Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mistaken Identity

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  1. 1st

  2. Obviously, Aron is being ironic with Sharon. So, why post this??? Lamebook is losing the touch.

  3. I hate people who use celebraty pics as profile pics. Ugh :/

  4. Aron is def trying to get in “her ” pants.

  5. Aron is an idiot. Has he been living under a rock.

    Aron, go rent Jennifer’s Body, then tell me how hot you think she is!

  6. Desolation – it’s “doppleganger week” on facebook where people post a celebrity pic of whomever they’ve been told they look like.

  7. A friend recently told me there’s a growing epidemic of people using celebrity “look alikes” for their profile pictures. Usually, they’re completely delusional (probably, like this one).

    Well no one in my friends list is doing this, but here it is.

  8. I thought doppleganger week was last week…this week is that urbandictionary one about your name. I was hoping my name on urbandictionary would translate to “3 dollar prostitute hooked on Colombian nose candy”, but alas it had a far more flattering, although less accurate, definition instead.

  9. Clever Ms.Terri, you are really clever.

    I bet Sharon looks like the girl from the movie Precious.

  10. @Ms. Terri

    Normally I’m on your side, but she added her picture on October 18th, 2009. He posted on it on December 9th, 2009. So either he was stalking her and looking through all of her profile pictures (and she didn’t have any other ones of herself to show that this was “different”), or she kept this one up for over two months.

    I had my dog as my profile picture for the longest time, so I shouldn’t say much… I still don’t like this. And why do so many girls look like the “hottest women in hollywood”. No one ever says “I look like Camren Manheim” or “I’ve been told I look a bit like John C. Reilly”. Noooooo, of course not, it’s always “people say I look like Matthew Macanaughey” and “I’m told I’m a dead ringer for Megan Fox”.

    It angers me! BTW, I know I butchered the celebrity names, but I don’t really care.

  11. *Sorry, Rachel not Sharon (last post still in my head)

  12. ‘no ulterior motives’?? LOL, that’s just what guys say when they want you so bad that they are afraid that their thoughts of rape are maybe spilling out into what they type. So they try to cover themselves.

    Who is that a picture of, anyways?

  13. @Madrid: Aron is definitely not trying to be ironic; I’m not even sure that that is the word you are looking for. Facetious, or jocular, maybe?

    Anyway, that dude definitely wants to stick one right on the bullseye with Rachel. You know this because, “[He says] that with no ulterior motive.” When you couple that with him being male, you pretty much know that he means exactly the opposite of what he just said. All the ladies can vouch for that. Most ladies are way too smart to be so easily duped by such an obvious, shameless attempt at flattery. Right ladies?

  14. Oh really?! I didn’t know about it…
    I know about the Urban Dictionary week but not this. Still lame though , if she thinks she looks like Megan Fox. Also I think Aron is being ironic.

  15. LOL @thelonius (BTW, long live the legay of the Monk)… I got a jinx on you for the ‘no ulterior motive’ catch!

  16. @Fi3ry_Ph03n1x: you are clever as Ms.Terri… you ARE.

    What about the 2nd pic? Someone explain it for me please!

  17. What does Aron mean when he said he “came” across her profile picture?

  18. err… typo on legacy :) This is def. not the place to have typos right? Tough crowd here.

  19. When someone says “I have no ulterior motives”, it’s equivalent to someone saying “no pun intended”.

    Yes, you have ulterior motives and yes, you intended that pun!

    BTW, the picture is of Megan Fox. She became a “sex goddess” after starring in Transformers. Personally, I don’t find her that attractive. I’d definitely do her, but she’s not as amazingly gorgeous as other people say, to me.

  20. I really dislike all these stupid “theme weeks” I don’t care what celebrity I look like, I could care less about what my name means on urban dictionary, and why would you really want to know my bra color? Are you going to buy me matching panties? I think not! If you are however, please leave your info so I can contact you with my size and address.

