Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Ink That Stinks

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  1. Idiots with tattoos. For your viewing pleasure.

  2. Stupid tattoo’s make’s me cringe.

  3. JesusOnADinosaur

    If they were small things, a picture of some kind or just a word or two, it would be pretty/nice/whatever. But THIS.
    Tattoos should be like twitter posts. Limited number of characters.

  4. I don’t see how the first one’s lame, it’s lyrics from a Cursive song called The Recluse…

  5. The first tattoo is lyrics from a cursive song. I can get behind that since they’re the best band. Shame about the grammer fail and shit font though.

  6. The first one is lame because of it should be you’re not your. Having a tattoo with misspellings in it is lame.

  7. good man, shlebs!

  8. Shlebs & Aido you’re both idiots. You’re clearly such big fans that you don’t know the lyric goes “You’re” / “You are” and not “your” how many more times can I say you’re in this box just to prove my point that the you’re they meant to write is “you’re” and not “your” I hope you’re getting my point. I doubt you are getting my point as you’re both idiots however, I will never thankfully know the extent of how idiotic you both are. :) hum de dum.

  9. Ha I actually thought it said “Pour”… lameness reinstated but only slightly since it’s still Cursive :)

  10. Damn, I bet Yimmie’s fat.

  11. Oh dear god please kill me now! You seriously thanked Shlebs for being a dumb f*ck?!

  12. Yup, I’m american therefore I must be fat. Fatty fatty fatty sat here with my big bucket of KFC. Yum! Yum! Yum!

  13. I always wonder: why is it that it is mostly native speakers who don’t know how to spell in English. I mean, come on, of course there are some tricky words but not to be able to know the difference(s) between “you’re” and “your”, “their”, “they’re” and “there”, “it’s” and “its” is kind of pathetic.

  14. Poustis, Ii think I love you. Will you marry me? I may be overweight, american and an internet addict but I’m “all woman” baby. ;)

  15. Usually the biggest douchebags, such as yourself, are fat and/or ugly. It was a simple misunderstanding on my part and you blow a gasket.

  16. Ha. The only douchebag(s) around here are you and Aidos for being dumb f*cks and getting offended on the INTERNET. Cute!

  17. i second poustis!

  18. I’m not offended, you are. Surprising people like you exist. I am cute thankyouverymuch!

  19. Love is not like anything? That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, even if she hadn’t gone and got it tattooed on herself.

  20. i thought the first one said “pour” too. i was so confused until you guys wrote that it was “your” which, even though it’s spelled wrong, at least makes sense.

  21. @poustis

    I can tell you exactly why: teachers. I didn’t have a single teacher explain grammar to me until I was in 9th grade. NINTH GRADE. A bit late, don’t you think? That was pretty much the last grammar lesson I had, too. My 10th grade English teacher didn’t think it was important.

    P.S. I also thought the first one said “pour” instead of “your.”

  22. i see where lauren gets her smarts.

  23. ThinkingInPictures

    Whoa… yimmie, chill. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Aido pointed out that there was a grammar fail when he/she first posted. Had they not noticed that at all, your reaction would still be kinda bordering on looney.

    And yes, “Love is not like anything” is one of the most moronic things I’ve heard in a long time.

  24. Found pics and confirmed Yimmie (while not fat at all) is pretty damn ugly, no need to degrade her anymore :P

  25. “Love is not like anything”… is that sposta be from something or did that chick draw random words out of a hat?

  26. the second tattoo, “Love is not like anything” is most likely from a song by The Used. There’s this part from the song “You’re a Fake” in the beginning that goes “Love is not like anything… especially a f*cking knife”. she probably didn’t want that part on there. lol

  27. I totally just made an account to explain what 11eleven already did. Now I feel like a loser. :(

  28. I was thinking it was from “I’m A Fake” too, but the lyrics really don’t make any sense unless you have the entire quote on there…why the hell get something tattooed on your body if you’re not going to have it make sense. Idiots.

  29. OMG

    Is the distinction between your and you’re completely lost on this current generation?!

