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Modern Family

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  1. rockinghorsefly

    Alexis is a little concerning…

  2. Either Fabio has really let himself go or Georgette is a very manly woman.

  3. Whoa! Georgette’s boobs. Why would you put them on show like that when they are clearly a little past their best?

  4. she’s modelling her windstockings for ‘Airport monthly’?

  5. lol @ sensible!!

  6. Dancinganimal256

    Alexis is taking the first step towards incest there.

  7. rockinghorsefly

    They do appear to be rather pendulous…

  8. Alexis is sick! Wtf?

  9. Noone else find Rachel’s reply Win?? As for Alexis … Keep it in the family?? ;)

  10. judging by the tapestry behind her, georgette appears to be a fan of john carpenter’s ‘the fog’.

    if only the fog were real. my eyes hurt.

  11. Georgette’s long ass boobs terrify me. I may have nightmares about them tonight.

  12. The last one was already on here before. The only difference is there was a post before her father’s:

    Also, that woman needs to learn that isn’t okay. No…bad mother, bad! Stop it.

  13. What is Carmine doing with a fat-assed, but-chinned tool like Justin?

  14. *butt-chinned

  15. he’s a ginger rap fan?

  16. @throwingtofu

    Maybe he’s sweet or smart or has a good sense of humor. Not all of us can be hot. Some of us guys are lucky that there are hot girls out there that “slum” in the looks department, if the guy is good enough in other areas.

    *sniff*… I think I’m ok…

  17. Ha, Alexis doesn’t actually like her brother. Her uncle posted it when she stayed logged in on his phone. She was pretty pissed.

  18. mcowles – “Sweet or smart or has a good sense of humor”, eh? LOOK AT THE SHIRT. He is obviously none of the above.

  19. If I ever embarass my son like Georgette has just done to her children(child) I want someone to hunt me down and shoot me like the rabid werewolf I am :)

  20. @ #4 windstockings for Airport Monthly…..I LOL’d heartily at that!

  21. I am still a bit confused with the first submission. I am assuming that Carmine took the picture. I am assuming that Carmine’s mom disapproves. What boggles me is the fact that this couple looks way too old to be in high school.

  22. rockinghorsefly

    @reescan – I was thinking the same thing… they look way too old to be ordered straight home by mum.

  23. I’d be pretty pissed if I had a daughter who looked like that dating a bloke with breasts bigger than hers.

    Georgette’s bra is pretty pointless. It appears to be hanging on for dear life rather than sculpting anything.

  24. @rockinghorsefly Ok, I’m not the only one then…

  25. I think he may be older because of the tattoos, maybe that is why she is supposed to go home is because her parents don’t approve of an older man

  26. @reescan – I thought that and was assuming college level, but maybe under house arrest? Or just with really over-bearing parents who won’t let you date because you’re ‘too young’ and ‘not responsible…’

    I hate my parents.

  27. also is it just me, or is david r’s joke truly lame? i don’t understand it. unless it’s some coded reference to georgette’s brassiere.

  28. lol; sensible madness

  29. alordslums – it is indeed the worst joke of all time.

  30. You just know with a name like Hunter he’s a douchebag.
    Not to judge or anything.

    Anyway, the real question is why Lamebook took a post they had already published, removed one of the comments, and re-published it?

  31. Umm, Alexis… eww.

  32. ewww double cleavage

  33. @BritishHobo
    I was thinking exactly the same thing… they could have just not reposted it all :/

  34. rockinghorsefly

    @fanny-anne – “It appears to be hanging on for dear life rather than sculpting anything” LMAO, best thing I have read all day!!

  35. @tofu

    I have a t-shirt that says “my other t-shirt is a t-shirt”… what does that make me?

  36. I love when idiots forget their parents have access to their FB posts…

  37. someone who has more than one t-shirt obviously….

  38. Oh come on, guys, Georgette isn’t THAT bad-looking…
    Neither is Justin, from what I can see of him.

  39. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    It makes me wonder how many posts LB edits before posting.

    If anyone courting Georgette ever wants to climb in through her window, she can just toss her boobs out for them to use as a rope. Goodness those are quite saggy!

  40. mcowles – Hmmmm…. someone with a better sense of humor than your average Eminem fan?

