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  1. Second an Forth were funny but be careful LB, those get old fast…

  2. Fucking hell, how long is this going to get milked for?

    Oh I forgot, “U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A” (repeat ad-nauseam whilst beating chest)

    Stay classy America!

  3. At least I don’t have to go and read sickipedia now.

  4. anorexicpanda

    Celebrating another man’s death is something I refuse to do.

    Because I’m not American.

  5. I’m glad the bastard is dead. I’m also glad I’m not a pretentious vagina like anorexicpanda and Paranoid Android. Get off your high horse, you shit bags.

  6. Yes, I just love how some people will go to the extent of feeling sympathy for a terrorist’s death, just to justify their hatred towards America and everything it represents.
    I am not American and I am happy he allegedly died – no one that ugly should live.

  7. 1angrychick2cups

    The Megatron comment is a good point, but I think since OBL wasn’t dumped in toxic Japanese water we’ll be good.
    I also am embarrassed to know that we couldn’t masturbate on planes…No wonder I never have row mates. My bad.

  8. Just to clarify, I couldn’t give a shiny shit on whether he was captured alive or dead, just the fact that there is something slightly unsavoury about the tub-thumping triumphalism of SOME Americans.

    @boomstick – Surely it must be ‘high horses’? Or are we sharing the horse a la Brokeback Mountain style?

  9. It is wrong to celebrate someone’s death, and it’s wrong to execute anybody, and it’s wrong that lamebook allows sick comments like boomstick’s.


  10. Jesus Christ jr, Dig the Sand Out Of Your Pussy

  11. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @broomstick, you remind me of team America. You are so tough aren’t ya? Celebrating the death of Bin Laden is rather stupid if you ask me. Ok the guy is dead but that does not bring a halt to terrorism. Killing the leader of a terrorist organization (that was funded and trained by the US) will only inspire them to become more ruthless and determined.

    Oh well that will give you bunch of war-mongers yet another excuse to “bring democracy” to more countries that happen to be rich in natural resources.

    So think about that little tough man, and leave shit bags out of your little equation. Now bend over so I can stick that high horse up your purring corn-hole.

  12. The aiport security comment is one that actually made me LOL… I don’t fly a whole lot anymore but I know airport security can put a damper on traveling.. GOOD JOB ON THAT COMMENT!!

  13. Unfortunately our most ignorant and unsavory citizens are also our loudest.

    I will never celebrate the death or murder of someone, not even an enemy. I’ll celebrate justice, and the “end” (as if there is one), but never a death of any human or creature. And I’m not even religious (most of my religious friends are screaming “f- yeah” and “Go America!” right about now. Is that what Jesus would do? Huh.)

  14. I share Alex’s opinion. I’m also sick of this whole situation.

  15. funny thing is he probably wanted to die… in cages with dudes all the time has to be pretty depressing and thinking he was gonna get a bunch of virgins in heaven for being a “martyr”. either way i find it hard to believe when they choose not show a body and apparently throw it in the ocean. 911 was a demolition and it was improbable that an airplan would get that close to the WTC and not be shot down by a fighter jet unless they purposefully scrambled the orders cuz thats pretty clear cut “hey shoot down that plane, it’s too close!” also, those towers were made to wtihstand a plane crashing into them so essentially osama was a scapegoat and a reason to invade other countries. I’m american i just know that 911 makes no sense the way the gov’t says it

  16. *caves*

  17. comparethemeerkat

    Obama wanted him dead. He declared war on the world; some branches of Islam, the ‘West’ (America, Britain, France) you name it, he wanted everyone to suffer.
    His ideology is responsible for atrocities in my home of London, NYC, Bali, Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.
    He was a man full of fake prophecies and hate.

    Fuck him. He is dead and exactly where he should be- covered in sea silt, in an unknown and consequently uncelebrated part of the Arabian Sea.

    I’m not gonna chant u.s.a, but to say ‘I will never celebrate the death of someone’ about that oxygen thief is down-right retarded.

  18. Cheerio Lamebook, be back when the Beiber jokes return.

  19. And yes, I realise I spelt him wrong so save it. Thanks.

  20. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @boomstick, oatmealandi & comparethemeerkat – Agreed 100%. Smug people who act like it’s wrong to feel good about the death of a terrorist who caused THE DEATHS OF THOUSANDS are so transparent right now.

