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Morbid Mistakes




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  1. What a cunt.

  2. If Colin’s friend is already dead, how does he know that he wants him to talk to him when they pull the plug? I think Colin is blowing smoke up Krystalynn’s ass because he’s mad she made him look like a puss.

  3. Calling fake on the last one

  4. Regardless, his post still insinuates that he was crying over Glee, not his friend. He’s merely covering it up with a fake story.


  5. Colin’s story has more holes than a fly-swatter.

  6. I watched Glee……..The chick that was reading is awesome in the 40 year old virgin……Role Models…….on my meat pole

  7. Krystalynn is a rotten bitch. She gets to dictate what half the population gets to cry about? GO TO HELL YOU STEREOTYPING WHORE! Go find yourself a trailer park hound who smashed beer cans on his head and uses his balls for sandpaper and make him sammiches.


  8. I like Zombie Kid.

  9. UGH! Do you know how many women I know that deal with these “man-rule” fuckers because they think that’s all there is out there? I hate men like this and I hate the idea that they are some how better than men with brains and individual identities that aren’t wrapped up in dick’n'balls.

  10. I cried when Jebus died…..

  11. Colin seems pretty emotionally affected, so maybe he should check his facts: the woman Sue reads to in GLEE is her sister, not her mother.

  12. How could his friend possibly ask him to be there when they “pull the plug?”

  13. Ribiko, right on! I think Sue would be a good Fuck Buddy.

  14. Who ever submitted the Gina one should have waited to see if the dumb friend would have posted something else.

  15. Penny Lane seems pretty lost

  16. 3, 4, 5, and whoever else, time for me to rant. I swear to God some of you are fucking retarded. People call “fake fake fake” on every fucking post and it gets on my nerves. Lighten the fuck up! The comments on this site used to be funny but now it’s just a bunch of pussies bitching (like I’m doing now). And for the record, have none of you ever spoken in present tense when telling a story? Colin isn’t literally saying that some dude is dead, yet still magically asking him to pull the plug. He’s telling the story like when it happened. Ok I’m done. Please put more effort into making your comments worth reading.

  17. dave:

    Sue make me hard.

  18. The comments on lamebook have gotten worse than the ones on youtube.

  19. mine was worth reading because i said “more holes than a fly-swatter!” lol that was the nicest rant i’ve ever read, dave.

  20. Is it just me, or does that ad of Pamela Anderson make you feel dirty, like you have hepatitis? Then you have to hotdog ad which pretty much makes me throw up in my mouth……

  21. I’m glad Colin has outlets for his grief such as watching GLEE and posting on facebook.

  22. @Joel … OK the fly-swatter comment was pretty good. We can be friends

  23. Am I missing something on that first one?

  24. Fwiw, I don’t think it’s fake. I think Colin is a liar and was mad at Krystalynn (whose name sounds like a drug) for implying he’s a wuss.

  25. Bio – apparently Kristine mistook Gina’s Veteran’s Day tribute to her dad as saying her dad had passed away. He hadn’t.

  26. Interesting thought Ms.Terri. If that’s the case Colin’s a total asshole, haha

  27. @CHAZ

    You are my favorite.

    When will they ever switch the adds up!? Batman can stay

  28. Now it makes sense. Thanks.

  29. @Ms.Terri

    I actually took the time to read PART of your huge ass blog yesterday. Just thought I would let you know cuz I feel like I should get some recognition for reading it.

  30. lol – Thanks Interesting.

  31. Does Krystalynn not realize that Marley & Me is about a dog dying? Or that she has a stripper name?

  32. I apologize for my rant. Cave women make me seethe.

  33. @ Penny

    My wife would kick my ass if I acted like one of those men you described.

  34. @ Interesting

    Well I don’t mind the Batman ad. Just getting sick of seeing the hot dog with some guy in the background acting like it his his penis.

    As for Pamela Anderson, she is not attractive at all……so I think I would like to pass on the “extreme video”. I would rather light mynuts on fire and sit in acid then sleep with that disease.

  35. Chaz, and the other side of that is that you have no desire to act like this right? *hopeful tone*

    Maybe my husband is just a weirdo.

