Thursday, May 13, 2010

Missing the Point

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  1. Ben!

  2. These are absolutely retarded.

    Can I still say, “retarded?”

  3. Personally I like to draw it out..Like “you are a Reh-Tard”

  4. Becky definitely missed that point!

  5. Oh Wow. The *nouns* A.E.I.O.U., Candy? Really? That’s…. even more amazing than her phonetic spelling skills.

  6. …someone please hand me my sledgehammer so I can go find Candy.

    It’s a favor, really.

  7. Shilo and Celine are equally lame.

  8. this

  9. Correction: mrtee is my arch Benesis.

  10. I also enjoy the colors of the southwest. Such nice, inviting, masculine, and hard landscapes.

  11. @mrtee – do you own a pool?

  12. It would be great if a geyser shot out of the top of that rock.

  13. jf- a geyser shooting out would be totally perfect! i love that becky did not get it all. penis is the first thing i thought and i was expecting a comment underneath the picture saying something of the sort but then we got becky instead. becky get your mind in the gutter dammit! you’re no fun.

  14. Nope no pool. But I also don’t dig rocks that look like dick, fancy you British boys some, eh?

  15. LOL @ #12.

    I’m guessing either Becky hasn’t gotten laid in a very VERY long time (possibly never) or she is used to dating dude of certain nonwhite races that are known to have odd-shaped weewees.

  16. *dudes

  17. @throwing: um, i don’t think “race” and shape have anything to do with one another

  18. Phil’s pic is a win

  19. mamalumps – Notice I said CERTAIN races.
    cupidscurse – Absolutely.

  20. I don’t know throwingtofu I saw this one white guy and his penis was very curving !!! It was fun though !

  21. Katy, you remember what the judge said, no more sledgehammer. Aw, OK, fine… I’ll get it for you. I never can say no to a pretty girl who wants to bludgeon a dumb chick.

  22. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh God…wtf Candy?!?

  23. krasivaya_devushka

    Whatever happened to that Svetlana chick?
    I always meant to ask that, so here it finally is….

  24. cupids – I imagine some white guys have weird looking cocks too. They come in all shapes and sizes or so I’ve been told. I was more referring to some of the Asian cocks I’ve heard about… and I saw one in a porno once and was initially not even sure what it was. I thought it was some kind of toy or other peripheral. Seriously.

  25. Wow what pornos are you watching??? I want to see :)

  26. LOL! This was a very long time ago. I think it had ‘chopsticks’ in the title.

  27. mmmm a porno with chopsticks in the title… that doesn’t sound good for guys ! HAHA

  28. I would very much like to see a porno with: a white dude, a black dude, an Asian, and a midget. Just so I can get a compare/contrast of the wang situation.

  29. And that’s what it will be called. “The Wang Situation”.

  30. ee, I wonder what the title of that one would be?

    By the way, a couple of us had some ongoing fun with your Bambi story yesterday after you went to bed, don’t know if you have seen it yet?

  31. Bulldog answered the question.

    And thanks Bulldog, for the “moral” support a few posts back.
    Much appreciated.

  32. I checked it out this morning when I got to work word. I had quite a nice little chuckle over it all. I’m glad I have a line forming, and that you’re first in it!

  33. Thanks Bulldog… I owe you ;)

    How’s the heat treating ya?

  34. I like it, “The Wang Situation”, it has a nice ring, a bit like “The French Connection”, without the drugs and violence.

    Those could be incorporated if you like though, ee.
    A few joints, and maybe sword fight?

  35. Totally digging it! If this has yet to be filmed, someone should be contacting a production company ASAP!

  36. CommentsAtLarge

    “The Wang Situation” too funny


    If Bambi could talk, the story would probably spur a line like that of an Apple store on iPhone release day.

  37. Wait a minute, I’ll have to think of other things besides those, they’re already in it.

  38. I don’t get all the people trying to advertize their blogs on here. Or just in general these days. Does the world need any more effing blogs? C’mon, people. Stop waving your arms around for a day.

  39. It is STEAMY out there today, Katy, I think you’d like it. Come on down.

    And Word, you’re welcome. Not that you couldn’t put the dude in his place yourself, but I was worried that you may have decided that it wasn’t worth your time, and somebody had to tell that guy what a dick he is.

