Friday, February 26, 2010

More Rough Relationships

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  1. i would say “first” here but that would be lame

  2. Muna’s comment messed up my head.

  3. Ganz – I don’t understand it at all.

    Muna – tru dat. I’ve never met anyone who’s an angle.

  4. do people like Muna think they’re cool by typing like that? I think they’re retarded

  5. I have a headache. Can someone translate Majeed for me? Sensible Madness? Anyone?

  6. Can I get a translation on the whole Majeed conversation? Mcowles?

  7. I met a pretty obtuse guy once…but yeah Muna and Ganz seem like wonderful people to take advice from.

    God why cant Nick be more mature like Julia…she is sooooo over him

  8. forgive her and move on with your life, no one is an angel , neither you nor her, after ,gives yourself something to think if you still wanna date her or not

    The ganz one i do not understand

    Mcowles and sensible will do the free interpretation and i am looking forward to that

  9. Majeed , guys dont get raped by women

    wait , did she use a strapon ? That indeed gives you something to think about ! Muna was right , thats why she put angle in stead of angel

    The whole thing makes sense now

  10. Father Sha- “somtym 2 fink” is some time to think! I’m good at this! I should be a linguist.

  11. i should have known that one , thanks shooblie

  12. while muna is undoubtedly gramatically challenged, ganz has the most illegible post i have ever seen.

  13. Ganz said:

    As with all of Lacan’s key formulations, the notion that the master signifiers are ’signifiers without signified’ is a complex one. Even the key idea is the following. The concept and /or referent signified by any ‘master signifier’ will always be something impossible for any one individual to fully comprehend. For example, ‘Australian-ness’ would seem to be what is aimed at when someone proffers the self-identification: ‘I am an Australian’. The Lacanian question here is: what is ‘Australian’ being used by the subject to designate here? Is ‘Australian-ness’ something that inheres in everyone who is born in Australia?

  14. I agree buds I’ve been trying to make sense of it and there is simply no way for that sentence to work.

  15. “No-one is an angle.” Fantastic.

  16. I see: I talk, you say girls know they pay. Make you come out for her… Maybe he’s gay, so a girl forcing him to have sex would be raped. Maybe she was trying to in-gay him? I dunno. Anyone? Help?

  17. Wow! Rape* un-gay*

  18. Weird names.


  20. Hahaha. Hobo<3

  21. bollywood_rocks83

    Ganz may be using Pidgin English West African style. If he is, what he said is this: I talked(maybe he told him before) and you said girls don’t pay. Make you comot for der: Get the fuck out or “You’re not serious”.

  22. Does anyone know what ganz was trying to say. I ran it through my mental lamebook translator, and I’ve still got nothing. Is there another language in between that I’m not aware of?

  23. haha no one is an angle! it’s comedy gold..

  24. Ah … I see bolly has made an attempt. :)

  25. hahaha ganz is speaking pidgin english , he said: I told you before, girls arn’t worth it. get out of the relationship.

    Majeed just looks like he used translator…

  26. Maybe it’s March already in Julia’s world.

  27. Yeah, I think Julia is Australian. It’s like Smarch 40th over there.

  28. Chucho made me LOL!

  29. @BritishHobo you’re not gonna think that’s so funny 6 months from now….boom tshhhhhh

    Ganz said “this is some of the best fuckin’ heroin eva yo. pass the dutchie”

  30. I love how in Muna’s world it’s ok to date your rapist.

    I think Ganz is saying: Being with girls doesn’t pay (i.e. you get nothing out of it) – they make you commit to them.

  31. What kind of guy gets mad about being raped a woman? :D

  32. @30

    Because it’s rape?

  33. I understand …But I didn’t mean that. I meant the sexual fantasy.

  34. Here’s an “advise” for Majeed:
    If the female person you’re dating is a cheater and a rapist, she is NOT a lady.

  35. I want to be friends with Majeed.

  36. I want the frontals … this jasmine chick seems fun … wouldn’t mind her frontals too …

  37. LOL Jasmines last comment was the funniest thing i’ve heard on LameBook in awhile

  38. Cheaters being outted on Facebook, in front of all of their friends, makes me happy. :)

  39. “I talk u say girls no dey pay..make u comot for der.” WTF?????

  40. I never understood the whole air the cheaters out on facebook thing… all these people are accomplishing is giving their desperate friends a chance. “Oh, Julia is a slut? I have a chance!”

  41. Does anyone understand the whole thing between Miz and Kapilash?

  42. To those saying a man can’t be raped by a woman, there are lots of ways a woman can rape a man. She could penetrate him digitally or with an object, or she could coerce him into having sex using threats (just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you can’t have a boner at the same time), or if she could somehow convince him that she was someone else in order to get him to have sex with her, that would also be rape.

    I will leave you with a quote from my (female) Criminal Law lecturer, responding to a student’s question of whether a woman could rape a man:

    “Honey, you don’t think I could rape you?”

  43. Ganz is using Nigerian Pidgin

  44. @EmKitteh

    I came.

  45. @Soup

    Glad I could help you out there.

  46. Lamebook, where every post ends with an orgasm or your money back.

  47. Muna’s comment should read, “No, 1° is an angle.” It’s an acute observation, albeit obtusely phrased.

  48. SuperLOL at Jasmine!

  49. Jasmine FTW

  50. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Profesh, nice.

    I actually quite like Dane’s comment. Simple, bitter, but well put.

  51. Reading Lamebook now for a few months… some people are so fucking thick it makes me cry.

  52. I’ll attemped my own translation of Ganz.

    I believe instead of idiocy it is actually a very interesting and hard to crack code, possibly used by M15 operatives.

    “I talk u say girls no dey pay.. make u comot for der”

    Using the rudamentry form of HBE (Half Baked English) and cross referencing with the RLS (Retarded Liguistics Society) i have established it is something like:

    “I’ll meet to you at the place the girls don’t pay.. if not, i’ll make you come there”


    “I tell you girls know how to play to make you commit”

    Given the complexity of this code, i’m undecided which, if either, is correct.

  53. Randall’s “I’m in!” has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Perfect timing,lol

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