  36. Chaz – wait…do you mean she’d kick your ass if you were a trailer park hound who smashed beer cans on his head and used his balls for sandpaper and told you to go make you a sammich? Or if you acted like a guy with brains and with an individual identity and you aren’t wrapped up in dick’n’balls?

  37. lesson- don’t ever tease someone EVER, in case their best friend died and they had to talk to him while the plug was pulled, cos then YOU. ARE. BAD.

  38. @ Penny!

    Nope. I have never even tried it with her… I know I would be sleeping on the couch. She doesn’t put up with the whole “man card” thing. Her brothers try pulling that shit and it pisses her off and she lets them know.

  39. @ Ms. Terri

    If I acted like the first one. Sorry for not clarifying.

  40. Does Gina realise her dad was only 2 years old when he ‘died’?

  41. Suoh, that’s not his lifespan; it’s his years serving in the military.

  42. Clearly dave misread my post. Colin has a fake story, not a fake entry present on this site.

    Go clean your vagina, Dave.

  43. @CHAZ, oh good – I’d hate for a woman to actually WANT someone to act that way!

  44. @Suoh

    OMG don’t you get it? Her dad DIDN’T die, thats what Kaitlin didn’t realize. Gina is referring to a sea vessel (USS – “the floating white house”)

  45. dead hamsters, it’s a classic…

  46. Right on, Penny Lane! I know some good men out there that aren’t wrapped up in that BS, and they are all happily married with wonderful wives so they had no problems getting a girl.

  47. You know, they really need to allow us to register user names……….so that this clone loser can find a hobby.

  48. To be fair to Chloe I would probably thought the same thing when seeing that status!!

  49. Good idea Chaz. That is exactly what they need to do.

    I think it’s a disgruntled Lee looking for revenge.

  50. Chloe gets judged for calling Beetlejuice (which wasn’t a BAD movie) “brilliant”…wow

  51. Those floral Uggs in the sidebar advert are hideous. I bet Krystalynn wears them.

  52. At a memorial service on Vet’s Day back in the 80′s a reporter talked to my little sister. Apparently she gave him the impression that dad died in Vietnam and he ran a piece about how strong she was being raised without a father. I don’t see how he was confused considering she was 6 and it was 1987.

  53. That last one doesn’t even make sense. He says his friend is died then 2 seconds later says he’s going to talk to his friend while they pull the plug..

  54. @Dee

    I actually love Uggs because they are called what I say when I see them.

  55. Does Colin like his own status?

  56. Hamsters are dirty.

  57. random commenting will be weeded out soon. A little birdy told me there will be registering very very soon.

  58. But, but, how did Kristine put the smiley face in there???

  59. @ Anonymous

    Wow, what a moron reporter, but very typical.

  60. @klueless…that’s a good question…

  61. what is glee

  62. @Ms. Terri, Penny Lane, and others who don’t like Krystalynn:

    It’s pretty much an unspoken rule in my home that if I don’t find something worthy of crying over, my husband certainly shouldn’t. And tv is really one of the last things I would be sensitive to. For God’s sake there are REAL problems in the world and this guy cries “like a baby” at a nice moment in a tv show. I bet he wouldn’t cry at the same moment in real life. But really, the point is that he says he cried like a baby – a frickin’ baby? Really?

    That said, it’s not Krystalynn’s place to instruct when it’s appropriate to cry.

  63. @Mary: Agreed. You have determining when it’s okay to cry covered pretty well.

  64. @Mary
    Says…. the lady who just finished instructing when it’s appropriate to cry.

  65. @Mary

    “It’s pretty much an unspoken rule in my home that if I don’t find something worthy of crying over, my husband certainly shouldn’t.”

    That’s a stupid fucking rule. Police gender roles about it, bitch.

  66. @ Mary

    Did you even read what you wrote? If so, then you are a dunce who contradicts everything in her life. Same goes with those that read what she wrote, and then said you agreed……

  67. Does EVERYONE now have stupid, misspelled, porn-star names now? Krystalynne? What the FUCK kind of name is that?

  68. colin is a lying cunt. the end

  69. Mary is fat.

  70. @Mary

    “It’s pretty much an unspoken rule in my home that if I don’t find something worthy of crying over, my husband certainly shouldn’t.”

