Monday, April 26, 2010

More Terrible Tats

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  1. ahh marketing at its best

  2. If your tattoo artist can’t center the tattoo with an extra letter and apostrophe, it’s time to find a new tattoo artist.

  3. Hallee, ever heard of “kerning”? No? How about I even out your dumb @$$ face then biatch.

  4. i think there’s a second picture but it’s not loading on my computer.
    anyways, 1st one- umm… what?? you misspelled it on purpose? yeah ok dumbass.
    2nd one (or 3rd?)- i hope they’re giving you free meals for life otherwise you’re a dipshit.

  5. oh and who the fuck gets lyrics of wonderwall tattooed on them? i hate that song. it’s whiny.

  6. I fucking love Oasis but even Liam G would say that tattoo was shit. Weird place to have a tattoo as well, no? And like Douche said, I don’t get the ‘centering’ issues. Sigh.

  7. @virgo79- where is your soul?!

  8. ‘even out’ what the fuck is she on about? it’s already uneven, all the letters are different sizes and wonky!
    stupid dick got it spelled wrong and obviously is trying to cover it up after the fact

  9. Tattoos like this probably make tattoo artists want to hang themselves.

  10. I agree virgo79.

    Those crazy Beatles wannabes Oasis, got way too much cred for that song, and that album in general.

    The previous album was way better.
    If I were to tattoo a song lyric of their’s on my body, it would have to be from the song “Supersonic”.

    “She done it with a Doctor on a helicopter”

  11. More recently though, I WILL give them props for “The shock of the lightening”

    Top song.

  12. word- lol… would you put it in the tramp stamp area? i think those words are fitting for that area. just make sure the words even out… ya know, so it doesn’t look weird or anything. i really don’t know what lyrics i would get tattooed on me. i don’t have a favorite band. :-(

  13. Personally my favorite band is the Smiths but I never imagine getting a lyric tattoed – I think the whole idea is lame :(
    Added in odd tat location and misspelling and it’s just frankly depressed.
    ‘Stop crying your heart out’ FTW as best Oasis song.

  14. depressing. Omg with the mistakes today.

  15. virgo, you don’t have a favourite band?

    That’s no good. You gotta get one, if for no other reason than to get some lyrical ink on your body.

  16. lol…because heaven forbid it look “weird”…..

  17. lol… song lyrics and corporate logos make great tats… maybe I will get the chevy logo on my cock and the lyrics to that ‘like a rock’ song they have on all of their commercials on my belly… hells yeah!!

  18. @ Nantaise

    The smiths have some great lyrics though… and if you were to die I may feel slightly sad, but I wont cry… lol

  19. Nantaise,

    Re the Smiths,
    Morrissey lyrics at any time can lend themselves to suicidal ideation.

    Well for me at least.

  20. kelly deserves a sarcastic response. something along the lines of ‘no kelly, i usually post pictures of guys legs that have tatoos on them’

  21. The best is ‘and if a double decker bus…crashes into us, to die by your side…oh the pleasure, the priviledge is mine, (ALTOGETHER NOW!) and if a ten tonne truck, kills the both of us…’


  22. Any good tattoo artist could have figured out a way to make the first one even. She probably just got embarassed that it was not the right “you’re” and made up an excuse.

    As for the second one..whyyyy?? Why would you get a restaurant tattooed on yourself?! People are STUPID.

  23. She? I thought it was a guy?

  24. Halee, fuck you for getting that shitty song stuck in my head.

    That thing in the middle of Joe’s tattoo looks like a used condom with a tampon sticking out of it. Also, shilling for a corporation without being paid is idiotic.

  25. Even without the misspellings, the wonderwall tattoo is stupid.

  26. Looks like the tattoo “artist” shredded her shirt too. Please don’t tell me it’s fashionable to wear ripped up t-shirts!

  27. slim – when i went in to get my tattoo, there a guy there getting the chevy logo on his arm. it was a huge tattoo. in my head i was thinking “wtf who does that??” he almost passed out too.
    word- you’re right. i need to get a favorite band so i can get their lyrics tattooed on me. i was thinking right across my chest above my breasts. then whenever i wear pretty much any shirt i own, it will be visible for everyone to see.

  28. Today is gonna be the day that you’re gonna get a bad tattoo…

  29. I have lyrics tattooed on my hip. I don’t think it’s lame.
    Mind you, it’s from an unreleased song by my favourite band.
    Buuuut, that guy’s tattoo is extremely lame, not only is he an idiot- but the tattoo artist must be too.
    It’s not that hard to center! Jeeeze.

  30. tattoos of lameness.

  31. My favourite artist of all time is Peter Gabriel, and my favourite song of his is “Biko”.

    If I had enough room on my body, I would put that on there.
    But maybe I’m on to something?
    I should make it a requirement for a man I was about to get involved with to stand there and sing it, using my body as a kind of karaoke screen.
    It’s a long song, with a long fadeout…

    This could be fun.

