Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Bieber Fever

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  1. Frodo!

  2. Oh my… This is worse than the hanson outbreak back in the day…

  3. Master Frodo, i.e.

  4. Wow I just realized what Justin Bieber’s initials are backwards!!

  5. justin bieber = female so not only are they stalkers they are lesbian stalkers

  6. Toadette is the winner

    can someone translate the last one for me?

  7. Toadette is the winner

    never mind i think i got it: “justin beiber ain’t gay, he’s awesome.”

    oh my.

  8. Don’t worry Toadette, it took me a minute or so to decode that shit aswell.

  9. I really, really love the last one, though I’m not sure why. Something about it just speaks to me.

  10. So bored of the Bieber jokes

  11. Toadette is the winner

    @jmdp: could it be because you’re an uneducated 12 year old girl?


  12. I read somewhere that he said his voice is starting to crack and change so I don’t think he’s gonna be around too much longer.

  13. Jenn, why would you shop yourself into a Bieber pic? I actually think this makes you crazier then Melissa, and that’s hard to accomplish.

  14. Check this out … TV interview with BJ from his recent NZ trip … Priceless!


    I guess Canadians don’t focus on Geography much at school …

  15. Justin Bieber anit gay, since she likes boys n’all.
    Oh ho, yet another JB is a girl joke for you, lamebook.

  16. OMG, omg! I think I have Bieber fever! No, wait. It’s just chlamydia.

  17. no that cant be right because chlamydia has Justin Beiber fever.
    Its probably just Syphilis

  18. seriously……..who the fuck is justin beeber? I honestly have never seen the cat.

  19. manybellsdown

    @ Greenstrings: It’s herpatitus. You get it when a diabetic sneezes on you!

  20. Lamebook should submit itself, cause these are seriously lame.

  21. Technically LB is submitting itself whenever it submits something.

  22. Yeah him not knowing what German is was classic. And yeah you caught me Toadette, I am indeed an uneducated 12 year old girl.

  23. @uraretard
    she’s a 16 yr old who hasnt hit puberty yet, she sings about girls so shes les + my 11 sis has a deeper voice than him, hope that answers ur question :)

  24. StopDoingThat

    @1st: In her defense, that question didn’t make a fuckin’ lick of sense. “Is German for basketball?” Unless I misunderstood the question ’cause of the shitty accent.

  25. I just don’t get it. This kid is worse than the Hanson Brothers,The Jonas Brothers, and The Backstreet Boys all piled into one. I am at a loss for words. He should of joined the rest of himself on the side of his mom’s leg.

  26. @Hesaidwhat Hey I like(d) the Backstreet Boys!!

  27. Yeah you did misunderstand. The question is “Bieber is German for basketball. True or false?” It’s not that hard to get, and it’s not the accent’s fault.

  28. @StopDoingThat – repeats the word “German” 3 or 4 times, and shows BJ the question card and everything … “I Don’t Know what That Means” …

    Granted the question was a random one but Bieber is still Frodo

  29. Toadette is the winner

    jmdp, I thought so! :P

  30. Amen jacki.
    Also, I think Madison should take her stalking to the next level. First, she should find out his schedule down to the last minute, plan a chloroform surprise, then skin him and wear it pretending to be him. She can be so close to him! Then the cops can just shoot her too for being a crazy psycho. Two birds with one stone?

  31. But to be fair to bieber he does have the awesome privilege of being blissfuly unaware of the horrible death orgy that was World War II. In all honesty I envy his ignorance.
    It would be like going through your whole life without realising that George ‘bananaphone’ Bush was the most powerful man in the free world.

  32. JustAnotherAsian

    I’m gonna defriend Jacki, Jenn, and Madison from my friendlist.

  33. Hmm, maybe you’re right about jacki justanotherasian, I would much rather trade Justin Bieber for Tupac.

  34. @ eman: It was a little different with BSB though, Only one of them liked penis.

  35. @HeSaidWhat: Who’s to say Justin Bieber doesn’t?

    In fact, I could have sworn I heard something about J.B telling Oprah that he is, in fact, a pole puffer.

  36. Thank you jmdp! I was so confused about all this german business, I heard the question being ‘Are you german for basketball?’. I had no clue whatsoever what they were talking about, I was on the same page as JB for that one. I thought maybe it was slang for crazy or something.

    ‘I’m absolutely german for basketball!!!’

  37. @tellmelies if he actually goes public with his actual gayness, it’ll take a lot of the fun out of saying how gay he is. It just wouldn’t be the same. Pole puffer is hilarious though, haven’t heard that before strangley enough, or else I’ve forgotten.

  38. @NatashaLynn
    i’ve never been more excited for someone to reach puberty..

