Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Terrible TypOHs!

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  1. That first one actually infuriates me. To post something so personal about someone else on facebook is just beyond me. I can’t even appreciate the humour in it :(

  2. All I have to say is…wow.

  3. I don’t quite get the first one. Maybe because i’m not English. Can someone explain please?? :D

  4. The first one is in really bad taste… who would say that?? But the last one is hilarious!

  5. I’m with nakedsun, I can’t fathom the idea of even posting something that personal and disturbing to my #something facebook friends.

    The spelling and grammatical errors in the second and third entries just aren’t that funny anymore. I’m over the back and forth spelling tips that come out of the comments.

  6. @Pepijn, in the first one, the poster wrote “when you hung your kids today” they meant to say hug. So they made it seem like people should hang their children.

    I can’t believe that someone would post something like that. She should have stopped after the word now. That would have been enough.
    Also, it’s hanged not hung. :D

  7. @Pepijn,
    The last sentence says “Keep it in mind when you hung your kids today”, where they meant hug, not hung. And the whole status is about hanging :P

  8. I think the typo in the third one was intentional. I think the poster was saying by studying, they’re dying at the same time. Idk, maybe I just saw it that way :P

  9. LOL AT THE FIRST ONE hahahahah wow. Wow. Just, wow.

  10. Looks like your parents were pretty keen to stick to those stereotypes too “Princess Shaniqua” lol. wish i could see the surname.

  11. I’m a bad bad person for laughing at the first one.

    @ dinosgorawr that was a very good point, I see it now.

  12. @nakedsun, I agree. I hate it when people do that.

    @dinosgorawr – dying is spelled “dying”.. not “dieing” lol. It was totally a typo!

  13. @ kateisgr3at – It couldn’t be an intentional typo as dinosgorawr said if they spelt it dying; it would be the same as saying studying and no one would get what she was implying.
    That said, I just see it as a stupid typo. but who knows, right?

  14. @12: I think dino means that the emphasis is on ‘die’.

  15. I haven’t hung my kids yet. Maybe someday…

  16. Sigh. I have no witty comebacks for any of these. There are no words to describe the level of stupidity.

  17. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    princess shaniqua was an account made up specifically to respond to that status in a humorous and ironical fashion.

  18. @ Kate. Yes, I know how to spell dying, that’s why I spelled it right when I posted it. Did you even read what I wrote? Maybe the poster meant to spell it that way. Maybe it’s just a typo, but I’m looking at it the other way.

  19. it’s clear Princess Shaniqua is annoyed about the biased portrayal of black people by the media, perhaps she can use her prominent status as a member or the royal family to do something about it.

  20. @poopaloop: “Princess Shaniqua” isn’t exactly the most common name. If you want to know her surname, just search for her on facebook. I did, and unfortunately it appears that she was completely serious in her comment, not going for witty irony like I was hoping.

  21. Sorry Jamie, I think you’re going to fail. It’s best to come to terms with this now.

  22. Princess Shaniqua, oh my, that was amusing. I hope she did that on purpose and doesn’t actually type like that.

  23. It’s gotten to the point where they aren’t typos, they’re just idiots who can’t spell worth a damn.

    Princess Shaniqua(xDayy): You must be aware that the media must emulate the opposition. The media would not be themselves if they did not keep up with that standard.

  24. OMG! The first one just killed me!! I had to register so i can post a comment. Who says things like that?! And if you’re gonna say it, at least make sure you spell everything right. But its just so horribly funny…

  25. I found “Princess Shaniqua OGarro” on fb…I wonder if it’s her

  26. I couldn’t find anyone named princess shaniqua :(

  27. Although I find it despicable to post something that serious on a semi-public place like Facebook, I cracked up over that spelling mistake, at first I overread it but, damn, that is a serious typo!

    @Pepijn: Vertaling nodig?

  28. @Titty Twister

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s her. I found her too, and looked on her friends, and the only Glenn is a guy whose picture looks just like the one that’s blurred out.

  29. Kimberly needs a kick in the head..might restart her addled brain.

  30. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Aaron=the world’s next huge philosophical thinker

  31. wtg, kimberly. id be so pissed if i was her friend.

  32. I sort of agree with the last one. It’s true that they do that. And they always send the black reporter to do those stories. However, the irony is that Princess Sheniqua is perpetuating the stereotypes just as much as the media is. If you want to fight the stereotypes…stop being one!

  33. @ 19 iliketoast: made me lol =P Just thought you should know!

  34. @ heavilyunbroken

    I freaking love when we find the real person(s) from a lamebook post!!

  35. *Hanged; Josh hanged himself.

  36. Aaron must have an IQ of like 175.

  37. Why do you guys try and creep the people in these posts Facebook’s? And then go even further to check their friends to see if someone who commented on their status or whatever is in there, and THEN say “yeah, ____ is on her friends list and the picture looks like the blurred out one.”


  38. I’m surprised Aaron didn’t get kicked out of Starbucks for typing on his Iphone while his mangina was hanging out.

  39. Okay, so I had to register just to say this….

    At least “Princess Shaniqua” spelled minorities right.

