Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mood Swingin’



Hey Ahmed, if the unfortunate happens and Elaine DOES become a Period Ghost, can I recommend a romantic tune?  It’s perfect for those nights when you cuddle up with that special ghost after a nice, hot blood shower.


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  1. Why can’t I find a girlfriend as cool as this? Life’s not fair

  2. Let the end begin

    I think I dated her.

  3. “and when Im on my period!!, i will make the shower water, turn into my period blood!!!!!!”

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be blood from the gaping wound in your head after the world is done with you.

  4. She would be an excellent ghost, Ahmed make this happen.

  5. She will use her spooky ghost powers to make sure his spell check never works and steal his vowels.

  6. And this is only after a week of dating.

  7. Busta…I will be laughing at your comment all day! And thank god. I couldn’t quite get her the visual of a “period blood” shower out of my head.

  8. Where do these people come from!?

  9. Arf The Crime Dog

    I read this in the voice of the train girl who was “PRESSIN CHARGES”.

  10. @christi…I was thinking the same exact thing!! Hilarious, Busta!

  11. I just don’t understand people. Seriously.

  12. Jesus. Fatal Attraction, anyone?
    Actually, more like Salad Fingers.

  13. Whats with brown people saying NIGGUHHHH.
    Ahmed really needs to find new friends, including girlfriend.

  14. bahaha. was having a shitty day, read this, realised that at least I’m not being threatened with a period ghost.

  15. What. The. Fuck.


  16. It would be so rad to take Elaine to the mall.

  17. Red Monsoon Poltergheist

    Hmm – People like Elaine should have a large BIPOLAR tag or tattoo on their foreheads, that way if the “crazy eyes” sanity test fails there always a back up , Ahmed an John get a Fail for their wanna be ganstaaa talk. If the roles were reversed i wonder what ahmed’s
    ghost scare tactics would be , shakin the fridge is obviously take n and the red monsoon shower is hard to beat , any suggests ? :)

  18. INSANE! must be a great fuck though!

  19. How do these people function in society? He’s probably still with her, that’s the messed up part. Well OK, the period shower was the messed up part, but that’s pretty bad as well.

  20. Bipolar people don’t do this shit. Elaine is in her own league of crazy.

  21. @17 Now why are you trying to give bipolar people a bad name? This bitch isn’t bipolar, she’s just batshit fucking crazy.

  22. Is the Period Ghost going to join forces with the Ratcoon and Pig Pocketer? Or perhaps be the evil villain they must fight. I feel like I’m missing another Lamebook character …

  23. I’m sure when they have a kid together everything will settle down just fine.

  24. JM, you are…Jason.
    …and does anyone else think he needs to see a doctor about his heart problem? WTF is “my heart beats slow” supposed to mean?!

  25. I’m with Elaine – she is an “annoyingass”. Gets my vote. Hope Ahmed doesn’t have any rabbits…

  26. Because when bat-shit crazy doesn’t work….

  27. She seems like great fun! :)

  28. I wish I had crazy people on my friends list everyone I know is sane and ordinary!

  29. Am I the only one who can’t quite figure out which of those guys she’s dating? I mean her first comment says something about this Ahmed joker being her guy… but then farther down she says something about him reading bedtime stories to a crazy bitch but loving her.

    Or is she just talking about her multiple personalities?

  30. This is clear example of Bi-polar relationship. Believe me I’m in one, you fight about nothing but the sex is A+.

  31. Holy shit.

  32. Unacceptable.

  33. Ah, high school. How I miss you and your hormone enraged relationships.

  34. Dude, I have bipolar disorder…this is in a league of its own.

    shower in her period blood? wtf kinda shit is that?!

  35. This is obviously fake.

  36. I didn’t know ghost could menstruate. Hmmm, interesting.

  37. At least Elaine knows she’s a psychotic bitch.
    She’s gone mental.

  38. When he typed “my heart beats slow” I believe that he means that he’s not in love with her. Or at least not at the same level.

  39. Nigs? Nigs.

  40. Holy shit. I have a feeling she was kidding, but… wow. Even someone that kids around like that obv has issues. I wanna know what happened next.

  41. This is absolutely terrifying.

  42. WHOA!!

  43. This reminds me of my marriage. I’m divorced now.

  44. I’m so excited that someone’s username is “busta hymen”. you are excellent.

  45. Yes, she wrote a lot of crazy shit – but the one that really stuck out most was that she would brush his hair as he slept.

  46. yeah i laughed at that hair part

  47. WTF?

  48. my brain hurts.

  49. jesus christ.

  50. I’m scare of her.

  51. *scared godammit

  52. ditto!!