  39. bollywood_rocks83

    “bananaphone”? I’ve heard Dubya called everything under the sun but this? Care to share the back story?

    I’m not jumping on the bash bieber train. I like his songs if they come on the radio, same with the Jonas Brothers. As allegedly annoying as these people are, let’s understand that there are people who will listen to the stuff they churn out and it’s not like Bieber and Jonas are causing the craziness surrounding them.

  40. “Anit” That’s great.

  41. @bollywood
    Let’s put it this way, the Jonas Brothers get pussy and are capable of playing an instrument as far as i’m aware. They are tolerable, and more mature then that little twat Justin Bieber. The first time I heard one of his shitty pieces of crap played on the radio, it made me want to jam metal rods in my ears and kill myself with them it was so horrible. Nobody should make you want to kill yourself, but the Bieber Fever is deathly to everybody, and there are different forms of it.
    1. LG’s running rampant and trampling over each other in order to get closer to said-Twat.
    2. His singing causes neural brain damage to those with an ear for music who appreciate quality and forces said people to commit seppoku.
    3. Justin Bieber is Frodo.

  42. @ Tellme: I agree with nuff. The fact that “puff” is a cock chugging pole popper should stay under wraps for a little bit at least. Even though it’s obvious he has had many sword fights with R. Kelly.

    @ bolly: As far as the Jonas Brothers go, They get far bigger pussy than Justin will ever be. I was just talking about the hype.

  43. No problem Mikefu, I guess in context it made more sense. Not the accents fault though, right?

  44. i love malteaser too

    The Jonases had the hand of Mickey Mouse behind them (pun intended). Of course, they’d get more action. As or Bieber, I think he started with Christian “rock”? Mickey is bigger than god, obviously.

  45. I love the way Jenn photo-shopped the hell out of that picture

  46. Bored of all the Justin Bieber stuff. Don’t get me wrong,I’ve never heard any of his music, or even seen anything beyond like, one picture of him, so I’m not being all ‘he’s amazing, don’t hate on him!’ Just seems kind of pointless that everyone keeps going on aout how some kid singer has a high voice…

  47. Brit, never heard any of his music? I feel EXTREMELY awful for doing this, but here’s a youtube link. Now, while you go ahead and listen to this song, and try to determine whether you’re watching a girl or boy on the screen as it sings, i’m going to go shit on a cookie and eat it to take away the pain of having heard those first few words…

  48. I don’t want any more “Bieber Fever” ok.

    Give me some “Saturday Night Fever” instead… the Bee Gees, and John Travolta in a white suit, prancing around a flashing dance podium.

    Now THAT’S the epitome of “Fever” people.

  49. @StopDoingThat
    Oi, watch whose accent you are calling shitty..

    Does anyone have a link to a video of him getting sprayed with L&P?? Sounds like it’d be good to see for the shits and giggles.

  50. Resisting. Temptation. To. Click. Nuff’s. Link.
    I’ve never heard the Bieber kid sing, either, and only vaguely know who he/she/it is (what I’ve read on LB). I live in Spain, and the first time I saw the Bieber-person on TV was just the other day in a news story about little girls rioting in Australia… I just hope the story doesn’t pique young Spanish girls’ curiosity and cause him/her/it to bring his/her/its music here!

  51. Interesting how a simple letters swap can turn JB to BJ..

  52. Damn it! I clicked nuff’s link! What an unsavoury way to start my morning! And it’s not just the terrible song; it’s the disturbing video of an effeminate pre-teen-looking kid trying to seduce a young adult-looking woman.
    I feel used; I have to go take another shower now…

  53. Paranoid Android

    ‘Ah, ha, ha, ha,
    Stayin’ alive.
    Stayin’ alive’

    Hope that’ll do for you word.

    Strange that the lyrics could be transposed to the longevity of JB’s career once his balls drop.

    C’est la Vie.

  54. @ jmdp, definitely nothing to do with the accent. That was a poor cover up. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the Bieber, but I rather think people are just pulling at straws to degrade him over this. I also have a habit of interpreting questions incorrectly.

    When I applied for a job at McDonalds, we had to take this safety quiz or whatever to show we were responsible. I got one question wrong. When asked what can contaminate food, out of a selection of bacteria and dangerous chemicals, I chose salt & pepper. I thought it was a joke and asking me what can contaminate food as in what is ALLOWED to contaminate food. Pretty embarrassing.

  55. Paranoid, you not only sing Radiohead, you can belt out some Barry Gibb for me too!

    You’re my new crush.

  56. Paranoid Android

    I would submit a witty riposte but …………….. I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.

    Now, where’s my white suit, medallion, loose sexual morals and stash of high grade cocaine gone….

