Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morons

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  1. 158th

  2. 159th

  3. lol @ Nicole.

  4. IQ stands for interesting questions Lalin…Interesting questions.

  5. Interesting names on lamebook today. Lalin.

  6. Nicole should know from the story that papa bear’s porridge doesn’t get eaten.

  7. I’d like to know what show they’re talking about, please.

  8. I’ll bet that nice little spot north of New York has its own era code.

  9. I don’t get the comment by Ross. Ploise explain?

  10. Katie most likely didn’t mean her comment sexually, but Ross read it sexually.

  11. I got hoes in different era codes.


  13. Chip, LOLOL!

  14. Din – thank you for the soda that is now all over my keyboard after it shot out of my nose from laughing at your comment. I was going to steal Nicole’s line but now see that I want to be more like Baby Bear’s porridge…not as hot, but gets eaten every time.

  15. OMG CHIP! i haven’t laughed that hard in a while!!!

  16. Big Wiggly Style


    I think Ross is saying something that could have easily been said in one beautiful phrase: “That’s what she said”. Now, if you don’t know what that means…I suggest you look it up. I don’t feel like explaining it.

  17. I agree Big Willie. A simple “That’s what she said” would have been perfect.

  18. @ Din
    Now I wanna be Baby Bear’s.

  19. Yes Goddess, it’s better for us to be just right.

  20. Stupid people make me laugh

  21. Well then, I guess I want to be Baby Bear’s bed since that’s the one which she chose to lay. Hey, if you ladies can have your porridgey snatches eaten by the little girl, I can certainly bang her.

  22. I think I love you, Soup.

  23. Props to Soup for subtlety.

  24. I can do subtle when warranted, but in this case I felt it necessary to bring attention to the double standard of society’s view towards women who sexually violate children versus the view that is taken against men. The vulgar language is meant to bring this into stark focus so that it cannot be ignored.

    But mainly, I just want to eat oatmeal of of some broad’s chowderbox.

  25. I shouldn’t have the hots for some cyber dude named Soup, but fuckin’ hell I do.

  26. Please do not say, “porridgey snatches” again. thnx

  27. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I’m eating soup, as I read this…

  28. Yes nash, he is filthy, but I want to have Soup for dinner, and preferably for every course.

  29. I think Lalin is Sarah Palin in disguise. :)

    And, in reference to Nicole, why do people always try their damnedest to fuck up nursery rhymes??? :( That is the one thing that shouldn’t be messed with! lol

  30. lol

  31. LOL at Katie’s status.

  32. Chip – best comment ever lol

  33. I love you Chip! :D

  34. after reading nicoles the next few phrases became clear to me
    Incy Wincy spider climbing up the spout
    Down came the rain and washed the spider out
    Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
    Now Incy Wincy spider went up the spout again!

    Incy Wincy is a freak all right!

  35. “What’s an IQ??” lol. Reminds me of The Simpsons when Ralph asks “What’s a battle?”

  36. @malteaser:
    uve got a limited vocab… same comment on evry post

    soup din and chip FTW

  37. Big Wiggly Style

    zara you’re one to talk…*every *you’ve *vocabulary

  38. @James Jee
    I thought the same thing,I’ve spent the better part of my morning Ralph Wiggum-ing it up.

    “Is there any post today?”
    “My cat’s breath smells like cat food”

  39. I’m disappointed that Nicole’s comment was grammatically correct.

    And a third way to read it is that she said “were” instead or “we’re” meaning she hopes they are still friends in the past, or something like that.

  40. Meaning she doesn’t give a crap if they’re still friends now.

  41. cmon, give Jeff a break, he’s obviously from the south!

  42. nah, Jeff is from Canada…his geography is out of whack.

  43. @Milo: I think you may be mistaking Katie for Nicole.

  44. @katie: that’s what she said.

  45. Lol at Ross even though it might not have been an unintentional status, I mean some people post every single detail of their lives.
    2:30 eating porridge
    2:33 that was so good

  46. Nicole’s status is from a Lil’ Wayne song!

  47. Thank you MyJobIsTheSuck and Dees Nuts for added reasons to not live in those places.

    Ross made me smile.

    Poor Sean has been shown once again that he would rather not be living in this era.

  48. No offense to those in Canada or the South.

  49. I would’ve put ‘thats what she said’, but shes already a girl, and that’s unoriginal.

  50. I’m sure nicole is probably hotter then papa bears porridge, and i’m sure there must be guys willing to get burnt to taste it.

  51. Sorry about your keyboard moosegeek! And yeah, Baby Bear had it sussed out, GoddessDigi.

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