  21. ThinkingInPictures

    I think a few of you might be giving Aron a little too much credit if you don’t think he’s serious… I look nothing like Megan Fox, and I’ve had plenty of guys I don’t know from Adam spout this **** while trying to add me as a friend.

  22. Theme weeks exists because stupid people exist. They have fun and these applications put an smile in their faces. Really, those people shouldn’t have been born for sure.

  23. translation of Aron’s post:

    Rachel, if indeed that is your real name. You do not know me but I am an internet porn addict who spends his days trolling FB looking for pictures of totally hot chicks to whack off to. Being as I am too stupid to realize that the pictures people post are often not of themselves but simply stolen photos of celebrities, I genuinely think you may look like this and would very much like to get in your pants. However, since I believe you actually ARE this hot girl, I want to reassure you that I realize you would never speak to one such as myself. You are wank-worthy, I just felt a need to let you know I will be self pleasuring while thinking of your stunning image all afternoon.

  24. @yaya: you made my day (well, evening)! hahaha. FTW!

  25. @eenerbl

    To add, I also don’t care how many inches of snow you had and where you’ve left your purse… especially when it’s “humerously done” in a cryptic sexual innuendo way. Posting a status of “8 inches” and nothing else or “on the kitchen table” is stupid and pointless.

    BTW, my contact info is mcowles (dot) junkmail (at) gmail (dot) com

    I’ll mail you some wine and panties, just like I send to my neighbor on her birthday. However, this time I won’t add the rabbit’s corpse and the note that reads “You’re heartless to not give me a chance, just like this rabbit!”

  26. @mccowles: “You’re heartless to not give me a chance, just like this rabbit!” HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am going to get the sack today… for sure!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  27. @mcowles, you had me at wine and panties.

  28. maybe Nan meant it as a joke cause she saw someone who looks like bob hope.

  29. Who is the grey-haired old boy that was spotted in November 2009? Is it the A-Team’s George Peppard? Or perhaps Charlton Heston? Maybe it is old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, but those sunglasses make it difficult to tell…

  30. I believe Nan’s photo is of Peter Graves.

  31. Are we all supposed to know who that actress is or something? (Maybe I am old!) I mean, it’s clearly an actress but I don’t understand why Madrid is saying Aron is being clearly ironic.

    Oh, and I like some of those theme weeks. Well, I liked the “way back” one…I like seeing what people looked like as kids.

  32. @Penny Lane

    You don’t read my posts :( … are they too long? Are you still mad at me?

    The picture is of Megan Fox. She was in Transformers, Transformers 2, and Jennifer’s Body. She’s insanely skinny and enjoys Super Nintendo, but no console made since then.


    Admit it, I had you at wine. haha

  33. @Jaime: Good spot. It is Peter Graves. And it is not Bob Hope, George Peppard, Charlton Heston or Frank Sinatra who are all in Graves (or perhaps Phil Graves?)

  34. Since everyone on my Facebook seems to be slow, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying display pictures of hot celebrities people hope they resemble in about… uh… four weeks.

  35. Aron must be a hermit.

    Also, Megan Fox was much prettier pre nose job.

  36. Um, Bob Hope died in 2003.

  37. My friends must be slow too because I thought the celebrity lookalike week was this week, too. So far I’ve changed my picture to RuPaul, Skeletor, Jabba the Hutt and now it’s Abraham Lincoln.

  38. This shit is so stupid so I was Beaker from the Muppets. I was curious about the Urban Dictionary thing, it said I was a prostitute…

    The only people who know what color my bra is are the person I’m sleeping with and the saleslady at Macy’s.

  39. Ah, McCowles, I didn’t notice the date.

    And you’re right – people have told me I look like Winona Ryder and one girl insisted I look like Joan Cusack. You KNOW there’s no Joan avatar on my fb profile!

  40. Oh my God, Urban Dictionary told me I was a shy whore! How can someone be a shy whore? They don’t go together.

    mcowles, your right. I’ve got 6 more hours until I can enjoy some too, bummer.