  57. MsBuzzkillington

    Enough with the Justin Bieber crap.

  58. What is he 14, 15? What boy his age doesn’t look feminine? If I woke up and never heard his name again it wouldn’t be too soon to be sure as I have a 7 1/2 year old daughter who is already picking out their china patterns. As tired as I am of hearing him and/or about him the kid is extremely talented. I brought Angelina and a few of her friends to acapella performance and he has an amazing voice that has unbelievable octave range and control. The people who claim he doesn’t either have no concept of what constitutes “good” music or, and this is most likely as not the case in most instances, they are lying because it makes them feel better about themselves to be able to put down a child who has already done more with his life now before he can even get a driving permit than they ever will.

    He is a child people, he has not even hit puberty yet. Can’t you find something better to do with your time while you give him a few years to grow up, like going back to kicking homeless guy on the corner and teasing the lady paying for her groceries with food stamp coupons? Sheesh. I wanted to marry Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, Michael Jackson, and John Bongiovi Jr. at different points in my misguided youth.

    And if he does turn out to be a “pole puffer”, so what? Lamebook used to actually be one of the most open minded forums that I belonged to, now it is becoming overrun with tools. Don’t get me wrong I like to laugh at idiots as much as the next person, it’s just that homophobes and people that crack on adolescent boys for having high pitched voices ARE lame in my book. :)

  59. …Oh and I found Madison’s stark honesty quite refreshing.

    “hmmm, can you spell stalker?”
    “No but you just told me how to”

    Why can I picture her being the blond cheerleader from Glee? :D

  60. Nonnieyrissa, how refreshing. Someone standing up for JB that isn’t just some raving loon. I don’t like his music, but I don’t hate on him either. I just don’t understand the hype. I too believe that people are being too harsh on him as well.

  61. 58. Nonnieyrissa. Actually, he’s 16… kinda late to be considered “a child” who “has not even hit puberty yet”.
    At any rate, it’s not his sexuality that’s brought into question (in most cases). It matters little whether he is straight, gay or bisexual. The point is that the marketing rejects are trying to get us to believe that acting younger than his age is somehow “sexy”; that yet another high-pitched whingy teen is “entertaining”.
    When someone like this kid becomes famous by actually working the live performance scene, and not as a result of mind-numbing marketing ploys, then I’ll keep silent and let the public have what it (apparently) truly wants. Until then, I’ll complain about the market offering shoddy goods.

  62. mmm at least the marketing boys are having success , the more we debate this little atrocity that calls himself an artist, the more they succeed in their evil schemes …

    Bieber might be the biggest eejit that ever polluted our screens , the machine behin him isn’t. So well done to them lads

  63. Paranoid, I’m more than a woman, and I have a night fever right now, and you sound like you should be dancin’.

    And as for the blow, I can help you out with both types.

  64. Justin haters give this down votes which is no correlation to the lameness of it?!?!

  65. American culture is so fucking weird. The only reason I have heard about Justin Bieber, or indeed The Jonas Brothers, is through people bitching and moaning about them. If you don’t like them, hmmm, watch less TV? Read different magazines? Get the fuck over it? Also the people who seem to hate them so passionately are not exactly the audience they were intended for. You might as well go and see Barney the Movie and whine about the acting.

  66. @ziggle it’s not American culture, only. He’s big EVERYWHERE for the most part. Shit, take a look at how how the Japanese go nuts for American pop bands then talk about American culture.

    As for Beiber I don’t care for him that much and if he wants to make shitty soft voiced music. Let him. Not like I can’t turn the station. I mean you people act like you’re being forced to see or hear this guy.

  67. @ziggle, @itss carmennnn is right, he is EVERYWHERE… but I loved your post nonetheless :D

  68. @itss carmennn
    Heres a selective list of situations in which it is nearly impossile to avoid bieber syphilis but in the interests of being fair and balanced I will note possible solutions.

    1. You have a sister daughter or close female relatives under the age of 18.
    Possible solution: Kill them and make it look like suicide.

    2. You have eyes.
    Possible Solution: Gouge the fuckers and claim disability (trust me you wont miss much).

    3. You go to any kind of educational institution where there are bound to exist some who idolise the bieber foetus.
    Burn it down (chicks dig that dangerous misunderstood psycho rebel look).

    Either way my point is while living in a metropolitan world it is impossible to avoid certain elements of pop culture and while its being shoved in your face alongside things you actually want to see it hurts no one to develop an opinion about it.

    The overly negative response to Bieber is a response to the ridiculous irrationally positve response that causes teenage (and older paedo) girls to try and crush each other to death.

