Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Bad Tats

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  1. Reserved for my son.

  2. First, please spell the damn tats right if you put words on your body that are PERMANENT!! Second, being proud of the fact that you have CRABS above your crotch IS NOT GOOD!

  3. Bitch has got crabs! BAH HA HA HA HA!!!

    And at the guy in the third picture, you leave my nobody out of this! Even if somebody kill them!

  4. I laughed out loud for about two minutes at the manatee one.

  5. @ Ben’s Dad: Ben your a shit…I like you!

  6. I hope the last guy becomes somebody as soon as possible.

  7. I know this girl who who got a “slippery when wet sign” tattoo above her crotch, now she is going through menopause and is all dried up…..I told her to get a “caution rough surface” tattoo.

  8. A know this bird with a no loitering sign on her poon…….

  9. LOL @ Ben’s Dad!!!

  10. just passing through

    the unicorn posting — i’ll believe it when i see it.

    i imagine that these tattoo artists are just as dumb as their clients.

  11. At least her crabs are happy! If you’re going to have crabs, have happy crabs.

  12. Too bad someone with such a nice chest is so incredibly stupid.

  13. I going to have an affair with Ben’s Dad, just to piss Ben off. OK with you Ben’s Dad?

  14. it really looks like he gots crabs… lol.. .maybe his hair grows up so high and he shaved it….

  15. is it just me or does her stubble/razor burn go up a bit high? That’s going to look gross when her hair starts growing in.

  16. ben’s dad = win.

  17. Also, the first one is a complete retard, not only for getting that idiotic tattoo and making a dumb and obvious caption for it, but also for self-submitting. Thus, I will insult you in the worst way possible: you’re lamer than Ben, submitter.

  18. hey, has anyone noticed… the person who uploaded the crabs tattoo is the person that sent this in?

  19. I like ben and bens family

  20. Ben is the funniest thing on lamebook for ages. I heart Ben & his family!

  21. @ Ben’s sister- I think the crabs person is actually a bloke, judging by the clothing/undies and the general shape of their hips and stomach.

  22. ahh, Gaybriel, it appears you are right. Well HIS crabs are happy crabs.

  23. Gaybriel, I agree about it being a guy. It looks like he’s wearing boxers and jeans and they had to shave his happy trail to tattoo him.

  24. Yeah, that’s a dude, I don’t know why anybody would think that was a girl..

  25. If he ever grows out of the stage where the fact that girls have girl parts and boys have boy parts and sometimes those parts touch and make babies and/or stds, he’s going to seriously regret this tattoo.

  26. The stubble isn’t too high, that pants are just really low. And, considering those are boxers I’m pretty sure it’s a male…..or a butch dyke, which is pretty much the same thing, right? And lastly, I thinks it’s funny as hell!

  27. Your Nobody Till Somebody Misspell Shit On You Forever

  28. Crabs what a crap STD shaved it off but the memory lives on

  29. holy shit somebody who probably has a much more enjoyable life than anybody who sits on lamebook critiquing complete strangers spelled a word wrong????? LOL!

  30. *you’re

    for shits and giggles

  31. strangers who* spelled a word wrong

    :o )

  32. oh wow- this site has emoticons now

    change that to a :)

  33. That’s funny, whoever is in the first pic, posted their own tattoo to lamebook, real cool! and the third tattoo just sounds moronic, till somebody kill you? it reminds me of achmed the dead terrorist. ” SHUT UP I KILL YOU”

  34. Oh for fuck’s sake! Why do people think it’s funny to post their own shit on lamebook?

    Why why why??

  35. Oh, and Sensible Madness, you are my hero!

    Kudos, my friend!

  36. Gayness in the anus to all 3

  37. @Ish, ho-mo you didn’t!

  38. ihascreativityissue

    @Lady Dane, You missquoted one of the most infamous terrorists in the world, it is not “SHUT UP I KILL YOU” it is “SILENCE! I kill you!”
    And i absolutely love those tattoos because then make me think of what those people do when they are 60 years old and still have those tattoos

  39. I hate and loathe (yes that strongly) when people pull out that sorry old, “what people will think when they are 60 and have these tattoos” Do you seriously think that *most* people who get tattoos don’t consider that? I love tattoos. On me, on other people. And you know what I’m going to think when I’m 60? “Damn those were some good times. I’m glad I didn’t have a large stick up my ass when I was younger. This one right here, it brings back fond memories of that time……..oh shit, I can’t remember what it reminds me off, but it was a fucking blast.”

