. I don’t see how Darrin did that group of kids any great favor.

  48. Nerdy, you’re a downer and so are the others that take this site and comments so damn seriously.

    On that note, you said “whip it out for shock value.” I like that and this kind of talk should happen more often.

  49. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    awww…i don’t want to be a downer. I just see every fucking comment on here being attacked. I’ll stick to talking about whipping it out. ;)

  50. Excellent! You’re my kind of nerd, Nerd!

  51. @31

    Child abuse, religion, and now America. Why do you keep bringing you completely irrelevant stuff? Please take your bizarre spam rants away now…

  52. All the debating is irrelevant.

    Also, dear Mrs O’Conner sounds pretty bitchy to me.

  53. GrammaticalErrors

    I don’t think Darrin is a “loser” for holding a grudge since high school, as I don’t think he has. I haven’t thought about my teachers since school but if someone mentions the name of one I thought was a complete cock i’ll probably say it, and if I had an oppurtunity to tell them to their face I would relish it!

    Mrs O brought that final comment on herself, showing that she is infact a bitch by reacting to a comment from a someone she knew as a child and exposing personal information about him on Facebook! As a teacher I would have thought she would have had more class, better judgement etc…

  54. haha still getting in trouble

  55. nup – hes a dick, shes a dick – everyone who isn’t me is a dick,

  56. @53: How is something public private information? I’m not sure you know what private information is, but it’s private stuff. Phone numbers, personal info, that kind of thing. NOT something he deliberately did publicly.

    And yes, he is a loser.

  57. Who makes old teachers Fb friends anyway? That’s lame.

  58. GrammaticalErrors

    @ Marc…..ummmm I didn’t say anything about it being private information I said it was personal info. This can be subjective, what you might consider personal can be very different to what others consider personal. Exposing information about something a person did as an underage teenager/child under her care as a teacher seems like it should be kept as personal info between the small group involved (its not like he shouted from a rooftop in the middle of the city).

    You yourself stated:
    “I’m not sure you know what private information is, but it’s private stuff. Phone numbers, personal info”

    So i’m going to have to consider your statement invalid.

  59. Personal info, private info, same thing. If your whole argument rests upon that then it’s not a particularly strong one. Whatever word you want to use you still have the definition horribly wrong.

    You can “consider my statement invalid” all you like, but sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming “LALALA” doesn’t work when you’re above six years old, regardless of how intelligent you desperately try to make it sound.

    Of course, you yourself just said it was subjective. So I’m going to have to consider your statement invalid. And, unlike you, I actually have good reason to. You can’t go on about how she’s a bitch for proving Darrin wrong instead of just taking his abuse and then say ideas of ‘personal’ change from person to person, and use that as your excuse for having a wrong definition of personal. That wasn’t personal information, not even slightly. Your argument has no ground.

  60. These comments are the reason I read lamebook.

  61. For the love of F**K @Marc et al., take a breath! Your opinions have been read by all and taken into consideration, however; your rant-like defensive posts are not adding to your arguement or credibility. Thank you for sharing with the class.

  62. I have taught many Darrins over my last three years as a high school English teacher. I doubt Mrs. O’Connor is any more of a bitch than I am. I imagine she’s simply a responsible adult who tries to guide and enlighten the youth of her community… and this is how she is repaid. All of the content on lamebook exemplifies what we educators are up against these days. This one just hits closer to home.

  63. lmao CK(40), I was just pointing something out. You apparently hate someone you don’t know just because they said something that you didn’t like. As for Fox News, it is owned by an Australian… And I personally refuse to watch it because it really isn’t deserving of the description news(most news agencies aren’t anymore), I would classify it as “Reality TV.”

    Yes, I am able to laugh at myself.. And really am not as uptight as you would think, just felt like explaining how you came across in your comment. Seems only you are allowed to call people out, as if anyone else does they are immediately labeled “uptight.”

