Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More PhoDOHs

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  1. The first one, wow, just.. wow.

    Perfect little Elsie? Not for much longer you irresponsible turd.

  2. lostintranslation

    Wow… before today, I genuinely believed there was nothing in the world that would make me not want to eat cake. It’s a sad day :(

  3. Wow, people are stupid.

  4. cynicaloptimist

    @lostintranslation- I am so with you. As a fatty, I believe people who ruin foods for me should be shot. Shun them for ruining cake. Eck….

  5. OMG… those first two = complete jackasses.

  6. Wow.

  7. “can you tell what it is?”

    No. No, I can’t. Your symbolism is way too subtle for me.

  8. And I wonder if Beca will also post a photo of Elise’s first spots of melanoma.

  9. I’m pretty sure that Elise is sitting under the light because of jaundice…if a baby is born with jaundice (which is fairly common) they have to sit under a large light for an extended period until the discoloration goes away. So yeah. Not really that lame.

  10. Hoping that Elise came out jaundice and the doc told her mom to put her in the sun… Not exactly what I would do but she might have had good intentions.

  11. Is there something I’m not getting about the last photo??

  12. And there goes my lunch plans…again.

  13. Yeah, it was probably jaundice. I’m gonna give the mom the benefit of the doubt here. I would want people to give me the benefit of the doubt.

  14. @rocola, I don’t get it either. A buck, a duck… they rhyme with fuck?

  15. eenerbl- I was thinking the same thing…kinda confused!

  16. Oops..I meant rocola! ;)

  17. OoooOOohh. she’s a bad person because she dared to rest her child on a stable surface, take a picture and make a joke. The sunbed isn’t even on people. relax!

    I like the moose(deer, elk, whatever) – but the duck I’m not sure about…

    although I applaud the use of swedish berries, the cake is just disgusting!

  18. @Bex, hahaha “she dared to rest her child on a stable surface”. :)

  19. The deer is the symbol for Browning rifles and the duck is the symbol for Ducks Unlimited. The man is a redneck that likes hunting…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  20. @cheri I don’t know, I’d say there’s something seriously wrong with someone who would have two corporate logos permanently affixed to their bodies.

  21. The first one is pretty funny and pretty good actually.

    The second one, her child may have had Jaundice (very common for babies, and they put them under UV lights to heal them)

    And the third one, I really don’t get what’s so bad?

  22. Yeah there’s nothing wrong with liking hunting, and I can even stand the guys who cover their cars/trucks with the browning and ducks unlimited stickers, but a tattoo? Really? There are much better ways to let people know that you like to hunt

  23. Oh and first one: worst way to start the day EVER. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to actually make something like that. I feel sorry for whoever did.

  24. OH and one more thing haha: in case anyone is wondering “mossy oak” is a style of camo for hunting..

  25. bleeding snatch cake or not, i’d eat it… looks delicious.

  26. It takes a real loser with no life to waste time making such a stupid cake.

  27. I’m doubting jaundice, sticking with idiocy.

  28. That is the best Aflac advert I’ve ever seen.

  29. mmm cake… chocolate is delicious… could do without friut topping regardless of what it represents… thats the gross part to me… but i will just eat around it

  30. Girlpants who is Elsie?

    I doubt it’s for jaundice unless that only affects areas of your skin that aren’t covered in attire…

    I’ll go with resting on a sturdy object whilst temporarily doing something else, thinking it was quite funny at the time, taking a picture and making a poor joke out of it.

    The baby’s quite dark anyway and doesn’t need a tan in my opinion… But each to their own!

    I thought the last one was something to do with a drinking game we used to play in our teens here in England called Fuzzy Duck! Obviously isn’t though! ha ha

  31. Beca does deserve some credit for naming her baby after the mom in Family Ties…bold move, not a lot of people will get it. I mean sure, name your kid “Alex P.” and everyone’s going to know it was because of Michael J. Fox’s character, but Elise? Nicely played. She’s destined to grow up to be a strong, witty and wise mother who also happens to be a closeted lesbian.