    You have got to be kidding me.

    “And tv is really one of the last things I would be sensitive to. For God’s sake there are REAL problems in the world and this guy cries “like a baby” at a nice moment in a tv show.”

    It actually makes sense to cry at a TV show more so than a movie or real life and I will tell you why.

    TV shows become a weekly part of a persons life. They see the same characters go through story lines and plot twists for years. So when Dr. Green died and cried like a baby for 20 minutes or when Billy died on Ally McBeal I didn’t feel stupid, I felt SAD that they died. It’s socially ok to cry at a book or a movie, things you spend a minor few hours on. But a TV show that you spend YEARS with, it becomes stupid.

    And, if we all cried at every sick twisted fucked up injustice we see on the news our society would crumble upon itself. People wouldn’t be able to go to work, feed their kids, shower themselves. We HAVE to numb ourselves to real life…because real life is sick shit.

    “That said, it’s not Krystalynn’s place to instruct when it’s appropriate to cry.”

    No, apparently it’s YOUR PLACE to do that.

    :o ) …all in good fun my dear…

  71. For Colin to admit to crying over an episode of Glee is bad enough. Even worse, though, is the fact that it moved him to tears, but he neither knows “that lady’s” name (it’s Sue) nor that the woman she was reading to wasn’t her mother. It was her sister.
    If you’re going to display your lameness to the world, don’t half-ass it.

  72. Pretty sure Colin was bullshitting her, there, but I could be wrong. However, he implies that his friend is already dead but that he also has to do something later, talking to him? I don’t know.

    And gentlemen, if you cry at a TV show, that’s okay. Just… you know. Keep it to yourself. The rest of us will all secretly understand, but we have to save face.

  73. @Penny Lane
    Well said.

    Now, why is there a smiley in Kristine’s comment? That’s the important question.

  74. Oh, and Mary, the anti-gay stuff is not helping you. :)

  75. @Penny Lane

    Back pat for you!

    Annnd I concur with the sentiment from before that a lot of the comments on these posts are just bitchy and juvenile. Not worse than youtube… yet. Perhaps worse relative to how long this site has been around.

  76. Krystalynn’s list of reasons why men should cry rocks! Colin definitely made it sound like he was just crying over Glee, so how should she know his friend died?! At least she acknowledged it at the end.

    Gina did kind of make it sound a bit like an obituary. Better than the other way around.

  77. Colin…what a puss. just pissed off krystalynn called him out on it, so he tried to make her feel bad by just saying some fucked up story that makes no sense hahhaa. plus it’s pretty amazing this his good friend died earlier that day (supposedly) and he’s just on facebook jokin’ around about crying at a TV SHOW. dumbass

  78. ***hahahha i mean one of his “best friends ever”

  79. Personally I am not attracted to men who cry over minor issues or TV shows. I also don’t like sooky females. This is not sexism on my part, it is a strong dislike for weak and/or pathetic peoople.

  80. SFC is not even a Navy rank….just throwing that out there

  81. Just throwing it out there…..paul you’re posting on the wrong thread.

  82. Comment #7 expressed my sentiments exactly. I didn’t bother reading any further because I didn’t feel like reading a bunch of idiotic ‘pussbag’ comments.

  83. @ Penny Lane’s comment number 72

    You’re an idiot and what is wrong with America. Books are poignant, timeless, and teach people how to write, speak and expand their vocabulary. Identifying with a character on a television show thrown together in sometimes weeks is stupid. Period. Did you also cry when LC and Brody broke up? Go listen to “Fever Dog” and get a clue.

  84. Not what's wrong with America.

    TV is mindless brain rot, and if you go on like tv characters become a part of your life, then, sadly, you have no life.
    I’ll take a bad book over a good tv show any day of the week.

  85. @ 86: “I’ll take a bad book over a good tv show any day of the week.”

    Enjoy Twilight.

  86. Semi Normal FTW.

    As my wife says, well written is well written whatever the medium.

  87. Shana, This thread is for all 3 posts pictured above, so Paul IS posting on the correct one. He is also correct about the SFC, either that girl’s dad lied to her, or she meant to put Chief Petty Officer.

