Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday PhoDOHs

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  1. ugh

  2. ElasticFireCracker

    At least Beth is realistic about these things.

  3. STUPID.

  4. Yum! Like, Chris Brown is just so damn sexy and he has, like, totally apologized for hitting Rhianna and he’s like, just SO DAMN SEXY! He is such a sweetheart! He’s THE PERFECT MAN and I DESERVE HIM!! YUM!

  5. Beth ‘LOOKS’ like a fat loner? Or Beth ‘IS’ a fat loner? I’m going with ‘IS’.

  6. Beth’s is really sad. Not funny, not lame, just sad.
    Even the fact she thinks that shows how sad.
    Beth’s should be taken down.

  7. these are not very funny at all

  8. Magically Suspicious

    Am I the only one that sees irony in a Chris Brown pic with a boxer?

  9. Chinchillazilla

    Beth isn’t even tagged, but now everyone knows it’s her. Not that they didn’t already.

  10. I guess it’s OK if you beat someone as long as you apologize. Oh wait, you’re required to be yummy too, my bad.

  11. I feel bad for beth. At least she’s not in your face like some of the other lamebook “stars”.

  12. beths not a loner… she just needed room for her snacks next to her

  13. I don’t really get the diabetes one (of which I’ve seen different versions on several sites now).

    Since when does raising money for a cause need to be something in which the recipients of money raised can participate?

    The promotion is to buy chocolate bars or sweets of some kind and the money goes towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. No-one said anything about forcing them down some diabetes-stricken kid’s throats and then paying for the pleasure.

    Otherwise, would it be wrong to do a sponsored run to help disabled people who are in wheelchairs? Would that be posted on the internet as hilariously funny because people in wheelchairs can’t run themselves?

    I’ve got a horrible feeling I’ve completely missed the joke here and I’ve got the wrong end of the stick…

  14. @8, that’s actually either an APBT or an AmStaff, not a boxer. Unless it’s a boxer mix, but it doesn’t look like it to me. Sorry to bust your bubble. :-/

  15. To me Beth doesnt stand out as much as the girl who has no legs, no arms, and no face! That’s freaky.

  16. It’s tacky to post someone’s picture without their permission no matter what, so I’m automatically on Beth’s side here.

    And yeah, it’s kind of sending the wrong message to buy chocolate bars to support juvenile diabetes research. Kind of like selling sexy bras to raise money for mastectomy awareness.

  17. …I thought the breadsticks were just two really munched up fingers.

  18. say he’s “never funky in my mouth”

  19. Its the fucking Beatles

    I wonder if that stupid bitch Amy would think the same thing if it was HER face he used as a punchbag? Maybe she should let him try and then come back and tell us if he’s still YUMMY! Stupid twat.

  20. Lame

  21. @Indiesinger

    I think the “counterproductive” thing is more because eating too much candy could cause diabetes to emerge in people. Therefore, they’re creating a bigger problem, while raising money to fight it.

    To use your analogy, it would be like having a charity run for people in wheelchairs and then breaking a random runner’s spine at the end. See? Counterproductive…. and illegal.

  22. BringYourOwnSun

    the last one is pure win

  23. Hahahahahaha! Beth!

  24. beth could’ve untagged herself

  25. Oh Beth.. I wouldn’t call you a fat loner at all. That picture is more ‘obese stalker’ to be honest..

  26. Beth isn’t tagged. And either way, putting someone’s face on the internet without their permission is lame and tacky. I’m guessing they have a lot of common friends that would recognize the picture, but even if no one she knows ever sees it, it’s tacky. What’s Lamebook worthy about the post is that the picture was posted, not Beth’s comment.

  27. And I’d like to add, it’s not that the comments about Beth in this thread aren’t funny, I’m especially fond of slimjayz.

  28. @mcowles – Thanks, I knew I missed something.

  29. So I’m thinking Beth isn’t tagged because she untagged herself – but only after commenting on the pic, so it pops up on her profile as “Beth commented on x’s photo”. Perhaps Beth is not the smartest cookie in the box…

    lmao @maxgray

  30. wait… boomstick already said that. i fail.

  31. Oh, Beth. I think the happy crying face is appropriate here. I’ll just go ahead and use it so y’all can see it to its full effect.


  32. lol

  33. Elizabeth Bathory

    Ah Beth!
    @2 – took the words out of my keyboard.

  34. Got to love penis bread.

  35. Poor Beth. If she had taken a half naked picture of her fat self and posted it online, THEN we could make fun of her. But the fact that she said that, [which is kinda hilarious] just makes me sad. Stupid posts are stupid.