  30. I’m rather amused whenever I read:
    “What a lame and moronic tattoo.”
    “It’s not lame. It’s from a song.”

    If you say something moronic, it isn’t made less moronic by the fact that someone else said it first. I believe the correct ending for the above discourse is:
    “What a lame and moronic song lyric tattoo.”

  31. thrushy buttcakes

    Love is not like anything!

  32. thrushy buttcakes

    Oh i see, so when someone says crap like ‘love is like a strawberry milkshake because ….’ etc etc, she can pant off & show her ass to set them straight. I like it!

  33. nobodycaresbutyou

    It is spelled GRAMMAR.

  34. Hmm. I’m confused. Is Georgie the mother, or some bratty little sibling? Because if she’s the mother, it would explain everything. Lauren just done gotten an illiterate mom.

    ‘Love is not like anything.’ is a pretty shit line, I must admit.

  35. Don’t hurt me, Georgie. I only wanted to fit in here :( I’m sorry.

  36. Chinchillazilla

    I hope that tattoo make’s that person stronger.

  37. @Poopface (#21) – “I didn’t have a single teacher explain grammar to me until I was in 9th grade. NINTH GRADE. A bit late, don’t you think?”

    I’m really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, your parents relied too heavily on the school system. They also must never have encouraged you to read books. You would know, otherwise.
    I certainly don’t attribute my spelling, grammar or vocabulary to my school education.

  38. I can’t believe I just noticed, ‘Love is not like anything… especially a fucking knife.’
    How the hell did I miss this wisdom for so many years?

    I think the first one is incredibly lame, with or without grammatical errors. Have some fucking originality.

  39. and @AlyKat, I completely agree, I taught myself more about grammar than any teacher did, pick up a book and read, and quit blaming everyone else.

  40. @yimmie
    I’m really sorry but I’m already taken :)

  41. fy faen så dårlig. Ingen virkelig problem der nei. Bare dumt

  42. My tattoo:

    “Hey idiots: “your” is possessive, and “you’re” is a contraction of “you are”. “Its” is also possessive, while “it’s” is a contraction of “it is” or “it has”. If you want to contract “we are”, you HAVE to put use an apostrophe, as in “we’re”. You should NEVER use an apostrophe when conjugating verbs. I really hope you will read this tattoo and keep all this in mind when getting your own tattoo. But, of course, I know you won’t. Asshole.”

  43. @ 42
    best…tattoo…ever? yes

  44. DAMMIT. I knew I’d make a mistake. Take out the “put” in the third sentence.

  45. Permanent reminders of temporary feelings.

  46. “Love is not like anything.” Wow. That’s just so…deep. Thank you, Emily Dickinson.

  47. “Love is not like anything… especially a f*cking knife”

    Yeah… that still sounds like drawing random words out of a hat to me.

  48. The spelling and grammar errors are pathetic. A typo in an email or board post is no big deal compared to having that sh*t on your body forever as a declaration of your idiocy and laziness. Why laziness? Because it would take less than 5 minutes to look it up and fix it!!!
    Okay, grammar rant over.

    Personally, I think tattoos of lyrics are L A M E for a few reasons…
    a) You obviously can’t think of anything original.
    b) Text rarely makes for a good artistic arrangement. It can be done, but it usually isn’t.
    c) You are cut-n-pasting somebody else’s words, which were probably lame in the first place!
    Yes, a and c are the same. It deserves to be counted twice.

  49. The 2nd one is lyrics. Which makes it seem stupider, when you realise the full quote is “My sad, sorry selfish cryout to the cutter: I’m cutting trying to picture your black, broken heart. Love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife!”

  50. I have to admit that for me, “Make’s” is the astounding of the bunch. When is “make’s” ever grammatically correct? Is it never? I’m pretty sure it’s never. GUH. The others are terrible too, but “Make’s”? REALLY?!

  51. *most astounding

    Good thing I didn’t get my comment as a tattoo. I might have regretted that.