    @jr888 – Who are you to decide if it’s wrong to execute a person? Go lose a loved one in a terrorist attack or brutal murder, and then we’ll talk about how you feel.

    @Alex – That wasn’t even something you wrote on your own. You copy and pasted a made-up part of a quote that was wrongly attributed to Martin Luther King. Try again.

    @porkurtree – Thanks for clarifying you’re one of those crazy conspiracy theorists.

  21. @comparethemeerkat marry me, best comment here

    Just a question to all those who say they won’t celebrate their enemy’s death, think of a situation where somebody breaks in to your house, kills all of your family and runs a way, would you not be happy if he got caught and died? Would you not think this soulless piece of shit deserves to die?
    There’s really only one answer to this, so don’t bother saying no…

  22. I realize there is a double negativity there, so technically you could say no, but ugh I’m too high for this

  23. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @oatmealandi – Exactly, nobody would ever say they wouldn’t want the death of someone who killed their family, and actually mean it. Honestly, I think the whole death penalty issue should be decided EXCLUSIVELY by people who’ve lost family members to murder. They’re the only ones who really know what they’re talking about. Everybody else just bullshits.

  24. Sure, it was very very very wrong what Bin Laden did. Yes, he WAS a bad person. True. But every human being deserves a fair trial, no matter what they did. You can’t just shoot someone and say “Fuck yeah, we did it, we are better than you.” Because actually, you are not. That’s what upsets me about this whole thing. Especially in the US, where everyone pleads the constitution and/or the bill of rights as soon as your neighbour steps on your lawn. Come on.

  25. ifitwerentformyhorse- i’m not a cinspiracy theorist i just use logic. thanks for clarifying that ur just another person that believes anything the media or gov’t tells you. grow up and realise that the gov’t lies a lot about a lot of things. yeah osama was a horrible person and i’m glad he’s dead. i’m just saying when the gov’t hides all the details and just shows minor amounts of actual evidence that what they said happened actually happened then it makes it quite hard to believe that everything they say is the truth. plus it’s a politician’s duty to lie, that is what their whole job is based on

  26. Hey,porkurtree, it’s like those moon landings then, huh? *wink, wink; nudge, nudge*

  27. I agree, the outrageous celebration is a bit silly, but Osama doesn’t deserve the benefit ofe recognition as a human being. So, really, it’s the glee of a removed wart. It did take a decade to kill him, though, so there shouldn’t be this much euphoria over Big Bad America.

  28. ruckingfetard

    You guys dont hate USA. You just wish you lived here. Sorry we cant all be so lucky. You can pretend like its not true, but deep down we all know it is. You should be so lucky to be an American.

  29. Oh wow, more stupid comments. TipDipTease, yes, Osama was a human being.

    ifitwerentformyhorse: “Who are you to decide if it’s wrong to execute a person? ”

    Who are you to decide it’s right?

    I think it is wrong to kill people. It just is. And there’s no excuse for revenge. Revenge does not help anyone.

    24. europe_rocks wrote very well.

  30. We have his confession video taped. All the SEALs did was cut out the middle man and send him to his ‘paradise’. There is no way he would survive a trial. Either a jury or an angry Southerner would do him in.
    I mean, come on. The guy was an internationally wanted fugitive that needed to be put down. I may not celebrate his death for the sake of death, but I am glad that he can’t hurt anyone else. Sorry europe_rocks but there really is no point to a trial in his case. he wouldn’t survive it and at best it would take a few months to prosecute and convict, giving him time to plot and/or preach while he is on death row. Worst case scenario, we have to feed him for a million life sentences.
    You can’t kill that many people, brag about it, and still hope to get out of it alive.

    I don’t know if you play video games, but it’s probably a similar sensation to beating a boss you were stuck on for a long time. Like 10 years long time. And he killed your neighbor in real life.

  31. 13. Alex also. I can’t believe that shit, people who call themselves Christians :( (

  32. Wow, you guys. I understand the need to wax philosophical when people die…but this is Osama bin Laden we’re talking about, right? I’ve never celebrated someone’s death, and I’m not starting now, but I won’t pretend the world was a better place with him alive than it will be without him, and I won’t judge other people for celebrating either. Would I rather there was a trial and execution under color of law? Sure, but if my choices were kill him now or let him kill thousands more people in the years it would take to capture him, well then fuck him. People were affected by this man’s actions in different ways. Luckily the extent of my inconvenience is longer airport security, but am I judging the people who packed Times Square to cheer about this? Hell no. They probably lost friends, loved ones, and the general sense of security that you’re supposed to have in your home. For others, maybe this one thing helps them psychologically feel a bit less vulnerable than they did the day before. Why would I want to shit on that? So, long story short, PA and panda — fuck you and the horse(s) you rode in on.

