Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Million Dollar Thoughts

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  1. WHAT A DUMB-ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like he’s just being satirical to me.
    I hope so, at least.

  3. He or she.

  4. This is an excellent example of why democracy is a stupid idea.

  5. He’s probably gone on to have five children. Wonder if they’ll be on benefits.

  6. Why don’t we send this dumbass to a war? That’s the thing, we need to get bums, welfare recipients who depend on it and are in good health. Send them to war, you do get paid for being in the military. Is it me or do we need to bring in Ra’s Al Gul and clean up people like this. Oh and roads are awesome.

  7. As dumb as this person is, I think presidents should be the ones fighting the wars. If they aren’t on the front lines they are managers, not leaders. We need more leaders.

  8. mad2physicist this is why socialism is a stupid idea. Although I agree, democracy is the worst type of government, except for all the rest.

    And if our President was in the front lines, and he got shot, what good would that do? We’d keep requiring new presidents, and the country would just tell them to stop dying, so there’d be no reason for them to be anything else but a manager.

  9. That is a she. A dumb blonde one, at that.

  10. ^there’s my stereotypical post for the day

  11. Pseudo- political commentary is the worst. On FB and on LB comments section.

  12. @Lamebook, can we have the full name of this great philosopher please? I fail to understand why you need to hide their names.

  13. Wars should really be fought purely by assassination. Why should ordinary people have their lives disrupted because two leaders get into a tiff?

  14. “As dumb as this person is, I think presidents should be the ones fighting the wars. If they aren’t on the front lines they are managers, not leaders.”

    This statement is dumber than anything posted to lamebook in quite a while. Congratulations.

  15. Damnnn, 1000 dollars, eh? How many Canadians out there agree with J’s assessment?

  16. $1000 and it’s only February!

    Just wait until she finds out about the $8.2B ltransit project currently slated for Toronto.

  17. $8.2 billion?
    Damn, that’s almost enough to give everyone in the world 8.2 billion dollars.

  18. If presidents fought wars, we’d all be speaking Korean right now.

  19. vaginalroundhouse

    Lots of Presidents have fought in wars.

  20. Not recently. Only Presidents that fight in current wars end up battered black and blue, begging for their life and swinging from a rope – good fucking riddance.

  21. Omgeee. I don’t know why, but I assumed Canadian kids were smarter than US kids….guess I was way off.

  22. Most of them are. Don’t judge an entire country based on the incoherent dribble of one window-licking mutant.
    I miss yt… That shit was amusing as fuck.

  23. Another reason a zombie invasion would be good for the world.

  24. Presidents / monarchs / prime ministers on the frontline? No.
    A little bit of fucking perspective would be appreciated though, before sending thousands of citizens overseas to fight pointless wars.

    Oh, and really, vaginalroundhouse? Send lazy, stupid degenerates to war instead of competent soldiers? Not on my watch.

  25. ^I have zero sympathy for the soldiers. If they don’t wanna get shot, they shouldn’t hold a gun.

  26. We should all live in the woods and eat carrots and lentils. And murder all the dumb, welfare claiming, crack snorting whores.

  27. Hey, don’t get me wrong, MsAnne! What you see there is not sympathy. Despite what noble ideals led them into service in the first place, a reassessment of their loyalties might be in order at this stage, wouldn’t you say?

    If you find yourself fighting a war for your government’s greed, then you are a cog in the machine of destruction. One that will most likely end life as we know it.

    I would prefer to fight for what I hold dear, not for what the government wants to control tomorrow.

    What do you think, though? If 90% of the current Western armed services personnel resigned, would conscription become a viable option for the US / British / Australian governments again? Not because we have anything that needs defending on home soil, but because so much is invested o/s?

  28. And then try to enforce conscription, if everyone was a conscientious objector, including the pigs?

    Anyway, fuck the gubment and want it wants. I’m sick of those fucks. They seem to not understand that they are our representatives and our staff – not our fucking owners. I mean, wtf? Am I black?

  29. dan_fargis_is_a_f_a_g

    Stupid things like roads, eh, J? I guess conservatism-to-a-fault isn’t just inherent to the US.

  30. My dog just licked his balls and I’m horny. WTF am I a mutant(white)?

  31. nah. you just an attention whore. and a wigger with severe nigg3r penis-envy.
    you should move to africa. like, now.

  32. “nah. you just an attention whore. and a wigger with severe nigg3r penis-envy.
    you should move to africa. like, now.”-MsAnneThrope February 14th, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    Ha! Mutants are the worst.

  33. That is good math. Nope.

  34. His cut and paste skills are obviously Indian origin. When I am reading these post in my head I use Apu’s voice from the Simpsons.

  35. Hey! me too! only in my head it sounds like he’s been hit in the forehead with an axe.

  36. hey guys, is this the appropiate venue for spitting your thoughts on how your government runs shit? no, but i’m sure you’ll continue typing your bullshit that no one cares about because no one in the real world would ever listen to your pointless opinions.

  37. Yeah, you’re right, Flames. What kind of pointless, boring shit do you normally spout again? I’ll learn how to be an imbecile, if it will make you feel at home.

    Things of real importance and relevance must really burn you, huh?

  38. i’m wondering if i should use a shitload of commas to make you feel at home ?

  39. I don’t know what made me fear for the future of mankind more, the OP or the comments.

    And MsAnne, if you can’t stand behind the troops, feel free to stand in front of them. You would be doing the world a favor.

  40. Flames: sure, roll out the commas. So long as you know WHERE to place them in a sentence, which I highly doubt.

    Deacon: you’re a fucking drone. Good boy for supporting the war machine.

  41. #38 No, don’t do that Flames. You’ll only fuck it up. Punctuation in uneducated hands is simply humiliating.

    #39 I’ll happily stand behind your precious, cowardly fucking troops – with a rusty cast-iron strap-on. Fuck your pathetic subservient ignorance and FUCK YOUR ILLEGAL INVASIONS AND BRUTALIZATIONS IN OIL-RICH SOVEREIGN STATES.

  42. Deacon, the goddamn troops of the US have repeatedly been found to have murdered innocent civilians, and the one person willing to tell the truth is now awaiting trial for his life (Bradley Manning). On the rare occasions when the US troops aren’t murdering innocent towelheads, they’re working to advance corporate interests. Oh, and installing misogynist governments like the one now in Afghanistan.
    Of course, soldiers are inherently stupid, because they’re the people who are willing to kill strangers without being given the chance to decide if those strangers deserve it or not.
    Holy shit, MsAnne and I agree on something?

  43. I kind of like being able to drive over roads without my car’s alignment getting screwed up. Driving over bridges without the bridges collapsing is pretty fabulous, too. Totally worth the dollar.

  44. ^ You realise taxes don’t pay for your car’s alignment, right?

  45. They do if you’re on welfaaaaaare.

  46. fake.

  47. I’m hanging for the day that fully tactile online interaction is rolled out, so that I can stab people in the face whose only comments are “fake”, “first” or “??”.

    And I think Flames will be my first victim. Just because he is a weak specimen and Darwinism is too damn slow.

  48. And what kind of tactile online interaction would you have with me, Bacchante?

  49. Nothing, beatus. I’m scared of your wife.

  50. You can have the philandering scumbag.

    he has herpes.

  51. Okay, Mrs. Thanks!
    So you don’t want a roster system or anything?

  52. Not much point, dear.
    He’s never home anyway. In the evenings he’s always off at some AA or NA meeting.
    And Wednesday afternoons he reserves for masturbating in public parks.

  53. clydebruckmansfinalrepose

    #41. YES on all accounts.

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