  40. @SomeRandomChick, prexactly! Thank you for expressing my very own thoughts.

  41. ihascreativityissue

    Ya isn’t just soooo sexy to have “Pornstar” tattooed accross your ass at eighty? And I’m not using it as a derogitory thing, I’m saying that I find it hilarous that people have no forethough, like what about when you go in for your next job with this tattoed accross your forehead? And personaly I find tattooes to be a little bit stupid, “Hey, lets go stick a needle in our flesh and inject die beneath our skin!”

  42. I highly doubt that anyone will ever say “wow I had crabs and it was wonderful!”

  43. Lol well that’s just stupid :p

  44. ihascreativityissue

    Im so proud of myself :) I created controversy with my first ever post, yay for me!
    Casey’s status seems suspiciously like something taken from fml but I can’t be sure…

  45. I have a really hairy butt. I have always wanted to get a tat of a bunny on it. Then I could go around and ask people if they want to see the “hare” on my ass. If I do it I promise I’ll post it here!

  46. @emjsea, your very welcome!

    @iahscreativityissue- Again, he/she would be eighty, and who cares? That’s my point. People who get tattoos on their neck, forehead, etc again, are not going to care at 80. They’re really not. AND I’m *assuming* that those same said people have jobs in places that embrace alternative life styles, or aren’t so worried about it. I’m not saying people don’t make stupid choices on design/location etc, and certainly not every tattoo that I’ve seen would be something I would get, however, it’s their body, not mine. Tattoos are as much a from of creativity and art as much as sculptures, painting, etc. I have a wide variety of tattoos that represent things that are important to me, and I find them beautiful. I might also add that I’m gainfully employed and have NEVER had a problem getting a job.

    @meatlupyourass, lmao, I highly doubt he got it because he ACTUALLY had crabs….

  47. If he was rich he would”ve gotten lobsters.


    Hopefully an education or a vesectomy is in homey’s future.

  48. What other memory could you possibly be trying to portray? :p

  49. ihascreativityissue



  50. JamesBondInTheOctagon


  51. @49 thx, my bad

  52. Tattoos are silly, and the people who get them usually try too hard to be ‘different’.

  53. I’m kind of tired of tattoos. Can’t we look at something else?

  54. @52 Haha, not all of them. I grew up around people covered in tatts and then joined the navy and got quite a few myself. Not very different if almost every one you know has them.

  55. ThinkingInPictures

    I love ink… when it means something. I don’t have any myself yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want if I ever decide to get one. I do not for the life of me understand getting tribal crap or barbed wire around the bicep because it’s “cool” right now… or getting a poorly done, not even remotely thought out one just for the hell of it. As far as I can tell, people who do that sort of thing are the only people who regret em later.

  56. The third one is lame for having lyrics from a Lil’ Wayne song tattooed on him, and I’m lame for knowing that they are Lil’ Wayne lyrics.

  57. The fuck is a sea manitey? Is that like a sea manatee? Is there some type of manatee that doesn’t live in the sea?

    So many questions, so few answers.

  58. I have several tattoos, and regret none, I was young and in college and used the art to reflect certain things in my life. My art is a story that I had put on me. That’s just what it is, it’s my story. It’s a difference of opinion to those who think they are stupid, or nonsensical, I disagree. When I’m 80 I’ll look back and think, wow… that was fun!

  59. Oh, and non of them are smiley crabs, so that’s a definite plus.

  60. Casey be Nobody until dem sea critter be joined in orgy by a smiley crabs. Fail grammar for the wins.

  61. i want to marry the guy with crabs. that is ridiculous.

  62. lulz at ben’s dad. and i know a girl that has “lucky you” tattooed above her vag. AND I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “YOUR” AND “YOU’RE”.

  63. Lol @ Ben’s dad! Why are people becoming so trashy?!

  64. WOnder how long it’ll take before #3 comes to regret their tattoo. The usual argument (that people have debated here) is when they’re way past middle age… but for number 3 I’m thinking it’ll only be a couple of years. That would be hilarious to see.

  65. oh… crab !

  66. I wonder what Zombie Kid would say to the Crab thing?

  67. …I like turtles?

  68. God, I miss Svetlana. Did she change her name and not tell or maybe I missed it?

  69. It appears that some of you are still highly amused at the whole “Ben” saga, I am now beyond fed up with this, it’s pathetic.