  33. lexluther, there’s always a reason for trial. You don’t and _can’t_ know what would have happened if he had had a trial.

    And yes he should have been in prison if he was guilty. There’s no excuse for death sentence, that’s medieval, cruel and plain wrong.

  34. And anyways, who should then say who needs a trial and who doesn’t? Why don’t you just shoot *every* murderer without trial?

  35. What exactly is cruel about a death sentence if it’s painless? How is it more cruel than any other kind of sentence? Also, the death penalty is hardly medieval, since it’s been going on since basically the beginning of civilization. Not saying that makes it right or wrong; I just wish you’d be more precise with your terminology. The only reason I don’t believe in the death sentence is because in most cases it’s impossible to know the truth of what happened, and since it’s final you can’t correct your mistake. Also, it’s delivered in a racially lopsided way. But as a general principle, in a civilized society you have rights and responsibilities. If you fail to live up to your responsibilities, you give up the corresponding rights. There are things you can do to forfeit your right to live. Someone who unapologetically and unquestionably killed thousands of people and would be all to happy to kill more–I think he qualifies. Not to mention the fact that I’m sure those SEALs would have brought him in alive if they could. But they were already in a firefight–why waste more lives on this POS? You’re totally failing to balance this one guy’s life against all the deaths he has caused and would have caused, which is myopic and completely undermines your entire point. Ideology only goes so far in the real world.

  36. @35 lametothemin:

    The problem with capital punishment is about whether you adhere to the principle that the punishment should fit the crime. And not that the punishment should duplicate the crime. We don’t burn arsonists’ houses, we don’t steal from thieves, we don’t rape rapists (hey- there’s an idea), why kill killers? Just a thought…

    @24 europe-rocks:

    Well said.

  37. pterryndactyl

    ruckingfetard: HAHAHAHA. There is literally no reason for me to ever want to live in America.

  38. Keyser, I’m not sure I see your point. I didn’t say anything about the punishment having to duplicate the crime, and anyway I’m not sure how that philosophy is “the” problem with capital punishment. Even if we accepted as valid the proposition that the punishment should duplicate the crime, for the sake of argument, I’d still have my previously stated problems with capital punishment. So I’m sorry I don’t have a suitable response, but I just don’t know what you’re talking about or how it relates to what I said.

  39. Keyser_Soze, My thoughts tend to run in the same direction. And I love the login you chose, by the way. :D

  40. lametothemin you are right on. Why should we feed and clothe that shitbag for murdering people? He doesn’t deserve to exist in our society.
    Also, just for the record, I heard that Obama authorized a mission to kill ObL. From what I understand, capturing him wasn’t an objective. To be clear though, I agree with the rest of what you said.

    Lets not confuse a mass murderer with the guy who shanks his dealer over a kilo of coke. Both are bad people, both deserve punishment, but the mass murderer doesn’t deserve anything else. Tommy McCokehead isn’t anywhere close to ObL’s level. Society is built on a series of social contracts, one of those is not killing other people. When you cease to follow these rules, you are removed from the general public (i.e. jail/prison). If the crimes against your fellow man are heinous enough, you are separated from them permanently. We have all accepted this and abide within the boundaries of the contracts. It’s not that difficult. Even the cast of Jersey Shore can do it.

    Maybe the death sentence is barbaric, but so is the murder of thousands of innocent civilians and non-combatants. I don’t get what makes you think that this man deserved anything more than he received, or any more chance than his victims.

  41. thisisitagain

    How convenient, all the bleeding hearts come out of the woodwork… You’re not fooling anyone, its so much cooler to pretend you would never “celebrate the death of one man” and run into the streets chanting “USA USA USA”, isn’t it? I wish we could say “lets wait and see how you feel when he bombs your country”, but we already took care of that problem for you. You’re welcome, by the way.