  32. romsifer….babies with jaundice go under uv lights in an incubator not a tanning bed….so it is lame

  33. Dammit. :( Now I am going to have that scene in the movie “Kids”, where the one boy is dipping a tampon in red kool-aid and sucking it off to freak people out, stuck in my head all day.
    …I know the baby is most likely jaundiced but I really hope she put eye protectors on baby before they turned the bed on.

  34. pic 1 – mmm…Bleeding Vag Cake…save the string for me!

    pic 2 – tanning bed is off, baby is on a large pad in the center of a stable surface, not a big deal!

    pic 3 – that’s one fine lookin’ backside. Buck n Duck likes to F…

  35. The cake does look delicious if you try to look at it in an abstract way…mmmmm

  36. I’m actually kinda impressed with the detailing of the cake. But I know cake boss could do it wayyyy better.

    I’m one of the lucky few who have a very strong appetite, so it takes more then this to ruin it.

  37. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Damn. I used all my tampon related plays on words up last night. Within a 24 hour “period” there’s only so many “bloody” jokes I can “pull out”. The gags were “flowing” last night, but now they’re all “dried up”. Wow, I just turned into my dad. I’ve seen some bad food that resembles some unsavoury bodily functions before, but this takes the cake.

    Only question is why oh why would this be applicable to Ben’s birthday? Anybody?

    Cody should eat a mouth full of rancid menstrual cake for such a chump ridden choice of tattoo.

  38. I think Elsie’s mother must be Snookie from “Jersey Shore”..Didn’t she say that her contribution to the world would be tanning beds for everyone?

  39. I’ll be making that vag cake for my daughters sweet 16 party! “Yay honey, you’re a woman now”

  40. I bet that baby has high bilirubin levels & needs “sunlight”. In other words, the baby almost has Jaundice.

  41. if the baby had a high bilirubin it would be kept in the hospital and treated there until it was safe for the baby to go home. they wouldnt let a mother put her newborn in a tanning bed at home to deal with it.

  42. Actually, kgurr, you don’t know what you are talking about. My daughter had jaundice. They sent her home. Told me to give her lots of sunlight. They also had another company come and install a miniature tanning bed for my daughter to lay in, several times a day. She had a suit that she had to wear with it. So the fact that the baby has clothes on in the picture really doesn’t make a difference. But yes, it was a small tanning bed. Intended for children with jaundice. Not all babies have to stay at the hospital. Might want to do your research before you say something on a public forum.

  43. Tons of babies have jaundice. Most of them go home. Hospital usually have a certain criteria the baby must meet, and it varies from hospital to hospital. But simply having jaundice isn’t necessarily a hospital sentence. Some babies aren’t even born in hospitals. The picture was most likely just a funny, like others said. But it’s feasible that it could have to do with jaundice.

  44. That baby doesn’t look jaundice to me and even if she was this isn’t what the UV treatment looks like – she would have less clothing on and the UV lights in the hospital generally don’t look like a sunbed.

  45. Uhhhh….the tanning bed isn’t on. And based on the fact that baby’s aren’t allowed in tanning salons I’m going to guess that the mother OWNS this tanning bed. If she owns a tanning bed I’d also assume she has some workout equipment (but who knows), maybe she’s working out while her baby sleeps. I think everyone is being a little over dramatic. If her baby was actually tanning in a tanning bed, she would be wearing only a diaper, and there wouldn’t be a blanket underneath, she would have goggles on, and would probably have a triple bronzer lotion bottle next to her. I think it’s safe to say the baby is just sleeping on the tanning bed that ISN’T turned on.