  69. I think we should leave Justine Bieber alone.

    Girls that age are highly sucseptable to peer pressure and she might become anorexic or even start cutiing.

    I would vote “nay” for the emo version of Justine, seeing how that could become very whiney and even more annoying

  70. @nuff: Eh. The music is ignoreable. The sort of stuff I hear on the radio every and don’t even process. It’s just nothing, really. The Jonas Brothers were the same.

    The video on the other hand makes me want to puke rainbows.
    And then shit on them.

    But still… the hate seems oddly overblown. Like I say, over here we have tons of this tat on the radio every day that my brain just refuses to acknowledge. Stuff like Cheryl Cole, or the Sugababes, or… hell, I don’t know. I don’t pay any attention. But still. It seems a lot lately that America’s taste is split between ten year old girls, and everybody else in America, the ten year old girls being the ‘YOU SING AVERAGELY, MARRY ME AND BE A WONDERFULLY RESPECTFUL HUSBAND’, and everybody else being of the ‘This stands for all of the evil in the world. We must kill it before it spreads.’ attitude.

    And really, who’s more insane here?
    No, genuinely, who is? I don’t know. I guess it’s the ten year old girls. Those clowns go through potential husbands like they go through… piss-poor teen artists.

    By which I mean quickly and ruthlessly. Enjoy this shit while you can, Bieber. You just wait for the next average-lookin’ average-singin’ teenager, then you’ll be desperate for whatever attention you can get.

  71. i’ll take a Bieber song over Nickelback anyday…but that begs the question; “Why do all Canadian “musicians” produce crappy music?”

  72. @Dees Nuts
    are you fucking kidding me with that question? Seriously? Or does your musical library consist solely of rap music? Suck on deez nuts.
    The Tragically Hip
    ’nuff said

    as for the whole Bieber thing, I just couldn’t sit on the fence when the media is involved. You got one side that consists of a mass conglomerate of potential Bieber rapists, and the other that would rather see the twat crash and burn worse then any other pre-peubescent boy-teen in the history of man.
    Now, I’ve only heard the media-inspired songs the kid has put on the radio which is essentially white noise. Pretty much what Brit said. The story as I know it is that Usher needed a little something-something to get back in the spotlight and tried to one-up R. Kelly by picking up this kid off of YouTube and HAND him fortune and fame. The twat doesn’t deserve any respect as far as I’m concerned and I get a few laughs every now and then when I see how badly I can bash him on here. I find more amusement in the things I would rather do then hear him. Brits idea of puking rainbows and then proceed to shit on them was hilarious. The truth of the matter is that it’s just plain sad.
    In the end, you can’t tell people what is good and what isn’t. A lot of people love Nickelback for instance. Good for you, I hope you enjoy listening to the same album over and over again with a few twists here or there as they put out new ones. I can listen to a few of their songs, but anything more and it just gets repetitive. Overplayed, and you lose interest quickly. A good artists music will live on forever. Eric Clapton is God for instance.
    Done my rant for now.
    ’nuff said.

  73. Who's That Girl?

    “Layla….you got me on my knees Layla”

  74. “Hey hey, hey hey baby hey, love you babe, but sure ain’t gonna be your dog.”

  75. @ Dees Nuts, I’d also like to point out that although BJ is from Canada, he was not remotely “Canadian” produced. Usher? It’s Hollywood. It’s always effing Hollywood.
    And I’m on the same page as Nonnieyrissa. I realize, Zhigulii, that he’s not popular for his musical talent, but for marketing ploys, but imagine being a 14-year-old boy with a dream of being a star, and then all of this happens. Do you really think that he’s going to say no to anything Usher says?
    I was 13 once too, and a pop “artist” having songs about being that age, and those “simple” feelings was what I related to at the time – Backstreet Boys, that kind of crap, lol! Ignorance is bliss, these kids just don’t know any better yet.
    I just hope they grow out of it eventually!

  76. @ whos that girl?
    Is that the clapton or the derek and the donminoes version?

  77. Who's That Girl?

    Derek and the Dominoes ;-)

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  79. lol

  80. Justin Bieber is the most annoying no-talent a$$ clown that the media ever decided to make famous.

    First of all the kid is an idiot. He doesn’t even know what ‘German’ means cuz apparently ‘We don’t say that in America’ …even though he’s Canadian… but at least he knows that he likes basketball. If you ask me he should be playing a sport that requires a helmet.

    If you don’t believe me watch for yourself:

  81. I hope JB’s career lasts as long as a mayfly’s life, the only amusing thing he has done is being filmed walking into glass doors whilst doing his hair, not once, but twice, what a lamester.

  82. get over it when JBs over he’s gonna sound crap baby baby ow I just broke my back next song plz

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