    “The Wang Situation” needs to have at least one chase scene in it, with a multi-ethnic gangbang on car hoods at the end. Just saying.

  40. I’m on my way Bulldog… I’ll meet you at the F-22… you bring the camera.

    A quick side note, I continued to wonder about the Southern porn on my drive home… and the wonder lead to a little late night searching on… and needless to say I did find one… and it was *ridiculous*… thank babyjehsus they didn’t have to moan in Southern… and for the mute button.

  41. CommentsAtLarge


    So I missed the updates to the post where Bulldog defended you. Feel bad ’cause it was my comment that started the ball rolling. I went back and chimed in my .02 (all be it a bit late) – sorry for that.

  42. @Hurting yeah people need to stop that stuff

  43. Those are going to be some surprised and happy MP’s if they happen to walk through the hanger… not as happy as me, though.

    I’m kinda shuddering to think what you may have found. It occured to me late last night that I used to have a porno where this dude has to stay at this farm overnight, and the farmer threatens him with a shotgun if he touches his daughter. I think it was supposed to be the south, it could have been the midwest. Either way, the stereotypes were just horrific. The sex, however, was hot.

  44. Comments, don’t sweat it, I know I’m a target for some on here, I can take it.
    We build our women of strong stuff here “down under”.

  45. CommentsAtLarge

    Word, like Bulldog said there’s no doubt you can handle trolls like that. An apology still seemed in order (call it chivalry, or possibly just Italian guilt ;) )

    And no sweat – I’ll save the sweating for more mutually entertaining endeavours…

  46. Lol, #12 You made my day.

  47. Comments, so I’m Catholic, and you’re Italian.
    What a multicultural, contrite, and sweltering pair we make.

  48. Bulldog, I am not going to lie… I think that sounds pretty hot.

    The one I found did not show a story line, unfortunately, as redtube only really shows snip-its, so I can’t tell you exactly how the pair met. The accents were not real, it was terrible, I giggled for a few minutes, then muted and enjoyed. So there was a happy ending to this fairytale.

  49. lalala, I’m a girl..

  50. The farmer’s daughter was enthusiastic and quite talented. It was quite a lot of fun, for sure. It was one of my favorites, but it got stolen a couple of years ago when I had a break-in. Uncool.

    We’ll have some work to do to equal that one. ;)

  51. ScreamQueen, I’m sorry you’re bummed that I’m a girl.
    I didn’t think gender mattered round this joint.

  52. Gah! The word “work” should not be used in such context. “Work” should be used only to describe something that is mildly to entirely bothersome which you get paid to do because in any other circumstance you would not choose to do it.

    …and regardless, I don’t think it would be too difficult to top that one. Between the ideas we’ve thrown together with the boustier, powdered wigs, F-22 Raptors, restraints… please. I think we’ve got it in the bag, baby.

  53. I just love the way you think, Katy. For the record, I meant working on the production aspects of it. Once the filming starts, it’s nothing but fun. I’ve never spanked a girl on a fighter jet before. ;)

  54. There should be a vagina shaped rock formation on top of the penis. Maybe then Becky will fully appreciate the picture. Or a butt shaped formation could work also…..

  55. @xepher Said ‘hole’ is just off to the right Xepher. The Rock can’t help that it’s as stiff as it is.

    @katypants You like southern? Ginger Lee, and I gotta admit, her accent turns me on as much as her looks. Even you would get all hot and bothered.

  56. Ahhhh, Bulldog, I do see your point. I do not have video production to list as one of my strong points. Perhaps there is a class for such things. With regard to the spanking on the fighter jet… it will be a first for me too as I don’t think doing it at an airshow quite qualifies. I am quite excited.

    @nuff – Bulldog and I were discussing things of a Southern nature and remarking on how we had never seen a Southern porn and then it went to different places after that. However, if Ginger Lee is a Southern porn star, I am so psyched to look into this I may just stay in for the weekend ;)

  57. Candy has a bright future ahead of her…on the stripper pole. Jeezus, it’s like her mother knew she wouldn’t amount to much in life, so she gives her daughter a stripper name.

  58. lol

  59. Candy…I hate you.

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