Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mobile Mishaps

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  1. I want to marry Jess’s husband.

    Why are the good ones always taken?

  2. Lamebook is so disappointing today. :\

  3. What I am missing on the first one? Just that it’s an overshare?

  4. Were any of those necessary…

  5. Yup, just an overshare… And not even that bad.. Pregnant people are strange, so what. Hopefully next week she will be over it.

  6. What’s the big deal about the first one?

  7. The first one is funny.. cos i’m british.. and even I know that she wasn’t told to drive to California, but instead Washington… I swear I know more about usa’s geography then most american’s do..

  8. I mean second one.. dammit

  9. Uh, that last one made me a little sick to my stomach.

  10. I remember back when GMaps used to tell people to SWIM across the Atlantic from NYC to England, and even accounted for the currents and everything. I miss that Easter Egg :(

  11. @R1CH– People in 3rd world countries know more about American politics that most Americans.

    Or, to be more specific, have an more accurate view of American politics.Of course, most people in Canada can’t name all the provinces, so… And that’s actually way worse in my opinion. We have 50 states and a handful of territories to confuse together. It’s easy to make a mistake when there’s that much to remember, even if you actually know it. It could just be a “do’h!” moment and she’s probably looking at it right now going “Oh… duh… -facepalm-”

    But to not remember the handful of provinces Canadians have when it’s been taught to them throughout school? There are extreme levels of “Whatever, I don’t care” that has to be happening there. Or just plain idiocy.

  12. seriously lamebook? next time just fake some entries. that would be better than this pile of crap.

  13. I say fake to #2. My iPhone has never said anything so stupid…. It says swim….. Duh…

  14. @myredstar Not sure where you got your random info from, but I definitely don’t know anyone here who couldn’t name all of our provinces. I’ve been back and forth between Canada and the States a million times and it’s pretty obvious that people are GENERALLY dumber in America. I don’t know why; their education systems aren’t all that different.

  15. dirtylittlepretty

    maybe Jess’ husband is into polygamy..in that case..SWEET!

  16. everyone could use a good bunghole lickin.

  17. I think of those people who follow thier GPS into lakes, or onto cliff edges and whatnot, and wonder if there is someone who will end up kayaking to China. Sadly I think that answer is yes.

    as far as Jess’s message, happy birthday you ol’ bung-tonguer!

  18. God damn it, stop boasting about your relationship on Facebook. Wanna wish him happy birthday? Fine. Want to drone on about how awesomely in love you guys are? Call him. Or at least put it on his wall so the rest of your friends don’t have to put up with your self-obsessed bullshit.

    tl;dr, if your friends cared about your relationship, they’d ask. Leave it at ‘happy birthday’ next time, unless this is an e-mail.

  19. Happy birthday an that though.

  20. I’ve never heard of any Canadian not being able to name all 10 provinces and the three territories. I’m not sure if I could name all 50 states though. Be interesting to see how many Canadian capital cities the Americans know.

    On another note; that second one made me laugh “kayak across the pacific ocean”. Too funny!

  21. I’m so glad google still has the entertaining ways to cross the oceans built into their maps. That’s damn funny. Although now that I’ve typed that I realize it’s probably not google, it’s something they ripped off of google. But still, it’s worth a giggle.

  22. 7cm, 80% erect, no more mucus, can feel the testicle, and semen is really ripe and ready to go. Dr says it should be on his tongue so he can taste the content. Dr says my brain just needs to tell my penis to cooperate, so all the white cancer will come out.

  23. sac*

  24. @myredstar
    i’m a canadian and i can easily name all of my provinces, territories, and all their capitals. you’d probably also be shocked to know that i can and have named all 50 of your states. i really don’t see how you got to the conclusion that Canadian schools are bad, because america is notorious for its poor schooling! stop kidding yourself!

  25. @livingskies
    Nobody gives a fuck.

  26. word, I am heart broken. I thought you only wanted to merry me. I’ll still never take off this scarf though.

  27. Only a typical, dumb American could write an idiotic comment like that. Wise up to what the rest of the world already knows…yall are idiots ya hear!!!

  28. If that were true, America wouldn’t be the most powerful country in the world, that every other country relies on to bail them out. Be real.

  29. I, too, miss Google’s random directions.

  30. Oh my gosh. Everyone just shut up. It’s getting to where I don’t even want to go to Lamebook anymore, just because the comment sections piss me off. Either the “comment clique” (wordpervert, aslumwhatever, BritishHobo, etc.) is going on about how wonderfully clever and sexually charged they are (but you’re not), or someone is running their mouth about how their country is better than yours. It’s the internet. Everyone has an opinion, and no one cares about yours.