  32. oh lord… sorry word… no woman is worth singing peter gabriel for… i have a good voice, but i wont use it for that… id still do ya though, but i would need a waiver of that requirement… or a different song to sing

  33. fucking hell, go back to your undoubtedly beautiful wife, Slimjayz, I’d cut off my boyfriends couilles for less.

    Word, you just aren’t making an effort- get it in teeny tiny writing or put weight on or something.

    @jasey, what’s the lyric?

    and what is in the middle of the second tattoo? :S

  34. So Halee chose to misspell her tattoo for the sake of aesthetic composition as a pose to been grammatically correct, fair play…fucking idiot.

  35. Haha, I think the Chipotle one is funny.

  36. @Nantaise: It’s supposed to be a chili pepper. It looks like it got run over though.

  37. The horrible song and illiteracy aside, why the hell do people post pictures of brand-new tattoos with their skin raw and scalded-looking and swollen? They look like burn victims and it makes me queasy. Surely I’m not the only one. WTF, people.

  38. @katemonster I agree, but I guess people are excited about showing off their ‘works of art’.

    The chili pepper looks like a golf bag with a club sticking out of it.

  39. A message to any man that doesn’t like at least one Peter Gabriel song…

    They have no chance with me.

  40. Halee is a terrible liar, and now she has stamped her stupidity on her body.

  41. word… i will give you ‘in your eyes’ but you have to admit that sledgehammer sucks, lol

    Although I dont understand how people can have favorite artists and bands to this degree that they tattoo themselves, make significant others listen to them and all that crap… The music i listen to know isnt what I was listening to 10 years again and it wont be what I am listening to 10 years from now… maybe its ADD, maybe I just get bored easy, i dont know…

  42. You could have a big dipper
    Going up and down, all around the bends
    You could have a bumper car, bumping
    This amusement never ends

    I want to be your sledgehammer

  43. You’ve redeemed yourself for liking “In your eyes” slim.

    mass, you’re in because of the awesome video clip attached to that song.

    Excellent boys, excellent.

  44. Thanks word, I love your work here btw.

  45. I crashed down on the crossbar
    and the pain was enough to make
    a shy bald Buddhist reflect and plan
    a mass murder.

    thats what I would get tattooed on me if it had to be a Smiths lyric

  46. Café del Tapón Usado

  47. Laim Gallagher

  48. What?
    Okay, I love Oasis, and I think they’re a lot better than people give them credit for. But seriously? That lyric from Wonderwall? Wonderwall being the most overplayed Oasis song EVER.

    I don’t REALLY see why you’d get a lyric anyway. What if you got it, and you were listening to the song, and they you just started to think ‘I’m bored of this song. I don’t really like it any more.’
    Then you’d be screwed.

  49. RingingInMyHead

    Blur > Oasis.

  50. 1) It’s a bad thing to get a tat of an annoying song with grammatical errors.

    2) It’s even worse that to LIE about the errors…

    3) It’s the WORST to have lyrics from a song that means nothing to you…which is obvious that it doesn’t, because the lyrics are wrong. Should be “THAT saves me”, not “WHO saves me”.

    …Just sayin’.

  51. I’m pretty sure the lyric of “Wonderwall” is “you’re gonna be the one THAT saves me”. Not WHO saves me.

  52. Lamebook, why post only one additional picture upon clicking “read the rest of the entry”?

    Now THAT is lame.

  53. Hello salaamthebody

    I enjoy your name, but do find that the addition of A’s in your username deserve a….wait for it…..salaam in da face
    just sa a a a a a a a in

  54. Oh and while Laquineeshass at it…Deares HoBo…de stupid band you luv (4 whateva reeson) deserve ta disappear into der own OASIS. Girl, u need ma help!

  55. AAAA?

  56. Ugh… I love Oasis, but seriously, Wonderwall is NOT that great.

    Also, seriously, it’s an apostrophe and an additional letter that would save her from looking even more stupid than she already does.

    People get such stupid tattoos…

  57. Unless HoBo is a mail..den I truly meant to say…wait for it…Boy come to mama

  58. Don’t wanna be a douche..but don ‘t they alternate between ‘that’and ‘who’?

  59. Katemonster, I completely agree with you! New tattoos look disgusting. Can you not wait a week to post a picture on Facebook for all the world to see? Is it necessary to take a picture in the parlor, especially when your skin looks like you have tinea versicolor?

  60. Chewbacca shagger

    Hobo, I think Oasis give themselves enough credit for everyone. I dont think there have ever been any members of a band (i refuse to call them artists) that i would really love to just punch in the face whenever they open their mouths. And i am not a violent person.
    I have a tat that is a logo/brand but i chose it after playing with the companys products for 20 years. No one can see it and in this country not too many people know what it means either.

  61. I think her skin looks hella better around the tattoo where the fake tan has been wiped off…

    Its that nasty skin around the tattoo I wouldnt be posting…

  62. fresh ink leaves that weird black-ish smear around the tattoo. i think that’s all it is.

