Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MOMentous Occasions

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  1. FIRTH!?


  2. Obewan Kenobi

  3. Boobquake!!! Pinky’s mom FTW!!

  4. I must say I have never been so thankful for being larger than my mother. The only time she could borrow any of my clothes was elementary school summers…

  5. They sound like boring superheroes… The Amazing Adventures of Pinky and Kezia! BOOM – POW – SPLAT! Pinky, the incredibly lame full-of-himself turd. And Kezia lays down the mediocre jokes and predictions of the vile beast ‘mom’ coming to ‘holla’ at Pinky. And introducing… Ann as Mom. BEWARE THIS CREATURE. She will ‘HOLLAAAAAAAA’ until her will is done. No one is safe!

  6. i still like it

  7. Kimberly’s mom has nice boobs and good taste in bras… work it cougar

  8. Alen0002 go spam your shit elsewhere

  9. everything i hear cougar i think of this lame commercial they have on the radio out here… the cougars are coming!!

    i dont know what i’ve been told but cougar women are mighty bold

    come on now the hunt is on, come have fun with a single mom

  10. *everytime

  11. If I was you Slim and heard the cougars are coming I would be letting out a big Whoo Hoo :)

  12. id make sure the cougars cum… again and again… you along with them ;)

  13. i liked Pinky’s mum

    On another note , why the hell would any guy call himself pinky and then utter some fake gangsta talk on facebook

    I admit that Nick isnt exactly gangsta but Pinky , goddamit boy.

    -Sup G , i’m Pinky
    - You’re what now
    - ya know , Pinky the man with the plan
    - Got a small dick?
    - No ?
    - Like barbies?
    - hell no
    - you know i got game man , ladies holla back @ ya G up in here

  14. slim, I’m a cougar and I LOVE it! Sometimes it’s disturbing to think that when I was in High school, my man was in Elementary school. Then I think about the sex, and all is well in my world!

  15. Oh Slim you know I like it when you talk that way

  16. ee- i guess i am too. i’ve heard that if you’re under 35 or something then it’s a different cat… a panther maybe. i’m 30 and the fiance is 23 (soon to be 24) so i get that disturbing feeling when i think about what the age difference would’ve been when we were younger. we joke about me being a pedophile… joking of course!! clearly i wouldn’t have dated him back then. gross.

  17. Why do people post bra pictures? Especially at that age? Is it just to embarrass their offspring?!

    Agree with the lameness of calling himself “Pinkie”.


  18. nineteenth

  19. Is it wrong that after that comment, I kind of wanna marry Pinky’s mom?

  20. I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to read through these comments and not see a “placenta equals food” debate. Phew!

  21. Had an idea on the Pinky situation. Maybe he’s named himself after Pinky off Next Friday. “I’m Pinky noogah!”

  22. Maybe Pinky is the size of his uh mmm… brain

  23. Way to go virgo! Yeah, I wouldn’t have let him dip the pen in the ink when I was younger, but now…he can dip away!

  24. It would be awesome if people would stop empowering old, unattractive, chubby-thus-I-have-big-boobs women with the term “cougar”. Simply being in the right age bracket does not a cougar make.

  25. The “cougar” has quite a bad gum-to-teeth ratio.

  26. CommentsAtLarge


    I think the under 35′s are “puma’s” – at least that’s what they call themselves around here.

    I give Pinky’s mom the win for 1. acknowledging she is, in fact, the only chick who’ll holla at him and 2. calling him Nick rather than Pinky (to which I echo the aforementioned confusion at picking that for a name).

  27. This is a follow-up to my boobquake comment: http://gawker.com/5524695/boobquake-actually-caused-an-earthquake

  28. @chicky_monkey
    I saw that on the Colbert Report! I was laughing my ass off. Apparently skimpy clothing does cause earthquakes hahaha

  29. I say good on you the mum, borrow your daughter’s bras.

    I have the opposite problem, my daughter borrows my clothes all the time, and I often don’t see my stuff again for weeks.
    Won’t be happening soon much any more though… she’s leaving on a jet plane, and I won’t have anyone to steal my clothes (holding back the tears).

    I might have to get my son, to start borrowing my clothes so I don’t feel the loss so much.

    I hate the term cougars by the way, but in its essence,I have been known to be one, but I like some old bastards too.
    I go both ways.

  30. commentsatlarge- ah yes, pumas. i should’ve known that.

  31. I feel ya word… I dont discriminate (up to a certain point, they have to be legal and if they so old i have to knock sagging tits out of the way to get to a dusty vagina, then I’m out) But for the most part age is not a discriminating factor in my book

  32. I always keep it legal slim, but there have been a few close calls.
    I think that my friends would’ve liked to have me arrested for some of the geriatric choices I’ve made.
    I say so what!, the oldies I’ve chosen to date in my past were hot.

  33. As long as there are no balls around the knees word, I’m good to go!

  34. I agree ee, balls around the knees no way, but members to the knees, that’s fine.

    You here me all you old buggers that I might possibly date in the future?

    Members only.