  40. Yeah Lulz I agree, who fuckin’ cares who these fools are

  41. f7 is ignored too often

  42. *giggles like a maniac*

    ah Princess Shaniqua

    *giggles again*

    I really shouldn’t read these while drunk at 2am.

  43. i can’t believe the kimberley girl wrote a status like that about somebody elses kid. im sure its something they would have liked to keep personal and secret

  44. The Princess Shaniqua is too perfect a form of irony to be real. It screams fake to me, and even a bit contrived.

  45. Kimberly fucked up.

  46. Usually I’d just be a little bitch and whine about misspellings not being funny, but seriously… what the hell is up with the first one? I don’t even get how she could have put that last sentence up there.

    Or well, why she has that status at all. Just broadcast somebody else’s pain to the world. Thank Fuck For Facebook.

  47. @ BritishHobo: I’m pleased you realise that you are normally just a little bitch.

  48. Peeple who tlk lyk dis <– Seriously, I beg you please, become an Emo, but learn to cut your wrists the right way. Along the vein, not across it!

    How is it any easier to type like a moron? I mean really, those extra letters and effort, to spell it the right way takes what? One second? Learn to speak properly or become a trench digger given your single digit IQ rating.

    People like Kimberley with their attention seeking status updates need to join the 'peeple who tlk lyk dis' clan. If you gave a fuck about your family, you would get off Facebook and 'hung' them. Don't post it in your status so you get comments from people who think you are sympathetic.

    Facebook a social network communication tool for staying in touch with friends and family, not to try make an impact on society through your selfish driven ego. Fucktards!

    I realise fucktards is not a word but it is the only way to vent my frustration.

    And yes, I do realise that Facebook has been the catalyst for Lamebook and its hilarious posts, but seriously, people need to realise that talking about another persons family in their status is not only disrespectful, but just poor fucking form.

  49. @Crackadackalash: I think the correct Lamebook phraseology would be “fucktart” or “fucktarts”.

    @Lulz: I agree also. I don’t I could not care less how they are. Especially after that whole SWMBM thing. Though that was pretty damn funny.

  50. @ Crackadackalash: Really, nobody cares about your tangents on spelling.

  51. @Crackadackalash. I care.
    Also, fucktards should be a word. It conveys the point that you are trying to get across, and is used extensively in the works of the comedic genius Christopher Moore. So that makes it a word in my world.

  52. @lamourstories: The fact you’ve responded to my post proves otherwise.

    Based on the norm argument or spirited debate that arise on this site, you’re coming across as completely naive. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re commenting under the ‘More terrible typeOHs!’ thread. Even though a typo isn’t really about grammar or spelling, more so about the typing mistake, they actually become the popular choice for the majority of comments.

    Congratulations on your burn though. Did you think that up all by yourself? I wish I could drop puns the way you do. How does one become so clever? Could you teach me the way of your wit?

  53. @Onagh Matopia: I wish more people would care. I’ve often wondered how many more people would care if all face to face conversations displayed in text.

  54. @Spanka: I’m glad we see eye to eye. Though really you just made yourself look more of a little bitch than me.

  55. And that’s saying something.

  56. AHAA!! I’m dumb :p Thanks for the explanation!!

  57. i guess i’m gonna have to be th first one to ask this…why did they pixelate the generic “no photo” picture that her royal highness appears to have?

  58. @ BritishHobo: If my agreeing with you caused me to look like a little bitch, then I do apologise. I will try not to be so agreeable in the future.

  59. @ Lulz & Wordpervert People feel the need to find these people to check if they are in fact real, because then it becomes so much more funny than a set up status/comment made just for lamebook. And in this case she is very real. Then again, this one here has no picture, so maybe it was made especially for lamebook with her in mind? Too much thought.

  60. TheDon: Um, not ENOUGH thought. The term you are looking for is “funnier,” not “more funny.” Writing “more funny” makes you sound, ahem, more dumb.

  61. insert clever name here

    @jukaswo: Well put.

  62. As a mother who HAS lost a child. I would be absolutely offended to read what the first person said. I would be extremely hurt. Saying to keep me in your prayers would have been enough, but to broadcast to the world exactly what happened is cruel. I am sure she is just trying to be nice as most people are after a child dies, but sometimes people are so damn stupid and ignorant. THINK before you say shit! I have heard a lot of things people have said after a loss. I know there isn’t a lot one can say about the loss of a child.

    Just say I am so sorry for your loss and leave it at that! That’s ALL we wanna hear. We do NOT want to hear your trivial bullshit! Lose a child, lose a piece of you forever!

  63. What’s with all the PC over the first one? I’m a hung kid. And proud of it!

  64. Am I the only one to wonder if “studieing” was deliberate?

  65. I didn’t know Glenn Beck had a Facebook

  66. @jukaswo Well done totally missing the point I was making and concentrating on one little grammatical mistake. I guess it makes you feel superior. I thought ‘so much funnier’ wouldn’t make sense, then again I suppose I didn’t need so much, and could’ve just said funnier. You grammar nazi’s do need to get over yourselves though.

  67. *Nazis

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