Thursday, July 22, 2010

More People, More Problems

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  1. PINGAS!

  2. in the first one, how was richard’s status set 5 hours ago, and the comments were made 6 and 8 hours ago?

  3. full blown indian? SLAP-A-HOE? ah i’m gonna keep those in mind haha.

  4. buds – I bet it’s fake.

    Lauren is freakin brilliant.

  5. I don’t think I’m the first to say this – but how was Richard’s post five hours ago and Ami’s six (and Amethyst’s eight)?

  6. buds & grammarpuss: it’s a fake, made by a retard.

  7. I hope Dick Tips has a good defense team. I’d hate to see him get burned.

  8. @buds I was thinking the same thing. Must be fake.

  9. Whoever made the top one is a fucktard.

  10. Tracy seems like your typical inner-city ghetto trash, raised on a culture of using violence to solve her problems. Most likely from a single parent home and living off the taxpayer’s money. In other words, your typical Obama voter.

    Perhaps if she spent less time hanging around with gang members and more time learning the teachings of Jesus she wouldn’t resort to violence to solve all her problems.

  11. Geez Tracy, if you’re going to indirectly insult an entire cultural group…make sure you get the right one. It’s Native American…sheeeeeesh.


    It’s not even noon over here and I need a drink.

  12. How lame are you that you can’t even find a legitimately lame Facebook post? Then you must fake it? Sociopaths. Clear sign.

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    Wow, Lauren. Dome and Domber.

  14. Hey, Dan! I bet Jesus loves idiots like Tracy, no matter what. Thou shalt not judge.

  15. I fail to see why Mr. Dick Tips got his eyes blurred out.
    He’s on the bleeding TV, his full name is on display, as is his job title. A bit late to try to protect his privacy lamebook…
    It literally took me 5 seconds to find him on google!

  16. SamuelWise: Hopefully the fucktard who made is the one who submitted it to lamebook, and said fucktard will see people point out his/her fucktarded-ness.

  17. *who made it

  18. @knobjockey: it breaks my heart that I now question whether posts are legitimate. Then again, no-one’s said “D’oh!” for what, 10 years? And ‘Amethyst’? Really?

  19. Pssht, fake posts! Come on Lamebook, I have submitted plenty that are hilarious and unchanged; as found in nature! Yet, mine are never posted. All these friends that should be “hidden” from my news feed but I keep them visible, and for what?

  20. @ Ellie Mac

    it’s American Indian

  21. But, we are becoming more and more critical here, that I’m not even sure if i can tell what is a really good one or a fake one.
    Too bad lamebook became populair! :P ..

  22. According to my own logic after reading the 1st post Richard has not done anything wrong, Amy is calling him a bastard before he has declared himself single! Damn that crazy bitch she ain’t even gone to the hospital yet… i would dump her too! :)

  23. @dan_fargis, you are hilarious.

    And we have to cut Lauren some slack. She probably gets the words ‘dome’ and ‘dumb’ texted to her so often that she can’t keep them straight.

  24. dan_fargis you are a racist bastard. And a terrible Christian. Didn’t you listen when you were told not to judge? No Heaven for you!

  25. dicktips, Am I seeing things, or do you have an avatar to the right of your post? Also, Dan Fargis never replies to comments directed at him. He takes his Barbies and goes home directly after spewing his hate.

  26. @dan_fargis

    Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!

  27. Dan Fargis is really the devil, as he is so accustomed to pointing out sins, he must be full of them. But still, didn’t Jesus die for our sins? So ergo, we must be free to commit them. Anal same sex party anyone?

  28. Lose the anal and im in!

  29. Pseudonym, will there be some chips and dip? A punch bowl? If so, I’ll RSVP.

  30. @insanity – Anything goes.
    What about honey and a big pool. Semi naked humans of any sex (that includes pre and post transsexuals of either sex). Actually, that parentheses statement is an oxymoron. A bit like me but without the oxy bit.
    (Disclaimer) I don’t really like honey.

  31. that sounds even more

  32. Transsexual huh..Not really into that kinda stuff, but what the hell lets give it a shot!

    Honey is just good in tea.

  33. By the time I typed all that, I’d have had enough to to get pretty chill. ..and probably halfway through a six-pack.

  34. @ee ooh, yes! Hadn’t thought of that! Do you mean chips as in chips or chips as in crisps? It’ll take me ages to decide what flavour. I love chilli but that could sting a bit. Oh, and what about some hummous? Everybody like hummous. Easy on the taramasalata though. We wouldn’t want anyone getting confused. For the punch bowl I recommend a gigantic Harvey Wallbanger.