  31. And antoinette, you spelled “y’all” wrong. If you’re going to make fun of us, do it right.

  32. @lamefame, 7 cm @ 80%? I don’t know if you grew up on the metric system but that is nothing to brag about. it would be respectable if that cm was changed to inches. or if you want to feel really big you could say 70 mm @ 80%!

  33. EmmaKD, I know how you feel.

    On another note, 2 made me giggle =)
    1 was probably submitted by a 12 year old. “eww! giving birth! nasty!” I mean yeah Annie rambles on a bit but it’s not THAT strange.

  34. Finally, at least one funny picture

  35. I’d like to hug each and every one of you, until there isn’t a breath of air left in your adorable little lungs. No matter where you live.

  36. @ antoinette… It sucks when you try to make fun of people and end up looking like a jack ass!!! bwahahaaaa DENIED!

  37. @30 you are on the wrong website you douchette. Go fuck yourself somewhere else.

  38. hey there are stupid people everywhere. why does everyone assume all americans are dumbasses because they’ve met 3 and they weren’t shining examples of intelligence? yeah we have a lot of retarts, but so does everywhere else. or maybe you guys just have selective breeding programs and bred the retart out of your country. if so i’m a wee bit jealous.

  39. @emma, there definitely is a comment clique. But just don’t scroll down if it bothers you so much. No reason to quit looking at site because a totally hidden comments section has a group of people on it who enjoy talking to each other and are protective of their in-group. Aren’t you protective of your group of friends?

  40. I wouldn’t quite say Americans are dumb, but in my experience the average Americans I encounter day after day are pretty ignorant, and act entitled by talking down to me (especially when they learn where I was born- like I’m a lesser being for it) more than the average people of the other three countries I’ve lived in (Canada was one of them and I had to learn all the provinces! lol) but enough about the country thing, sorry for projecting…

    @ emma, the reason most of us are on this site is for the comments. Why not become a regular and join in the fun rather than ruin it for everyone else?

  41. “Everyone has an opinion, and no one cares about yours.”


    Love, as always
    P.A (Fringe member of lamebook clique)

  42. I don’t think there is a ‘comment clique’, that suggests some exclusivity and I don’t think that’s the case. The regular posters may well be a little acerbic from time to time, but generally only in deserving cases. Emma.

  43. aww, the 2nd made me giggle! iphone, you so crazy.

  44. I have seen the kayak one before, my friend was told to kayak to London once, but the overshares on the obstetric front is definitely not what facebook was intended for.. Why do pregnant women think the world cares about membranes, mucous and effacement?

  45. Do the Mounties all still sing in Canada? That must be great. I wish we had singing Mounties.

  46. i have always wanted to take a kayak trip. best vacation ever? by the time you get there you get to kayak back!! good times.

  47. Has no one noticed that he said he was supposed to drive to canada when that is obviously going to Washington…maybe even the border of Canada…

  48. @Hannah Mills – I think you meant “drive to California”, and you’re right.

  49. @Seebea They don’t sing anymore. They replaced the singing with tasering people to death.

  50. @myredstar – i am Canadian and i can name all the provinces and territory’s in Canada and i know 42 of the 50 states.

  51. @lexluther You spelled retard wrong. Enough said.

  52. I got noticed! Finally, my efforts have paid off.

    I’d say we’re not so much a clique as a group of people commenting on a website who just so happen to know each other’s usernames and enjoy each other’s comments because we don’t come on to the comments section and insult everyone else.

  53. brydon he meant to spell it wrong, he’s laughing at himself rather than be anal like emma

  54. I find it rather amusing that the opinionated rant was ended with a statement about how no one cares about our opinion. This probably amused me because I’m a big, dumb American though…

  55. lmao. I love how one little insult to the “clique” gets everyone’s panties in a bunch.

    and @#39 – I’m sure most decent types are protective of their group of friends, but most people’s group of friends aren’t people they met and only talk to online.

  56. So, I’d never heard the phrase bunghole before today. I feel compelled to use it in general speech and see what happens, ie. I have a bunghole of ideas, or what a bunghole of a time. hmm

  57. Watch Beavis and Butthead and you’ll know what a bunghole is soon enough…and other things…

  58. Apparently no one’s noticed until now that the distance across North America is apparently 0.9 miles.

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