Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Lil’ TMIs

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  1. Need my wife to get into that car accident

  2. Wow, Jesus cured her sex addiction? Jesus must really suck in bed.

  3. LOL @ Slim, I better not let my husband read that post! He might wreck the car on purpose too.

  4. Bahahahahah who would say that stuff for everyone to read!!

  5. Further proof that Jesus and God were hallucinations created by happy jews, aka, fake.

  6. Goddammit.

  7. New Year Baby Daddy

    The “mono diet” comment is a quote from “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.”

  8. You know that it can and has happened though… Its called restless pelvic syndrome… I heard about a mexican lady that was in an accident and became incredibly horny and wanted it all the time… At first her and her husband were thrilled, but it turned out she couldnt be satisfied and she just wanted it more.

    Here is a link to the syndrome


  9. That’s one he’ll of a step back :/ poor Paul…

  10. So two questions… How flexible is courtney and how many hockey players did she fk?

  11. The first one is true. It actually heals alot of stuff.

  12. Damn auto correct, I meant hell if course

  13. I know what cures nymphomaniacs… marriage

  14. who on earth would want to cure that disease?

  15. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    much like beer breast milk is both the cause and the cure

  16. Why is it God and Jesus can cure people of all these incurable diseases but they don’t help amputees? Still haven’t heard of anyone getting a limb back from god.

  17. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    @merkin god is trying to make masturbation much more difficult

  18. The mono one is a quote from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

  19. A Dirty Shame comes to mind

  20. @ blondie1508

    I didnt know it cured it until after I got married :(

  21. I’m trying to envision what kind of car accident would do that to someone …

  22. “Not even missing on the lips before the wedding” – what kind of gawdhelpus lameass overcompensation is that?

    But yea breastmilk isn’t such an issue, it contains so much antiviral and other protective stuff, it’s a miraculous mixture. And seeing as the breast works on a supply-and-demand basis, using any milk for other purposes does not make the baby get any less :)

  23. If Paul actually fell for that nonsense, he deserves what he gets. Clearly, Jen is just marrying him for the money and made up this ridiculous story to keep from having to have sex with him. Meanwhile, she’s banging the pool boy, the mail man, the entire gardening staff, and most of the waitstaff at the local Chili’s.

    After the wedding, she’ll allow him one night of joyless sex on the honeymoon. She’ll then spend the next 3 years waiting until he’s asleep to go to bed, and slowly poisoning him until he dies of “natural causes” and she inherits his entire estate. An obvious plot really, but Paul is clearly blinded by love.

  24. Courtney obviously meant to say my BAG smells like hockey gear! lmao what a glorious type!

  25. Another symptom of Kluver-Bucy Syndrome is the excessive desire to put things in one’s mouth. If Jen and Paul aren’t even kissing on the lips yet, I’m thinking somewhere else has to be getting a little oral attention instead.

  26. I’d rather believe that her VAG smells like hockey gear, it makes me giggle.

    As for the car accident, thank God I never told Jesus about mine. I quite like being a nymphomaniac, life has been so much more interesting. I’ve never invested so much money in porn before.

  27. @ Sensible – Ahh Chili’s http://www.holytaco.com/anal-sex-chilis-restaurant-analogy

  28. @Slimjayz: Remind me never to get married then ;-)

  29. @sensible madness: Maybe Jesus was so good in bed that he satisfied all her nympho desires, caused an orgasm so profound that he cured her seemingly INCURABLE brain condition and then had a smoke and left.
    Just another interpretation.

  30. @jelly – i truly hope so.

  31. I bet Paul is just ‘thrilled’ with Jesus’s intervention….

  32. Jesus is a mean bastard.

  33. Whoa. I’m addicted to sex and as far as I know my brain is fine. Damn you Jesus!

  34. Jackie got pranked. What does hockey gear smell like? Is that something I would want to put my face in?

    What is Klüver-Bucy Syndrome?
    Klüver-Bucy syndrome is a rare behavioral impairment that is associated with damage to both of the anterior temporal lobes of the brain. It causes individuals to put objects in their mouths and engage in inappropriate sexual behavior. Other symptoms may include visual agnosia (inability to visually recognize objects), loss of normal fear and anger responses, memory loss, distractibility, seizures, and dementia. The disorder may be associated with herpes encephalitis and trauma, which can result in brain damage.