  35. I’m actually a virgin and live on top of a green hill so don’t really know what I’m talking about. However, I have a vivid imagination and a subscription to as much goat and goat as I could wish for.

  36. Why not both ? chips and crisps

  37. @pelicant I am drinking as we “speak” whilst letting my children play with razor blades and the local pedo. Keeps them occupied and hey, whatever anyone says, it’s educational!

  38. So u have children and goats? awesome

  39. @insanity I think we could be onto something there.. And what about amusingly carved vegetables? That would be a hoot! Guffaw!

  40. You can’t have a party with out snacks and refreshments!

    insanity, I was wondering about the children and goats myself!

  41. @ insanity yes, I breed them at the same time. Sometimes, people get confused between kids and goats, what with them having the same name and all that, but I tend to be able to tell the difference by the number of horns.

  42. And lets fold paper tissues! Ohh goodie!

  43. Who’s bringing the Galliano’s for the Harvey Wallbangers then? I have orange trees on my hill so can bring the OJ. Not the murderer, you understand.

  44. So is there anything more we have to know, before we come to your poolparty up on that green hill with goats, kids playing with razors, pedo’s and punch?^^

  45. insanity that is a fab idea. Origami is a favourite hobby of mine. As long as there’s no honey so we don’t get all sticky. (also, as I mentioned before, I don’t much like honey). We could have balloons too. But they would have to be cock and boob shaped, just to add to the debauchery. And no, I can’t think of anything off hand to add, but I’m sure if you give me a few minutes, I’ll be able to add something of value to this thread.

  46. What’s up with the 5/8/6 hours ago thingie on the first one?

  47. Must dash off to milk one of my beer goats. Back in a tick. Don’t miss me too much.

  48. Have any tequila goats? Those are so cute

  49. Why yes, I do, you must be a goat connoisseur! They’re the ones with the wriggly little worms coming out of their bottoms. And they stand up and wave one by one when you walk into the pen. Just a word of warning, never call them Billy. They don’t like racism.

  50. Is the waving before or after the tequila? I hope before! Can u imagine how afterwards would be..

  51. Should’ve known dan_fargis would come back with his retarded views on politics and religion…

  52. Well my friend Heidi, who lives on the hill opposite me, says her Grandpa does a kind of wave with his home made sausage which notifies her when he wants her to come home. Much cheaper than a mobile telephone, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

  53. @shtick I think Dan Fargis would benefit from a spell on my green hills.

  54. Lauren makes me ashamed of my name…

  55. Tracy did learn the teachings of Jesus. She just thought that the Romans got things done a lot faster and without dying and shit. Makes sense, can’t blame a girl for liking efficiency.

  56. Pseudonym, I miss the tequila goat now.

  57. @GrahamDunk Yeah there is a little avatar there but it’s really fucked up because I registered and was logged in on my boss’ computer, where I don’t have that photo uploaded. And there’s no option anywhere for me to get rid of it so it’s really really really freaking me out. And actually, the computer I had that avatar on is well gone so I really don’t get it at all. Also I wasn’t allowed to use capital letters or underscores in my user name and so this entire registering process has totally fucked up my brain.

    And yeah, I’ve been a long time reader and am well aware that dan_fargis is nothing but a spineless troll, but I just had to mention that he was racist as no one had done so yet.

  58. Dan_fargis… when your “God” hates all of the same people you do, it’s time to start considering that your God is probably the invention of humans.

  59. For once, I fully agree with dan_fargis’ comment

    Also, why can’t we register with capital letters, spaces, or underscores anymore?

  60. Haha Dick Tips reminds me of Dick Trickle – America’s Winningest Driver!

  61. @11:

    “Geez Tracy, if you’re going to indirectly insult an entire cultural group…make sure you get the right one. It’s Native American…sheeeeeesh”

    maybe Tracy meant Indian from India

  62. Whoops! no she didn’t… just read it again

  63. This morning I woke up and realised I had been having a dream. But after like 5 seconds I couldn’t remember it any more but I thought it was a pretty good dream. I tried to think what it was all day. It was driving me crazy. Finally I remembered. I dreamed I was getting a blow job… from Dick Tips.

  64. Slanderous Princess

    Here’s a possibility, Richard posted something about being single. His ex read it and made her comment. He then changes his status just to drive the nail home… Just a guess and yes, I have dated alot of jerks…

  65. ok how can Richard post that he is single –5 hours ago– then comments are –8 hours ago– and another one –6 hours ago–

    so fucking fake !!

  66. they cannot comment one hour and 3 hours before he posted he is single xDDDD fakeeeeeeeeee

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