  42. Right, have the death penalty only decided by those that have murdered relatives. That is some stupid shit right there. I need to have someone in my family die to have the US constitution apply to me? FUCK THAT. And by the way, since Obama is not rallying his band of zealots for some time now, and now he is a martyr, we will be feeling those awkward groin pat downs for quite a few years to come at airports

  43. Stupid media, now I can’t learn how to say, “Osama”

  44. First off, May the 4th be with you all.
    Secondly, I really thought more people had accepted that 9/11 was an inside job. I give you permission to get upset by that statement. It’s a very unsettling reality. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I just know better than to believe the bullshit that spews out of news anchors and politicians who only have dollar signs in their eyes and oil on their mind. I wish that people would consider the possibility that this all happened for a reason. It was tragic and it was horrific, but what about the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have died in iraq and afghanistan? Why is it that we never consider anyone but Americans? What makes your lives so valuable compared to the rest of the world? Osama may be dead, but you should know better than to think it’s going to make any difference in the long run. This is all just a game. It’s politics. There will always be a scapegoat out there for Americans to point their fingers at just so they can do their dirty work behind the scenes. Being a Canadian, I praise America for one thing and one thing only- movie making. Their ability to create this entire make-belief understanding of the world, to showcase it, to make it become everything you know…. well it fascinates me. But you guys are living in a cloud of fantasy- you are unable to comprehend what’s real and I don’t blame you because that’s all you know. But eventually, and hopefully the truth will be clear to everyone.

  45. I’ve never read so many comments from people who desperately need to get high before in my life. Chill. The. Fuck. Out.

    PS- USA, USA, USA!! And in the words of thisisitagain, you’re welcome!

  46. @ porkurtree

    You are a retard. The controlled demolition conspiracy theory is pretty much the most ridiculous 9/11 theory. Do you have any idea how many people it takes to rig a building for controlled demolition?
    It also takes a lot of time and effort and thousands of pounds of explosives.
    How many people would it take to to plan and plant the explosives and sneak them in to the buildings without anyone noticing? Do you actually believe that no one would have noticed or that no one involved would have talked about the conspiracy?

    This is my problem with most conspiracy theories. It comes down to risk management – there is no way that the, supposedly, almighty sinister government could make certain that the people involved would keep quiet.

    Retarded theories for the lose.

  47. “it is wrong to execute anybody.” yea you are right, we should have asked him politely to stop plotting terrorist attacks, whos to say that killing thousands of people is wrong? to each his own right?

  48. i was stoned when i wrote that. some people like to think intellectually at certain times… this often happens when your sitting at your computer baked on a site like lamebook crusin though peoples mishaps in life then coming across a heated political debate.

  49. unexpectedbacon

    Osama isn’t the only one who’s killed a lot of people in the last 10 years. I’m not saying he should or shouldn’t have died, I just think it would be nice if the people celebrating (and defending those who celebrated) would remember that we (I’m British and not trying to deny our part in all the nonsense that’s still going on) have killed a LOT more innocent people than he or his band of merry men ever did. Just because it’s us doing it doesn’t make it right.

  50. the first one totally got ruined by the last comment, the other ones made me lol.
    @ unexpectedbacon – i totally agree.

    I don’t think I ever want to go swimming in the sea again… I’d feel more contaminated than shrimp off the coast of Japan…

  51. The ignorant and boastful people of my country remind me day after day that no matter what I do or wherever I go in the world, the people I meet will automatically have a negative image of me, just because I’m from the United States. Is it wrong I can’t call myself an American? I don’t want to associate myself with these people anymore than I have to.

    So, dear friends, please know that not all of us are screaming in the streets for murder/justice/war-whatever the hell you personally would like to call it. Some of us consider and respect views other than our own, extend our learning beyond what our failing public schools/universities/media taught us, and we refuse to let the previously mentioned dumbasses of what was once a great nation sully our good name.

    And to the idiots commenters who are my “just-in-case-you-forgot!” reminder…tell your friends on Facebook about your wonderful opinions, I’ll enjoy the laugh tomorrow.

  52. @isky, have you seen the southpark episode where smug people like the smell of their own farts?

  53. bloody hipsters!

  54. laugh.out.loud

    If it was not for America most of you arseholes would be speaking Arabic, and supporting the Taliban. Bitches.

  55. laugh.out.loud

    “So, dear friends, please know that not all of us are screaming in the streets for murder/justice/war-whatever the hell you personally would like to call it. Some of us consider and respect views other than our own”

    ^true dat.

  56. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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    because I’m awesome

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