    Back to the tattoo’s – Casey sounds like a good night out to me, the third post is cringe lameness – what a fuckwit

  70. Seebea , she has gone missing for quite some time now hasn’t she ? And i am almost missing her spam posting if you see what kind of twats we got in return.

    the second one can’t be real but it it is , i am dying to see it.

    have a tattoo myself and when i am 80 laser technology will be so advanced that i can get rid of it in 10 minutes. Or the world has gone Mad Max and tattoos will be the least of our worries.

  71. Ben , go get yourself a box of kleenex and wipe your tears …

  72. lostintranslation

    Ummm… so if crab guy submitted this himself, I’m forced to ask: did he get those god-awful tattoos with lamebook fame as the ultimate goal? I can just picture the scenario:
    Tattooist: “Seriously, why crabs in your fun zone?”
    Crab Guy: “Hehe, well… my plan is to take a photo of my nether regions post-tattoo, complete with pube stubble and everything, and post it on Facebook with a stupid pun relating to a sexually-transmitted parasite. I’ll then screenshot it, submit it to lamebook, and gain everlasting, international infamy as ‘crab guy’! Best.plan.ever!”

    CG needs to get laid, although with those tats, I’m thinking he’s not going to be getting it for free…

  73. the tattoo does indeed speak for itself, it reads : i am all muscle no brain

    Or , my mom and dad are related.

  74. How do you sleep through getting a tattoo, anyway?

  75. @snapplebottle
    Maybe they’re a very heavy sleeper.
    Or maybe they were drunk and got the tattoo but don’t remember it :P

    AND HAHAHA AT THE “your nobody till somebody kill you” TATTOO
    Doesn’t ANYONE have proper grammar these days?! Guess not…

  76. Proper grammar? What’s that?

  77. Sweet Jesus, being a tattoo artist who can’t spell is worse than being a tattoo artist who can’t draw.

  78. And who thought it was a good idea to get a tattoo of crabs?

  79. Well, I guess that’s one way of keeping the girls from ruining your rep when they discuss the fact that you have crabs with one another. He can play it off as is it is ony the ink version they are all talking about.

  80. the notorious b.i.g. could spell you’re and kills. what kinda tribute to him is that? the crabs are so ridiculously stupid that it is pretty funny, though why he got them when he obviously knew they were stupid enough for lamebook is beyond me. urgh tattoos are ugly though

  81. I want to punch Seleno for even SUGGESTING tatts are ugly.
    But I laughed. A lot. At the unicorn-seahorse-manatee description. Fantastic!

  82. @Wookie, I have several tattoo artist for friends, and it’s pretty common knowledge in the tattoo world that you tattoo EXACTLY what the person asks for. My friends tell people who want writing, check and double check your spelling, it goes on exactly how you give it to me. They are not their customers spell checker, a tattoo is a life long commitment and if you’re going to invest in one, you should have put some major thought into it, never rely on someone else to get it right, it’s going on YOU.

  83. I think this sums things up rather nicely:

  84. I wish there was a picture of the manatee one.

    The last one is a rare bad spelling, poor grammar combo

  85. @Father Sha:
    She has and it concerns me. BTW, I vote for Mad Max myself. We seem to be about half way there already.

  86. @scarfey…go away…everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but not to punch someone for expressing it

  87. ps, @randomchick

    ok fair enough, but surely they have a moral obligation to at least point out that the spelling isn’t right, giving the idiot getting the tattoo the opportunity to say they want it spelled properly if they do and are just too stupid to use a dictionary…i mean they are paying the tattoo artist for the job

  88. I agree with SomeRandomChick. These losers, who were never brave enough to get their own tattoos, predict we will regret our “tattoo choices” when we’re old bags. I say, if the only thing I regret is a silly tattoo-I’ve had a pretty good freakin’ life!

  89. Keanu Reeves In Speed

    Or… you could not be an idiot and not get any stupid fucking tattoos.


    it seriously doent need thinking about what a wanker of the moist nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Wow “Just asking”… If there was a lamebook for lamebook, I’d post what you said on there. He doesn’t have moobs, he has pecs. Obviously it doesn’t need ‘thinking about’ with you though.

  92. the guy got the crabs tattoo just so he could send it to lamebook

  93. For some reason I can’t stop combining the tattoos in my mind.

    “Your nobody till you got crabs of a unicorn fucking a seahorse from behind while the seahorse is giving the sea manity head!!!”

  94. How do you know that the same guy who submitted it to lamebook?

  95. Because on the bottom right of the picture it says “From your album: Mobile Uploads”…

    I didn’t see it at first either, but… wow. just… wow.

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