  41. Had Georgette worn a bra that pushed her boobs up then took the picture ..then it wouldn’t be so bad.. but this just is not sexy at all. I’m sending her my Victoria Secrets catalog now!

  42. rebarbativebecc

    The last one’s been on here before I’m pretty sure

  43. Georgette’s main problem is that bra. Well, everything she’s wearing or not wearing really. But the biggest problem is def that bra. When your boobs have hit the point where gravity starts to take it’s toll and you want to look sexy all you need is a good bra to perk them right up.

    She’d still be delusional and embarrassing. But the end result would be more pleasant on the eye.

    When your other t-shirt is a white granny bra, it’s time to go shopping. Or give up on the whole sexy thing.

  44. I gotta agree with you there GeezMom! A bra is for support, and nothing is supporting Georgette! Anyone can look good if they try, she’s not even trying. She just looks trashy, and not in any good way!

  45. Georgette needs to put those spaniel’s ears away.

  46. That is one disgusting cleavage.

  47. Why must girls add extra vowels at the end of words?

  48. MsBuzzkillington

    Whate areeee youuuu talkinge aboute?

    Also, there is another site that is similar to this one *cough* and when they posted something that was already posted somewhere else/on their site… they posted a couple extra NEW submissions for that day.


    Just sayin.

    and they said sorry. *cough*

  49. I’m going to go with the idea that Carmine is in high school, but Justin isn’t and that’s why her mom is upset. I’ve seen high schoolers who don’t look much different from her. Him on the other hand…. if he is still in high school, he’s probably failed a few grades making him a lot older. (Granted, in some states the age of consent is 16, so depending on where they live, legally he still could be in the clear….)

  50. Hmm, both of them do look kinda old for high school…

  51. In the right bra, Georgette’s cleavage would look fine, probably better than fine.

  52. which speaks to the lying nature of bras wordpervert :)

  53. CommentsAtLarge


    You’re probably right – they can do quite a bit with bras now. She’d still be on her own as far as her resemblance to Russell Crowe though…

  54. Something you’re not telling us here, wordpervert?

  55. We all must reveal the truth when we get our gear off, and for many, the truth hurts.

    Georgette, keep the lie going a bit longer, get to a good bra store so a bra fitter can help you.

    Yes, I can kind of see the resemblance. You’re mean.

  56. Doctor,

    Not at all, gravity hasn’t caught up with me just yet, and I’m grateful for that. I’m just feeling for the lady, and her ill-fitting over the shoulder boulder holder.

  57. #1: they look old enough to sit in the car after school.. god parents are so controlling. Oh and eww he’s a ginger..

    #2: 4 packs of jello? for that much vodka? something doesn’t add up.. I’ve used 1 pack of jello for a mickey and made like 50 jello shots.

  58. what the hell is “one handle of vodka”. How much is that exactly?

  59. “Handle” is 1.75L or ~1/2 gallon. It’s a lot of vodka, lol.

  60. sweet. thanks.

  61. I think Rachel’s mom and I would get along very well. And wtf at Alexis.

  62. @18 throwingtofu

    I think the shirt PROVES he has a sense of humour. At least that’s what I’m hoping. Desperately, desperately hoping…

  63. I think Im in love with Georgette.
    That is all, beam me up.

  64. So George is showing off his boob job huh? Honestly, have you ever met anybody named Georgette? Just putting it out there. You can make your own conclusions.

    Mary, you said come straight home.Right after she came- I mean She did come straight home from Justin’s house.

    As for Ashleigh’s post, when did Lamebook start showing re-runs?

  65. Admin said “So George is showing off his boob job huh? Honestly, have you ever met anybody named Georgette? Just putting it out there. You can make your own conclusions.”

    I don’t really understand this as my manager is named Georgette and another person I know is named Georgina. These are actually pretty common names in UK so I assume this is is an American based site where you do not have these names?

    Aside from that I agree with everything else that has been said about Georgette haha.

  66. that is so obnoxious posting yourself kissing someone in Facebook and why the hell do you have your mom as a friend on it? I highly doubt that relationship will last.
    I don’t know what is wrong with people.

  67. How did the Ginger Gorilla pull a somewhat good looking girl?

    This isn’t right.

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