  88. Well, Glee IS pretty awesome xD

  89. it’s “Karlee, Mandy, and *ME* to pull the plug.”

  90. “”it’s “Karlee, Mandy, and *ME* to pull the plug.””"

    hahahahahaha NO IT’S NOT Noam GR you fuckin eejit!!! hahahahaha.. i hope you’re takin the piss because that’s something you learn when you are 7!!!

  91. ok.. why would they ‘pull the plug’ on someone who is alive enough to be speaking and requesting company at his ‘plug pulling’ ?

  92. actually…. noam is right greg… u take out the other members of the sentence to see if it makes sense so..
    “asked karlee mandy and i to pull the plug” becomes “asked I to pull the plug”
    “asked karlee mandy and me to pull the plug” becomes “asked me to pull the plug”

    u do use “and I” when i would be the subject of the sentence… for example “karlee and i want to go to the store” becomes “i want to go to the store”
    but “karlee and me want to go to the store” becomes “me want to go to the store”

    i never really kno offhand so i always use that trick

  93. totally fake. my friend DID die then in the next comment he wants us to talk to him while they pull the plug. if youre alive and coherent they dont “pull the plug” what bullshit.

  94. wow, all these comments and NO ONE has commented on the emoticon on the first one?!

  95. It was my FB that’s in one of these…I think nor’n monkey may be right. I should be careful to make my tributes sound less like a memorial to someone who’s passed. Lesson learned LOL.

  96. Thesaurapist 23(F)

    #96 nachos

    Reading fail.
    #59 & #75

  97. #85 Who is LC and Brody? And what is “Fever dog”?

    I agree with you about books. What does that have to do what the legitimacy of crying at a TV show?

    You, sir, are what is “wrong with America” (nice nationalism there) because you are arguing for the sake of it. Nothing you said actually competes with what I said.

  98. Im Isobel from this page.


  99. I’m not saying this is what happened, but people do have living wills. Or maybe the “friend” that Colin is going to pull the plug for has been deteriorating over many months and this request was made when they were still coherant enough to make requests.

    There may be holes, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake. They may all consider him “dead” now, with the body being forced to breathe with machines.

    I don’t know the facts, obviously, but just because the face value of the statements doesn’t make 100% sense doesn’t mean the situation itself doesn’t make sense.

  100. @Isobel

    How are you coping without Beetlejuice? You should watch as many Michael Keaton movies as possible (not because he happened to play Beetlejuice, but more because they make people smile).

  101. timecheck

  102. Since when is nationalism a problem? Why should I not be proud to be an American? Nationalism is not the word you are looking for, it is jingoism. Stop wasting so much time watching TV and learn something. Oh, and arguing doesn’t always involve formulaic point/counterpoint discussions with emoticons. See, I can pick one thing from what you say and use it to destroy your entire argument.

    Also, arguing for the sake of arguing is called debate, and its as old as time.

    So, in conclusion, you are an idiot who uses TV as an escape from your pathetic existence. Put down the remote and get on a treadmill, or will you cry when you lose your cellulite too?

  103. Ben, shut up, you sound like a retard with greatly a inflated opinion of your own intellect.

    Probably because you are.

  104. I second what Pat said. you’re a dick. “Oh, and…”, why don’t you fuck off. Stop talking about “pathetic existence” when you’re posting on lamebook. And nationalism can be a huge problem, especially when dumb people get hold of it.

  105. Ben is just mad because he’s a fat fuck with nothing else to do except find random websites to argue on. Turn Greys Anatomy back on, do us all a favor and kill yourself.

  106. Yeah, and when nationalism becomes a problem it is called jingoism. When will you understand that words have very specific meanings and, like nationalism, when wielded by ignorant fools such as yourself can be very destructive.

    Pat, you aren’t worthy of my time. You are making a self-defeating, thus fallacious, argument. “Probably because you are”? OOOHHHHHH, MY HEART!!!!!!

    Zoned, you have missed the bus and are left behind. My entire point was that identifying with television is stupid, so I would not be turning Grey’s Anatomy back on (learn to use an apostrophe, its called a possessive noun, dipshit) unless it was to MAKE me want to kill myself.