    Is there any treatment?
    Just Jesus.

    What is the prognosis?
    There is no cure for Klüver-Bucy syndrome. The disorder is not life-threatening, but the patient can be difficult to manage. With plenty of Jesus, symptoms may slowly decline.


  35. @ nashntth: I really don’t think you’d want to put your face in that.

  36. How is the last one a lamebook? The lady was suffering a lot and was finally cured of it and is happy. Leave the poor woman alone. Lamebook FAIL.

  37. I’m with Luna.

    @Cassie -

    If they choose not to kiss until marriage, that’s their choice. Certainly doesn’t sound like they’re being forced. There is nothing lame about people deciding on a standard and sticking to it.

    All the comments sounded pretty forced on this round…

  38. is no one going to address Courtneys crotch???? I mean, what the hell is wrong with her snatch that it smell like sporting equipment????

  39. Go Jen!

  40. Katie’s mono quote shouldn’t be on here – it’s from the movie Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion!

  41. I had brain cancer, and the biggest side effect from the surgery is impulsiveness.
    A lot of patients with head trauma don’t actually have sex addictions, they are just unable to use rational thinking and have sex with LOTS of strangers.
    Its crazy because you literally lose control of your body.

  42. @els9874:

    it didn’t go unnoticed. I’m wondering how someone’s vag comes to smell specifically like hockey gear. Or is this just a clever ploy to avoid being invited to an event or any social gathering ever. What are the future repurcussions going to be?

    Girl #1, “Oh, there’s that girl who’s vag smells like hockey gear.”
    Girl #2, “Let’s go somewhere else.”

  43. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    Jesus better damn well stay away from my wife or He and I will have a little talk with my best friend…Remington. I don’t want her cured.

  44. I can bet my life savings that most of the people googled Kluver-Bucy Syndrome to find out if its true lol.

  45. Marley, check 34. I damn sure googled it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure, except Jesus, as she stated. You can only surpress the symptoms.

  46. Courtney’s last name wouldn’t be “Love” by any chance?

  47. Klüver-Bucy Syndrome?
    Hmmm…putting objects you can’t recognize in your mouth. That could some damn serious shit.

  48. @Bezoar: If people decide not to kiss on the lips before the wedding, that’s totally their business and not a problem with me.

    What I found lame in Jen’s case was the opposition she made. I read her logics like “I used to be a nympho, but in order to make up for it, I’m now not even kissing my fiancé on the lips.”

    But I could have of course misread the whole thing, it was all light hearted. I wouldn’t actually judge a person just on the grounds of one message they wrote for their friend.

  49. I would. Jen’s a bitch. :P She could at least give him a kiss. She may have been a nympho, but for all anyone knows, she’s lousy in the sack.

  50. Jesus is for suckers

  51. LMAO @Sensible Madness

  52. Holy crap! Am I the only one who noticed Jen was hitting from both sides of the plate during her nympho days? That’s hot!

  53. lmao, its a whole new world out there SiouxRunner, you could throw a rock and hit a girl that likes variety.

  54. I hate it when girls talk about their “vag.” Especially if they’re talking about their SMELLY vag. GOOD CHRIST WHAT’S WRONG WITH EVERYBODY, HUH??

  55. @spinach dip
    What’s wrong is some people have forgotten the definition of “discretion.” Which is surprising because I don’t think anyone wants to be remembered on facebook or any other site as “The Chick With the Hockey Vag.”

  56. Kluver-bucy syndrome can also be caused by acute herpes…

  57. Yep, my vag still smells like a dump truck tire.

  58. Katies status is a quote from the movie “Romy and Michele’s Highschool Reunion” and should NOT be on here.

  59. I caught that too, melissa1983. Now let’s fold scarves!

  60. The comment about the “vag” is a typo. She meant “bag” but it’s a hilarious typo.

  61. i dont think it was a typo. it was from a phone!

  62. i’ve been trying to get on that mono diet for years!

  63. dropitlikeitsroomtemperature

    Melissa! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve changed! Since Jesus visited me in my dream and told me that, should I stop sticking my tongue down everyone’s throats and hide behind his purity, we’d be locked together in an eternal sexfest when I die and go to Heaven, I haven’t contracted a single disease! PS: Sorry for fucking your dad.

  64. hahaaha Katie must have been watching Romy And Michelle’s High School Reunion. Totally awesome movie. :)

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