  53. Hi my name is Elaine and I’m an acid-spewing, bunny-boiling, knife-wielding psycho!

  54. Holy shit. That is freaking awesome.

  55. gold.
    busta hymen you made my day.

    i want crazy friends too

  56. i still dont understand ahmeds status..

  57. Elaine, do you have any single sisters?

  58. Jesus.

    I suddenly feel so normal

  59. I may be reading too much into it but I feel like the “real” Elaine made the first comment and perhaps someone stole her name and pic and is spoofing her and they are going back and forth with eachother?

    Do I have too much faith in humanity?

  60. Upon re-reading (and being dumber for it) I think the “fake” Elaine is calling Ahmed out by saying “ur gf is so lame” and teasing him for telling her “bedtime stories”???

    Maybe John is the fake Elaine and he’s going to teach them “both a lesson”. Ok, I give up trying to decipher schizo speak.

  61. this is my favorite ever.
    i can only aspire to be like elaine one day.

  62. Busta is awesomeness personified

  63. another day, another bunny boiler

  64. Rhapsody in Batshit.

  65. I’m in love. I must fuck this bitch.

  66. i dated this girl twice.. i want more

  67. The “bee” conjugation and the “shall” make me think that she is an actual ghost. But Constantine, doth protest too much.

  68. For those unaware, his status is a song lyric. That may just make it lamer, though.

  69. WOW.Psycho!

  70. I started laughing at the recital of the “Bad Boys” lyrics.

  71. sun is shining, everything’s good, no threat of a period ghost haunting me, life is good

  72. does anyone think its funny that the unlame writers for lamebook chose the hardest song from guitar hero they could find?

  73. I just have to say I’m thankful not to be a guy.She sounds like a bunny boiler fo sho.

  74. Even though its a snap shot… i still want to tell this bitch to SHUT THE FUCK UP

  75. She sounds perfect… why aren’t there more women like her?

  76. Well, if his heart was beating slow before, fuck it, I’m pretty sure it just about froze when you started mentioning your period blood as a showering option.
    Ugh. I should feel sorry for someone so clearly unstable, but this kind of made my day!

  77. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    oh dear

  78. Poor bastard. o.O

  79. ok… maybe she just has a very twisted sense of humor.

  80. bwahahahahaha

  81. isn’t the love of a psycho just the coolest?

  82. Busta Hymen – your great – love your comment!

  83. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    Elaine, I have an ex bf who just got out of jail for abuse agaisnt me, I was just wondering, would you mind going out with him for abit…You know….Karma…I think you could pull it off and scare him more then I ever could….Msg me KK thanks!

  84. hahhahahha wow I can’t believe that exists.

  85. oh my god

  86. I want to be her. *sigh*

  87. The line “my girl love me but fuck it my heart beats slow” is a line from a song called “successful” by Drake. And she is not bipolar, she is clearly psychotic. Please don’t give us bipolars a bad name. :)

  88. i luv this. She rocks!


    this is only funny because i don’t know ahmed. if i did, i would suggest obtaining his license to carry a concealed weapon and a restraining order

  90. I’m very, very scared. My heart goes out to Ahmed, he’s caught in the crazy-maze.

  91. what a completely psych bytch hahahhahahahahaha .. fantastic !!

  92. I love the, “K so call me ASAP so i can sing that song to you!”…I bet she has the voice of an angel.

  93. I wish I had friends like this. My homepage would look so much more appealing.

  94. I think I dated her sister.. on the plus side, at least it probably isn’t hard for you to get some from her. although I think that if she got a little more angry she’d turn into the hulk and beat you to death

  95. I am quite confused. What exactly is a “bizznatch”?!

  96. @genevieve, it means bitch

  97. O

  98. What a freak.

  99. I hope things turn out alright for Elaine. Otherwise she’ll end up trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object — alive, awaiting reprisal. Death will be her acquisition, I’m afraid.

    I can understand her anger, however: some days it just seems like the sky is turning red, but when I realize that the return to power draws near, I cry out, “Fall into me, the sky’s crimson tears!” It sounds melodramatic, but I accept the difficulties of life.
    Elaine, you need to just abolish the rules made of stone. Society just expects too much of you.

    But one day, the haters will be pierced from below, the souls of their treacherous past rising up against them. They will be betrayed by many, and the girlfriends you thought Ahmed had will be ornaments dripping above you.

    But if you spend too much time awaiting the hour of your reprisal, your time will slip away, and you won’t even realize it.

    Ahmed’s not worth it, but if you feel the need to become a period ghost, know that he will regret hurting you. As he stands in the shower, he will feel your raining period blood fall upon his cheating head, as if from a lacerated sky. Your ectoplasmic vagina will bleed its horror, creating a structure of pain and fear and regret around Ahmed, trapping him forever. And you shall reign, reign in blood, in tears, in sweat, and in love.

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