  52. @deanna Because if you hadn’t made that mistake you wouldn’t have regretted getting that comment as a tattoo?

  53. The Used isn’t bad by any means, but I’m A Fake is one of their shoddiest songs. Triple suck.

  54. I have Ludwig van Beethoven lyrics tattooed all over my body.

  55. JesusOnADinosaur

    Good one, Soup.
    I tattooed the lyrics to Enya’s song in Elvish language on my chests, and a picture of Frodo on the back.

  56. lol

  57. This post be for the win. These too tattoos everyone who has posted to check, And double check They’re grammar and spelling. Its a little lame to mess up the grammar in your tattoo. It’s way lame to fix your grammar on the internet because of that tattoo.

  58. Tatt two (appreciate my wordplay, especially since I’ve had a few coronas),

    If anyone can think of a decent way to finish that piece of shit sentence, let me know.

    I’ll go get the fucker put on myself.

  59. This entire post is a let down. I could totally have read an interesting post in the time it took me to read this, but no I stuck it out relying on those of Lamebook to come up with a comment so fantastic that it made me forget about the previous bad comments and the horrible post.

    Sadly, this comment never came. Shame on you. SHAME.

  60. I’m confused. Is that first tattoo in his shoulder, or some other as-yet-unnamed body part? It seems an awkward and ugly place.

    Lauren in #2 has just relived the high school experience of about 30 people i know. (Get tattoo, hide from parents, brag, parents find out through other parents/facebook/other means) Nice work, there.

  61. PROOF the tattoo script BEFORE it’s permanently etched on your body! Morons.

  62. I don’t see why getting lyric tattoos is any lamer than 99% of non-word tattoos that aren’t original, either.

  63. @ Ghost It kind of looks to me like it’s on her hip. I could be wrong though.

  64. Lauren sure looks like a delicious pork chop. I enjoy the bit of underwear sticking out. And her orange back.

  65. Just thought I’d point out, the misuse of apostrophes is actually a MECHANICS error, not a GRAMMAR error…

  66. i don’t see what’s so horrible about the love is not like anything. sure it’s kinda dumb, but it’s not THAT bad.

  67. the first one is a nightmare, as much as the lyrics mean something to the person, the font is actually two fonts that just dont flow and are all mixed up yuck

  68. The last one is just terrible. Seriously, where did you find your artist? In a discount bin? And that little symbol between the two dates looks like a diseased cat. I hope I don’t know this guy.

  69. I agree on the last one.
    Not to mention it is HUGE! it takes up that person’s whole back…
    I wouldn’t want something that ugly that big on my arm (I think its their arm?)

  70. @deana6812

    The only time “make’s” would be right would be if you were talking about the word itself i.e. “what is your favourite word? i think make’s a good word.” Very rare, you’re correct.


    The fact you made a very slight but real error in your very well thought-out and hilarious post makes it clear why STUPID PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE WORDS INKED ON THEIR BODIES. If it can happen to the intelligent……… Case closed.

  71. i have a tat of bob dylan lyrics.

    and the sentence “love is not like anything’ is a COMPLETE grammar fail. for it to make sense, it would have to say, ‘love is not like anything ELSE.’ otherwise, you’d be saying that love is not like anything in the entire universe, including itself.

  72. @58 wordpervert:

    Knit one, tat two.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the corned beef!

  73. Just for the sake of clarification, I would almost certainly not get my comment as a tattoo, correct or not.

  74. what’s lamer than those sad tattoos are most of the comments posted on here… all those new people arguing about god knows what! (Word, Soup and Hobo excluded, ♥ you guys!)

  75. I wonder why tatoo artists dont correct their spelling…just for kicks and giggles?
    It seems cruel..
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  76. I suspect the tattoo artists are incapable of correcting the spelling and grammar, especially considering how poor the quality of work is. I mean look at your own signature; you have missed an apostrophe and have an unnecessary exclamation mark in the middle of the sentence.

  77. let’s cut to the point who gets tatoos like that anyway wouldn’t u get something nice not a stupid question that can’t be answered

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