  63. I have a lyric on my ankle, but it is spelled correctly, small, and has very significant meaning to me. When people ask what it says I never repeat the lyric and just explain the concept of the entire tattoo. THAT is the way to pull of a tattoo with lyrics.
    Getting some overplayed song on your body with spelling errors is just stupid.

    This girl deserves an awful tattoo.

  64. so princess, what does your tattoo say?

  65. and yeah, I thought it was a guy too, it looks like a guy body.

  66. Ahah, Princess, I made the mistake of telling people mine were lyrics…. I won’t be doing that ever again.
    But mine has a very significant meaning to me. Isn’t that all that matters? :]

    @Anna, Same! I thought she (?) was a guy too, but now I’m not sure… ahah

  67. Halee spells as well as her parents obv. fucking idiots.

  68. I’m used to the misspelled tattoos by now. What I find rather unsettling is the fact that there appears to be a young child sitting behind our subject in the first picture.

    Oh, and the second guy should’ve had Chipotle pay him for the ad space before he went through with it.

  69. I wish that misspelled tattoos hurt worse than usual.

  70. It pains my heart to break the 69 comment run.
    Hurr hurr hurr.

    Also, more to the point, people with spelling mistakes in their tattoos make me want to punch a fucking orphan in the face.
    This is on you for life. One day, unlikely as it is, you might actually learn how to spell and you’ll forever be tarnished with a reminder of your utter lack of common sense.
    Laser treatment? Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t even fucking spell, Walmart don’t pay you that much.

  71. i love malteaser too

    I don’t get the urgency to take a shot of the tattoos. I mean, they are going to be there for a long time, you don’t HAVE to take the shot of them while the skin around that tattoo is still stinging and make them look lamer than they already are.

  72. Has no one noticed the lyric is actually ‘You’re gonna be the one THAT saves me’?! This has failed on more levels than you realised

  73. @ terrybloke, many people have noticed and mentioned the mis-lyric… like scotty b and chalmersrox.
    also, of course if “she’d” put ‘that’ instead of ‘who’ it would have knocked off the whole symmetry. that whole extra letter just kills everything. :P

  74. @Terry, Yes. I guess that would’ve thrown the alignment further out of wack. *rolls eyes

  75. Of course. I forgot that it’s acceptable to spell words wrong and have incorrect lyrics as long at the tattoo ‘evens out’.

    It isn’t, however, acceptable to have Oasis lyrics tattooed anyway.

  76. I want to smack Halee sooooooooooo hard. what a dumb broad.

  77. the tattoo’s lame ok, but they didn’t make a mistake with the ‘who/that’ ffs.

  78. Those lyrics are actually totally wrong. But hey ho, I’m not the one with a shit tattoo

  79. Nice song, lame tattoo. Personally I’d rather have album artwork tattooed, I mean a picture really is worth a thousand words, especially if it’s from a Tool album, in which case it’ll be worth 10 000 words, heh.

    And did anyone else think of South Park when they saw the Chipotle tattoo?

  80. Halee got the lyrics wrong. It SHOULD be:

    Today is gonna be the day that you’re gonna get a sh!t tattoo.
    By now, you should have figured out it’s a stupid thing to do.
    I don’t believe that anybody thinks that it is cool, except for you…

    So Halee….
    You gonna get laser surgery?
    And when that’s done…..
    You should consider an English co-o-ourse.
    Or wind up on Lamebo-o-ok.

    Put that into word, use justify, change it to size 36 then print it off and cut it all out. You can stencil it on instead. Right across your back, for everyone to peak at through your ripped up shirt.

  81. Hahaha @ Fred. Great lyrics…

  82. @Nantaise; “make the impossible a possibility”
    I personally don’t think it’s lame, but that’s just me.

  83. Halee is such a lying twat it’s not even funny.

  84. Did anyone mention the fringed shirt Haylee is wearing?

  85. Am I the only one who thought #2 said “cockstore” at first glance?

  86. Chewbacca shagger

    I had to go and subject myself to the whining twats just to confirm that they do say “that” every time in the song from the album. Fail.

  87. There’s a “your” in the 1st and 3rd lines so they would have been even if spelled correctly. Then just center that stupid “wonderwall” underneath. What the hell is a wonderwall anyway? I don’t think anybody knows so when this song fades into obscurity in a few years, how’s she going to explain her big-ass tattoo to people?

  88. Good thing they left out the ‘re, or it wouldn’t be a perfect rectangle, like it is now.

  89. lol she could have at least got rid of the nasty fake tan first.

  90. @Malteaser: That’s not fake tan, that’s the aftermath of getting a tattoo. Never been inked/watched someone being inked? It’s excess ink that dries over your skin and makes you look like a weird black/orange/brown/yellow colour.

  91. (At the whats supposed to be an Oasis lyrics tattoo..)

    Wonderwall is also spelt wrong *rolls eyes*

    & @scarfey: You are right, Its the after effects of having a tattoo done, If the tattooist was any good they would have cleaned it all up for her, Also if the tattooist was any good he would have refused to let her get that insult of a tattoo done.

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