  36. @mcowles

    ‘eating too much candy could cause diabetes to emerge in people’… this statement is entirely incorrect. Juvenile Diabetes is not caused by eating too much candy. It is an auto immune disorder that is genetic. It is caused when the body starts to attack and destroy the cells in the pancreas. No one really knows WHY this happens but there are some things that are thought to be ‘triggers’. Such as an infection with a specific virus or bacteria. Even having the flu can trigger this sort of response.

    Just wanted to educate, not lecture :)

  37. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @29: I don’t there are any cookies left in Beth’s box.

  38. Magically Suspicious

    @#14 You are 100% correct. My apologies.

    So, am I the only one that sees the irony in a Chris Brown pic with a bully?

  39. @18: I noticed that, too. Heh heh.

  40. Does anyone else just use the comments section of Lamebook to watch the visits to their own blog spike after they’ve placed a comment? Just me then?

    Fat loner Beth’s just looking for attention. She should write a blog.

  41. @36 – whyohwhy

    You’re right, I think. I am not an expert and since our medical professional (Ben) is not around, I can’t ask him.

    I didn’t really mean that candy (or diet) can be a direct trigger for diabetes. I more meant that a poor diet (lots of candy) can cause obesity, which I’ve read can lead to a higher chance of diabetes, later in life.

    Again, I don’t know if this is true, but that’s more what I was getting at.

    Thanks for the education, I always welcome it. Also, thanks for not saying “You’re an idiot! Skittles don’t make diabetes! Jerk!”

  42. @chinchilla i doubt that anyone knew her except for the one attractive socially accepted friend that every fat loner has…which would be the one that put up the pic

    and the last one made me smile.

  43. Not that anyone can take my word for it online, but whyohwhy is correct. mccowles is partially correct. The thing that many people don’t realize is that Type I diabetes, sometimes called juvenile diabetes, and Type II diabetes are different. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that keeps your body from producing insulin, while Type II diabetes happens when your insulin receptors are no longer sensitive. Type I diabetes is not caused by your diet or weight, but Type II can be.

  44. I take your word areawoman!

    Mostly because I spent some time researching it, after “this all went down”.

    Leading things thought to be triggers for Type II Diabetes:
    1) Increasing Age
    2) Obesity
    3) Inactive lifestyle
    4) Riding a motorcycle to and from work, without ever taking it out on the highway to really enjoy the wind against you as you go.

    There were some other rarer “triggers”, but those are the main four…. or three, whatever.

  45. haha at least beth has a sense of humor.

  46. The diabetic thing could be thought of as “counter-productive” in the case of type 2 diabetes, but the sign clearly says juvinile (i.e early onset type 1 diabetes) which has nothing to do with eating too much candy as it’s genetic! So yeah… lame.

  47. Amy, you deserve a smack in the mouth….go for it baby.

  48. CommentsAtLarge

    I would never be able to take a knife to those loafs of bread – you know, as an act of solidarity.

  49. Those loafs remind me of tampons….(older version i think? I do not use them, so i can not say for sure)

    CommentsAtLarge… does your dick look like a tampon?

  50. Well I’m glad we got all that diabetes info sorted before I got here because now I don’t have to educate. Well done, guys.

  51. CommentsAtLarge


    Only really ever seen tampons whilst still in the wrapper, so I didn’t make the bread-tampon connection. I did, however, make the connection between the end of those loaves and penisis (peni?). Call it my 13 yr old inner child at work.

  52. I don’t think the one with Beth is funny at all, and the people making nasty comments about her are even worse.

    inb4′Overcast is Beth.’.

  53. I would like to point out that the incident of Type II Diabetes in America is growing as a result of the increasing obesity, inactivity and poor diet among Americans. Heart attacks and strokes are also increasing. All typically diseases of the middle ages but increasingly being seen in younger and younger adults and even children. That is what is truly scary about the Obesity Epidemic.

    As for Beth…I feel very sorry for her. She probably does eat, to hide from the pain of how she looks, and its not helping her out at all.

  54. OMG I think I just jizzed! Amy is so hot in her rant. I would do her with class and cum in her ass.

    Ty Lamebook for the pun.

  55. Haha Beth seems cool. I don’t get why people are saying such mean things about her here. Her comment was funny, she obviously has that cool self depreciating humour thing going on.

  56. @18 and @39
    A super interesting (ahem…) quote because he apparently is obsessed with fresh breath.

  57. @ SeeBea I agree with you, Beths comment about herself made me sad for her. That someone would think like that about themselves is truly sad.

  58. Yer the diabetes one makes no sense it’s basically as IndieSinger said…
    and JUVENILE Diabetes is in no way caused by eating chocolates…
    Type 2 and 1 completely different things…
    Kids that are getting diabetes due to poor diet etc, it’s not juvenile, it’s type 2.

  59. lol last one,,
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  60. elixabeth, stfu

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