    All of you need to stop projecting all of YOUR problems on other people. It isn’t very becoming.

  107. isnt penny lane a porn star name? just throwing it out to people that thought krystalynn was a stripper name hahaha

  108. oop sorry thinking of lane oi and penny flame

  109. Swweeeet, picking an intellectual argument on the comments of lamebook.

  110. Krystalynn, I’m afraid you were an asshole even before you knew his friend died.

  111. @ Mary

    “@ Tim

    Does everyone like it when you suck thier cocks”

    Yes. I bet I do it better than you, too. Also, you misspelled “their” – idiot.

  112. Hey Mary! I hope one of those “manly men” you’re looking for buttrapes you in a piss-stained abortion clinic back alley and then strangles you!

    Stupid bitch.

  113. I don’t think it’s stupid at all to let a TV show or other medium (including books, film, and other art) touch you emotionally. Some of the best movies in my opinion are ones that make me feel something, sadness and elation alike. I mean, that’s kind of the point. Filmmakers, writers and the like want their audience to have an emotional reaction to their product, if that is in fact their goal. If you really don’t get that or think that’s “what’s wrong with America”, you’re missing the point and missing out. Yes, there are things more important than a TV show, but if you’re making that comparison, you’re actually the one ironically putting something like homelessness and Glee in the same category. Please don’t let the world see that you’re even more of a douche when you can’t differentiate between entertainment and real world issues.

    Really, Ben? First of all, it’s weird that you have that stance, yet know who Brody and LC are, not to mention the fact that you said “LC”. Secondly, next time you try to come down on people for their feelings about characters on a TV show, try to hide the link to your blog that chronicles you jerking off to your obsession with your favorite sports teams.

  114. @Ben
    RE: The meaning of Nationalism.

    Actually, one of the meanings of ‘nationalism’ is ‘excessive patriotism; chauvinism’.
    ‘Jingoism’ can be defined as ‘bellicose chauvinism’. ‘Bellicose’ being ‘belligerant’.
    So, really, ‘nationalism’ and ‘jingoism’ CAN BE more or less the same thing.

    Furthermore, note that I said ‘one of’. Words have various and rather unfixed meanings. They change over time, and also with how they are used. Language is an ever-evolving medium, and is continually used in different ways depending on the society that is using it and the demands of the culture. I’d suggest looking in to the history of how the first truly descriptive dictionary of English was created – The Oxford English Dictionary – it’s a great example of how languages can be living, changing things. They got people to write words down with an example of where they had seen them and how they had seen/heard them used on citation slips. Words and meanings are added to the dictionary every year (have a look at an etymological dictionary if you like).

    Finally, while it is not necessarily in a dictionary definition, it is also possible that the word ‘nationalism’ is being used as an ‘-ism’. Much like the word ‘racism’.

    In making myself look like a complete know-it-all twat, hopefully I have demonstrated how much of a twat you look. Don’t make assertions without evidence to back them up. And learn to check a dictionary before you make an argument based on the meaning of a word.

    /rant end

  115. Sue is reading to her big sister not her mom. Can downies even make children?

  116. @Brynne
    technically yes, but it’s unlikely

  117. and before anyone hates on me, i mean unlikely in the respect that they are more likely, but not necessarily, to be infertile. men with downs particularly more likely.

  118. For the first one, the comment the original poster wrote was done in 2 seconds. Faaake.

  119. the last one is definitely fake…

    nobody watches Glee

  120. Only chicks and f@gs watch glee.

  121. I’ll ignore the previous comment as it was clearly written by an idiot. The guy who called his Hamster Beetlejuice was just asking for it, the first lass is just retarded for writing her status in that way and the last comment just shows how sexist women can also be towards men.

  122. @Atheismo

    since when is ‘Isobel’ a guys name? And there is a sad face after the status, so only a retard would take that to be a happy comment.

  123. Not checking the date on the first one, I think the only thing lame about it is that it’s on this site. I mean, yeah, you normally put the years of the person’s life down when writing of their passing (and not the length of their military service), but it’s still rather ambiguous.

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