    I don’t hate any nationality, I don’t really hate many people at all. Though I do dislike people like you :) A shining example of hypocrisy! At least you aren’t an ignoramus though.
    <3 ya, CK

  64. Know what annoys me more than people misspelling you’re/your?
    You people who point it out every time. Do you think you sound smart pointing it out in every post? Because you sound annoying. Same with the grammar Nazi’s who nut out about people spelling anything wrong. Make a witty comment, or leave the mistake, because you sound as idiotic as the person that wrote it.

  65. @ Marc, you’re a moron.

  66. GrammaticalErrors

    @ Marc…..I’m just going to let you have this one because your statement is so full of contradictions its making my head hurt!

  67. I registered just to tell Nerdy that he is the coolest person in this thread. You are in fact, the bomb diggity.

  68. @katharine – Nazis does not have an apostrophe. ;) At least not in the context that you used it in.

  69. Oh I don’t know what Darrin is talking about. I never went to students’ parents. I went to the students. Like when I had some issue with Darrin and condoms I didn’t go blabbing my mouth about it to everybody. Oops.

  70. I would love to tell some of my old teachers exactly what i thought of them. Good on him.
    I reckon she is a total bitch need for her to have told that little story about him teaching kids about condoms (funny btw!). And so lame for telling her old kids that she loves them nad ‘thanks for letting me have my say’- um who the fuck is letting you?!.

    Darrin FTW

  71. jk is probably the kind of moron who’d warrant a teacher’s bitchyness. I love when teachers embarrass total tools in front of everybody.

  72. Slimjayz
    Ignoring: Eugenics. Mao Zedong. Stalin. Hitler (Godwin’s law, whatever.) Lenin. Hitchens. A thousand morons on youtube who worship the Amazing Atheist. Own hypocrisy in insulting those who insult people who have different opinions. Correct grammar.

  73. i’m in love with Darrin. Darrin, hit me up.

  74. @ Marc Wow. Please go away.

  75. wow alexXII if thats what you consider a win thats wel sad

  76. I remember my years as a condom teacher fondly, hours of fun teaching horny uninterested teenagers how to stick a bit of spermicidal coated rubber onto chorizo sausages.

    But my time was not wasted, for not one of my pupils has ever given birth to a spicy Spanish sausage.

  77. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    1. Darrin can’t spell
    2. If he’s so brave he should tell her off in her face and not hide behind his computer screen
    3. LAME

  78. I’m glad that Marc went away. He was pretty aggravating. As for Darrin and Mrs. O… i think that they are both a massive waste of time.

  79. Lillith my Alter Ego

    If telling a kid about god is child abuse than telling them about santa, easter bunny, and tooth fairy exisit.

    To post #24 you are a good example of Athiesim. Were not all like #21 and #30.

  80. Lillith my Alter Ego

    Little error on my previous post.

    If telling a kid about god is child abuse than telling them about santa, easter bunny, and tooth fairy exisit is abuse too.

    To post #24 you are a good example of Athiesim. Were not all like #21 and #30

  81. I’m sorry, but all parents teach their children to follow SOMETHING, even atheists who believe in rational thought and the independence of mankind above all else. Even atheists usually *trust* societal mores at some level.

    I personally get sick of being attacked for my “weak” belief in God that I “use as a crutch,” when I have *never* jumped down anyone’s throat for their personal views.

    Why are we “bad parents” for teaching our children what we believe to be true when EVERYONE ELSE does EXACTLY the same thing?

  82. Also for the record, I get irritated at parents who tell their children that if they don’t believe in God that they’ll go to hell; you’re not doing your child any favors by scaring them into a faith. Teach them about your religion, and understand that as they grow, learn, and mature they will make their own decision.

    The best that any parent can hope for is to teach their children the way they should go, and support them *regardless* of their decisions…which is, in my opinion, what all parents should strive for.

    God loves all his children alike, whether or not they follow his commandments or believe in Him. The church as a whole would be a lot better off if we all remembered that.

  83. I hate people who say “I’m sorry, but…” No. You’re not sorry. If you were sorry, you would shut up now. So, since you’re apparently sorry, SHUT UP NOW.

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