  41. @Ms. Terri

    I didn’t notice it at first either and maybe there was another Celebrity picture week last year, idk. And your Joan Cusack example is EXACTLY what I meant. She is decently attractive… but no one will proudly say “I look like her”. I think she’s cute, in certain movies (Toys, for one, haha).


    I need to get more wine, thanks for reminding me. Hmmm, I wonder what kind I should get.

  42. Aron is a Nigerian oil magnate.

  43. @mcowles, you need a full bodied Merlot, or some really good Sangria (it’s like drinking tasty juice).

  44. ahhh a merlot sounds divine. eenerbl is a gal after my own heart. How do you feel about a nice woodsy cab?

  45. I hate to break it to my facebook friends but I have no friends that look remotely close to Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Cloony, etc etc. If I did, I would have slept with them by now.

    One of my friends changed his profile pic to Rossane Arnold (is that her last name?)…that was funny.

  46. Ahhh, a nice full bodied Merlot. Perhaps a light White Zinfandel from a box, would be good as well. Maybe one of those “Peach Infused” Arbor Mist “wines”? Hmmm…

    Kidding, I’ll probably go with a Merlot, I’m a traditionalist. Anyway, merlot goes great with cheese puffs, so it’s the smart choice all around.


    Did you just say you would’ve slept with the guy or girl, if they looked like someone on your list? Just checking :) . I have no ulterior motive, I swear.

  47. I’m thinking I’d like to have a drink with yaya!

  48. @eenerbl I love the reds. Of course, I also love the whites. Particularly the reallly dry ones, they just don’t like me (hangovers suck). Face it, I’m an equal opportunity wino. I think you, me and Mcowles should crack a bottle or three one day.

    @Mcowles, no thanks on the zin tho, If I wanted a wine cooler I’d just drink one. blech

  49. @yaya and mcowles:

    I’ll cheers both of your when I pour my first glass of the evening.

  50. @eenerbl and yaya

    Sounds good, I’ll do the same, except with me replaced with eenerbl.

    Wait, what’s this site for again? Wine and cigar talk? Oh, right, right, right, right… facebook/lamebook stuff… now I remember.

    I’m gonna make up my own weekly facebook things and not tell anyone. This week will be: Name something you would eat, after it has been used as a sexual aid. So my status will just be “Pineapple” and I won’t explain what I mean by it.

  51. Rachael is hot. Anyone have her phone number?

  52. mcowles, sorry I worded my post poorly. I did, after reading this, know who she was but I find it weird that before your explanation I was expected to know. She’s very plain looking to me. I don’t see anything about her that would make me recall who she is. I have heard her name before too. Again, I guess I AM getting old.

  53. @Penny Lane

    I have to agree, she’s not someone who has really stood out in my opinion.


    I love it! Will put it on my status asap haha

  54. BTW, two of my friends changed their profile pics to Monica Lewinksy for celebrity doppleganger week, so at least some people are realistic.

    And, I don’t mind theme weeks if they’re fun. I didn’t do the celebrity one because I don’t think I look like anyone and I think it’s lame, but I did the one because I love that site and of course my “definition” was completely crazy, hence a great FB status.

    Maybe, since theme weeks are catching on, the themes will get better. Any suggestions?

  55. Ooo, just remembered that it is Black History Month; post your fave black person? Or maybe, to be completely random, your fave Asian person. Or, your fave Tiger Woods mistress?

  56. Bob Hope died in 2003, not 2001.

  57. @mcowles: yes.
    No boxed wine or anything sparkling though.

  58. @25.mcowles

    That shit is so annoying. I get a new message every freaking day from my friends with that shit. I’ve even gone as far to delete people who continually send me those. So, thank you for posting this. I’m a chick, and I think this crap is stupid as fuck!

  59. @beckyboo

    haha, I don’t have the heart to delete anyone from my list… I don’t know why. I just suffer through Religious posts and self-depricating posts and theme week posts and the cryptic innuendo posts.

    I need to learn how to have the strength to delete people like that. Will you teach me, oh wise beckyboo?

  60. I will now declare Megan Fox as Rachel. LOL!

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