  46. as a nurse i’m kind of surprised that a jaundiced baby would be sent home for treatment, but different places have different treatment protocols. the babies i’ve seen treated for jaundice have been treated in hospital, in diapers with eye protection (the lights can seriously damage their vision) in a little bed with the lights positioned right above them. not a tanning bed, and definitely not an adult sized one! the baby in this pic is not wearing eye protection and is not positioned correctly in relation to the light, it’s not treatment for jaundice.

  47. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little at the first one.

  48. Come on guys, stop hating on pic 1, that’s probably the closest to pussy Ben’s ever gonna get.

  49. I will never eat cake again. *puke*

  50. I don’t know, i think number 1 is actually pretty impressive, esp since it looks like the tampon is edible.

    Number two is also eh.

    I think the grossest is number 3; not because the idiot redneck tattooed corporate symbols on his back to illustrate how rugged he is, but back cleavage = ew.

    Overall a pretty meh post I think.

  51. lol!

  52. You know how people often say that people should have to pass a test before having a kid, to stop the fucking idiots of the world reproducing? Well, I think, if Lamebook has taught us anything in the past year, it’s that we need to add cameras and tattoos to that list.

  53. Chewbacca shagger

    I’m a pastrychef and we are always getting people trying to order these kinds of cakes. I did a few when i was 18 but now we just flat refuse. A boob cake sometimes maybe but no dicks and no pussys. BTW, they must have forgotten what a vagina looks like.

  54. Yea the benefit of the doubt would be comfortable for the parent. And I assume pic #2 is just a lame joke and that the sunbed is off.

    But in general, from the kids’ viewpoint, I’d say better to be doubting a parent once too often, rather than silently, unwittingly accepting child abuse because you’re too scared of being wrong.

    Pic #1 is so offputting it’s brilliant. “Can you see what it is?” No, i think I need some pointers. A Choc Chuff? Bloody Brioche? Clunge Cake? Period Pie? Tampon Tart? Menstruation Munch? Pussy Pudding? Drop-Stop Dessert? Twatty Treat? Good-good Gateaux? Baked Beaver? Snatch Sponge? Chill-your-bush Cherry Cake? Aaagh getting too involved!

  55. LOL Tampon Tart, you rule Cassie.

  56. The cake… is it a bear? I can’t tell what it is, someone please let me know!!

    So is it safe to assume that Ben has gone black, and will never go back?

  57. I baked a penis cake for my pseudo faux step sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. Her financee wouldn’t have any. lol Maybe the cake is for a party.

  58. nice work with the details on the cake especially the tampon. Wow. Just wow. LOL

  59. LoL
    I don’t know who uploaded it from my wall but the comments made me laugh.

    The cake was awesome it was chocolate with swedish berry in the center. The tampon was made of sugar! Betty Crocker had no clue that her cake mix was going to be used for this.


  60. gawd. ew. that cake has put me off my lunch :( why why why… vag cake i can understand as a joke cake for someone’s birthday… menstruating vag cake… not so much. *puke*

  61. @59, wait, what?

  62. I’d eat that cake, it looks good.

  63. Jaundice or not, who thinks a tanning bed is a good place to put a baby? It might be stable but not very wide in my opinion.

    Anyway, going for lunch. In the mood for some cake….

  64. Haha. Sprinklepubes.

  65. Oh, I looked at it as Moose and Goose, but duck and buck makes more sense. Still not sure of the lame – maybe it’s the mossy comment. Or that the guy is actually a vegetarian.

  66. The creativity and effort behind that cake is probably what makes it so most incredibly gross. It actually looks tasty, which makes me wanna eat it, yet i have a feeling that i’d puke all over the place if i tried… o_o

  67. pearls-before-swine

    That cake is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.

  68. @Pearls- Ohhhhhh, Agreed!! AGREED!!! I really, REALLY, REALLY WISH I could UN-SEE THAT… it should have a “NSFW” tag on it, no- it should have a “NSFAE”: “Not Suitable for Anyone’s Eyes” tag.

  69. That cake. Who in their right mind would do that?

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