  35. The cougar in the bra may have contributed to a quake in Taiwan, so don’t laugh at the Iranian Cleric!

    eenerbl, you added a bit of blood flow to my already semi-turgid pinky, until I found out that you read, a lot….

    Cougars are great, but if they are too smart, it can be a turn off… I don’t want you correcting my love letters, or grammar when I’m talkin’ dirty to ya!

    I believe that a Puma is a woman in her late 20′s, up to 35, then she transforms into a Cougar, which lasts from 35-55, at which point she changes again, into a Wolverine, which is from 55-65.
    When she hits 65, she will make her last transformation, into a Sabre Tooth Tiger(ess)

  36. Sorry the books put a damper on things. To think of all that we could have had. Such is my life. :(

    Oh well, no dwelling.

    Members to the knees word! I am fantasizing right now!

  37. Is there a term developped for the male equivalent of a cougar?

  38. Oh, what I have learned from the comments today… well it seems that you both, ee and word, would be my superiors in our harem, being in either the Puma or Cougar catagories… and seeing how I don’t really fit into any of iddjit’s catagories, I will dub myself a jaguar. So what does that make slim? Why don’t guys get labels too??

  39. good god, Kim’s mom, wtf is wrong with you????

  40. Yes riddled, a dirty old man.

  41. My question exactly katypants!
    I mean.. There’s dilf, I guess… But are there no other labels for the oh-so delicious men between the age of 35-50 ?

  42. CommentsAtLarge

    Word, you beat me to it – also acceptable would be “letch”

  43. Well word, though I do like a dirty old man… Is this a gender blessing that we get a variety of labels to categorize our sexiness?

  44. iddjit, well I’m out in your book.

    I’m older and a bit on the smart side, so it wouldn’t be a dumb fuck for you by any stretch.


  45. riddled, us girls get all the labels, and most of them are not deserving, and the boys get away with blue murder for doing exactly the same thing.
    It’s the way of the world, we just have to deal.

    We will always get the rough end of the pineapple, but that’s ok, I like the rough end anyway.

  46. im under 35… not a dirty old man yet… and i look in my 20s :)

    But let me see if i can explain it to you women… see a penis is like a key… if you have a key that opens a lot of locks then that is a master key and is good to have… however if you have a lock that opens for every key… well thats a pretty shitty lock if you ask me… does that help?

  47. CommentsAtLarge

    iddjit – don’t count out the smart ones; the bigger the challenge, the better the reward.

  48. Ahhh Slim… *swoons*

  49. Slim, you couldn’t have said it any better.
    @ee considering the type of books you read just turns me on even more.

  50. @ Slim – Where in the spectrum of the twenties exactly?

  51. Im in my early thirties… i think i look mid 20s though… still get carded when i dont go to my regular stores

  52. slim- i still get carded too! my fiance almost never does. i look younger and he looks older (i think it’s the facial hair) so nobody ever knows there’s a big age difference. i’ve had people tell me they thought i was 25.

  53. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I’m in my late 20s and soooooo happy to still pass for someone in their early 20s. I don’t mind getting carded at bars/lounges/restaurants/etc. I do find it super annoying when getting carded at movie theatres.

    For some reason slim, I thought you were in your 40s? Oops. Sorry.

  54. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @virgo79 i’m a virgo80 ehhehehe :)

  55. So… @ # 36 Which category does a lady in her early 20s fall into?

  56. Thanks nuff! :)

    Monkey, I feel ya there. I’m in my late 20s and get mistaken for a girl the age of 20, sometimes younger. I love it!

  57. So what is it that you do read ee?

  58. Well if you’re called Pinky… nuff said really.

  59. Anytime ee, just rest assured that anything you read, I’ll make it happen for you ;)

  60. Aww nuff, your making me blush.

  61. monkeyC- yay virgos! we rock. happy 30th way early!

  62. It must be the wine ee, except i’d do more then top it off. (that excerpt made me laugh)

  63. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    thanks Virgo! don’t we though? We’re fabulous! hehehe I’m putzing around taking my sweet time turning the big 3-0!

  64. nuff! Your such an instigator. I like it!

    Happy B-day Monkey. I’ll be there soon, (not sure yet if that’s a good or bad thing?).

  65. Afternoon all :)

    I appear to have become slightly addicted to Lamebook, and so decided the time has come for me to join the commenters club.

    I’m assuming ‘cougar’ is an American term…not one I’m familiar with on this side of the pond!

    Also fairly surprised that no grammar Nazi types jumped on Word for her ‘here’ mistake a few posts ago :p Not jumping, by the way…simply noting quietly :D

  66. Where she put the Q@@ after it? The only thing I think that could possibly mean is “Quit it.” Q-at-at kind of sounds like that, anyway.
    Assuming, of course, her keyboard didn’t just simply have a heart attack…

  67. Ugh. Thought you were referring to the submission and not a comment. My apologies.

  68. No worries, Glory :)

    It was quite speedily written as I’m pretending to work…

  69. lol

  70. Ann wins this one, fellas.

  71. brian dawkins

    Pet Peeve of the Day-Stage Fright


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