Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More PhoDOHs!

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  1. Ben

  2. Not cool Steve , not cool.

  3. I’m glad we here at Lamebook can recognize when something is not cool.

  4. LOL Nice penis.

    Steve does suck a big one for that photo

  5. you rock steve :)

  6. kunle has some snazzy dangling $ earrings.

  7. Dammit, Steve, this is why we can’t have nice things!

  8. Pic one,
    To the person commenting on it…
    It’s not!

  9. I was going to question who the jerkoff was that took Steve’s photo… but I have a feeling that since the angle is just about right, and Steve is obviously a douche, that he took it himself… with the rest of his family waiting in line behind him for their turn with Grandma…

  10. I find it funny that Lamebook blurred out the eyes of Kunle’s avatar. Oh, and yes, Steve, you are sick.

  11. …but wordperv (can i call you wordperv?) if it was, it would explain the surprised look on the gentleman’s face in the audience.

  12. I didn’t see him moose (can I call you that?).
    Well that definitely confirms it then.

  13. BringYourOwnSun

    I would venture that Steve is a big enough douche that he even submitted the pic to Lamebook.

  14. Steve is going straight to hell

  15. And I’ve decided now I don’t want to go to Hooters for my birthday after all.
    I want that chick with a dick to come to my place and lob it out for all my desperate girlfriends who haven’t been laid in a while.
    It will remind them of what they’re missing, and hopefully inspire them to go get some.

  16. Whats wrong with getting a pic with your grandma one last time… I could only hope my relatives are in that good of spirits when I pass… Funerals are sad, but they dont have to be all about somber… its ok to smile and remember good times… we dont know what kind of relationship he had with his grandma… Maybe she is looking down from above texting another dead granny, u c my g-son, smh lol

    or steve is sick… which is ok… granny is dead and doesnt seem to mind

  17. hey word… you could always invite me… dont mind lobbing it around for the ladies

  18. The earings suit Kunle as Kunle being a Nigerian name he is probably a 419 scammer or yahoo yahoo boy as they are known there

  19. slim, I’ll give you my address, but I don’t think you’d make it in time for my big day.
    Your package will be here in spirit.

  20. Hey I’m new to this guys, can you submit entrys on your iPhone or do you need to do it from PC?

  21. Aww, thats too bad… whens your big day?… I got a gift for you… its the gift that keeps on giving

  22. Wow dude took a pic with his dead g’ma, you’d think its a hate crime the way you all act. Thanks for the Lulz loosers

  23. You gotta love that smile in Steve´s face. Made me really lol. If a dead person deserves to get a smile like that in their funeral I guess they didn´t follow Caroline´s “your not doing it right” advice.

  24. Wow, my comment is awaiting moderation and I have no earthly idea why. It doesn’t even verge on PG-13.

  25. Is the first pic Lady GaGa?

  26. @slim, is the gift that keeps on giving head or herpes?

  27. @daveyboy, welcome, and the answer to your question is yes.

  28. And I hope after I’m dead, all my friends and family take fun pictures with me. Then, after I’m cremated, I hope they smoke my ashes and catch a buzz.

  29. HA! You wouldn’t even believe what they’re moderating.

    @20, yes.

  30. I think it’s very strange that the dead grandma has on lipstick. Is that going to make the situation any more presentable?

    On another note, Happy B-Day word! I’d party it up with ya, but I’m sure we’d get kicked out of any establishment we went to.

  31. @ anna… its cum… i reload like crazy

  32. @ eenerbl

    Its the last chance to see your relative or friend forever… They use a lot of makeup because without it dead bodies are really gross looking… My wife worked a funeral home for awhile and the appreciation of some of the relatives to get to see someone all dolled up one last time was huge

  33. @slim, yay, my kind of man. (:

  34. liketotallycool

    A front shot of the first pic would clear everything up. Very curious as to why’s that guy shocked and it might be a dick after all.

  35. Well anna… if you can take it, I can deliver it :)

  36. I don’t know slimjayz, still weird for me.

  37. Steve is clearly a master of Real Talk. My hero.

  38. I”m a fan of the closed casket, that’s just me.

  39. @eenerbl

    It’s not just you.

  40. My grandmas was open and it was nice to get one last look at her… Not that I needed it… just was nice… I wouldnt of taken that picture like steve… but I could see me taking that picture for my best friend… he’d want it that way

  41. @ wordpervert. You do have to admit though, it does look like shes getting ready to take a piss. ( pic #1)

  42. Yeah HeSaid, that’s funny, it does.

    slim, I love a semi automatic weapon.

    The first comment I made wasn’t really clear, I was trying to say it was a dick not an arm, but who cares hey?
    It’s my birthday and I’ll fuck up if I want to.

  43. Happy birthday, word. May the cocks be large, and the orgasms plentiful.

  44. Thanks Soup, and ee too, earlier, for the birthday wishes.
    But Soup, can I instead have the cocks plentiful, and the orgasms large?
    Or is that too much to ask for?

  45. Oooooh. Moderation. After all the nasty things I’ve said, I’ve found the bad word.

  46. Self-moderated for our pleasure.

    Sorry word. I was thinking of what I’d want for my birthday. You can of course have a cornucopia of cock, and cyclonic coming to content your cracking clam.

  47. Wow, cracking down on you Soup?, interesting, and yeah, after all you have spewed forth.
    Was it the bad word I think it is?

  48. I would love to hunt
    that elusive c-word
    but I had to punt.
    I was tempted to bunt
    but I cannot front.
    My lexicon is lacking
    well against my wont.

  49. Beautiful.

    It’s weird though, the lamebook archives show its use was allowed by the people commenting.
    Hmmm, wonder why they started censoring?
    They let through much worse.

  50. I’ve heard other folks mention moderation, but I never had an issue. And I pretty much came out with guns blazing, so I figured maybe it was user specific. At this point, I have no idea what their criteria is other than the c-word.

    But that’s ok. I’ll just have to come up with more creative names for the tinkleflower. I was just enjoying the alliteration in my previous comment.

  51. Yeah, at one stage I thought it was user specific as well.
    They have moderated me once, and on the most random and innocent of comments, it was really strange.
    Tinkleflower is good, but I know you have better coming.

  52. Hahaha, I personally think Steve is awesome. At least he’s showing honesty, as opposed to all the people who act like someone is a saint just because they’ve died, even if they hated them in life. Go Steve!

  53. @Soup/Word; tinkeflower’s GoodGood…

  54. Kunle, that’s a self-ironic answer full of WIN.

  55. funeral shots will always creep me out.

  56. It’s a little sick, but so funny.

  57. victorfrankenstein

    i think that pic 1 is a guy. muscular arms (for a girl), large hands…

  58. That’s not a guy. Please.

    Steve just blew his chances of ever getting laid again.

  59. seaborgiumJadee

    Clearly that really is her penis and the girl’s body was put there for show. That chick in the purple shirt only has one arm. I promise.

    Smh @ “that dudes black.” Bullcrap, looks pretty Jew to me.

    Hell if grandma skipped out on my Christmas money I’d celebrate her death too. Old cheap hag.

  60. He forgot to tag his grandma

  61. @ Soup & wordpervert: First off, Happy Birthday word. Secondly, you two crack me up every time I read these comments. You two are the reason I started jumping in on these.

  62. looool omg

  63. spammers suck

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