Monday, February 8, 2010

More Family Fun

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  1. Hurray for milfs!

  2. Hurray for milfs! Even muscly scary ones

  3. That’s far from a MILF.

  4. Wow, way to pick a lingerie that makes her look like she has no waist whatsoever. If she is confident – good for her. Myself, I am told I am pretty attractive, but, being as I am a MOTHER, I choose not to post revealing photos of myself on the world wide web to cause my children shame and embarrasment.

  5. She’s scares me. I’m actually afraid of this woman.

  6. I honestly thought that was a man dressed up as a lady.

    I do like Jack’s duck comment.

  7. Mom looks like Shaun Michaels.

  8. My mom is not a skank!!! Just ask my daa… oh wait… nevermind

  9. comrade_leviathan

    How ’bout “Mom I’d Like to Defriend”?

  10. Shaun, Shawn, whatever.

  11. @ nim
    I thought so also. I thought a dude in lingerie for the lame

    @ yaya
    pics would be nice… tia

  12. i must admit to being a little flummoxed at her choice of lingerie/boots/santa hat as a fashion statement, but the trash can beside her makes the perfect accessory to tie the whole look together.

  13. looks like Mom tucks

  14. Mom looks like she is stood in a booth in the red light district in Amsterdam… and on the other side of that red curtain are a lot of stoned tourists thinking that Kimmy’s dad should stop dressing up as Kimmy’s mom.

  15. @Mercure: Worst mental image ever. We need a photo of this woman’s face.

  16. wow. who the hell will take a picture of that?!

  17. I would be afraid to call her out…geez

  18. #1 looks like the Wrestling Federation’s planned take down of Santa.

  19. @nim: Same here. Still can’t believe it’s anything but a shemale.

  20. Jack wasnt nimble, jack wasnt quick… He stuck it in that and it broke his dick

    Now hes all but hurt and now hes all lame trying to bring a manly skank to shame

  21. I will never fully understand having “friends” on facebook who obviously don’t like you.

    Oh, and I thought it was a man, too.

  22. HAHAHHAHA!! Nice work, slim.

  23. #4,

    I think she doesn’t have a waist to reveal in the first place. Seems like her shoulders and upper arms got all the “curves”.


  24. I thought for sure that the first pic was a man dressing in drag as a joke on xmas. Actually, I kind of wish that that’s what it was still.

  25. I’d be so ashamed if that were my mum. Man. In. Drag.

  26. whats for dinner mommy. southern fried skank

  27. kimberly get used to it: ur mom is a skank of a man!

  28. @avemariek
    I’m guessing her diminutive, “scared-out-of-his-pants“ husband who can look forward to a full night of man-on-manlywoman lovin’

  29. Brilliant. Gotta give Meghan that one, for being so creative.

    The one thing I don’t get is the girl defending her mother for putting up pictures like THAT to everyone on her friend list.

  30. i didn’t know chyna had children.

  31. poor girl

  32. Pretty certain Mrs. Clause up there could be good ole Rodeo of Rock of Love fame.

  33. OMG! Whitnee! I just signed it to say the exact same thing! You got there before I did!

  34. Elizabeth Bathory

    Moms usually have vaginas. Kim, no, you didn’t arrive here by a stork.

  35. at first i thought it was a guy with a wig….. not cool

  36. I’m not 100 percent sure that is a woman.

  37. I wonder what a duck smells like….

  38. Holy fuck she’s muscly. Sure that’s not “Kimmy’s” father? :P

  39. Who knew Rudy Giuliani was Kimberley’s mom?

  40. Remember Starla from Napoleon Dynamite?

    So do I…

  41. Some ducks smell like skank. And I thought it was a man as well.

  42. I see I’m not alone in thinking that was a dude in the first pic. haha. i honestly didn’t get it even after reading the comments on the pic at first.. i’m like.. wait wait wait.. that’s someone’s MOM?! not DAD?! haha.

  43. Kim’s mom said, “Make sure you get the trash can in the shot.” My favorite thing about lamebook photos is the composition.

  44. I showed my husband Kim’s mom. He said his penis is now in hiding and will take weeks to coax out.

  45. Couldn’t have said it better myself nashntth!

  46. thats no lady….I’m pretty sure thats my cousin Denises husband.

  47. She’s like a suburban Madonna.

  48. Or a subdural hematoma.

  49. The saddest part about the top photo (in which the dude Jack W is ragging on the “skank”) is that I’m pretty sure Jack W himself submitted this item to Lamebook. Trust me, he and his wife Tomi are both incredibly gnarly to look at as well as borderline retarded. To me, that’s what makes his criticism of ANYONE beyond ironic!

  50. Check out Tomi a bit more here:

  51. I still think this is a man in the first photo.

  52. It probably IS a man…not like Jack W would know otherwise. ;-)

  53. As soon as I saw the first one, for some strange reason a song popped into my head:” At first I was afraid, then I was petrified!!!!!!!”

  54. @comrade_leviathan:

    HERO WIN and I believe we have a new acronym ;op
    Such a MILD…

  55. If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck, looks like a duck…it probably IS…..a mallard.

  56. Sorry all, I just know who Jack W and Tomi (I’m *dying* to say their last name so that the rest of you may enjoy their idiocy on Facebook more but am not sure whether that is allowed here or not) and know what utter douchebags they are…if you only saw their personal profiles, you’d wonder why the hell jack W ever posted the top photo to begin with, he’s the walking/talking epitome of why birth control is so badly needed in the U.S.!

  57. Please Ileana, I have a shitty day at work! Make my day and tell us the las names of these tw*ts!

  58. @PennyLane: I feel sorry for your husband. That photo has had the same effect on me. My penis has retreated so far, I’m nearly an honorary lady…

  59. i cannot imagine how that could possibly be a woman… truly scares me that a female can be that masculine. i wouldn’t hit that with a semi-truck, even though i would be doing the sighted world a favor.
    @Blue Smarties and Penny Lane: i call that fear induced shrinkage and i experienced the same phenomenon.

  60. caffeinatedaspirin

    I swear to god I thought that woman was a man, that it was a family with a good sense of humor, and the wife was taking a picture of her hulk hogan biker husband dressed up for shits and giggles.

    As I was reading the comments I truly expected not only for the first girl to say “That’s my dad!” but even after she didn’t, I expected the mom to pop in and say “that’s my husband”


  61. yeahh, i agree with Jack.
    who would put that on facebook and not get called a skank? lol.

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